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The Station Board- Progress of a Kind...



Having had a successful test at Taunton with one Prairie shunting well all day I have started getting all the track works and building placement in the yard area sorted so I can fix all the track. I intended to do this today but the warming of the weather has dried out my contact adhesive!

To start with a series of photos of the buildings, in place on the boards. All of these are designed to be fixed in with the yard covering filling the gaps.



An overall view from the king point



The Road Goods Shed and covered cattle pens. Excuse the grainy shot, had my ISO too high.



The Carriage shed, with an old MK1 (the lines test coach!) for positioning tests. This building has come out really well, apart from the fact it is straight where the prototype curves I am pretty pleased with the look of it in place.



The Engine Shed, on its hard standing. This building is also looking about right compared to pictures, much to my relief as it was a tricky one to construct.



Finally the temporary goods shed, needs its canopy and chimney stack, plus as it was the first building I did the roof lights need more detail to match the engine shed.


Thew next phase is to stick the track down, then sort out a few running issues before getting the control system sorted. I am still sorely tempted to just use one of those TV remote point controllers for the sake of speed, we shall see.

I also separated the scenic board seen in the first picture from the yard to enable me to keep it clean and tidy until the station is done. I dusted off the 4th scenic board, which is only a frame at present, only to find the track bed had warped/sagged which showed me the folly of using sundela, this will be replaced with marine ply over the weekend, which I will use for all further board tops.


Sorry there is no dramatic progress, but I am saving up to get the station building cut by York Model making as I tried it and it wasn't right.

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The buildings are looking great and when bedded in will look the dogs proverbials. I wish I could have seen it at Taunton.

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Won't fit in the car, I only took SBL. I had such trouble getting the prairies to work it had put me off Kingsbridge a bit as they are the minstay of the motive power on the branch.

Thanks for kind comments, after your build in 4mm I am thinking about getting the vents for the station roof etched.

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Hind site is such a great thing and I wish I had gone the route of etched rooflights. It would have made it so much easier, and I could have got the valances done at the same time. I am still looking to get these as they are distinctive to the branch. Any ideas on how tall they were. Judging by pictures I estimate them to be about 3ft tall. Just need to see what else I might put on the etch with them.

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I was looking at the platform valance. I did look at Scale Link but from what I could see they do not match those on the Kingsbridge branch. I suppose I could cheat and use a standard GWR valance as Salcombe was completed late in the developmengt of the branch. Modellers licence. :-)

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Took 4561 apart last night and swapped the chip plus cleaned the inside. This should have improved the running. I will pm you when the yard is ready and we will have a test day.

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