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O Gauge Sentinel - Details, Details .....



It had to happen, didn't it? It always is the way with my projects, start out with a quick and dirty build and end up counting rivets (more of that to come!)


So thanks (I think) to Robert Thompson of RT Models for supplying lots of detailed photos of Isebrook, I have started getting far too detailed for my own good!




What I assume are linkages to the sanders (?) have been added from scraps of etch and 1mm 10 thou brass strip




The roof has received it's rainstrips and I have scribed the panel lines. The chimney area has been pimped with a chimney cover - again scrap etch and 0.7mm wire and various pipes from spare tube and 1mm copper wire




Oh and I've added footsteps at the tank end using the spares from the kit and extra handrails above, again 0.7mm wire.


So that's about it for now until I can pick up the following:


Brass whistle

Vac pipes

Brake shoes


Hopefully at the Derby Show this weekend ;)


Archers rivet transfers anyone?

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Well i did say i'll see what i could do and i kept my word!


Glad its coming along nicely.

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