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7mm Sentinel Brake Gear



I had a conversation with Pete Harvey of PH Designs at the Derby Show about getting some brake gear sorted for my Warren Shephard Sentinel. Well, yesterday this dropped through the door




It all goes together like this:




Superb quality as ever from Pete, going to make the rest of the kit look a bit basic :lol:


Soldering iron at the ready .........

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That looks very tasty, I picked up a Meteor Sentinel at Halifax and thought that I may need a set of these myself. But having looked at the etches it does have brake gear inlcuded - not as nice as them though.

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Got any pics of the Meteor Sentinel? - I've used their axleboxes and other W/M fittings on my Warren Shephard kit. If the quality of the rest of the kit is the same it should be pretty tasty.


I'll not get round to actually soldering anything until next week now - Wigan becons with Summat Colliery :)

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Sorry about the delay Ian, I had a busy week at work this week.

This is what you get in the box.



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