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Two years and 1 day after I started...



This blog is officially 2 years one day old today. I have learned many things over the course of building Kingsbridge. Content has been a bit slow in coming lately but I haven't given up on it but it will be a case of doing odd bits for the next few months.

I have decided to concentrate on completing the main station board before going any further with the other boards as this should enable me to run trains on it and I have finished most of the secondary buildings.

Just wanted to say a big thank you to all those who have helped out and offered so many valuable bits of advice and encouragement over the last two years. Sorry it's not a great blog entry but without RM webbers I would never have got this far or met so many interesting and talented people.

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Well done Tom


Its been good to watch progress although you have had a couple of diversions recently which I can well relate to :D


Good idea to concentrate trying to complete one board - I have also set myself that task as trying to juggle a number of differing boards at once can be a little overwhelming.


Look forward to see it back on the front page again soon...

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