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Last night I installed two electromagnets and wired them to two push to make switches, which Have been added to the front switch plate. I have had these for a while in my box, and was looking for an opportunity to try them out.

I also have an unused memory wire kit, so might have a play and use this for the signal.


Installing the magnets was fairly straightforward - or it was until I realised I didn't need to drill right through the baseboard and sleepers to install them. As a result of this idiocy, I had to spend a further half hour filling in the resulting holes with DAS! :scratchhead:

Cuckoo! Still theyare wired in and working now, I just hope theyare powerful enough to work through 10mm of .mdf and 2 layers of foamboard! If not I shall replace with permanent magnets.


I set up the DCC again tonight, because I had a nagging suspicion that all would not be great after applying the varous chemicals to the track. Sure enough, a good deal was required to get my 24 to run. Also one of the switch blades had comeloose I don't know how, so a bit more fettling was required. :O


The next job is the ballasting of the track.

I am going to follow Chris Nevards suggestions for this, namely to use surgical spirit as the wetting agent with diluted PVA. No more experiments with rubbery glue for me!

I have aquired a jar of fine, clean sand for the ballast. I think that N scale ballast is too heavy in appearance, and sand being naturally eroded I hear sits around the sleepers better.

I'm not sure whether to die the sand and dry it again before use; or to apply it then colour it afterwards.


Pictures next time when/if there is something to see.




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