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Platform contruction, Point rodding and Signal



Good morning all, just a few photos to show the progress over the last few days.


I've started to build the platform and installed the new Dapol signal. I'll probably replace this with a MSE signal in the future but for the time begin I think these signals look very much the part.


The platform needs a good weathering and I still need to add brickwork.


I've completed the track weathering, just want to add a bit more detail by painting some sleepers as if they had been recently replaced and maybe hint at moss growing on some.


I've brought MSE point rodding, which I've started to construct and want to lay before I begin ballasting. I have a plan of where these are going thanks to Beast66606. Does anyone have any examples of how they have modelled point rodding?


My next thing to think about is the ground covering. I'm considering the Green-Scene textured paint as I've seen some good results. Any suggestions? I'll use the Das Clay method for the sidings. Would you suggest sorting the ground covering first then laying ballast, or would it not matter?


Many thanks, hope everyones enjoying the sun. I'm off to see a new arrival at Bridgnorth...







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