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One, two, skip a few....



blog-0311986001343577344.jpgKids; here's a tip for when it's your turn to play the 'seeker' in a game of hide and seek. Reduce the time consuming count by saying 'one, two, skip a few, ninety-nine, a hundred' and off you go, job done.


Not really. Play fair, and eat all your greens too.


Yes, it's skip time in the sound lab as the Class 67 gets its v4 upgrade in readiness for the new Hornby model. And this time the model has a chance of sounding half-decent when you fit it because they have finally listened to criticism and put the speaker where it needs to be; in the tanks facing down. Well, let's hope the decision was like that and not because the speaker wouldn't fit anywhere else. Perhaps we'll see with the next loco?


Just a few finishing touches to go now. As well as 'Multistart' (a normal start plus two different failed starts, selectable on demand), it will feature different horns in either direction plus a stationary compressor speed-up on a function key, like the 66. And now I've got the extra DVT sounds I was after, there will be a matched 67 + DVT sound pack too.


I struggled to find a half-decent photo of a 67 in the collection but this one on Thunderbird duty storming through Grantham is just about acceptable.


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