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  2. Agree about the Hornby Dublo advertising. Still true for certain retailers who use it today! If only Airfix and Palitoy Mainline had used better mechanisms!
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  4. 33C

    EBay madness

    I once bought a packet of "POLO'S" that had no holes in them. I've still got them. In mint condition. I'll see myself out.....
  5. I wanted to make a tarpaulin/wagon sheet for my 'Brightside Imperial Matches' PO wagon as there had never been a tarp model made for this particular 5 plank wagon mesh which I'd always regarded a bit daft. Well I gave it a go today and it took me ages and I made lots of mistakes, but I did end up with basically what I wanted. I also had a go at fixing ropes to the tarpaulin model, but by this time my brain was functioning at the same level of intelligence as yesterday's porridge so I didn't have a hope of achieving anything. I will come back to it though after I've done some further reading
  6. Am I right in thinking that from the mid ‘80’s, 008 had round buffers at #1 end and oval at #2 end? All photos on Flickr seem to show this. 66738
  7. Thanks for that detailed update on ejector technology lather, that's why my post suggesting it said that an ejector seat be designed for rather than fitted for a train driver. I was aware of issues when flying inverted and that modern seats are considerably more sophisticated than the early ones, just as other equipment like aircrew helmets are rather more elaborate (and costly) than what we make the kiddies wear when riding a bike. Your ethical point about V-bombers and everybody else on board may apply to passenger workings, but these days there is often only one person on board
  8. its nice to have something other than a 66 once in a while! ive got that 56 on monday and potentially a 37 friday from bristol temple meads to derby via the lickey
  9. Not sure if its of interest to anyone, but I have finally decided to sell my sets of the British Steel orange/grey BSC wagons. I have two outer sets and four inner sets. They are on the classifieds section on here if anyone is interested (or PM me). If they are still there in a week or so, I'll look to move them on other channels. Never been out of the box and realistically I am not going to get time for the layout to be built in the next couple of years https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/profile/16721-marshlane/content/&type=classifieds_advert Just th
  10. I don't do what you do for a living Jim, but occasionally I'll say out loud "Ooh, y'big heavy bastard" in my work. I wish I had 3250 horses at my command once in a while. I did properly drag a dead Grid for a few miles with A N Other once in the chair though, hardly the same. C6T.
  11. He had an extra Belly buster breakfast from a greasy spoon at the side of the A68. They are a big dog with a lot of fur tbh. Here he is "on point" looking out for stray pheasants or those pesky Stukas...
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  13. I remember the Corgi Juniors metallic purple Landrover with tinted glass. It took the makers of the real thing thirty years to catch up!
  14. These might be pretty close for your needs: https://yorkmodelrail.com/shop/00-scale-ho-scale/windows-louvers-00-scale-ho-scale/00-103-square-window-frames-4-per-pack/ Although some trimming and joining might be necessary, but I suspect these are about as close as you will find without resorting to making them from scratch?
  15. If the NE was full of profitable freight in the 1970s then Conrail wouldn't have happened - the point remains that the NE had too many railroads / too many track miles / too little profitable freight / to much government interference in setting rates. Nonsense. BNSF has big exposure to coal (16.8% of traffic, 2nd among US railroads behind CSX), and last I looked they weren't in the NE. And the States with the highest coal consumption(*) were - in order - Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, and Pennsylvania - only 5th place is in the NE.
  16. tempted to do an ex-GC 90 ? do you mean in Bachmann form ? Kat :-)
  17. I know that the generally accepted wisdom is that Hornby were aiming for modellers, but that is not borne out by their advertising. Hornby may have been aiming for greater realism at least for the locomotives, but its parent company was at heart a toy company, same as Triang. Arguably the adult modeller market was very small in the 1950s hayday of Dublo. it was Airfix and Palitoy Mainline who spotted that the 1940s and 1950s kids had grown up and those still in the hobby had turned into adult modellers who were looking for more accuracy.
  18. Loving your work on this Rob, puts my OO ones to shame, but I love a J6 regardless! Cheers Tony
  19. Ah, the Trix Western. First model I had which died of Mazak Rot. Despite being a different scale to the other companies it looked good with a rake of maroon Trix coaches. The dodgy scale did have an advantage with the 16t Minerals which were closer to the correct length than the Dublo ones.
  20. No I'm not thinking of it in today's terms. The problem was that if you mixed Triang and Trix coaches because the Trix ones were too low they just looked wrong. To quote Tony Matthewman, who was a Trix enthusiast par excellence, on the subject of the 1962 plastic scale length coaches: "The chosen scale was 3.8mm to the foot.....However, such a choice of scale proved to be a disastrous decision as it impeded sales in Britain despite the coaches receiving very favourable comments from the modelling press.". If what you say about absolute scale not having a major impact then wouldn't
  21. I seem to think I was on that train with 20105 to Skegness, something about its condition / number springs a memory. Definitely no royal on my train, chicken royale maybe. As for discs.. in the 1980’s, I saw anything / everything, inc some partially or fully removed, basically no one cared, I think some were paint sealed or rusted preventing change.
  22. Ok it's now tomorrow and it's a Bl**dy long way to Yeovil Junction on 1L73, so ..................... I admit it's not as good as the Blue or Red but they've taken away the diagonal strips and added the yellow band so I retract all the rude things I might have said about the new SWR livery and grudgingly admit it's grown on me .............. 450025 at Wimbledon West on 05-06-21
  23. It is a complicated subject (that I don't fully understand because I'm not in the industry and haven't devoted the time to try and research it). Anyone who does want to may want to research Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR), which despite the name is about a lot more than just scheduling - including minimizing infrastructure (aka sidings, either existence of or length - like not making them longer) and running longer trains (less crews required, etc). And the key point that anyone used to the European/UK system of railways is that the owner calls the shots - and in
  24. Whenever there's a problem with a shed roof.... Corrugated iron is the answer....
  25. MrWolf

    EBay madness

    They were only about a fiver when they contained toffees. Maybe the biscuits version is [email protected]!!!
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