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  2. I don't think it would deter the local 'metal fairies' around here. They would tuck it under their arm and carry it off screaming all the way back to their encampment for their offspring to poke and prod it until it said nice things to them. I washed the roof of the tamper as it passed under Cock Lane bridge before Crun took the photo at Foxcovert Road. I actually did see at Cock Lane but was too busy talking to someone that I didn't get a photo. It looked new, maybe it will come back for the weekend work at Glinton Junction. Thank you for the positive comments Jonathan. It is a very interesting project due to the complexity and restrictive nature of the site. The local interest seems quite high as well. When you have a camera photographing strange things like men digging holes normally shy people start asking questions when they pass as to what is going on. Once you explain the purpose of all this work they go away happy in that their knowledge has been broadened and they have a new conversation piece in their repertoire.
  3. I knew people who had figures and the space ships, and those weren't from kits as the figures wouldn't fit in them. They are collectable if on cards. If you don't mind loose figures, head to your local car boot sale where they are available by the ton.
  4. In the mid-70s I bought a Cartic-2 kit from the much-missed Railway Bookshop in Headington, Oxford; This would presumably have been the K's kit ? Sadly long gone now, of course (both the model and the shop !)
  5. So as not to pick somewhere I've picked before I'm going for Woodhall Junction. I know nothing about it other than that it seems to be a four-route junction in the middle of nowhere, which intrigues me.
  6. You are such a tease! Start a thread and don't put up any photos.
  7. Strange, my memory is different. I remember people having the lots of figures and quite a few of the vehicles and ships, but no one building Revell kits
  8. I think that is over pessimistic. I liken this to the waves approaching a beach (you can tell I live at the seaside) with that beach representing a return to some form of what we regarded in the UK as normal before March of this year. The wave containing the gung-ho/irresponsible (call them whatever you like) have, in their minds, already reached what they perceive as the no/low risk beach. We don't yet know the future date when the majority will feel they have reached their beach; however, as time progresses more waves will hit that beach than are still rolling towards it and more of the things we have been personally avoiding will appear to us as something we can begin to do.
  9. Getting there.... The bogies and side frames are done. I will order wheels from Slaters when Mrs Doyle gives me pocket money. I added some plastic tube around the lights- they look like mini Polos! I also added the cable- it is just placed on. I think it is over scale, so I will look for an alternative. oh and I have also found time to play trains today. Dougal.
  10. Off to a good start to build a tunnel with the mainline to Wales already well below ground level.
  11. My knowledge of the history of Welsh railways is limited to the bits the Midland and LNWR were involved with but modelling-wise I have fond memories of exhibiting at shows in The Rhondda and in Splott, both being very enjoyable but severely liver damaging. However, I can find my way around Wales very well albeit not at ground level and having lived temporarily in both North and South Wales I can even tell the accents apart. One of the landmarks I am familiar with in mid-Wales is a farm, the barn roof of which has for decades carried the message in large capital letters, "P*SS OFF BIGGLES". If this is intended to have the effect of discouraging low flying aviators it doesn't work very well as it actually makes the spot magnetically attractive. Back to the cleaning up operations post-deluge. Dave
  12. I fear you're missing the point here. It should not rest with the Police to ensure people do what is right. . The fact that European Police officers carry guns is irrelevant and rest assured there is no lack of willingness on the part of British police officers to play their part. Put simply, it shouldn't be necessary to enforce. Doing what is required is all that is needed and we appear to be lacking in this, based on what I have seen at first hand. Rob.
  13. I can certainly agree with you about the "argument". One might even say that it has never even reached that level. I don't think that it never happening can be an option in a city with one of the worst vehicle pollution levels in Europe (and dreadful traffic congestion across the whole conurbation). It has to happen. But how and when?
  14. Hello Just a short note to say that the latest layout from John, Richard and I is featured in the latest edition of Railway Modeller. Named Framplington it is based on Framlingham iSuffolk and is set in 1965 shortly before closure. It was booked to appear at High Wycombe and Warley in November but as we all know that is not going to happen. It will hopefully appear at High Wycombe next year.as well as Shenfield and Spalding. These are all subject to future events. Cheers George
  15. Maybe, we must consider the simple fact that life (as we know it, Jim) will never be the same. Any large social gatherings will become a thing of the past, whether we like it or not. There are bound to be economic and social casualties but existence as a race needs to adapt in order to survive. The only real problem is getting used to the new world and how every failure becomes an opportunity, some will never accept the change but that's where the Darwin Awards start to kick in. As someone just finishing (today) their 12 month self-isolation following heart surgery, learing to live within a self-imposed 'bubble' is made easier by living in an environment where most of us (Sherborne) are to some extent anti-social due to our demographic and need to take care. However, life is for living and next year's travel has been booked to rural France and we will contine to take every precaution but as for model railways - AY's excellent virtual exhibition is (maybe) the answer. As ever, Cheers and Stay Safe
  16. Can't remember if I've already posted it in this thread, but a pic of Liv.St. from Joe Brown's London Rail Atlas
  17. There are no level crossings at or near Johnstone, this appears to be (another) case of a vehicle somehow leaving the road and ending up on the railway.
  18. A distinction which caused issues with delay attribution after privatisation ! It transpired that, if Traincrew were en route to work (ie not yet on duty) and their train ran late, resulting delay to their own booked work could not be attributed to the cause of their late arrival. If, on the other hand, they were booked to travel pass (ie on duty) on a delayed train, any subsequent delay was attributed to the original late running. I would agree that any member of rail staff, whether on duty or not, or indeed retired, should, and in most cases would, offer assistance during an incident, with due regard to safety of course.
  19. 42105 was another Fairburn Tank with an early emblem: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/22869608813/in/photolist-AQUHWe-p7Yzk9-pMoXYc-BAQt7m-MVPHwB-LWM9da-HXYpxn-akBH61-2jhyp4a-MJfsCG-RzApLa-2i5whxx-9PMafp-gQpK9X-AXureo-Srmkco-cNvcdj-2e1mpfp-i26tdw-hwkdB-G6CLBM-bhwNBM-f9PNC3-bCCrSH-25hjR1m-aEZCWT-b78vEz-h38cRe-bpHCQL-aD4oDB-FENhDz-UWzu-aGakiK-2iEjPFj-2i5sQhy-2i5sQhJ-U9rRGC-2i5sQiA-XkJWxW-DzGyD8-24vvLtc-Evg5JU-2i5whFi-2i5vfQk-2i5vfRY-2i5whD9-2i5vfJU-DzzhQz-2i5whJz-2i5vfTg
  20. As a generic pre-grouping wagon this model isn't bad, and better than some. I just wish Hornby would put a bit more effort into getting the livery right. They did the same with the SECR wagon last year, black buffer beams. I suspect whatever jig is used to paint the chassis can only paint the solebar sides, leaving everything else black.
  21. Looking at the map did this run beneath broad street station but what was the purpose of it going into the street I see the map shows liverpool street connected to the met, were platforms 1 and 2 electrified
  22. Hi All, Some of you may have seen the discussions in the layout section about my proposed 8x4 (with an extra bit!) layout - which will look something like the attached pic. It's my first attempt and I would like to make it DCC and have a couple of queries. I've been looking at the Gaugemaster Prodigy Advance2, is this about the right sort of thing for the layout shown or a bit over the top? I'm also thinking about future proofing - just in case I ever get the chance of more space! Also does anyone have any experience of the DCC Autofrogs? I'm thinkning these would be ideal for the reversing loop? Cheers Clive
  23. I was living in Bristol in 1977 when this story about the Lulsgate petrol station was recounted to me. And I think that he event in question would have been in the 60s. But possible that the person who told me got his airfields confused as he was not a native Bristolian. Graham lived at Churchill so he did know the Lulsgate stretch of the A38 very well. Edit: Just looked up Lulsgate in the 70s on old-maps.co.uk. Can confirm that Graham was wrong about his airfield. Amazing to see how small the passenger facilities were then (although I suspect the OS map is a bit out of date as to revision). Facilities were so lacking at Lulsgate, one wonders why they felt the need to move from Whitchurch.
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