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  2. The zigzag upon the top of rails in under used portions of lines is there to ensure the operation of track circuits and also used at the end of a terminus platform. It is called a Utectic strip by the S&T and PWay. As typical voltages for track circuit are below 20 volt and of a low current the stainless steel strip provides a clean surface to interface with the wheels of a vehicle. It's zigzag pattern ensures that somewhere along the vehicle the wheel will rest upon it. Failing to detect a vehicle can lead to incoming train formations overhanging a platform. Although I cannot say for definite, TCAIDS where not used at these locations, at least none I knew of on the Eastern Region and its successors. Also it was not required to be used upon the electrified rail in a three or four rail area. Traction voltages are at 750V with an available current of something like 3000 Amps, a little bit of rust would not that sort of energy.
  3. Why is it horrible? The top feeds on the 57/87 and 64xx are correct prototypically and dimensionally. They provide the manufacturer with the biggest opportunity for number and livery variants, without them it significantly reduces the available pool of locomotives to choose from, particularly in BR liveries. I’d expect any new tool to include top feeds first, to recover development costs of new tools as promptly as possible. It’s not the hardest job to remove them from any of the existing models anyway.
  4. EON almost dropped a licensing & IP bollock with Goldeneye. That's why the Astons British number plate was changed to BMT 214A rather than 216A. I've never quite understood why they just didn't "flip" the plate.
  5. I haven't looked lately but Dublo prices used to go up & down like a fiddler's elbow although obviously at a much slower pace. This is a common thing in many areas of collecting as apart from changing fashions in what to collect the collecting market works in its own way. IF something is low priced newcomers tend to go for and that gradually pushes the prices up so another, lower priced, market begins to open. Thus - for a very different field of collectng the high price of 'Titanic' related items pushed people towards, as one example, Lusitania related items. It also depends very much on how much money is around at particular when somebody enters a particular collecting field and whether or not there is somebody with lots of money to buy along a certain theme. For example because somebody was after them and had a bottomless wallet the price of GWR jigsaws in good condition went through the roof but I bought mine long after that bubble had burst because that buyer had everything he wanted so I paid much less than he did for exactly the same thing in similar or better condition. Railway excursion handbills is another odd area because there the subject can make a far bigger difference to price than age, condition, or the rarity of handbills from a particular company - I have paid far less for some 19th century handbills than some from the 1950s go for, purely because certain collectors have no interest in them because they don't relate to football matches or horse racing.
  6. Thirling is a term also used in farming circles to describe how hill sheep will always head to an area of hillside which they know well and so know where the best grazing is. They are said to be thirled to that part of the hill. A late friend of mine who had been a shepherd described how, when sheep were returned to the hillside after winter, you could see some heading in one direction and others in another. I cannot understand why so many of those across the pond seem to be 'thirled' to a former President, but that is getting into politics which have no place here. Jim
  7. I have an old second hand guilotine, that I aquired as part of a job lot. It has an edge so the cuts remain square relative to the previous cut. Despite having a metric scale on its right hand side I have found it impossible to accurately cut to a specific size. That said, it's fine for chassis spacers providing you use the single cut for all the spacers on a chassis. On the other hand screwkers can produce fairly accurate first time cuts. However, if thicker metal is being cut the depth of the cut will produce a "v" shape and this will need to be taken into account. Finally my screwker is made from an old heavy duty hacksaw blade ground to the required shape.
  8. If they particularly caught Ed's imagination they might happen Stephen, but I really don't like bothering him with engine requests as I'm sure he gets too much of that as it is. I know he has a personal list of engine he wants to make and I don't think he's finished with compounds yet.
  9. @Compound2632 I was just making the point the Hornby models are a closer representation of what could run on SR metals than the Hattons version, that's all.
  10. Does the Southern version come without the pantograph on the roof? It would be a tad superfluous!! Nice touch is the choice of numbers, 204 or 206. Also, is the infamous 201 being done at some point?
  11. Overlap it. If you don’t like the result, then cut down the middle of the seam, and that will give a perfect meeting of the two sides for butt-joining with a splice behind. You don’t even have to worry about getting a straight and square cut, either!
  12. You flatter them calling them "a very good representation". Anyway, how prototypical are Stroudley carriages in Southern livery? (Bearing in mind that any survivors at grouping would be at least a third of a century old.) Sorry, not really a question for this thread but it shouldn't be allowed to pass. Hornby is capable of excellent models that are excellent representations of the prototype, but these aren't they, I'm afraid.
  13. I couldn't get the Trix link to work but you can get to it via the link Motorcat posted before. Very little of interest to me, the only DR loco is the era 3 BR56.2-8 and a duplicate of the liliput model
  14. Same issue is obvious in this photo (cantrail lines up but the stripes don't):
  15. They also decided the nut should be replaced whenever it was removed, but yes, it boiled down to missing washers. Other notes were that the original design used 4 mounting bolts, with more recent ones two.
  16. Yes it is Tony! It's still going strong back in home territory. Re the correct smoke deflectors, I shall check up for the source in a few hours time with Eric's Taxis now swinging into action as my wife requires me to drive her to some shops.
  17. Can I ask what the bogies used are Andy? Do I take it they are the latest versions? Be interested to see how you clamped them into the chassis. I did look at the new spares available and got a bit of a shock at the cost for a complete pair (£58). Perhaps I'm getting out of touch with prices. Look forward to seeing it painted. Bob
  18. From Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oxfordrail/posts/3061563237389306
  19. I don't think so. I think it's actually the paint job itself. As can be seen from this photo. Look at the screw positions versus the lines. The question in my mind is whether this was down to vehicles being painted with this discrepancy back in 1979 or whether it was the repaint at Crewe Heritage Centre that caused these to be different (although this doesn't make sense why they would move the line)? The car on the left is the van trailer, the car on the right the buffet. The buffet is from a different set than the van trailer and driving trailer so my guess is that different rakes were painted with the stripes in different positions. Guy
  20. Have you seen the new 009 layout project they are doing in Hornby Magazine? It started in the January issue. Similar to what you are planning, but 2ft longer.
  21. It's a little different to Titfield where there is a copyright infringement allegedly. The Hornby SR livery coaches are not really generic, they are actually a very good representation of LBCSR Stroudley 4 and 6 wheel coaches in a variety of liveries - so in an SR livery they are more prototypical than the Hattons version.
  22. Yes, Enable Status Updates had been turned off. I have enabled that for you again now.
  23. I often find, particularly in 7mm, threads go quiet when the items arrive, so any photos or film of what you get have merit although you can't beat seeing them in the flesh. I'm not remotely interested in videos of the box, or anything anything purporting to be a review, which often seem a little self-indulgent. I just want to see it to make my own decision and since that isn't easy around covid, anything that helps there is welcome.
  24. What ho chaps. Would you consider making the network rail IEA bogie ballast wagons? Folk would need multiples of them to mix in with falcons. Lots of different liveries too:- Yellow Faded yellow Dirty yellow Very dirty yellow Etc. Red. Faded red Etc.
  25. As you are based in the North West ? why not try to come over to the NG gatherings in Rainford. Merseyside &SWest Lancs Group, next gatherings is Saturday 26th February starting at 12.30pm Corpus Christi Church Hall, Alfred Street, Rainford WA11 8BY. A number of well known 009 modellers frequent the place, if you have any questions, just ask, they are always willing to help. Stan Williams.
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