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  2. This 'reset' warning has some basis in truth, but it applied to ESU Loksound decoders since the LokProgrammer software allowed projects to be created where CV8 = 8 would default back to the factory defaults, thereby losing connection with the sound samples. However, even this did not wipe the sounds from the decoders' memory, just scrambled the access to them. This was completely reversible with some CV changes, but it was not simple or straightforward. The issue was addressed long ago, and it's now the default for ESU LokSound that a reset will revert all to the state in which it left the sound producer. However, this problem was never present in TTS decoders so a reset CV8 = 8 will not wipe the sounds nor will it lose connection to the sound samples so can be used without fear or concern. Best regards, Paul
  3. Keith, They were impressed from the rear of the plasticard with a vintage, wooden-handled bradawl. Chris
  4. Indeed, with the exception of the installation of short-arm semaphores to replace dollies which could give direct access to block sections, the changes were only made on a renewal/resignalling basis, so the dates of introduction should be treated as "not before" dates. I have little doubt that the same applied on the WR.
  5. When: you do an English; test, and, it doesnt think you knew your tense commas, and colons


    FFS, why do I have to do English tests at my age for a sodding apprenticeship that I am not sure I actually want to do.

  6. RDEB, Rupert Brown, offers a full set of Tourist cars through Wizard Models. Link here.
  7. Although clearly derogations must exist in some form or other because there are places where the stepping height from Class 80X trains is far from easy.
  8. I found some figures a while back which indicated that non-suicide trespass fatalities on quite a few mainland European railways are considerably more than the number in the UK. alas I didn't keep the link
  9. Did you look at that website? https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/diode/diode_7.html Kev.
  10. Southern miniature yellow arm ground signals definitely lasted a lot than the late 1950s - there was still one in existence at a station on the Portsmouth Direct well into the 1970s.
  11. The old rubber insulation gets a bad name but in my experience its the 1970s plastic insulation which deteriorates. Quite often it fractures where the cable twists and can expose both live and neutral wires. Those same 1970s transformers have pop rivets holding the bottom on instead of screws so you can't have a look see without it being obvious you have tampered with it. What the old controllers do have is decent overload protection so maybe keep the cut out and bin the rest.
  12. Never say never. The announcement was alledgly cancelled at the 11th hour last year. If it has not progressed sufficiently in the meantime then in my opinion a decision has been made for financial reasons not to proceed at the present time. Of course it could also be that the project is been kept underwraps until it is well underway. I hope it is the latter. It is definitely not a rumour. Work was done. Whether it stopped I do not know but after a year of silence, again in my opinion, if it does not get announced at Warley, then something has changed.
  13. A clear need to correct you Mr Phil. I tried once in my BR days and some work was actually done on the ground but the scheme (Stage 1 of the whole lot) was subsequently cancelled due to the funds being diverted elsewhere. I subsequently had two other goes - the second of those really being more part of the Worcester Parkway proposals than anything else - during my time working for a consultancy concern. Thus far on the ground the only part of any of my three attempts which has actually been implemented is part of the re-doubling of the OWW which I looked at as far east as Honeybourne or thereabouts and even then they haven't done the re-doubling to Parkway which I suggested as part of one of my timetable offerings (for a shuttle service from Parkway to at least Foregate Street). I've still got the basic S&T outline plan for my original effort back in the 1980s.
  14. D.H. Lawrence, Women in Love (1920) Chapter 9 - in which Gerald Crich cruelly forces his terrified horse to stand at a level crossing on a mineral line as a train goes by: "The locomotive, as if wanting to see what could be done, put on the brakes, and back came the trucks rebounding on the iron buffers, striking like horrible cymbals, clashing nearer and nearer in frightful strident concussions." "Meanwhile the eternal trucks were rumbling on, very slowly, treading one after the other, one after the other, like a disgusting dream that has no end. The connecting chains were grinding and squeaking as the tension varied..." "They could see the top of the hooded guard's-van approaching, the sound of the trucks was diminishing, there was hope of relief from the intolerable noise." An example of a highly literate but non-technical writer. "Hooded guard's van" is curious - suggestive of a birdcage look-out rather than side duckets? Birdcage lookouts were not a feature of Midland, Great Central, or Great Northern brake vans as far as I'm aware; could this be an internal colliery line brake? (Nottinghamshire coalfield.)
  15. Maybe ask about the troubleshooting process after the layout is finished. Is there some sort of "snagging" period after delivery before it's finally signed off after which fixing problems becomes your responsibility?
  16. I used to know a bloke who came from California. If we wanted to really wind him up, we'd call him a South Canadian.
  17. the orange jinty is stored out of use at the midland centre, Butterley. and the 14 survives somewhere, i forget https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3087665592 https://www.flickr.com/photos/dodger5450/8263017883 https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/17073930376 https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3975210080 https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8200056936 https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/28530-industrial-locomotives-in-the-late-80s-to-mid-90s/&do=findComment&comment=313675 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTlhjUJoYzg https://www.railscot.co.uk/locations/C/Calder_Grove/ these are not mine but i'm sorry i can't remember whose they are
  18. If you’re commissioning the layout: Questions one to four and seven I’d expect significant input from you. What are your preferences? You’re the customer, it’s your budget. If you don’t know ask their recommendations and why. See earlier comments regarding seeing previous work. Questions five and six will depend on if it’s your van, or if you hire. The dimensions of the baseboards and how they’re designed to be transported, may determine what vehicles you have to use. Are they building the baseboards or using off the shelf kits? Ensure you have a contract in place, this will protect both sides. Include overall costs, deposits, any agreed milestones for progress and payment/payments. It doesn’t need reams of paperwork, just a simple work schedule so both parties know what’s expected of them. DCC. Will the layout be supplied plug and play, do they have experience with whichever system is be installed.
  19. One thing I didn't pick up from the video but which appears on the model of the Pressed Steel DMS is the lettering on the bufferbeam. Is it actually legible? Makes me wonder if they got it off my pic (posted on RMweb) of one of them when it was very new and the lettering was still nice and clear ...
  20. I suggested I would put a Lucas zener across the outputs and said why it wouldn't work. The Lucas "12 volt" Zener Diode controls to 13.8 to 14.2 volts and is rated at something like 7.5 amps and there are some in my shed.. I would like a wiring diagram for a modern zener diode as suggested, the old one is just connect negative to negative and positive to positive and screw it to a heatsink.
  21. We have been so busy that it suddenly dawned on us that it has been nearly a year since the last newsletter, so it is high time that we rectified this. Most of the news relates to new products and exhibitions, but there are some other snippets of information too. NEW PRODUCTS The biggest item of news is that we have been appointed a distributor by Modelu. This fantastic range of 3d scanned figures and detailing accessories should prove of great interest to many customers. We already have stocks of the most popular items in 4mm and 7mm scales, with all other items available to order on a 2 to 3 week leadtime. Most figures are available in 15 scales and many in both Left and Right hand orientation, so the range is huge. At the time of writing this we have published over 280 figures, with a few more to add. We should be adding the detailing and architectural items over the next few days or weeks. We have expanded our range of Alan Gibson 4mm wheels to cover more types, mostly as these are needed to cover some of the Slaters Kits. Our stock holding of Gibson wheels is now quite good and will improve as we learn what the demand is. We have frequently been asked for Limonene, a milder solvent than MEK, Butanone, Plastic Weld etc. We now have this in stock. This is excellent for fitting glazing without fogging etc. Since the last newsletter we have increased the range of Peco products that we have published on our website. We have also increased the number of items we hold in stock and in many cases the quantity we hold. We have stock of a number of Ratio N Gauge items, Wills Modern fencing and windows, and Ratio 00 Wagon Kits where we are offering wheel swaps to P4/EM. The range of Slaters 00 kits now extends to 10 items (MR and GNR wagons). Slaters inform us that the Private Owners Wagons will be released next followed by Coaches. Also with Slaters we are now stocking some of their accessories such as moulded numerals and fencing. We are pleased to say the availability of Cambrian Kits has again improved and lead times have dropped. We had hit a point where we had stock of all items, but this has slipped back a bit as some that have been hard to get have sold well at shows. Hopefully the next delivery will rectify this. We are now trying to improve the depth of stock to prevent this happening again. We are continuing to expand our stock of the HMRS range of transfers. We have the majority of 4mm Pressfix and Methfix transfers in stock, the limiting factor is what HMRS have when we order. We will continue to re-order the rest. We have a limited number of 7mm transfers and will continue to expand this. PRODUCT ISSUES There are a number of items from DCC Concepts that seem to be unavailable, including 14.5mm BB gauge, all wire strippers and Cobalt Analogue IP Point motors. Please check with us on current status before ordering these. Regrettably we will no longer be stocking South Eastern Finecast sheets. This is because of a decision by the manufacturer to only sell direct, and not via the trade. We have removed them from the website, but will continue to take to shows all remaining stock. Peco are now putting Transfers from Modelmasters in the great majority of Parkside 4mm kits (we have spares of these on the website and keep a reasonable stock). As Peco do not tell us which kits have transfers and which not, it is hard to keep the website up to date showing which kits have the transfers, but you can always check with us for info on the current status of specific stock items. Brexit (sorry to mention it) has had a dramatic effect on exchange rates and we are anticipating some hefty price rises in many ranges. Our last delivery of Metal Strips and sections cost a lot more and we need to put these up, probably mid October, so now is a good time to stock up. NEW SHOW STAND and EXHIBITION STOCK We have completed phase one and are yet to start phase 2. We typically have more open space at one end of the stand and many more products displayed on vertical racking. You may have to look wider than usual to find things. Phase 2 should happen next year. We are normally able to take a range of Wires, Solders, Wood, Nuts and Bolts, Drills, solvents, fillers, tools, Evergreen, Slaters Plastics, A4 ish own brand Styrene to all shows. As our range has expanded we have had to put much more thought into what we take to shows. We typically now have the following restrictions at shows: Smaller shows where we only have 2 staff, we are unable to take 500mm long metal sections, large plasticard and the Plastruct display stands. Pre-ordering is strongly advised. Where we have 2 concurrent shows, the 2 day show will normally have 4mm Kits, 250mm Metal Sections but not have 500mm metals large Plasticard and Plastruct. The 1 day show will not have 4mm Kits, 250mm Metal Sections etc, but will have Plastruct, 500mm sections and large Plasticard. Larger shows - Normal stock. The difficult exception to this is Manchester and BRM Peterborough. Here we will take 250mm Metal sections and Kits to Manchester, 500mm metals large Plasticard and Plastruct to Peterborough. Pre ordering for both is strongly advised. PHOSPHORIC ACID FLUX, BUTANONE and MEK The excellent Barrie Stevenson formula has been taken over by Slaters and is back in production in 9% strength. The 12% was made exclusively for us and we are still trying to persuade Slaters to make a batch for us. Our Butanone and MEK also came from Barrie, so we are in the process of resourcing this. We have always sold this as both MEK and Butanone, but they are in fact the same product under different labels. So we have good stocks of MEK, which we will continue to sell while stocks last. Once this is gone we will only supply as Butanone. When our current small stock of Butanone is gone we will be selling larger bottles from a different source. EXHIBITIONS A new exhibition has been created this year at Gaydon. Hopefully this will be every bit as good as the previous show at this excellent and interesting Motor Museum. We did not hesitate to accept the invitation. The Festival or Railway Modelling - Peterborough has changed dates from last year and now clashes with both Manchester and Reading. We have had to drop the Reading show as a result of this, and the stock availability will be as described above. Pre-Ordering for both Manchester and Peterborough is strongly advised. We will again not be attending the Great Electric Train Show this year. We apologise to customers who expect to find us there but it is entirely outside of our control. We will be trying something new at Expo NG Swanley this year. Cambrian models have agreed to let us have some of their 16mm NG kits to take to the show, so these will replace the normal Cambrian and Parkside 4mm ranges. Our attendance at the Thornbury Show (the small show in the village, not the large event at the leisure centre) was extremely successful and it is now fixed in the calendar. KNIVES AND BLADES We are advised by Royal Mail that we will soon have to send knives and blades to be signed for with proof of age (over 18). Although Royal Mail say the policy is clear the detail is far from this, no sizes are stated etc. we are awaiting clarification. Full details of all our other products are on our website. Derek, Anita, Matt and Judith. Forthcoming Exhibitions: Do not forget that you can beat the queues at shows by pre-ordering through the website. There is a checkout option for this. You can choose to pay through the website or on collection. Please state in the 'Comments' box which show you wish to collect the order from. Please allow at least 1 week for pre-orders, 2 weeks for Ally Pally, Guildex - Telford, Scaleforum, Railex, Expo EM, York and Warley. Also please allow 2 to 3 weeks for orders of Parkside Kits. Cambrian kits will be as available from the manufacturer. A full list of shows is on our website www.eileensemporium.com 28/29 September Scaleforum Aylesbury https://www.scalefour.org/scaleforum/2019 5/6 October Wigan https://www.wiganfrm.co.uk/exhibition 26 October ExpoNG Swanley http://www.expong.org/ 9/10 November Great British Model Railway Show, Gaydon http://gbmrs.com// 16/17 November Thornbury http://www.tsgmrc.co.uk 23/24 November Warley NEC http://www.thewarleyshow.co.uk/ 7/8 December Manchester http://mmrs.co.uk/exhibition/   7/8 December Festival of Railway Modelling - Peterborough https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/shows/show/the-national-festival-of-railway-modelling/ ____________________________________________________________ If you already receive this newsletter we will continue to send unless you opt to unsubscribe, or the e-mail bounces from your provider on 2 or 3 occasions. If you do not already get this directly, to Subscribe to receive future copies of this newsletter please send an e-mail to [email protected] with subscribe in the subject line.
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