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  2. Hopefully nobody will object, I have added a couple of photos of D602 'Bulldog' which has been professionally weathered. Comments welcome ..... Brilliant model to start with, in my opinion even better now. Cheers, Ian
  3. I've started the next two signals - a ground disc, which is straightforward and a two-arm signal with a 4ft stop arm and a 2ft calling-on arm below it. I'm feeling my way with the calling-on arm, as I've never done one before (although @Barry O of this parish made me one nearly 40 years ago using Colin Waite parts, for the first St Enodoc layout). The first job was to move the lamp to the opposite side of the post, where the pivot is. I had a false start there, trying to reuse the lamp that I'd cut off. That didn't look right at all, so I had a rummage in the signals box and decide
  4. Hmm I think I might give it a week or so before I look at getting one just to let cypherman get his N2 buying binge out of his system lol Joking aside its coming on really well and I'm really enjoying this thread, keep the updates coming. Steve
  5. Lessons learned, no ....... Well so a useful Sunday. I managed to build two of the turnouts leading into the storage sidings. These are copperclad as it's so much quicker than individual chairs and it's the hidden loops. Overall I'm very pleased with the result. I like the nice sweeping curve of the plain line through the two turnouts But a mistake. I seem to have over filed two of the switch blades. Maybe because I wasn't paying attention. And they are just too whippy and fine to open properly. Also not sure that the left hand blade here is the r
  6. I would imagine the type of rail depended on whether most of the line was inset or normal track. Nothing about the rail used in the book about this line, but in the book about the lies centred on Castres, which had quite a bit of inset track in the street sections, there is a drawing of traditional tramway type rail(Broca?) and I think it actually says it was not used. The photos of the track in Castres do look more like traditional railway track rail,and I think using a mixture would have meant that no wheel type could have ben compatible with both types of rail. I thought the narrowness
  7. I’m at the ROC today, how about this pair stabled in the ‘parcel sidings’...
  8. I only just spotted your thread. Dad only has one Ilfracombe photo in his albums and it must be taken from a spot near the one you have. There is also a lot of steam blowing about but just in case it is of interest you can see it at http://www.ipernity.com/doc/philsutters/26520201
  9. And I've never really been able to visualise those flying fishes playing on the road.
  10. Ian, Don't do my usual trick of getting side tracked by other projects. Get the shed finished and the paviours laid. But my advice would be to get the sink plumbed in asap, otherwise you will suddenly go off air to be found in the future neatly laid out under the block paviours, or best case scenario, living in the shed!
  11. Quick bit of info on wheel sizes, these are the sizes for new, last turning and scrap 142-840/789/776 156/153/150-800/747/734 So the wheels used on the Hornby models are too big. Don't know about the realtack 156 as I don't have one, the armour plate around the cab window put me off them.
  12. Here's the attic layout from that programme: That does look rather more like the sort of thing that the set building team could have knocked up from a few Hornby Track Packs and RTP scenics.
  13. Just bought myself a Heljan 8751 Park Royal Railbus (BR Green Yellow Warning Panel SC79974) and now I need to fit a 21 pin chip. Can anyone recommend a solid/reliable chip for this unit? Slightly nervous about chips and I don't want to waste money on something which isn't seen as a good/reliable option by those who know a hell of a lot more than me
  14. Your welcome, By the way the 'oil drum' is the brake cylinder Look forward to seeing your continued progress
  15. G'day folks. I'm working on a GNR Small Atlantic starting from some etches I obtained a few years back. The chassis is designed to be compensated and I can make that work. However I'm struggling to get it to go round corners in OMF. I'm not keen on sloppy axles so I'm going for a radial axle for the rear carrying axle. Is there a supplier for such a thing in 7mm scale? Any help gratefully received. Vernon
  16. Here's the model railway - in a rather nice upstairs room rather than in the attic: Anyone recognise it? It looks too big to have been put together just for the programme. And here's the staircase with the railway memorabilia: There is at least one shot where the camera pans from the staircase to a view in to the railway room, so it looks like the house might have been chosen precisely because it did contain a railway, rather than using set dressing on the staircase of a different house to suggest that the railway room was in the s
  17. Hi Ray Ok I've got it sussed now. CV179 is set to 40 and CV4 set to 140 with the dynamic brake on CV20 - works differently to Zimo with the higher value in CV349 set to the higher value. All I need to do now is juggle the F keys so that the braking is on F2. Thanks for your help. Norman
  18. Just arrived today a lovely Martin Finney M7 kit to build for myself (Sometime ?)
  19. Hi Mike You Tube keeps suggesting Patty for me to listen to, cheers quite enjoyable.
  20. There are 2 or 4 clear plastic clips along each side. Start with the clear plastic clips at one end and unclip and put a piece of plastic in to stop it clipping back in. Then slide along the body, levering the body out slightly and it will disengage. It gets easier after the first time.
  21. Nice photo, and now history has the council have finally got their way and shut Leopold st to traffic and are intending to pedestrianised the road under the excuse of covid.
  22. Hi Jenny, i think the issue is there are real problems with these loco's, some poor folks have had numerous replacements still faulty, that's just not good enough. I understand every manufacture have issues (Hornby have their fare share lets be honest) but it really does seem to be a lottery if you get a good one or a bad one. I also think if Rails had just kept a low profile and not being so childish with their comments then these problems would of been just accepted as product faults. The fact they said the things they said, they have set them selves up for the fall, and they have. Ther
  23. I might be wrong but thought the metal had to be under water for it not to absorbed any radiation
  24. Tony (G) its Vollmer N 7361. I wouldn't say the card is perfect but it looks good from a short distance away. Andrew
  25. Yes, originally described as gloss. Despite searching, I can’t find the post in which Locomotion said that the gloss did not look right and the finish would be changed to something more satin. On the strength of that post, I cancelled my order.
  26. Exclusive 18000 Gas Turbine "Kerosene Castle" Livery Sample! We are pleased to share the first images of the BR Green Late Crest 18000 Gas Turbine livery sample/ The sample looks fantastic and Heljan have really captured the large presence that the 18000 displays. As you will find with every pre-production sample, the purpose of EP and livery samples are to flush out any errors or issues with the model before it goes into full production. Several minor points have been identified so far and necessary changed will be implemented. Read more and pre-order
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