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  2. Here, it means the trailer has eight wheels and the tractor has ten.
  3. Well he had to after Giroud during the week. Good to see Bale back in it as well.......The opposition wasn't exactly Premier League standard, but still enjoyable to watch after the past few weeks. Back to ET. The outer road (line 7) is basically omni directional. If you are going clockwise, a shunter will take the train up and leave it in line 7 within the station confines. The main line loco will then couple to the front and away..... If going anti clockwise, the main line loco will take the train up to line 7 at B and then continue right through to line
  4. It is richard, the computer for some reason auto corrects it as it believes Prichard is a more common choice. in all things this sounds reasonably simple, however the skill is in the eye of the artist to know when it is “just right”. richard
  5. all ready and waiting for the Wenslydale to push in one day... maybe
  6. I still reckon those Pullmans need a steam loco at their head.
  7. Thanks, Nigel. If I recall correctly, Decoder Pro displayed CV159, at the bottom of the window with the list of decoder types. The loco was twitching, but no decoder type was highlighted as would normally be the case. I googled the CV159 indicator and found an answer on another forum which stated this indicated a (probably old) Hornby decoder, and recommended clicking in turn on the various Hornby decoders in Decoder Pro. Once I hit Sapphire R8245, the roster input window opened as normal, which I proceeded to populate as for other locos. On the DMU in question, there are no lights or sou
  8. Sadly the hall where the two shows that normally happen in Didcot are held, is currently the local vaccination centre.
  9. Heyrod did indeed have two sidings on the Down side. I can't see it happening though. Re-instating the Bay platform at Greenfield would make more sense than stabling at Heyrod. (..but that would be a longer running time and capacity on the Standedge route is already at a premium.) Kev.
  10. Thanks it’s just a base coat of light grey and then a liberal dry brush of a mid brown followed by light dry brushing with a darker brown and grey. They are all diy store emulsion test pots. primed with cordoba used as the main base dry brush coat sophisticated mixing palette
  11. That's a big improvement to the roof, it's taken the contrast off the different shades of slate colour just enough. It immediately reminded me of one of the stations that inspire my ramblings. This is Glasson Dock L&NWR, just before final closure. Does that roof colouring look familiar?
  12. One was being washed, with a broom and bucket, when I visited there! https://PaulBartlett.zenfolio.com/silcockcarticpja/e31d176c6 Paul
  13. A post script to this... From Model Railroader for March 2007 “The Trainman GP15 isn't available in a DCC-equipped version, but a decoder can be installed. The model includes a removable secondary printed-circuit (PC) board, two plugs with color-coded wires that follow NMRA Recommended Practice 9.1.1, and a separate instruction sheet describing how to connect those plugs to the main PC board and a heavy-duty (6 amp) decoder.” Recommended Practice Section 1.1 S- Six and eight pin Interface S- JST 9 Interface S- 21M
  14. I think I've seen those pictures on Facebook. If they are those ones as farcas I know they are the narrow gauge material handling tracks round the old pit shafts. Jamie
  15. Great news....although I strongly suspected it was on the cards, due to the built in design options of the 24 chassis and circuit board.
  16. Thanks Steve, But the handrails I would need to remove are separately fitted to the body rather than moulded rails. Richard
  17. PayPal only, instant confirmed payment, you can even pay by card through PayPal if you don't have a PayPal account. If I have to wait for payment to be confirmed every time before I dispatch, people are going to start complaining. A really stupid idea from Ebay, in a World where instant payments and money transfers are the normal, this is a huge leap backwards.
  18. This report Clean up continues after fiery explosion outside Cameron (msn.com) suggests that the tractor trailer crashed into the train, not the train into the truck. Quite amazing all the reports re-iterate that there were no injuries. Yes, my knowledge of names of road vehicles is out of date. In our hitch-hiking days they were simply artics, rigs and road trains (not that Road trains operated in Europe 50 years ago). Paul
  19. I think some pipework painted read and buffers lined out? Luke
  20. Yes that's right, looking into the A end which is the end were currently working on. Mark
  21. Thanks for all of the great pictures, but I'm wondering is the one with the Sentinel taken at Stanlow? And do you know where the one with 4002 and the flag man was taken as I don't recognize the location.
  22. You are right on the speedometer issue, they didnt get them until April 1959 when 60007 was fitted, the last done was 60021 in November 1961.
  23. That just hit my wish list very hard too.
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