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  2. Why would you look at the DJM website for a thread on this website?
  3. Express models do a good range of depot lamps also. Options for older, and newer styles, and an impressive tower in the range as well.
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  5. Six 6 BG were fitted with SR 27 way control cables - 80915, 80922, 80925, 80942 and 80951, classed as 499 TLVs 68201-68206. They ended up as 975610-975615
  6. 153334 About to depart back to Coventry, once the Driver gets in and changes the lights.
  7. Statistically by far the .ost likely is the open because there were so many more of them.
  8. Still not added crankpin nuts to finish the chassis, but I have at least now finally added handrails to my Manor. It also still needs to be fitted with glazing...
  9. Some stock updates. D78 stock done (almost).
  10. Question, can I turn off the lights on a Bachmann DBSO without DCC or do I have to let someone with dcc find the code and turn them off? Model dc, thought logically they'd have a switch, dcc on, dcc off......
  11. Just a Tractor at rest for tonight Guys and Gals.
  12. I am going to embark on making a few (100 odd??!!??) strtcher bars with the 2 strips of metal epoxied together with the paper. I have some Colin Craig ones (now closed for business ) that I am going to try and replicate. How did you cut the N/S into such small strips? I am hoping to use brass - never chemical etched in the past and havent attempted cutting the 0.005" sheets with scissors yet to see if that would work. These are purely cosmetic. Will post a pic later of what I am trying to achieve.
  13. Requested a mod to move this from Micros to Underground, as the layout is about to become almost 8 feet long.
  14. well we garden railers tend to hibernate in winter servicing our stock or building something more to run in the new season . building the railway outside tends to take a while too . Impressed that you are going dual guage wont be cheap phil
  15. Sometimes RMweb is very slow to respond and as the left mouse action doesn't always work on the laptop I just assumed it hadn't and pressed again Don
  16. My first passenger car came with optional lamps but had to go back because it was faulty The replacement one didn't have them and rather foolishly when I sent the first one back I included them!
  17. Hi Dave, Thank you for your message, I was beginning to think did anyone actually see the ramblings of an electric traction enthusiast? but fortunately it would appear that they do... yes, its a bit strange, Bachmann have launched four new Class 90s yet none are suitable for my genre, Hornby launch my dream class 90 after i had only just got rid of all of my Hornby Class 90s. Am i a bit miffed? you bet i am... bear in mind that at one point, i had: 90017 EWS 90019 DB Cargo 90020 EWS 90021 First Scotrail 90023 EWS 90026 EWS 90028 EWS 90029 DB Schenker 90034 DB ex DRS 90035 EWS 90036 DB Schenker 90037 DB ex EWS 90040 DB Schenker All of the above, in Hornby form, one or two DCC fitted, but several pro repaints. one with working lights, one with DCC sound - ultimately, not consistent in their appearance livery application or functionality, something the Bachmann Class 90 has changed, all have working lights, detail features, sound ready, 21 pin DCC, digitally operational, livery detail far greater and more accurate. Here and now, i'm really looking forward to an EWS/DB era 90, it doesn't matter whether it's EWS maroon or DB red, either form can work for a renumbering, EWS livery would suit 90020, 90023, 90030, 90037 (ex EWS DB) or 90039 in their to-date guise - on the other hand DB red would work for 90018 DB Schenker, 90019, 90028 or 90035 in the newest DB Cargo livery or 90029, 90036 or 90040 in what I have come to term ''DB minus Schenker'' - this livery is the first of the red liveries, different to 90018 only by not having Schenker branding on the sides, the DB logos are small and roughly central on the sides. I hadn't really entertained ever seeing a Malcolm Rail liveried Hornby Class 90 but it would have fitted in perfectly with the above locos.
  18. At Harrow-on-the Hill where the Met (4 rail i know) diverges from the Chiltern ex GC line to Marylebone, there's a train stop that ought to stop Met trains trying to get to Marylebone. I know someone who tried it with an A stock, there's a thread about it on District Dave's site. I used to drive the Elmers End-Sanderstead line, there was nothing to stop us going beyond the third rail. I don't know how far a train would roll in the Oxted direction, never tried it.
  19. Gentlemen (I assume), We have succeeded! The Dock Shunter now creeps happily through modern Peco points (both live and dead frog), without so much as a hesitation. I've sorted the dirt-cheap Nellie out too, almost completely curing the out-of-true-ness of the wheels. Not a perfect starter yet, but I think that is down to stiction, which more cleaning should cure. Many thanks. Kevin
  20. That's an idea with potential; thank you. Not sure about the Drewry specifically, or 3D printed things in general, but the idea of a little petrol railcar could lodge. The other thoughts that crossed my mind were a tram-type loco, or the really back-to front idea of making a steam rail-motor, and putting the motorised bogie at the passenger end, and having the loco end as a push-along, perhaps using bits of an Airfix Pug kit to create some of it. Or, we assume that the W&BLR was electrified as planned, and make this an electric loco. Now, that might not be so daft, because tramway-style OLE would give the layout a USP, which it will otherwise lack. Triang even made such a thing on the Nellie chassis, but I believe they are rare beasts.
  21. Not easy to find in the New RMweb index, but there is a Special Interests Section for the railways of Gloucestershire & the Forest of Dean, if you've not seen it before... https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/188-the-railways-of-gloucestershire-and-the-forest-of-dean/
  22. Interesting - perhaps explaining the allocation history difference for D8500 - and 1963 pictures on trains would thus be D8501 and D8536.
  23. There's a large block that the wheels slot into, the space between the inner side frames of the crane is slightly over 22mm. Its about the same on the jib runner and match trucks. I hope that helps!
  24. That looks like it's near Traveller's Rest, north of Parkend. Traveller's Rest isn't a place you'll find on any FoD map; there was a Pub of that name near the level crossing at Fancy Road, between Parkend & Coleford Junction. The signal box at the crossing was named Traveller's Rest Crossing, & despite the demolition of it & closure of the pub decades ago, locals still know that small area as Travellers Rest.
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