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    • Furness Wagon
      LB&SCR/LSWR Modular layout can be run in a number of configurations from 16ft long including one fiddle yard and 3 scenic boards to 30ft long including 6 scenic boards and 2 fiddle yards. Built in fine scale standards the layout represent a rural joint branch line in the the period 1900-1910 some where in the south of England. In addition to the main branch line there is a an industrial line that runs into the goods yard. This leads to a paper mill which is off scene. The stock is mainly kit built with some ready to run locos.
      The layout needs a minimum of two operators in its 16ft configuration but as the length increases the number of operators goes up 4.   

    • Southgate Park is situated on the South Western section of the Southern region and is somewhere in the vicinity of Kew Bridge/Brentford, after Old Kew Junction. With a bit of 'alternative history' and a couple of strategically placed junctions, Southgate Park is served by local services from Waterloo, which terminate in the bay and semi-fasts from Waterloo, Basingstoke/Guildford and Salisbury. These form the core services, utilizing a variety of inner suburban EPB's, outer Suburban VEPS, CIG's, HAPS and CEP's and loco hauled for the Salisbury services. Occasional peak hour services from Paddington and Reading are possible by way of a link from the Great western mainline to the North London line at Acton, and a further link with the Brentford branch to the west of Brentford. These are usually formed of DMU's with the occasional loco hauled service to Newbury or Oxford.
      Layout size (Length) 28ft Width/Depth (Including operator space) 10ft
      Scale/Gauge: 4mm OO Gauge .Number of operators: Three

    • 4MM (00 gauge) 24ft x 10ft DCC continuous run    
      Bucks Lane is set in the 1960's era when steam was still a strong hold in the north west of Lancashire.
      Any more info can be found on bucks lane in layout topics.
      or contact Mark 07969732241     

    • Croft Spa

      By Les1952, in 2mm scale,

      A new N Gauge layout from Les Richardson (Hawthorn Dene, No Place, Furtwangen Ost)
      Size 10’ by 2’9”, needs access to both ends.  Footprint 12’6 by 8’ including space for a stock table.  Needs one power point.  Has own lighting rig and RCD.
      Travels by car (two on Sunday or if away from home).   Four operators. Overnight accommodation please over 50 miles from Newark on Trent.

      Croft Spa is a small wayside station on the East Coast Main Line at the Southern tip of County Durham.  It is unusual for never having had a goods yard- this was because Croft Goods was served by the Stockton & Darlington Railway’s Croft branch which ran parallel to the East Coast line about 400 yards away and at a lower level. 
      The only stopping passenger services at Croft Spa were trains to and from the Richmond branch.  Croft Spa was the place where Charles Lutwig Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) spent some of his formative years.  Look out for the tribute to Lewis Carrol.
      The station buildings are the final set of structures made by the late Trevor Webster, and include almost everything known to have been there, though not all of the buildings were there at the same time.  Elsewhere there is a mixture of kitbuilt, scratchbuilt and ready to plant to create the flavour of the location at the time.
      Set in 1960, the station sees the usual East Coast diet of expresses including the Flying Scotsman and Tees Tyne Pullman,  fast freight and the occasional slower goods train.  Motive power for these is drawn from the ex-LNER fleet of 202 Pacifics, the 184 V2s and 409 B1s, while locals are in the equally capable hands of WDs and ex- NER and LNER 0-6-0s.  The branch passenger trains include Darlington’s mongrel 2-car DMU set.   One feature train is an 8-coach troop express hauled by a tender-first V2 while a Class 33 works a tanker train off the Southern- they sometimes got as far as Tyne Yard, 30 miles further up the line.
      The layout is DCC controlled using NCE Power Cabs.  Prototypically the only signals in sight are ground signals. Points are controlled manually.
      NOT with Hawthorn Dene, Rise Park or NO PLACE (shares operating team)

    • Eden Road TMD is a representation of a Traction Maintenance Depot set loosely between 2000’s and present day to allow a range of motive power to be used. The depot is operated by Direct Rail Services (DRS) to service their fleet of locomotives. 
      Visiting traction from other UK operators such as GBRF, West Coast Railways, Freightliner, Colas and DB Cargo can also be seen along with some coaching stock stabled. The layout contains a twin road locomotive shed, a smaller shed, refuelling point, a train wash and some storage sidings for basic maintenance. 
      A fenced compound is used for storage of FNA nuclear flask carriers between movements. 
      The layout requires a minimum space of 14 feet x 6 feet including operating space and barriers, but more space is always appreciated.
      Eden Road TMD can be transported by car, expenses limited to cover fuel costs & travel costs as i prefer to generally pay for my own accommodation.
      More photos and information can be found at www.edenroadtmd.com or on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram - @edenroadtmd 
      Owner - Ryan Gray, email edenroadtmd at hotmail dot com
      I am based in Fife, but willing to travel to most of the UK and Ireland. 

      Eden Road TMD.pdf

    • Oldshaw

      By red death, in 4mm scale,

      Oldshaw was built by Andrew Bartlett.  Details and photos of the layout as built and exhibited by Andrew can be found on the EM Gauge 70s website.
      The layout depicts a small station and nearby factory and sidings on a Western Region branch line in the mid-late 1980s. Guy, Mike and Tom got the layout in late 2017 and in 2019 we built a pair of new fiddle yards in 2019 (followed by a new lighting gantry) to allow the layout to be operated with through running for the first time. 

      Looking towards the station before the second fiddle yard had been built to open up the track under the bridge at the far end:

      Track plan

      Oldshaw is built to 4mm/ft scale with EM gauge track (18.2 mm). The scenic section is 8ft by 1ft 6 inches with a total length (including the fiddle yards) of 17ft by 1ft 6 inches).
      The layout is freestanding and has its own lighting rig.
      Space required:
      Layout including fiddle yards 17 ft x 1.5 ft
      Total space required 20ft x 5 ft
      Power requirements: 1 x 13A socket
      Operators: 3 – 4
      Transport: 1 x family car plus 1 or 2 operators by train or car

    • Visitors to exhibitions around the east Midlands may be familiar with ‘Northworthy’, an OO gauge LMS layout based on an imaginary location somewhere in Derbyshire. The original owner has now embarked on a new project, and as I fancied having an exhibition-standard layout suitable to take to shows, procured Northworthy and set about making some changes to reflect my interest in 1960’s Southern steam and EMU’s. This mainly involved introducing Southern stock and re-wiring for DCC, and hopefully at some point I will add a third rail to add a touch of authenticity when running the EMU’s.
      Its first outing with green trains was at the Mickleover show in 2019, and it has a couple of bookings for 2020 already but is open to other invitations.  Based in Derby but happy to consider anywhere in UK, and possibly Northern France as well – we like an adventure! It fits neatly in my Rover 75 and I can run it solo, so expenses are modest. When set up is about 13’6” by 2’. All I need from there is one mains socket and a nearby supply of coffee.
      If you think this might be of interest for your show, PM me and let’s discuss

    • Draxbridge

      By 6990WitherslackHall, in 2mm scale,

      Scale: N gauge (2mm:1ft)
      Layout size: 4ft 4ins x 8ins
      Era: 10 Rebuilding of the railways (2005-2015) (although it can be put back to era 8 BR Sectorisation 1983-1994) 
      Rolling stock
      Class 31 31135 BR Engineers dutch
      Class 31 31602 Driver Dave Green NR yellow
      Class 08 08585 Freightliner
      Class 8F 2-8-0 48773 BR Black Late crest
      Wagons and coaches 
      MJA wagons (Freightliner Heavy Haul & Network Rail)
      ISP Snowplough (Network Rail)
      HEA hoppers (Railfreight Coal Sector)
      Queen Mary Brake van (EWS)
      BR 20T Brake van (BR Engineers dutch)
      Ex-LMS 20T Brake van (BR Engineers dutch)
      3x mineral wagons (BR Engineers dutch)
      TTA oil tank (Shell)
      BR MK1 BSK Engineers yellow
      BR MK1 BSK Crimson & cream (Support coach for 48773)
      2x BR MK2D BR blue & grey

    • The P.W. Depot

      By Jack Benson, in 4mm scale,

      4mm 16,5mm
      The Depot was originally conceived as a finescale(ish) exhibition layout presented at wheelchair and children friendly height.
      Footprint 1200x600mm height 800mm, the layout is operated from the front with full access to the viewing public. The layout has its own built-in LED lighting, fed from a single 13 amp power socket, all electrical equipment is annually PAT tested. The layout requires the provision of a sturdy table at least 1800mm long and three chairs .
      Travel expenses should cover transport by one car for the layout and operators - no hire vehicle required. For shows of more than one day and venues more than 50 miles from West Dorset accommodation may be required.
      email:- [email protected]
      mob: 07861 380101




    • Bleat Wharf

      By NHY 581, in 4mm scale,

      Bleat Wharf.
      Owner: Rob Gunstone 
      e-mail: Rob. Gunstone @hotmail.co.uk
      or by way of PM. 
      Layout based in Cardiff. 
      { Ex-S&DJR Goods only branch }
      British Railways 1955- 1962
      Bleat Wharf is a small inland quay 'somewhere in Somerset' and is at the end of a spur off the Highbridge branch of the S&DJR, set in the 1950s.
      Goods only, the area is run down and approaching closure. Traffic is mostly vans or covered carriage trucks serving the few remaining quayside businesses. Services run as required and haulage is provided by wheezy ex-Midland 3F tender locos with the occasional 4F or 1P 0.4.4T.
      Overall size of the layout is  7ft x 2ft.
      Baseboards is my now usual IKEA shelfage.
       Track -PECO Code 75. Buildings are a variety of Ready To Plant from Bachmann and Hornby.
      Locos  as mentioned above, are ready to run Midland types from Bachmann. Rolling stock is also ready to run. All stock buildings etc are weathered accordingly.
      Bleat is operated from the front by one operator and needs an overall space of 7ft x 4ft. One socket will suffice. 
      Insurance value is £1000.00
      Bleat Wharf has appeared in BRM October 2019. 

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