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    • davep101
      Based in  the North West of the  Czech Republic, Zlata Vŷchòd is a fictional border crossing between Germany and the Czech Rep, so has a fair mix of stock both Czech and German, as well as private operators.
      Layout is 22x11ft “tailchaser” type layout
      Modles are a mix of DCC and DCC Sound
      Requires 5 operators to run, with the layout being transported by a Van.
      You can also find all out layouts on Facebook, On our group page ERTMS ( European Rail Transport Modelling Solutions)

    • Lancaster Lane is a DCC shunting layout based in 1960's Southern England. Operation consists of a variety of 0-6-0 and 0-4-0 locomotives shunting local freight of coal, aggregate and cattle. The layout is portable and can be transported and assembled by myself.
      The layout is 4.7ft by 1ft and is operated from the front. Only requirements are 1 electrical socket as I'll use extension leads. Based in South East England.
      Built in lockdown of 2020/21 the layout has yet to feature at any exhibitions or publications.
      Contact Details : Luke Murray - [email protected]











    • Elbow Lane represents a lost corner of South London. It has two very short platforms, one of which is in a bad state of repair and no longer suitable for passengers. It also manages to accommodate a loading dock and a tiny fuelling point come loco spur. All built on a pair of Tim Horn laser cut baseboard kits.
      I have used Peco 00 Bullhead track with the points being operated by Servos.
      Control is by an NCE DCC system which makes the most of the all the sound fitted locos.
      For couplings I settled early on on the ‘Brian Kirby’ mod the Bachmann couplings to allow for hands free magnetic operation. Suitable Neodymium magnets are used that have enough pull to work from the underside of the baseboard but not too strong to attract steel axles. This allows magnets to be added, removed re-sited.
      Elbow Lane itself measures 7' 6" x 12" including the 2' 6" open style fiddleyard and requires a total footprint of 5' x 9' and is usually operated from in front of the fiddleyard at the right hand end. It is free standing and has its own lighting. Track level is 1.1m from the floor so should be considered as a high level layout.
      Elbow lane lives near Gatwick.

    • Based on the Derby RTC research test tracks of Old Dalby and Mickleover in the 1970s and 80s.
      Layout is located in Derbyshire and is available for exhibitions. 
      Transported in one car, layout is 20 feet long x 2 ft wide end to end

    • Based on the Derby RTC research test tracks of Old Dalby and Mickleover in the 1970s and 80s.
      Layout is located in Derbyshire and is available for exhibitions. 
      Transported in one car, layout is 20 feet long x 2 ft wide end to end

    • The layout depicted here is an imaginary what if scenario based on if the Grand Central railway had remained open in the 1980s.
       The layout is based on the real location of Charwelton. The layout is a scale 1/2mile section from Catesby Tunnel to the Church street road Bridge to the south of the Village.
      Layout Size: 36ft x 12ft     
      Total space including operating space needed:    40ft x 15ft.
      Operators:  6-8
      Power: 3 x 13amp socket
      Accommodation required: 3 x Twin rooms.                                              
      Transport: 1 x Luton box with Tail lift Van
                         1 x estate car
      Expenses: 1 x Van hire & Fuel
                         1 x Fuel for estate car
                         2 x Train fare
                         1 x Ferry costs for overseas travel
      The above costs do vary depending where the show is located.
      Layout is based in Darligton
      The layout has a presance here on Rmweb, just search for Charwelton into the 80s.
      To enquire about booking the layout for an exhibition please contact me via PM

      Photo taken by A York and used with permssion.

    • The Bridge at Remagen is an N-Gauge World War Two era layout centred on a true scale model of famous Ludendorff Bridge that spanned the Rhine close to the town of Remagen.
      The layout has a predominately military theme depicting the Rhine bridge as it was in September 1944. Chronology this sitting between Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge, and at the point where the bridges defences were being strengthen in the face of the imminent threat of the advancing Allied Armies.
      The bridge and the immediate boards are a true scale representation of the actual bridge and surroundings using photos, maps and authentic reconnaissance photos of the bridge.
      The layout is inspired by the 1969 Film of the same name and as a tribute to the Classic War movies of the same era and includes several movie cameos hidden amounts the scenery.
      The layout has featured in British Railway Modelling – June 2019 & Continental Modeller – February & March 2020.
      Layout size - 9.4M x 1.2M
      Operating space - 10M x 3M
      Viewing aspect from the front only.
      6 No. of operators. Accommodation 3 x twin rooms
      Typical expenses will be 1 x van hire + 1 x van fuel + 1 x car fuel from Croydon areas (South London)
      Layout is free standing. Double door width access required from unloading area to set-up area. Step-free access is preferred, but not essential.
      2 x tables,  2 x chairs and barriers to be supplied by show organizers.
      Layout owner and contact - Al Turner:- phone - 07834014262, email - [email protected]


    • The layout is OO gauge (1:76) and measures 67cm by 19cm. It was designed for two reasons: To have enough operational potential (I like to shunt wagons a lot) and small enough to fit into my bedroom. The layout doesn't have name yet, hence the title. It doesn't have a specific location: It can be rearranged to different periods. But when I'm running it at home, I normally use BR steam rolling stock. 
      Work started on the layout in December 2020. It is entirely made up from by cardboard: for example, the backscene is made up of sections of cereal boxes. The baseboard is half a cardboard slab cut from the fiddle yard of McKellar Yard: They were salvaged from an Ikea delivery. The track is Hornby and is glued onto the board which was then painted grey. Currently, the track is awaiting ballasting. I designed the layout in a way so that the fiddle yard can be separated from the main section when it is in transit.
      A few pics. 




    • Sheep Dip

      By NHY 581, in 4mm scale,

      Sheep Dip
      Owner: Rob Gunstone 
      e-mail: Rob. Gunstone @hotmail.co.uk
      or by way of PM. 
      Layout based in Cardiff. 
      An Industrial something, just to the left of somewhere
      Sheep Dip is a small industrial layout set  within a rural backdrop. Services run as and when  required with haulage provided by a variety of little green industrial saddle tank locos and the occasional ex-BR type. 
      Overall size of the layout is  7ft x 2ft.
      Baseboards are my now usual IKEA shelfage.
       Track -PECO Code 75. Buildings are Ready To Plant from Bachmann. 
      Locos  are by Hornby and Bachmann. All stock, buildings etc are weathered by myself.
      Sheep Dip is operated from the front by one operator and needs an overall space of 7ft x 4ft. One socket will suffice. 
      Insurance value is £1000.00
      Bleat Wharf has appeared in BRM December 2020. 

    • Gauge: OO (1:76)
      Era: Era 7 BR Corporate Blue Post-TOPS (1972 - 1982)
      Region: Scottish
      McKellar Yard depicts an fictitious yard located on the outskirts of Dunfermline during the 1970s. 
      The yard shunter, Class 06 06008, is allocated at the nearby Dunfermline Townhill TMD and can be seen regularly shunting wagons in the yard. 
       The layout is not yet fully complete. Progress can be viewed here: 


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