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  • Exhibition Layout Details

    • Al.
      The Bridge at Remagen is an N-Gauge World War Two era layout centred on a true scale model of famous Ludendorff Bridge that spanned the Rhine close to the town of Remagen.
      The layout has a predominately military theme depicting the Rhine bridge as it was in September 1944. Chronology this sitting between Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge, and at the point where the bridges defences were being strengthen in the face of the imminent threat of the advancing Allied Armies.
      The bridge and the immediate boards are a true scale representation of the actual bridge and surroundings using photos, maps and authentic reconnaissance photos of the bridge.
      The layout is inspired by the 1969 Film of the same name and as a tribute to the Classic War movies of the same era and includes several movie cameos hidden amounts the scenery.
      The layout has featured in British Railway Modelling – June 2019 & Continental Modeller – February & March 2020.
      Layout size - 9.4M x 1.2M
      Operating space - 10M x 3M
      Viewing aspect from the front only.
      6 No. of operators. Accommodation 3 x twin rooms
      Typical expenses will be 1 x van hire + 1 x van fuel + 1 x car fuel from Croydon areas (South London)
      Layout is free standing. Double door width access required from unloading area to set-up area. Step-free access is preferred, but not essential.
      2 x tables,  2 x chairs and barriers to be supplied by show organizers.
      Layout owner and contact - Al Turner:- phone - 07834014262, email - [email protected]


    • The layout is OO gauge (1:76) and measures 67cm by 19cm. It was designed for two reasons: To have enough operational potential (I like to shunt wagons a lot) and small enough to fit into my bedroom. The layout doesn't have name yet, hence the title. It doesn't have a specific location: It can be rearranged to different periods. But when I'm running it at home, I normally use BR steam rolling stock. 
      Work started on the layout in December 2020. It is entirely made up from by cardboard: for example, the backscene is made up of sections of cereal boxes. The baseboard is half a cardboard slab cut from the fiddle yard of McKellar Yard: They were salvaged from an Ikea delivery. The track is Hornby and is glued onto the board which was then painted grey. Currently, the track is awaiting ballasting. I designed the layout in a way so that the fiddle yard can be separated from the main section when it is in transit.
      A few pics. 




    • Sheep Dip

      By NHY 581, in 4mm scale,

      Sheep Dip
      Owner: Rob Gunstone 
      e-mail: Rob. Gunstone @hotmail.co.uk
      or by way of PM. 
      Layout based in Cardiff. 
      An Industrial something, just to the left of somewhere
      Sheep Dip is a small industrial layout set  within a rural backdrop. Services run as and when  required with haulage provided by a variety of little green industrial saddle tank locos and the occasional ex-BR type. 
      Overall size of the layout is  7ft x 2ft.
      Baseboards are my now usual IKEA shelfage.
       Track -PECO Code 75. Buildings are Ready To Plant from Bachmann. 
      Locos  are by Hornby and Bachmann. All stock, buildings etc are weathered by myself.
      Sheep Dip is operated from the front by one operator and needs an overall space of 7ft x 4ft. One socket will suffice. 
      Insurance value is £1000.00
      Bleat Wharf has appeared in BRM December 2020. 

    • Gauge: OO (1:76)
      Era: Era 7 BR Corporate Blue Post-TOPS (1972 - 1982)
      Region: Scottish
      McKellar Yard depicts an fictitious yard located on the outskirts of Dunfermline during the 1970s. 
      The yard shunter, Class 06 06008, is allocated at the nearby Dunfermline Townhill TMD and can be seen regularly shunting wagons in the yard. 
       The layout is not yet fully complete. Progress can be viewed here: 


    • Obbekaer

      By Middlepeak, in Other scales,

      P87 layout of a small country station on an imaginary private railway in south western Denmark in the early 1960s.
      Size 5.0m x 2.0m, including operating space. Through station with fiddle yard at each end. Layout is self-supporting with its own lighting.
      Crew of three operators (possibly two for a one-day show). Layout and operators transported in one or two cars.
      Based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.
      The layout has featured in Continental Modeller (June 2016) and in the model press in Holland, Denmark and Norway. It has appeared at various UK exhibitions, including Scaleforum, Uckfield, Portsmouth, Eurotrack, RailWells and High Wycombe. It has also appeared at the Danish national show in 2014 and Rail 2016 in the Netherlands.
      A short video of the layout, explaining the theory behind it and some of the constructional methods used, is available on YouTube at 
      Contact Geraint Hughes on [email protected] for more details.

    • Bostcroft

      By LNERandBR, in 4mm scale,

      Bostcroft is an Eastern Region branch line terminus set in the late 1950’s. I started building Bostcroft around 2003 and it’s first appeared at the 2009 Boston Exhibition.

      (Photograph by Paul Bason/BRM)

      The layout is completely fictional. To build it I made use of many Metcalfe card kits and some Ready to Plant buildings from Bachmann and Hornby. The track is all Peco Code 100. The greenery is Woodland Scenic’s. The ploughed field is made from real mud collected from the garden. It was first sieved before being crushed and glued down with PVA glue mixed with water. The base of the field is corrugated cardboard.
      Rolling Stock is ready to run from Hornby and Bachmann. When I first finished the layout there were very few Eastern Region locomotives available to modern standards apart from the large pacific’s. Therefore I purchased a range of London Midland locomotives to run the layout with. Now Hornby and Bachmann have started to turn out more Eastern Region prototypes. Therefore as new locos are released I am slowly phasing out the LMR locomotives.
      The layout is operated using the Lenz LH100 DCC system. Digital Command and Control means that a locomotive can be parked anywhere on the layout without worries about isolating it from other locomotives. The other main advantage of DCC is sound. Many of Bostcroft’s loco fleet are fitted with sound decoders from South West Digital and Howes.
      Contact Name: Stephen Mullen
      Please find contact details in attached information sheet.
      Scale/Gauge: 4mm OO Gauge
      Era/Area: Late 1950's Eastern Region
      Layout Size: 14ft Long by 3ft Wide
      Operating Area: 3ft to the rear and 2ft to Left Hand Side (when viewed from front)
      Expenses: Fuel Expenses for one car.
      Operators: Two
      Accomodation: Shows over 1 hour from home would require accommodation.
      Insurance Value: £5000
      Many locomotives fitted with sound decoders.
      The layout appeared in the February 2018 BRM.
      Bostcroft Information.pdf

    • On30 layout.  1/48 stock running on 16.5 mm track.  Terminus to storage configuration with a small run through for short trains.  Depicts a small depot and freight facility in a late 1940s snow scene.  Geared locos such as the Shay, Climax and Heisler are the main motive power.
      Layout is DCC with sound.  Front operation.  Layout is 16’ x 1’6” (4.9m x 0.5m) and the total operating area is 19’ x 8’ (5.85m x 2.4m).  
      Located in East Yorkshire but we’ll travel anywhere a people cry out for justice and entertaining layouts!  Layout travels in our car so no van hire costs.  Maximum of four operators.
      Layout has won best layout and best scenics awards.  Continental Modeller April 2020.

    • Scratchy Bottom

      By MarcD, in 7mm scale,

      LB&SCR/LSWR Modular layout can be run in a number of configurations from 16ft long including one fiddle yard and 3 scenic boards to 30ft long including 6 scenic boards and 2 fiddle yards. Built in fine scale standards the layout represent a rural joint branch line in the the period 1900-1910 some where in the south of England. In addition to the main branch line there is a an industrial line that runs into the goods yard. This leads to a paper mill which is off scene. The stock is mainly kit built with some ready to run locos.
      The layout needs a minimum of two operators in its 16ft configuration but as the length increases the number of operators goes up 4.   

    • Southgate Park

      By Markmiller2008, in 4mm scale,

      Southgate Park is situated on the South Western section of the Southern region and is somewhere in the vicinity of Kew Bridge/Brentford, after Old Kew Junction. With a bit of 'alternative history' and a couple of strategically placed junctions, Southgate Park is served by local services from Waterloo, which terminate in the bay and semi-fasts from Waterloo, Basingstoke/Guildford and Salisbury. These form the core services, utilizing a variety of inner suburban EPB's, outer Suburban VEPS, CIG's, HAPS and CEP's and loco hauled for the Salisbury services. Occasional peak hour services from Paddington and Reading are possible by way of a link from the Great western mainline to the North London line at Acton, and a further link with the Brentford branch to the west of Brentford. These are usually formed of DMU's with the occasional loco hauled service to Newbury or Oxford.
      Layout size (Length) 28ft Width/Depth (Including operator space) 10ft
      Scale/Gauge: 4mm OO Gauge .Number of operators: Three

    • Bucks Lane

      By mark axlecounter , in 4mm scale,

      4MM (00 gauge) 24ft x 10ft DCC continuous run    
      Bucks Lane is set in the 1960's era when steam was still a strong hold in the north west of Lancashire.
      Any more info can be found on bucks lane in layout topics.
      or contact Mark 07969732241     

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