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  • Charwelton into the 80's


    The layout depicted here is an imaginary what if scenario based on if the Grand Central railway had remained open in the 1980s.


     The layout is based on the real location of Charwelton. The layout is a scale 1/2mile section from Catesby Tunnel to the Church street road Bridge to the south of the Village.





    Layout Size: 36ft x 12ft     

    Total space including operating space needed:    40ft x 15ft.


    Operators:  6-8


    Power: 3 x 13amp socket


    Accommodation required: 3 x Twin rooms.                                              


    Transport: 1 x Luton box with Tail lift Van

                       1 x estate car


    Expenses: 1 x Van hire & Fuel

                       1 x Fuel for estate car

                       2 x Train fare
                       1 x Ferry costs for overseas travel

    The above costs do vary depending where the show is located.


    Layout is based in Darligton


    The layout has a presance here on Rmweb, just search for Charwelton into the 80s.


    To enquire about booking the layout for an exhibition please contact me via PM



    Photo taken by A York and used with permssion.





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