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    Revolution Mike

    Oldshaw was built by Andrew Bartlett.  Details and photos of the layout as built and exhibited by Andrew can be found on the EM Gauge 70s website.

    The layout depicts a small station and nearby factory and sidings on a Western Region branch line in the mid-late 1980s. Guy, Mike and Tom got the layout in late 2017 and in 2019 we built a pair of new fiddle yards in 2019 (followed by a new lighting gantry) to allow the layout to be operated with through running for the first time. 




    Looking towards the station before the second fiddle yard had been built to open up the track under the bridge at the far end:


    Track plan



    Oldshaw is built to 4mm/ft scale with EM gauge track (18.2 mm). The scenic section is 8ft by 1ft 6 inches with a total length (including the fiddle yards) of 17ft by 1ft 6 inches).

    The layout is freestanding and has its own lighting rig.


    Space required:

    Layout including fiddle yards 17 ft x 1.5 ft
    Total space required 20ft x 5 ft

    Power requirements: 1 x 13A socket

    Operators: 3 – 4

    Transport: 1 x family car plus 1 or 2 operators by train or car

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