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  1. I took Ladmanlow, with it's new extension, out into the countryside this morning: Al.
  2. [Survey now closed] In various topics there are plenty of comments across the spectrum on how individuals feel about attending shows and when. For the benefit of show organisers and for the wider visiting attendees I thought it may be worth putting something more substantive behind this and have created a simple anonymous survey which may help give a barometer of how people feel at present. No personal data is captured. It is possible to see the overall results after participating but when there's a meaningful number of responses I'll look at filtering the data to see how different groups feel about the future. It should be assumed at the time of participation that any event complies with local or national legislation or guidance on protective measures and that there is no local or national restriction on events at that time. It's about how individuals feel. Results link - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKgl1zgLRmxL3Bk0e58Jr8ER8AGZYkkf0hoc1itkvPCuzDUw/viewanalytics
  3. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Cathcott cottages resting peacefully back home on the layout....
  4. These are just the layouts that will be featured; there's much, much more to come. Even within that area there's over 3 hours of video to keep readers entertained.
  5. Another photo from the weekend. 'EBV for Bala'
  6. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Cathcott cottages are all but done so it has been down on the dining room table having its picture taken from unusual angles that could not be done on the layout. A few for now
  7. Totnes Castle on the Up Cornishman meets a south bound bound Mogul hauled pick up freight that has just crossed the canal at Worseter.
  8. Dear All, Many thanks for the feedback on the Class 45, of which more in a moment. Firstly though, I'm disappointed to see that some valid and constructive comments seem to have been accompanied by some unnecessary personal criticism, and unfounded assumptions about Heljan and our alleged attitude to customers. Engaging with modellers and acknowledging informed feedback is a priority for me and, wherever possible, we ensure that we respond to any issues raised. Personal comments (and pretty unpleasant accusations about Heljan's attitude to customers, which do not reflect our experience) reduce the incentive to engage on this forum and I will take some time to consider how and when I do so in the future. As a company, we always appreciate constructive criticism and informed feedback about all our products. Whenever possible we act on that feedback to help us produce better models. Privately, we also consult a number of knowledgable modellers during the development process to gain their feedback and feed that into the process too. With regard to the 45, it's important to make it clear that the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive from the vast majority of those who've responded. However, as with all pre-production models there are issues to be resolved and corrections to be made, including and beyond those raised on this forum. Areas where we have requested improvements include the bodyside grilles, the windscreen frames (where the rivet heads need to be removed) and the inclusion of a missing access panel. We are expecting improved samples soon, and hope that these issues will be eliminated at that stage. Turning to the shape of the cabsides, we are surprised that this has suddenly been raised a small number of commenters. To our knowledge it was never identified as a problem on our highly regarded O gauge model (on which the OO model is based) and neither were there any comments about it when the CAD images were published some months ago. Based on the feedback, we will investigate what, if anything, can be done before production starts. Finally, once again, please bear in mind that this is a first tooling sample and not the finished article. I hope this clarifies the current situation. Ben
  9. Today I've been working on distressing the station shelter. I'd painted it initially a dark brown like the sleepers, however looking at photographs from the late 1950s, it seems to have lost most of it's paint due to its bleak location. Before After
  10. This afternoon's photos are five taken in Newcastle, but not all from the usual viewpoints. Those who know the city will have no problem working out the exact locations, others may find Google Earth (or a good map) useful. Although I worked in Newcastle (full time) for 25 years and a further 8 years part time after I retired early (though then usually working at home), I didn't often go into the city centre. I had intended that after I completely retired (now 6 years ago) I would take a set of photos of the present railways in the city plus the remains of closed ones, but it still remains on the "to do" list. A note about the Scotswood Bridge photo. This bridge carried the Newcastle to Carlisle line across the Tyne so that it entered the station at the west end without using the King Kdward Bridge. The line over the bridge closed in October 1982 when trains were rerouted past the Metro Cantre (which now has its own station) and Dunston before entering Newcastle over the King Edward Bridge. Edited several times for spelling mistakes. Newcastle Class 254 Inverness to Kings X on Castle Garth viaduct June 88 J9544.jpg Newcastle during a fire drill June 89 J10044.jpg Newcastle High Level Bridge Class 91 up14th Nov 92 C18168.jpg Newcastle Quayside branch tunnel mouth 14th July 93 C18621.jpg Scotswood bridge 28th Aug 89 C13862.jpg David
  11. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Thanks for all the comments and likes for the cottages. Though to most they looked finished to me they weren't, so over the last few weeks I have been working on them. Not fully finished, because do we ever finish our layouts?, but to nearly finish. I have added, seats. washing lines, bikes, dustbins, chairs, gardening tools, wheel barrows, actually fixed the building to the base and sealed the gap at the junction, shrubs, more plants, weeds and things I have now forgotten about.......!! So here are a few of my favourite views. Hopefully, the modules will not be removed again, easy to do but heart in mouth job nevertheless as one slip and.........
  12. Some odds and ends from Derbyshire today. Bamford is on the Midland Railway's Hope Valley line between Sheffield and Manchester. Hopefully they will be of interest. Bamford view east 19th April 90 C14378.jpg Bamford view west 19th April 90 C14377.jpg Bamford view west from bridge 19th April 90 C14379.jpg Middleton Top C&HP Sunday 8th April 90 C14243.jpg Middleton Top C&HP Sunday 8th April 90 C14246.jpg Peak Forest RMC shunter 19th April 90 C14386.jpg David
  13. Remember this layout! Might be able to focus some attention on more grass work. It's only taken a year!
  14. This week the river has been finished, as has the last frame with the scenic break. I’m happy with the ice on the river which Ive detailed with the ice & snow wash. Having experimented with ripples I’ve decided to leave the water looking very calm. This after I was near the real HLJ the other day and noticed the river like a mill pond. I also spent a couple of days cutting back the landscaping just after the disused girder bridge as I realised that the scenery I’d constructed here overhung the old trackbed. So I constructed a plywood and clay retaining wall to join with the scenic break road bridge walls. This has created the space I need to model all the old rubbish seen on a disused track bed. This last frame is the only fictional board on the layout. The girder bridge has now acquired a bed of dirty ballast which needs detailing plus a security fence at each end. There was a short stretch of concrete track here in the ‘60’s before it was lifted hence the Dow Mac sleepers on the bridge which await weathering. Danger signs have gone up on the fencing around the old mill. Local workman Stan seen in the pics replacing one of the signs near the scrap mini with coil springs, is about to be decapitated and have a new head as hard hats were rare in the ‘80’s. He’ll also acquire a 1:43 Sherpa van which is in my paint shop having been found on eBay. Originally this was the telephone van seen in the Bond film ‘ The Spy That Loved Me’ but is acquiring a coat of yellow paint and some other mods. It’s a lovely diecast model by IXO. The figure of Jaws is still driving it and I’m minded to keep him there, I’ll see.
  15. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Good morning everyone. It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the latest residents of Little Muddle. They arrived a month or so ago with a group order from Modelu and wasn't until I finished the cattle wagons that they moved into the make up department. Without more ado here is. PC Dibble and his trusted steed and Rex the shopkeeper Again they are temporarily placed to ensure I was happy with the set up, with that I must say seems to work straight out the box!!! Cathcott cottages need to be totally finished and fixed to the base - hence gaps. For the shop front I am just going to do a couple of metal signs and a rack of papers, it was pointed out after my first sign effort that there would only be locals that visited and they, after all, would know who and where his shop was. PS - another cattle wagon is on its way then that should be enough - !!!!
  16. The Settle and Carlisle today. We start at Ribblehead in March 1978 with Green Arrow on a northbound charter in typical Ribblehead weather. The day has remained in my memory as it had involved starting from near Nottingham early in the morning, after seeing the train here and at Dent we drove to Carnforth with some friends we met at Dent, visited Steamtown and went to their house to eat fish and chips before the long drive home. I don't think I'd do all that in one day now. The next two photos show Ribblehead on sunny days - when of course there were no trains about. On a fine day there are lots of walks to be done if trains are few and far between. Then we have a detial shot at Culgaith and finish with Northern Class 156s at Kirkby Stephen, still in Northern Spirit livery. This is a fairly recent photo, only taken fourteen years ago. Ribblehead V2 4771 London to Carlisle The Norfolkman Sat 25 March 78 C3735.jpg Ribblehead viaduct July 82 C5685.jpg Ribblehead viaduct in the sun, but no train Dec 67 J1195.jpg Culgaith 4th April 97 C21740 Kirkby Stephen Class 156 487 Leeds to Carlisle 15th Aug 06 SIMG_2551.jpg David
  17. Friday update.. Ref the backscene I’m using Dibond sheet which is a semi flexible plastic with thin aluminium sandwiched between. Had a helpful fabricator make me up some laser cut aluminium brackets which allow the sheets to sit 50cms from the edge of the frames. The gap will allow me to build in some more scenery with fading perspective. Even without the backscene and just the plain white sheets the improvement is there to see. The sewerage works is coming on nicely. It looks a bit rough and ready here but the basics are in place. The filtration booms were an absolute sod to make, never again. Plan is to finish the sewerage works by the end of the month and quickly tie up the remaining bits inbetween.
  18. Thank you for such a lovely welcome back to this little piece of Merionethshire! This afternoon I've got the fiddle yards back in order ready to be able to operate the layout again. Here 5810 is seen beyond Cwm Prysor with the 6.45am off Bala.
  19. A couple of weeks prior to lockdown, I decided to self isolate (elderly and with issues!) and not knowing what the immediate future might hold and as a diversion from the completion of 'Balcombe', I decided to build a new layout using materials that were 'in stock' in six weeks to keep my sanity. Well, that was the silliest of thoughts! It's now almost three months on and only the baseboards have been built and the trackwork laid and operational. So much for completion in six weeks! I've always had a hankering to build something which had been in the Forest of Dean so I decided on Marsh Sidings at Parkend. This would be designed to be part of a bigger layout of Parkend Station itself (if that ever got built!). It is built to scale length as far as could be gleaned from the various maps which all seem to differ in small ways! The plan below fits the pictures best of all. Plan ctsy of Wild Swan. I was inspired by some marvellous pictures in Neil Parkhouse's 'FOD Lines' vol 2 (Lighmoor Press) and Severn and Wye FOD vol 1 (Wild Swan). It was an interesting place operationally with coal from the 'free miners' being loaded on one side and stone from Whitecliff Quarry on the other. Picture ctsy Parkhouse/Lightmoor Press Picture ctsy Parkhouse/Lightmoor Press This picture was found on the net. Photo ctsy of Tim Venton Operation is planned be in three different era sessions, steam (16xx and 57xx Panniers), early green diesel (Cl 22s and Cl 14s) and later blue diesels (25s and 37s) The boards were built using some pink 'polyfoam' sheets which were available back a few years ago in a subsidised government insulation programme. Unfortunately they're not available any more. After things return to normal an alternative would be blue 'Kingspan' available from insulation suppliers. Plain line is Exactoscale P4 'FastTrak' and all pointwork is hand built on copperclad strips. The threeway was built many moons ago and started out life on the original DRAG TT1 test track and then on 'Matford'. It needed fettling but now performs well. The track bases were made from 6mm ply glued and screwed onto the foam using non-solvent 'Gripfill' (yellow) grab adhesive It is 'old school' and is using hand operated points using RS Components robust slide switches and DC control. It was tested yesterday and it all functioned well (with a few glitches requiring tweaks!) The next task will be track painting and weathering. Just to point out, the Swiss shunting layout 'Rüthi' has not been forgotten, it's just been put on the middle burner! I keep looking at all that lovely Sommerfeldt OLE..........!
  20. That seemed to work. Ok, as for the budget chat, I like to do things cheaply. However, I was gifted a watchmakers lathe and some bars of brass. Very lucky indeed, so I set about making a chimney and saftey valve cover. I am a total beginner, so it was a shart learning curve, but due to lockdown, my only help was youtube vids (thought some were very good). Those on the ngrm forum I appologise for duplication, but thought this might be of interest here: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Taking inspiration from home made valvegear/motion, I cut up a fosters can and some nails: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr I replaced the motor with an N20 one from ebay (2000 RPM). It runs very slowly indeed so here was a test run: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr By the way, it took lots of fettling and arranging to get the motion to run smoothly, but worked well in the end It really is incredibly clunky really, when you compare it to RTR stuff. I very much feel on the "Hornby 4-wheel coach" end of the modelling spectrum but it has been fun to do, and still feel it looks better than without slide bars etc: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Keeping to the cheap theme, the smokebox door was made out of the plastic food lid (was a bit thinner than my 0.5mm styrene): Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr The front coupling was made from 0.9mm dia brass rod bashed with a hammer then with a blob of solder: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Following advice from a ngrm member, I used brass rod for the tension lock coupling: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Cab detail is basic at the moment, some sewing things for water gauges and the top of a nail for a valve - next time I might buy brass etched handwheels, but this was on a real budget: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr And finally, here she is on my microlayout - I did fork out for Fox transfers for the lining. It was my first go at lining, but again, youtube proved valuble. Patience and luckily my hands don't shake: Untitled by Ben Newland, on Flickr Funny looking beast, but I'm happy with it. I need to add a brake handle (which I have from a Dapol pug kit) and a reversing lever, then add some coal, and weather it. I don't know if the blow by blow account is really suitable for this thread. I am sorry if not. However, often when I see stuff on here, I want to know how they did it. All the best to you pugbashers out there. Have fun. I'm already taking inspiration from here for my next one! Ben
  21. Well, you asked for non GoG member’s views... My father was a member of the GoG for many years, and used to read the magazine from front to back, but in particular the articles describing how to do things. He also pored over adverts, highlighting anything he particularly wanted (and keeping said lists out of sight of my mum!) He used to attend a regular GoG meeting in order to talk to like minded enthusiasts and give his locos a run on the test track. My father was always a quiet man, quick to listen but slower to contribute. I took him to several meetings when he had stopped driving. I immediately noticed that there were some more ‘forceful’ characters among the membership. Usually the ones with the big 4-6-2 express engines, I should add. Explaining to all and sundry the “ins and outs of a cat’s arse“ (as my father in law would put it) and extolling the virtues of their models. There was a “waiting” system for track time. My father placed his 4F 0-6-0 tender loco in the queue ... eventually he got to hook it up to some dozen wagons, and ran it two or three times around the track ... before it was lifted off and replaced by one of those aforementioned 4-6-2 monsters, which had vacated the loops only a few minutes before. I remember commenting about that to him on the way home. He said that there were those that hogged the time and that was the way it was. On another occasion, I took along his Ivatt 2-6-0 tender loco to run - it had turned up in its box at the back of the sideboard in the dining room! (As my dad was living with Dementia, I think he had forgotten it was there!). This was a brass Bachmann offering so I was interested to see what this new (to me!) loco could do. Eventually it got put on the loops with eight or so heavy etched brass and white-metal coaches behind it. It set off smoothly but came to a halt on the (quite sharp) curves, suffering wheel spin. A couple of the self appointed “experts” hoisted it off the track to check underneath, returned it to the tracks and ran it again where it performed well on the straight but simply could not manage to drag the coaches around the curves. (I didn’t get to check them, but I suspect they were not as free running as they might have been.) Again his loco was removed and he was told to his face not to waste his money on cheap Chinese rubbish! Rude?! I’ll say!! (I have had it looked over by another modeller who has suggested it simply needs weight to aid traction but otherwise thought it an excellent model) On that occasion I noticed that a lot of time was being given to a 4-6-2 chassis (no body) running around the tracks. As soon as any other loco had done a couple of circuits, off it came and back on went the chassis, with much loud extolling of the virtues of its gearbox and motor combination. I realise this is anecdotal, but perhaps paints the picture I was seeing as an outsider? I was, at 48 years old, most definitely the youngest adult present! And the female of the species were in the kitchen brewing up and chatting over cake, no sign of them as modellers! I am a more confident person than my father, used to speaking to strangers, and I tried striking up conversations with various members present. Anybody with a “finescale” model seemed to mumble into their chest, whereas the chattiest person present was the chap with the coarse scale tinplate set up! And he mostly wanted to say how rare something was, how much he had bought it for, how much it was worth, and how you really had to know what you were doing to “get into this game” (by which I think he meant collecting!) Downstairs were the live steam crowd, sullen, often-bearded fellows, many of whom had pipes steaming away sticking out of their faces like the chimneys of their miniature engines. Surrounding them as they stoked their marvels of miniature engineering were silent witnesses, leaning in to peer at them and marvelling at the technical prowess displayed... this was REAL, this was actual STEAM... nothing was being said, odd mumblings between the operators. On one occasion - one, mind - I asked a question about a loco. I didn’t get an answer ... I got a sense from the onlookers that I had broken some unwritten rule about not speaking unless I had a live steam engine to run, and simply got disdainful silence from the person I asked the question of! Back upstairs I went, quick as you like!! I know where I’m not wanted!! So - generally unwelcoming, a clique, out of touch (not a single non-steam loco in sight), disdainful of anything other than what they perceived as being good, rude, and last but not least, old. The overriding impression was of a room full of old men. Maybe that was just the branch I happened to visit, but going on several occasions it was always the same. One time, I took my dad along and nobody spoke to him and he didn’t get to run his loco. And he was a GoG member who had been going for years! He had to go into a care home at Easter 2019, but had stopped attending meetings before that - I’d say to him about going and he’d say he couldn’t be bothered. A telling comment by my mum has been that not one of the GoG group have ever telephoned to see how he is since he stopped attending, or to find out why; as she says, as far as they know he could be dead, but perhaps that is how the Guild at a local level view drop off in numbers - natural “wastage” due to death among the membership? I took him to Guildex at Telford a few years ago, and there was much more of a “buzz” with so many modellers in attendance. But many of the exhibitors seemed very, very serious. I felt like the odd man out because I had questions to ask about everything I saw - so many simply seemed to stand in awe, an attitude that seemed to be encouraged by the exhibitors! (Or were they just concentrating?!) A few did happily chat, but that seemed to be the exception. Traders, however, were happy to talk! I wish I could remember the name of the coach kit company who gave me a CD-ROM of pdfs of all their kits, after I explained that I had found that my father had over a half dozen of their kits but I couldn’t find instructions ... and also that he had sorted out all the different components into boxes ... all the bogies, wheels etc in one box, all the sides in another, underframe details in yet another, roofs together, white metal castings etc etc you get the idea! (Dementia can manifest in so many ways) Build them? I can’t even identify half the parts as he had removed them from their sprues! Also had a long chat with plaster/resin casting and laser cutting traders - they all seemed enthusiastic about the future possibilities of the scale. What I didn’t see were any stalls with manufacturers like Heljan or Dapol - or perhaps I just missed them? So overall, not a great impression made upon an outsider who has an interest in modelling!! One point already raised is the use of the word “Guild” - that does have connotations of “closed shop” and also that only “master craftsmen” (and the genderisation I’ve used is deliberate) can be members. It is an old fashioned and somewhat outdated word - the only “guild” most teenagers will associate with is the Guild of Assassins from Assassins Creed. (If in reading that you don’t understand the reference, I’d suggest a Google search! My impression of Guild membership is that for many members such a suggestion might take them down to the local (closed) library to look up the reference!) It is, however, also the case that the phrase “Gauge O Guild” has a ring to it due to alliteration ... likewise in the name “Seven Mil Society” ... Similar language techniques are used elsewhere - the use of a silent “G” in the name of the “Gnatterbox” forum ties in with the scale Gn15 to which it is dedicated, and members repeatedly use the same pun/trick - “That’s a Gnice loco” “It might be prototypical, but it’s Gnot for me” etc. (I don’t get the impression that there much in the way of humour amongst Guild members, unless it is laughing at (perceived) lesser efforts ...) So maybe the name stays? Or not? A name change? A rebrand? A vibrant website with lots of freely available information would be a “way in” for non-members ... nothing infuriates more than “goodies” locked behind a paywall! I don’t know if it already exists, but a downloadable and searchable archive of past magazines/articles including scale drawings would be the kind of thing that adds value to a membership. Arranging some kind of membership discounts for when purchasing amongst all affiliated traders might be another way forward to encourage membership. I applaud any attempts to drag the Guild into the present day! In my local model shop, I hear mention of “the old boys” passing and of relatives of the deceased bringing in O gauge locos and stock to sell, rather than them being passed down to younger generations. Why is O gauge associated with “the old boys”? What is the general impression being given out? Sorry to go on at length - I had time to fill before the next lot of eye drops for the dog! Steve S Modelling in OO (But holding onto all his dad’s O gauge models for sentimental reasons...)
  22. The Blyth and Tyne this afternoon, between Freeman's Crossing and North Blyth. Freemans crossing 56115 down coal April 85 J8271.jpg Freemans crossing Class 101 charter The Chevy Chase Newcastle to Blyth and Tyne etc April 86 J8554.jpg Cambois Class 56s 29th June 89 C12089.jpg Cambois west staithes sidings April 82 J7642.jpg North Blyth 56133 Alcan train to Lynemouth 28th March 89 C11795.jpg David
  23. Class 24 shunting Whithorn yard (AM) Photo courtesy of Andy York
  24. Trains in and passing Tyne Yard 1990 to 1995 today. They were all taken in the afternoon or early evening. Tyne Yard 37223 down coal 17th July 90 C14557.jpg Tyne Yard 47378 down Speedlink 17th July 90 C14559.jpg Tyne Yard 31422 down p w 19th June 91 C15953.jpg Tyne Yard 60038 down steel11th March 95 C20009.jpg Tyne Yard 43114 up Aberdeen to Kings X 10th Aug 95 C20441.jpg David
  25. A loco passing through Chevening Halt and not a car in sight.
  26. East Yorkshire today. The photos are only just over 10 years old, so are from a digital SLR, a Nikon D80 which I was using then. The exception is the one at Hull from 2000. Hull 22nd July 00 C24930.jpg Beverley Class 158 to Hull 20th Oct 09 DSC_7283.jpg Beverley Class 158 to Scarborough 20th Oct 09 DSC_7356.jpg Driffield Class 158 to Hull 20th Oct 09 DSC_7364.jpg Filey 19th Oct 09 DSC_7242.jpg David
  27. Photos from Edinburgh for today. Once again they were taken by Dad. Looking at the date it was one of his first days out after having a number of heart bypasses following a series of heart attacks, Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens 47716 Edinburgh to Glasgow QS Aug 87 J9159.jpg Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens Class 101 Kirkaldy to Edinburgh Aug 87 J9162.jpg Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens 120532 Edinburgh to Dundee Aug 87 J9163.jpg Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens 47702 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh Aug 87 J9169.jpg Edinburgh Waverley 43105 Edinburgh to Kings X and 101347 to North Berwick Aug 87 J9184.jpg David
  28. I hope you're all well and managing to get on with a few modelling projects during these strange times. Probably well overdue an update...... so here it is. The Class 74 and Class 501 unit (#2) have finally been completed, as well as D3989 which has been sat in the works for some considerable time. A picture paints a thousand words, so here's three thousand's worth in one go! All the best. Kier
  29. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Now the cottages are all but finished, just waiting for some chickens..... I have returned to the vans that I got for Fathers Day.... So starting with the most intriguing first, namely the Mica B insulated van by Parkside Models - Peco. It went together well, bit of flash on a few sprues but nothing much to complain about, and then the next bit was the time consuming bit. Now I have an 'O' level in metalwork (!!!!) so working with metal and getting it to do what I want is quite easy (tongue in cheek) but when you use 0.4mm phosphor bronze to bend the multi angled roof handrails that's when the fun started and the patience got stretched. Making the first one was OK but then making another three, two of them mirrored, and getting them to look the same was the real fiddly bit.....makes them bikes look easy!!! But onwards we went, bending here, nipping there and cursing every now and then...... Until victory, the battle was over and the modelmaker had prevailed?
  30. I have managed a couple of further coach refurbishments / rebuilds. The first is a LMS D2123 BTK that uses a 1980s Hornby Stanier as the donor; only the chassis solebars, interior, ends and roof survive. The roof ribs are quite prominent on this one – I know they’re not to everyone’s liking (I can live with them, just!). It’ll be at the end of an eight coach rake. All will be based on these old carriages so hopefully they will kind of all merge together…. The second rebuild uses an old Airfix Non Corridor Composite where I have replaced the sides with Comet ones, the bogies are also Comet etches but I used the Airfix side frames. Scratch built underframe and some additional detailing on the ends. It’s sprayed with Model Masters British Crimson (2009); it’s a few shades different to Railmatch BR Crimson, but close enough. It’ll be part of a two coach set, the other coach being a Hornby Non Corridor Brake Third in maroon – other than the glazing, an exquisite model. On the Hornby I’ve matt varnished the interior and painted the edges of the glazing, this has reduced the worst of the prismatic effect. I sprayed the roof and ends with matt varnish to take away the plasticky look and painted the bogies and under frames a mix of Vallejo German Tank Crew (333) and German Cam Black/Brown (70.822). Both are yet to be weathered. To couple the two coaches together I bent up a length of wire to represent the brake hoses and added a few twists of wire to represent the hose couplers. I also made up a screw coupling and soldered the hooks to the pipes where they bend to go under the headstock. The screw works (a 14BA nut and bolt) so I was then able to tension the coupler. I added steam heating hoses to each coach but chose not to connect those. Kind regards, Iain
  31. Northumberland again today, once again on the ECML at Buston Barns. Buston Barns is south of Alnmouth and is very convenient for photography as a quiet road runs along the east side of the line, there is space to park easily on the verge. The photos are from the 80s and 90s. Buston Barns Class 37 down ICI HCN tanks Aug 86 J8652.jpg Buston Barns 47297 up freightliner Oct 87 J9324.jpg Buston Barns 43109 down 23rd June 89 C12145.jpg Buston Barns 43060 up 4th May 91 C15796.jpg Buston Barns 47833 down Manchester Executive charter 26th Nov 94 C19875.jpg David
  32. A few photos taken at York for today. The first one is from a colour slide but the colour was very poor so I changed it to black and white. York Class 40 up freight Nov 71 C747.jpg York Class 31 31301 le and 47351 up p w 3rd Aug 86 C7859.jpg York 47406 Newcastle to Liverpool July 87 J9061.jpg York 144001 York to Leeds via Harrogate July 87 J9064.jpg York 43154 up 13th July 87 C8688.jpg David
  33. I have been doubly lucky. At 1030 this morning I was left with no alternative but the eye hospital, as all local opticians were fully booked. Lucky bit one was a call to say there had been a cancellation at 1105 just up the road in Bingham, and lucky bit two is that tests and scans confirm that I haven't had a blood clot hit the back of my eye, as happened three years ago. So now I can stop worrying, and try to reduce my soaring stress levels. Another plonk to celebrate.
  34. A little bit earlier than usual today, I've just come in from the garden as it was too hot. Five photos taken at Morpeth today. Is there anyone left who doesn't know where Morpeth is? Morpeth Class 37 April 81 C5346 Morpeth March 81 C5306 Morpeth Class 40 Newcastle to Edinburgh Aug 80 C5184.jpg Morpeth Class 254 up Aug 81 C5497.jpg Morpeth 47380 up Alcan empties from Fort William 20th June 84_C6557.jpg Taking the new connection from the north to the Blyth and Tyne. David
  35. It's time now for your Sunday morning coffee break photos. Today they come from Crich Tramway Museum, taken on visits in 1989 and 1990. By this time I was rarely visiting the East Midlands, as far as I remember the 1989 photos were taken on a visit for a funeral, the ones in 1990 were taken to distributet my grandmother's things with other relatives after her will had been sorted out. Crich Leeds 180 11th June 89 C12049 Crich LCC (London) 106 and Leeds 180 11th June 89 C12050.jpg Crich Prague 180 11th June 89 C12054 Crich Blackpool 40 7th April 90 C14192 Crich Paisley 68 7th April 90 C14183 Crich Glasgow 22 7th April 90 C14194 David
  36. As Vanessa from the tv series Gavin and Stacey might say, that's lush.
  37. Tetbury's pannier tank getting ready for the working day.
  38. Still in Scotland for this afternoon's photos, this time at Beattock Summit and Carstairs. Carstairs 37693 7th Aug 95 C20364.jpg Carstairs 305 517 down ecs 7th Aug 95 C20365.jpg Beattock Summit 86226 Glasgow C to Paddington 7th Aug 95 C20412.jpg Beattock Summit 43159 Penzance to Glasgow to Edinburgh 7th Aug 95 C20413.jpg going away Beattock Summit Class86 Euston to Glasgow C 7th Aug 95 C20414.jpg David
  39. Carlisle today but no electric locos this time, just Classes 37 and 47. Carlisle 37203 Alcan North Blyth to Fort William diverted via Carlisle 30th May 90 C14500.jpg Carlisle 37035 down oil and 47418 down l e 30th May 90 C14509.jpg Carlisle 47370 up freight14th March 92 C16723.jpg Carlisle 47533 Leeds to Carlisle 30th May 90 C14514.jpg Carlisle 47844 Test car 2 down 24th Oct 90 C15432.jpg David
  40. With the river banks just having the static grass & frost treatment I thought I’d post a few more pics of the (almost) finished last two frames before the scenic break. I scratchbuilt from brass another 5 derelict relay boxes and gave them some heavy rust treatment. The Absolute Aspects redundant colour light signal has had similar treatment and will be planted horizontally in the ballast soon enough. I know this signal should really be a semaphore post but this last frame as I’ve mentioned has a fictitious element to it. Besides I reckon any semaphore would have found it’s way into someone’s garden With just four frames to go these will feature the filter beds from the sewerage works. Once the last frames from Tim Horn are dropped off to complete the middle curves (the Huddersfield route see track diagram above) I’ll figure out how to make the backscene wrap around this bit..
  41. If you don't like HSTs I suggest you move to another thread just for today. All five photos show HSTs at Dry Doddington on the ECML north of Grantham betwen 1982 and 1987. Dry Doddington Class 254 HST up May 82 C5675.jpg Dry Doddington Class 254 up March 83 J7827.jpg Dry Doddington Class 254 up March 83 J7833.jpg Dry Doddington Class 254 up Aug 83 C6165.jpg Dry Doddington 43057 Kings X to Newcastle May 87 J8898.jpg David
  42. The Blyth and Tyne again today, this time heading to Ashington and Woodhorn from North Seaton (Wansbeck) viaduct. North Seaton Wansbeck viaduct July 80 J7044.jpg Ashington Hunslet Dec 87 J9379 Woodhorn NCB Class 14 empty coal Oct 85 J8433.jpg Woodhorn Grant Lyon Eagre tamper derailed May 88 J9500.jpg Woodhorn Class 37 le and brake van down April 81 J7354.jpg David
  43. Back to the ECML in Northumberland again today. The last photo was taken at Chevington, this was once the junction for the line to Amble. Damdykes 56109 down coal 26th June 93 C18639.jpg Damdykes 37211 down p w train 30th Oct 92 C18123.jpg Cramlington 153319 Newcastle to Morpeth 24th Dec 92 C18197.jpg Cramlington 43041 up 5th Nov 88 C11605.jpg Chevington crossing Class142 Newcastle to Alnmouth 1st June 90 C14544.jpg David
  44. I've made a start working on the snow fence sleepers. I've repainted them, and begin adding washes to hopefully give them that old, sun bleached and decrepit look.
  45. Mainly ex LNWR lines today. I think they are all places we haven't visited recently. Hillmorton Class 86 E3199 down April 72 J2892.jpg Hillmorton 87017 up Aug 80 J7170 Hillmorton 87013 up Aug 80 J7172.jpg Birmingham International 86221 down Oct 80 J7262.jpg Chester dmus 19th April 86 C7459.jpg Not one of my better photos. David
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