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  1. You may consider this cheating, but no photoshoppery was used for this image: It's simply a matter of taking the layout to the scenery... Al.
  2. No fleas were harmed in the production of the injector pipework! My soldering iron is an Antex TC-660. For most 2mm work I use a 1mm chisel tip. The secret to soldering this small stuff neatly is to find a way of holding the parts firmly, and controlling the amount of solder you put on. I take thin salami slices off the end of a reel of electrical solder with my scalpel, but several of my friends are now using solder balls to achieve the same end. The bodies of the injectors etc. are brass (turned and filed to shape), and I drilled little holes in them to locate the copper "pipes" so they didn't move while soldering took place. The aspect I found most difficult was soldering all the little flanges so they remained perpendicular to the pipes. Here are a few of pictures of various bits of pipework "in the raw" so you can see how much solder there is(n't). Live steam injector: Exhaust steam injector: Injectors installed on the loco with the beginnings of the water feed valves, and the steam valves on the side of the firebox: Round the other side is the vacuum ejector, ATC valve and boiler feed/clack valve: Further back are the ejector control valves (the outline for the body of which was etched, and is the only "cheat" in the pipework) and on top of the firebox the manifold and whistle:
  3. Carlisle in 1990 today. I think the photos were taken on day trips specifically to take photos at the station. Carlisle 85109 30th May 90 C14537.jpg Carlisle 2 Class 108s Barrow to Carlisle 24th Oct 90 C15415.jpg Carlisle 86231 Glasgow to Plymouth 24th Oct 90 C15428.jpg Carlisle 37037 and 37519 down empty steel 24th Oct 90 C15438.jpg Carlisle 08912 shunting 24th Oct 90 C15440.jpg David
  4. KNP

    Little Muddle

    And the last picture, couldn't include it with above as I had used up the 10mb. From this angle, camera resting on the roof of the goods shed, the row of cottages came out exactly as I had envisaged it in my minds eyes.... Now to finish the washing lines which will need the building fixed down as some of the lines will be fixed to the house wall...just like at my Grandma's where you had to duck under the washing to get to the back door. Shop front to do as well but I had decided minimal is the route to go here, not that large, pub like, sign I made.....!
  5. I guess I'll throw a couple of shots into the mix. My Aldwarke based photo plank is about 98% complete now so I was able to get a couple of pics yesterday that I'm rather fond of.
  6. I started a thread on the railforums website about small stations that still retained their goods yard post-Beeching and it turned up some really inspirational pictures of quaint goods yards, so I thought I'd start a thread on the topic to see if anyone knows of other pictures of these yards in the 70s-90s. Dufftown 25233 05 February 1979 by Woolwinder, on Flickr Dufftown goods yard by Ian Cowieson, on Flickr 1982-03-17 Skelmanthorpe station from E51497 by John Carter, on Flickr Skelmanthorpe station. 31.12.82 by Roger Joanes, on Flickr Hexham Station by Thomas, on Flickr Gathurst complete with a narrow gauge interchange! Also Lapford station would make a perfect model as it even has a scenic break at each end. Melton Mowbray 1987
  7. Yesterday we said goodbye to my old friend and workshop companion, Jellyroll, who has featured many times on this thread. A truly sad day. She gave me fourteen years of loyal friendship and I will will miss her very much. RIP Jelly. Her daughter Jazz will have the chair to herself - for now jerry
  8. The Todd, Kitson & Laird 0-4-2 substantially complete ....
  9. Today we visit Scotland again, this time on the West Coat Main Line around Abington. Abington 47347 up freight 29th March 89 C11822 Abington 26023 down ballast cleaner 29th March 89 C11825.jpg Abington Class 90 up freight 24th April 92 C16819 Abington Class 86 down ex pass 24th April 92 C16822.jpg Abington Class 87 down ex pass 24th April 92 C16823.jpg David
  10. Yesterday, it was my privilege and pleasure to be invited to judge the competitions at the AGM of the 2mm FS Association, at STEAM, Swindon. If I say it was the hardest judging I've ever had to do, it's because the standard of the entries was so high, as was the consistency. The first-choice judge was on holiday, and I was told that a person of integrity, knowledge, expertise, experience, ability, good character, impartiality, fairness and equanimity was required to take his place. However, in the absence of such a man/woman, I was asked! I managed to get a few pictures.............................. There was next to nothing nothing to choose between these two exquisite 9Fs, but the weathered one just shaved it for me. It's only the camera which revealed that their pony wheels have one too many spokes! What a beautiful piece of scratch-building; a 'Buffalo'. I've built a couple of these in 4mm, and I struggled to see! How these guys/girls do it in 2mm, I've no idea. How about these fantastic vans? Foolishly, I didn't make a note of all the winners' names (it'll be sent to me), but I know my good mate Jerry Clifford won one of the pots with this beautiful-natural Midland 0-6-0 (below). Mick Simpson and I wondered why it didn't work (DCC), until we were told Jerry had given us the wrong 'address'. Part of my decision-making was based on how the tiny creations ran. In a word, 'perfectly'! Tim Watson brought along this 'Valour' he's building. There were some 2mm FS layouts at STEAM, including this stunning rendition of Ivybridge. If you get the chance today, then I advise a visit to STEAM in Swindon. This wonderful GWR broad gauge depiction in 7mm is/was also there. May I please thank all those 2mm Associates who accepted my decisions absolutely, and for their warmth and friendship?
  11. Here are some more piccies as promised... Out in the countryside... ...while life goes on over at Haymarket... Cheers Dave
  12. Today's photos were taken just to the north of the site of Longhirst station on the ECML in Northumberland. Longhirst is a few miles to the north of Morpeth. It's still a good place to take photographs though there has been a lot of tree and shrub growth since these photos were taken over thirty years ago. Longhirst Class 254 up 14th June 86 C7621 A "going away" shot. Longhirst 56114 up coal from Butterwell 28th Nov 87 C9282.jpg Longhirst 37507 Alcan Fort William to North Blyth alumina empties 12th Dec 87 C9290.jpg Longhirst 47123 down freightliner 12th Dec 87 C9294.jpg Longhirst 43048 up 7th May 88 C9450 David
  13. .. one of the small jobs was to finish off the paintwork on a previously built (but never installed) signal box. It is a scratchbuilt structure based on one at Dyce - on the old Great North of Scotland network north of Aberdeen. It's a handsome thing but the paintwork had remained unfinished.
  14. Around Teesside in the early 1990s for today. Middlesbrough 142535 up 5th December 92 C18143.jpg Middlesbrough Class 153 up 14th April 93 C18450.jpg South Bank 47118 l e 12th May 90 C14446.jpg Grangetown Junction 37426 potsah 14th April 93 C18469.jpg Grangetown Junction 37426 potash Boulby to Teesport 14th April 93 C18471.jpg David
  15. Today's photos start with one of George Stephenson's cottage at Killingworth before moving to Newcastle Central station in 1989. Killingworth George Stephensons cottage Nov 84 J8205.jpg Newcastle 43074 Newcastle to Kings X 1st June 89 C11959.jpg Newcastle 43056 Edinburgh to Kings X1st June 89 C11963.jpg Newcastle 47501 Carlisle to Newcastle 1st June 89 C11967.jpg At this time Heaton was short of dmus so loco hauled trains were used. Newcastle 31305 Newcastle to Middlesbrough 31st Oct 89 C13753.jpg Still a shortage of dmus. David
  16. Off to Scotland today where we spend about an hour watching trains at Larbert in April 1991 courtesy of our time machine. Larbert 156477 5th April 91 C15735 Larbert 37408 up l e 5th April 91 C15736 Larbert 47212 up l e 5th April 91 C15737 Larbert 156499 and 158714 to Dunblane 5th April 91 C15738.jpg Larbert 26032 down molasses tanks 5th April 91 C15743.jpg David
  17. Kim has been cat sitting at youngest daughters so I've taken advantage and stayed down the workshop till late o'clock the last few evenings working on projects of my own - something I've not managed for a month or so. I've cobbled up the coal hoist for the Midland stage from some old gears and bits of etch wast and pushed some paint around the buildings. Detailed weathering and highlighting to go but getting close now. I'm hoping to have the buildings finished in time to take to the 2mm AGM in Swindon in a few weeks time. Jerry
  18. An evening listening to a historic debate and vote in Parliament (no comment please) saw the final details added to the Midland shed group of buildings. I shall be taking them to the AGM at Swindon at the weekend and they will form part of my demo at the Portsmouth show in November following which the scene will probably be built into the main layout. jerry
  19. I'm pretty sure I've shown this prototype shot before, courtesy of peterboroughimages.co.uk But as I now have a New England J6 with a tablet catcher, I though I'd have a go at it in model form. Not even a very near miss, but never mind.
  20. Thanks very much Ade. Here's one more which worked: Al.
  21. The West Coast Main Line in the North West in 1987 and 1990 for this afternoon. Woodhouse near Heversham 85019 up ex pass 8th Aug 87 C8846.jpg Oxenholme 47196 down oil 10th Aug 87 C8904.jpg Oxenholme 86401 Wessex Scot Glasgow to Poole 10th Aug 87 C8910.jpg Greenholme DVT and 87025 up 24th Aug 90 C15322.jpg Greenholme 87101 down 24th Aug 90 C15324 David
  22. The photos for today start at Darlington and head north to Chester le Street. Darlington Class 305 and 302 ADB97764 977640 977639 DM&EE training outbase east 12th May 90 C14454.jpg Sunderland Bridge GNER Class 91 down XP 3rd May 97_C21830.jpg Durham Class 253 SW to NE 24th May 87 C8587 Chester le Street 158805 Liverpool to Newcastle 27th Oct 92 C18084.jpg Chester le Street 56121 down coal 27th Oct 92 C18086.jpg David
  23. This afternoon we start at Morpeth on the ECML in Northumberland and then move a few miles north to the village of Pegswood. Morpeth Class 101 ecs from Newcastle to Morpeth 22nd July 89 C12168.jpg Morpeth Class 254 up Aug 80 J7054 Morpeth 56112 up coal 21st Dec 87 C9296 Pegswood Class 55 down Dec 80 J7302.jpg Pegswood 2 Class 20s down l e Aug 85 J8326 David
  24. Today we have another visit to Manchester Victoria, most of the photos are from March 1989 with one from earlier. Manchester Victoria bridge over R Irwell and Great Ducie Street Cl 101 in distance June 76 J5262.jpg Manchester Victoria 142032 18th March 89 C11682.jpg Manchester Victoria 150213 18th March 89 C11698.jpg Manchester Victoria Class 47 ecs for Manchester to Carlisle 18th March 89 C11709.jpg Manchester Victoria 37684 18th March 89 C11713.jpg David
  25. Looking across the fields all looks quiet on the viaduct.
  26. The ECML south of Stoke Tunnel for today. You may have some difficulty identifying the Deltic on the train at High Dyke. Swayfield Class 47 down Apr 74 J3653 Burton le Coggles Class 55 9019 Edinburgh to Kings X March 73 J3153.jpg Burton le Coggles Class 47 down 30th May 78 C3883.jpg High Dyke Class 55 down Nov 70 J2437 High Dyke Class 254 down Feb 83 J7812 David
  27. So, time for the last shot from the bridge. Thanks for the very kind comments and likes, which are a great confidence booster. OK, so now I tried to get the camera still closer to the wall, and I liked what I saw through the viewfinder, save for the fact that part of my body was included in the shot, and I couldn't flatten myself against the wall any further. So, I put the camera on five seconds delay, pressed the shutter, and ducked! This is what I got. It shows up bits that Tim and I never thought would be seen on camera, so I'll have to address those, but otherwise it is getting nearer to the prototype angle. I also felt that by cropping the sky down the panoramic view worked better. As always, comment and further very helpful advice will be welcomed. Soon after the Flying Scotsman accelerated away, our lovely little J3 appeared, running back for servicing after a morning shift on the Ramsey branch.
  28. Some more photos along the Cumbrian Coast line this afternoon. Wraysholme Crossing Class 108 Lancaster to Barrow 9th Aug 87 C8899.jpg Foxfield 6th Aug 87 C8751 Ravenglass 153359 and 153360 Barrow to Carlisle 25th Aug 92 C17933.jpg Maryport 22nd April 87 C8401 Aspatria 153313 Whitehaven to Carlisle 25th Aug 92 C17949.jpg David
  29. Late 80s and early 90s at York for today. York 43088 Aberdeen to Kings X Flying Scotsman 13th July 87 C8673.jpg York 150212 York to Scarbrough 13th July 87 C8674.jpg York 47488 Liverpool to Newcastle 26th June 88 C9537.jpg York 144023 York to Harrogate 2nd July 89 C13849.jpg York 37681 and ano up oil 3rd June 92 C16967.jpg David
  30. 36 points
    This little project was described some time ago in my workbench thread. A couple of recent discussions suggest that the modifications involved may be of interest to others. I don't seem to have posted the usual build summary in this blog, so here it is. The Coopercraft GWR 4 Plank Open kit (4mm scale) has an error which means that if you build it as designed you end up with 4 planks on the outside and 3 on the inside, as seen here. So, following good advice (thanks Nick) I cut along the red line indicated above, in order to remove most of the big fat lip on top of the solebar. This in itself lowers the floor by 1.5 mms. The floor provided in the kit is 1mm thick, so I decided to gain another 0.5 mm of internal depth by replacing it with a 0.5mm styrene floor. I suppose this is on the limits of how thin a floor should be, but with bracing underneath it all seems solid enough. There are two pips on the inside of each wagon end (not shown), these had to be removed to fit the new floor. The gaps at the end of the solebars were fixed with filler. The lowered floor. Not perfect, but at least the bottom plank is now visible. Most of my wagons have lever brakes but it's time I introduced some DC1 brakes too. So I splashed out on this Bill Bedford etch. I worked with available drawings and pictures in the GWR wagon book by Atkins, Beard & Tourret. I think I used the wrong link component below the swan neck lever, lesson learnt for the next one. Still, the exercise has helped me understand better how these brakes worked. Sometimes the absence of instructions can be a learning experience! The low number belies that No. 781 was built in 1902 as part of Lot 374, thus sporting DC1 brake gear from the outset. I debated whether to add a sheet rail. Some of the 4-plankers were certainly fitted with these later on, and the O5 diagram in Atkins Beard & Tourret features a sheet rail - but I have a suspicion that the diagram stems from 1905 when the wagon index was drawn up. On page 54 of the same book is a picture of a 4-planker showing off the new DC1 brake gear in 1903. It does not feature a sheet rail, and is in the same condition as No. 781. The wagon is in GWR wagon red (I follow the 1904 theory). I chose a slightly redder shade than normal to suggest that it is fairly recently painted.
  31. Carlisle in 1989 and 1990 today. Carlisle 27th Oct 89 C13810 Carlisle 86102 Euston to Glasgow 27th Oct 89 C13821.jpg Carlisle 31449 Carlisle to Leeds 30th May 90 C14501.jpg Carlisle 37035 down oil 30th May 90 C14506 Carlisle 86xxx?86421??and 86636 down coal 30th May 90 C14529.jpg David
  32. A rare colourised image, from 1907, of the Calder Vale Mineral Railway's Class H Manning Wardle Kitchener ascending the bank to the quarry branch at Brookfoot.
  33. This afternoon we once more set out from Darlington and head north towards Newcastle. Darlington 45105 down XC 26th Feb 87 C8231.jpg Ferryhill Class 37 up l e 1st Dec 90 C15498 Sunderland Bridge down XP Kings X to Inverness Highland Chieftain 30th May 95_C20209.jpg Low Fell 45103 down ecs 28th June 88 C9552 Bensham up HST 5th Aug 86 C7881 David
  34. A few more from Bottesford for this afternoon. Bottesford Class 104 Nottingham to Grantham Nov 80 J7289.jpg Bottesford Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Manchester Feb 81 J7323.jpg Bottesford 20173 and 20187 Skegness to Derby May 82 J7647.jpg Bottesford 45131 Chesterfield to Skegness July 83 J8028.jpg Bottesford 47456 Parkeston Quay to Glasgow C Sept 83 J8067.jpg Bottesford 47456 Parkeston Quay to Glasgow C Sept 83 J8068.jpg David
  35. An old picture found of a trawler alongside the quay at little Muddle
  36. Heaton Norris Junction and Manchester for today's photos. Heaton Norris JunctionClass 47 1628 down freight March 72 J2838.jpg Heaton Norris Junction Class 310 080 Crewe to Manchester March 72 J2839.jpg Manchester Oxford Road Class 104 to Manchester Piccadilly 3rd March 90 C14069.jpg Manchester Oxford Road 304009 Altrincham to Crewe 3rd March 90 C14073.jpg Manchester Mayfield 3rd March 90 C14084 David
  37. A random selection of photos taken at Swayfield at various dates in the 1970s for today. I haven't had a chance to look up the headcodes, so if anyone would like to.... Swayfield Class 47 1521 up Aug 71 J2737.jpg Swayfield Class 47 up Edinburgh to Kings X March 72 J2848.jpg Swayfield Class 46 up July 72 J2957 Swayfield Class 55 up ex pass May 74 C1607.jpg Swayfield 254012 up 30th May 78 C3872
  38. Trains between Newcastle and Carlisle for today, at Riding Mill and Haltwhistle. Riding Mill 43056 diverted Edinburgh to Kings X 15th April 89 C11872.jpg Riding Mill 143625 Hexham to Newcastle 5th May 90 C14434.jpg Haltwhistle Alston branch viaduct in distance 14th April 90 C14347.jpg Haltwhistle Class 108 Newcastle to Carlisle 14th April 90 C14349.jpg Haltwhistle 156507 Carlisle to Newcastle 20th April 92 C16780.jpg David
  39. Hi all, Not a huge amount to report from WW recently. The sound upgrade to WW's Bachmann 47s is now complete and GW Green 47500 and InterCity Swallow 47834 are now nearing completion, so I hope to post some pics of those soon. I have squeezed in a couple of running sessions recently though, so I thought I'd post a few pics... 47710 arrives at Waverley from Glasgow Queen Street... ...and then departs not long after... ...followed by a 4-car DMU lash-up bound for Fife... A sunny day by the riverside... Meanwhile, 47001 is in for attention over at Haymarket MPD... ...as is 37692... I have a fair few more to post, but I've reached the upload limit now, so I'll be back! Cheers for now, Dave
  40. An intruder at Shirebrook Depot! Spotted hiding away at the back of the depot next to the water tower a Southern Region Class 33 was photographed recently at Shirebrook. If you have any further information please contact the relevant Eastern region operating department! This un-retouched photograph was taken on my N gauge layout. The loco is a weathered and renumbered Dapol model, the water tower I scratch built from a nickel silver etch, laddering platform and tank (from my own artwork) the tower itself being made from plastic sections. Cheers Duncan
  41. Some from today, first up did the cement from Stafford to clitheroe stafford, sleeper passing through Then my train arrived 66756 up front and away to clitheroe Then it was taxi to hellifield to get on a charter to appleby, Met RMweb user smithington smythe on the platform who was out photographing the train also as an aside anyone who visits hellifield station, the little model shop on the platform has closed down now, and the cafe is running very reduced hours/days due to “issues”, wasn’t even open today with a lot of people about 50007 and 50049 up front into settle for 30 mins where I picked out a dead pigeon and pheasant from the coupling hook before I took the photo! we then set off north, before leaving settle we were asked by the organisers if we could stop on ribblehead viaduct so a passenger could spread the ashes of a relative from the rear window of the train as it was his last wish so we obliged and positioned the train on the viaduct for a couple of minutes where I jumped down and grabbed a couple of shots myself as it’s not somewhere you can normally get photos from! Then it was away to Appleby The train then shunted away into the old warcop branch and the logs passed by heading for chirk I was going to get the passenger train back to carlisle from Appleby but it was so packed I just gave up and got back on the charter to carlisle, got dropped off on the chord between the s+c and wcml, walked back to my car and went back to the caravan to continue my annual leave!
  42. Yes indeedy, the first time we've seen the layout since January - and it showed from time to time. We had a day troubleshooting all the little jobs which there is never time for at shows, then a day running the sequence and ironing out any more faults which became apparent. I had a few new items to bring along and made sure at least some were photographed. Here is Shotover, complete with ACFI gear, working a down service at the north end of Grantham station. This K3 has come my way in return for some carriage building. It's Bachmann but with cab and chassis by Tony Wright. 4466 Herring Gull has also returned to the layout as part of a trade. This was a Grantham locomotive for much of our period, so it's very much at home. Here it's on shed with long term resident 4479. Most of what photography I did otherwise was across to the up side yards, which was where most of the goods stock starts the sequence of movements. Here a J2 (Graeme King) awaits the off with a freight to New England. Fordson tractor in a rake of loaded wagons; in the background the cattle wagons would be against the cattle dock, were it in place. Moving slightly left, over the top of some stabled carriage stock, the photographer has captured a cut of tank wagons with an NER special cattle wagon behind. Was that kit ever released? The LNWR van at right angles to the rest shows where the end of the maltings building will be placed. Pictures from today, with buildings in place; looking over an O4 awaiting the call to High Dyke and the rear of the shed building, we see a rake of empty wagons with some loaded Appleby Frodingham iron ore hoppers behind. The south end pilot is also in evidence. Lastly the Lee & Grinling maltings building which always repays study, with NER and GN vans and an LBSCR open in front. There's to be some scenic work in the next few weeks so I imagine those railings will be attended to. Finally something else new, but you'll have to look at my thread to find out about it.
  43. The Newcastle to Carlisle line today. Prudhoe 143015 Newcastle to Carlisle 11th March 89 C11675.jpg Stocksfield Class 108 Newcastle to Carlisle 15th April 89 C11856.jpg Stocksfield 43049 diverted Kings X to Edinburgh 5th May 90 C14428.jpg Riding Mill 142520 Newcastle to Hexham 5th May 90 C14438.jpg Hexham 156434 Stranraer to Newcastle 26th Nov 88 C11608.jpg David
  44. With the Aldwarke photo plank all but complete, we had a quick photo sesh on Sunday with some of mine and Dad's stock. All looks rather good
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