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  1. Heading north from Darlington this afternoon ending at Tyne Yard. I've captioned one as "enthusiast's dream or nightmare?" - which would you say?. I should mention that the effect was accidental, two exposures on one frame of film. Darlington 08867 and 37003 21st Feb 87 C8207 Darlington 26th Feb 87 C8246 Hett Mill Class 43 up IC 16th October 93 C19131 Durham HST 43090 up 22nd Oct 86 C8117 Durham enthusiast's dream or nightmare? 24th May 87 C8588.jpg Tyne Yard Class 143 7th March 87 C8245 David
  2. Brookfoot, CVMR, 1901. In my garage, about half an hour ago.
  3. This afternoon the photos are from Kings Cross in the 1970s. I took the first photo shortly after I moved to Basildon in 1974, it was probably my first visit to London. That means it would have been taken on a Saturday. I remember I took this photo and then walked in a generally northerly direction and took a few more photos from various vantage points, I think they are all somewhere in this thread. The remaining photos today are Dad's. It is likely that they too were taken at weekends, sometimes when Mum had her union executive meetings on a Saturday Dad would travel to London with her and spend the day looking at trains and taking photos. Now and then we used to meet for a meal before they travelled back to Grantham which was the nearest mainline station to where they lived. Kings Cross Class 47 down Oct 74 C1806 Kings Cross Class 47s Jan 76 C2590 Kings X 312 715 Royston to Kings X July 79 J6550 Kings X 31407 down parcels July 79 J6553 Kings X 55015 York to Kings X July 79 J6554 David
  4. Good afternoon everyone. Before I move on to today's photos just a note about a couple of new things in my signature - the two lines with the blue text. One links to an album I've started in the Gallery. It will contain my favourite photos from the past few years, as and when i get time to upload them. So it will not clash with my photos in this thread. The other takes you to my thread about my 0 gauge layout which gets updated now and then - I spend more time running trains than working on the layout. Now for today's photos starting at Crawford and Lamington on the WCML in Scotland and ending with a photo at Mossend. Crawford 81011 up freight 14th Aug 87 C8996 Lamington 86231 down 14th Aug 87 C8989 Lamington 87022 and 87016 down limestone 14th Aug 87 C8990.jpg Lamington 87022 and 87016 down limestone 14th Aug 87 C8991.jpg Mossend Class 86 81 85 26 14th Aug 87 C8959 David
  5. This was the real ultimate NER express passenger loco. I've just built another one of these, this time painted in fictitious BR blue by Dave Studley.
  6. I've got some more progress to report on my 9F, and rather than keep hijacking the general workbench thread, I thought I'd start a new one. As a bit of background, I was one of the subscribers to Bob Jones' 9F kit project may years ago, and started building this one soon after they were delivered. Once I had a basic rolling chassis sans valve-gear, there followed periods of experimentation around getting the valve gear to work, and subsequently getting it to reverse itself. These brief periods were interspersed with months and years of letting ideas ferment while I pursued other projects. Every time I saw Bob, he'd ask me about the 9F, ask when he was going to see it running, and remind my how old he was getting! Anyway, once I had finally completed the reversing mechanics, I rashly promised Bob that I would finish the loco off in time for it to run on Fence Houses at this year's York Show. Having grossly underestimated how fiddly I would be able to make the job (eschewing etched representations of pipes and equipment for wire and bits of brass), I am now in a race against time to complete the transformation from a demonstration of reversing valve-gear (as shown at the 2mm Association AGM last October) into a completed model. I think I can just about still make it as long as nothing major goes wrong! Since I last posted in the workbench thread here, the body of the loco is just about complete. In this first photo you can see I've added the handrails (from 8 thou steel wire) and fitted the smoke deflector plates. I ended up moving the deflector handrails closer in to the plates - even though I said they were OK, the more I looked at them, the more they stuck out. I've soldered a conduit for the ATC (from 0.2mm copper) along the bottom edge of the valance I had to leave a gap where the lubricators are, as they stick out too far (I built those bits many years ago), and having the wire go round them would just look silly. The kit has representations of the steam pipe covers which protrude through the bottom of the deflector plates, but there is a gap between the plates and the boiler where the pipes would go. From most angles you can't see behind the smoke deflectors anyway, but I decided to have a go filing some pipe/covers to fill the gap. These started life as cast steam pipes from the Association Black 5 range, but there's not much left of them. You can just make one out in the next photo: In the next view, you can see I've still ended up with a small amount of daylight showing through a small gap. This is a very cruel picture in several ways. The little brackets which join the very tops of the smoke deflectors to the smokebox weren't part of the kit. I made these by squashing some 0.2mm copper wire flat in the vice, then folding it and soldering it to the inside of the deflector plates behind where the etched rivets were. Unfortunately, a couple on the right hand side (left hand as you look at the photo) didn't survive cleaning up, and I had to try and replace them in situ once the plates had been soldered to the footplate - this time fixing them with cyano. The front one looks a bit low, and the second one is a bit wonky, but it was the best I could manage. The other side looks much better. I'm pleased with the look of the "face" of the loco. The smokebox darts are etched handrail knobs, with the shafts trimmed to length and rounded off with a #6 cut file. WR lamp irons are included in the kit, but soldering the second upright to the top lamp bracket was rather challenging! The vacuum hose is made according to Pete Wright's "bits and pieces" article, and comprises 0.6 (a touch over scale) and 0.2mm copper wire. The next view seems somehow less cruel, and shows off how discreetly the Electra coupling protrudes from under the front buffer beam. With Electras, not only do you get to keep your coupling hooks as there's no nasty lifting latch for them to foul, but you can have screw link couplings on display too! Incidentally, the screw link, and the lovely cast buffers, came as part of the kit. At the rear end on the fireman's side, I have managed to adjust the wonky valve operating spindle I mentioned in a previous post on the Workbench thread without destroying anything. The adjacent footstep has also been added, and one filal small diameter pipe from the top of the cab up to the manifold. One other thing worth noticing on this photo (which will probably become invisible once the chassis is painted and weathered) is the brass cover for the roller bearing on the return crank. This is made from an Association crank pin (non-flanged), but I managed to turn a little rebate on the pin head so it looks more like the real thing. I've still got a fair bit of cosmetic work to do on the chassis - brakes, some more pipework round the other side, and some representation of the chunky pipes up to the sandbox fillers. Their absence - at least for the rear filler - is quite conspicuous in this view! The view from on top in the next photo shows what I have dome with the safety valves. On the cast white metal version of the boiler, these had ended up as little rounded stumps. I opened out the holes in a couple of Association etched crankpin cap washers (which are about the right size) to just over 0.7mm, then forced them down over the stumps. The top of the stumps were then filed down to be just proud of the washers. Finally, we can have a look round the other side and see all that empty space under the driver's seat. Fortunately the pipework on this side is nowhere near as fiendish as on the fireman's side. The battery box for the ATC also needs to go under here. Next step is to finish off the tender body, which needs ladders, handrails, lamp irons, etc. fitting. Then the loco and tender bodies can be cleaned and sprayed with etching primer. While that's drying, I can turn my attention back to the chassis...
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    Here’s a summary of my recent 'experiments' (a.k.a. mucking about) with Modelu and other 4mm figures, and how to store them. I have previously modified figures from the Andrew Stadden, Dart Castings and Preiser ranges. So obviously, the Modelu range had to suffer too! The resin used in these figures cannot be bent (it will break), but clean cuts with a scalpel worked OK. Joins were sanded, fixed with superglue and smoothed out with putty. Not everyone will think it’s worthwhile, but I find it relaxing and you get quick results. This driver was shortened and had his feet repositioned to fit in the cab of my Dean Goods. Another driver had a head fitted from an Andrew Stadden figure, in order to enhance the Edwardian look. That left a headless Andrew Stadden body, so a head was transposed from a Modelu station master who I felt looked a bit too modern for my Edwardian period. I have also been experimenting with painting, especially those difficult eyes. The pro painters do some amazing work in this respect, but as a mere mortal I’m just looking for a simple way to achieve a rough indication of eyes without spending too much time on it. The approach illustrated below has helped. First, two black stripes across the eyes. The stripes can then be narrowed and shortened by painting skin colour carefully around them. I find this much easier than trying to paint the eyes directly. The same technique can be used for the eyebrows and mouth. Eyebrows can be tricky when hats etc get in the way, but do add character. I suppose the next step on the learning curve is to fill in those blank, black eyes. Not sure I'm up for that! Reading up on brushes led to the purchase of these Windsor & Newton Series 7 brushes (not the “miniature” range). The sizes are 00 for faces (right), and 1 for larger details (left). These are bigger sizes than I have normally used. This is based on online advice from pro painters. The theory is that larger brushes give better control and the paint doesn’t dry as quickly on the way to the face. If you look closely at the lady above, you can see that her face isn’t quite smooth, because I let the paint become too dry on the brush. A larger magnifying glass has also helped, although I’m still struggling a bit with the weird hand-eye coordination that this requires. The field for extra magnification is useful and tells me that it may be worth investing in an even stronger glass at some point. Because we now live in a flat I have to pack away the layouts in-between operating sessions. This has led me to consider how to store the figures and other fragile items. If stored too casually the paint easily chips, noses are flattened or accessories break. So, inspired by Chris' storage box for figures, I had a look around the web and came upon “pick and pluck” foam trays. These are available on ebay, or from military modelling manufacturers like Feldherr. After plucking out the foam as desired, a base layer is added, and the tray is ready to use. The foam trays come in different thicknesses, this is 15 mm (0.6 inch) plus a base layer: For my horse drawn wagons I used 30 mm (1.2 inches). In retrospect it would have been better to go for something even deeper so the wagons could be placed upright. The trays can be stacked… …and fitted in an appropriate box. This is just a shoebox. I added an extra protective layer of foam on the top. In order to handle the figures, I fitted a bit of felt to a pair of old tweezers. Having made the trays you end up with a lot of foam cubes that are supposed to be discarded. This seemed wasteful so I decided to use the cubes for making additional storage boxes for my “second-tier” stuff. They have a sticky underside so it’s very straightforward. The box is a takeaway food container. Ever since Northroader pointed out the usefulness of takeaway boxes we have been eating a lot of Thai food! Some of my figures are fitted with wire in order to fix them on the layout, which takes up a lot of space in the “pick and pluck” boxes. So these are stuck into a bit of good quality dense foamboard... ...and fitted in yet another takeaway box (Phat Kee Mao, if I remember correctly!). There is room for a lot of figures this way, and the boxes stack up nicely. That's it for now, I'm off to run some trains
  8. Today's photos are in and around Newcastle in the 1980s. Scotswood Tunnel east end 14th Sept 85 C7176 St Peters Newcastle Riverside branch Mon 17 Feb 86 C7301.jpg Newcastle 43096 Edinburgh to Kings X 1st Aug 86 C7806 Newcastle 47051 cement from Forth sidings 24th Feb 87 C8216.jpg Newcastle 47652 Newcastle to Poole 14th April 87 C8263.jpg David
  9. Around the Sheffield area in the 1970s and 1980s this afternoon. Woodburn Junction is halfway between Sheffield Victoria and Darnall for those unfamiliar with the area. Woodburn Junction Sheffield GCR Oct 76 J5462 Woodburn Junction Sheffield GCR Oct 76 J5464 Orgreave Colliery junction NCB shunter Feb 79 C4333 Tinsley Mon 23rd Dec 85 C7269 Tinsley 20165 and 20043 and snowplough Mon 23rd Dec 85 C7270.jpg David
  10. Back to Bottesford today, on the Grantham to Nottingham line. In the 1970s and early 1980s there were quite a lot of loco hauled trains as well as the local dmu service from Nottingham to Skegness via Grantham. The Class 45 in the last photo on a diverted St Pancras to Nottingham service, which ran from Kings Cross, was very unusual. On the day the photo was taken all the Midland trains were diverted to run from Kings Cross as the Midland line was blocked. Bottesford 20068 and 20073 Burton to Skegness July 81 J7528.jpg Bottesford 25069 and 25081 Derby to Yarmouth Aug 81 J7535.jpg Bottesford 31115 and 31145 Derby to Skegness Sept 82 J7742.jpg Bottesford 37047 Parkeston Quay to Manchester May 81 J7385.jpg Bottesford 45103 diverted St Pancras to Derby June 81 J7509.jpg David
  11. A quick trip to the west now to look at the Cumbrian Coast line. Bootle Cumbria Class 47 down empty coal 6th Aug 87 C8759.jpg Bootle Cumbria Class 47 down empty coal 6th Aug 87 C8760.jpg Skelly Crag level crossing near Foxfield Class 108 up 6th Aug 87 C8749.jpg Silverdale 8th Aug 87 C8838 Silverdale Class 108 and Class 104 Lancaster to Barrow 8th Aug 87 C8839.jpg David
  12. I was busy this morning so the first batch of toady's photos are a bit later than usual. They are from the Bowes Railway, just south of Gateshead and show the rope hauled inclines each side of Blackham's Hill winding engine in operation in preservation days. Blackhams Hil Aug 80 J7077 Blackhams Hill wagons at top of incline rope just disconnected 24th May 87 C8569.jpg Blackhams Hill wagons coming up incline on rope 24th May 87 C8571.jpg Blackhams Hill wagons coming up incline on rope onto kip 24th May 87 C8575.jpg Blackhams Hill wagons coming up incline on rope onto kip 24th May 87 C8576.jpg Blackhams Hill rope guides24th May 87 C8577.jpg Bowes Railway Blackhams Hill Barclay WST 7th April 85 C6782.jpg David
  13. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Final picture of the day... I removed the blue warehouse building which enabled me to push the lens of the camera in its place. Ivy & Daisy stilling chatting, no change there then?
  14. Birmingham International and Birmingham New Street this afternoon, all from October 1980 on the way to and from the Motor Show at the NEC. Birmingham International 86234 Birmingham to Euston Oct 80 J7259.jpg Birmingham International 304039 Euston to Birmingham Oct 80 J7267.jpg Birmingham New Street 312 202 special New Street to International Oct 80 J7253.jpg Birmingham New Street 304038 Walsall to New Street Oct 80 J7269.jpg Birmingham New Street Class 31 ecs 86520 le 87002 down Oct 80 J7273.jpg David
  15. Hi folks, Well, there have been a few developments on WW over the past week or two, so here is an update of recent comings and goings on the layout. Perhaps the biggest change is the replacement of the old halogen bulbs in the railway room ceiling with new LED versions. These are just 4W compared with the 40W of the old ones and, as there are 15 of them, they will make a big different to my power consumption. But the most important change for my purposes is that they're in the daylight range (6500k), which gives a much more natural and faithful rendering of the colours on the layout. They are straight replacements for the old bulbs, with no electrickery required, and they're a big improvement all round on the old ones. They are also dimmable, which is another plan for the future. At around £3.99 each, they were reasonably priced too. All the photos below were taken under the new lights, so you can judge for yourselves. The next development is the arrival of one of Hornby's new J36s - "Maude". The prototype loco was often used on local railtours out from Waverley in the 80s, and so is an ideal addition to WW's railtour fleet. This lovely little loco is just about able to haul four Bachmann Mk 1s around the layout, which is all I wanted it to do. It's fitted with TTS sound too, which sounds pretty good to my ears. It goes chuff-chuff anyway, like all steam locos do, unlike those diesels which all sound so different (apologies to all those with an inclination towards steam, I just couldn't resist that one ). Seriously though, I was impressed by the sound, especially for the price. Next up is the near-completion of the InterCity-liveried inspection saloon. i thought it was finished but then I took some photos of it and realised I hadn't painted the ETS jumpers and cables. Doh! Here are some shots of it, fitted with DCC-controlled lighting using an old Lenz decoder dating from my pre-sound days... Finally, here are some general shots of the layout taken under the new lights. This one in particular I think shows off the daylight characteristics of the light. If you compare it with some old photos taken under the halogen lights, the difference really becomes apparent. Hope to be back soon with another update. I'm still missing my DSLR but hopefully a replacement will be purchased soon. We've just paid off a chunk of the mortgage and there's no money left for such luxuries right now. That's all for now. Happy modelling, folks! Cheers Dave
  16. I'll start this afternoon by saying thanks to those who have provided extra information about the Sheffield photos. When I was (very) young I knew Sheffield reasonably well, as I had relatives who lived there who I saw from time to time. By the late 60s they had moved away so the changes which have taken place since then mean that when I go there now I get hopelessly lost. Now for this afternoon's BR photos which are once again on the Midland, starting at Nottingham. Nottingham Class 45 St Pancras to Sheffield Dec 79 J6714 Nottingham Class 45 up ex pass July 76 C2877 The bright red spots under the bridge on the right are the result of film deterioration. Ratcliffe on Soar Class 253 St Pancras to Sheffield Feb 83 J7810.jpg This looks very different now. Ratcliffe on Soar Class 20s up ballast Feb 83 J7809.jpg Kegworth 37251 down ballast Feb 83 J7805 David
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    Little Muddle

    Miss Gray is still arguing with her mother whilst the city gent pretends not to be listening! I think this works as I zoomed in, which is something I don't use a lot as I rather crop and adjust to close in to enlarge a picture.
  18. Mutton. April 1959. A Norman Lockhart original. Rob.
  19. I don't know if it is just me but I really do not have any particular problems in finding specific content on this site, unlike some comments from posters in other threads. Another visit to Swayfield to see some more ECML trains today. Swayfield Class 31 down parcels April 70 J2089 Swayfield 55022 up May 78 J6128 Swayfield 47333 Hull to Kings X Sept 81 J7577 Swayfield 55007 York to Kings X Sept 81 J7579 Swayfield A3 4472 Flying Scotsman Peterborough to York SLOA Diamond Jubilee Flying Scotsman third run March 83 J7837.jpg David
  20. Morning All, With the permission of our glorious leader, here are some pictures of a PN project being worked on in the background. Whilst the clutch of signals at the north end continue to grace many a picture of the layout, one or two of them do not bear too close inspection. I am delighted therefore to have been asked to do something about it. First to be tackled is one of three more or less identical bracket signals, being that controlling movements off the down goods line, seen here (on the left) in a cropped camfone image from one of Glibert's reference books (hope that doesn't violate too many copyright laws?). Alongside (taken from the other side) is the current equivalent signal on the layout. As you can see, it has a few 'issues', not least the aftermath of something heavy having been dropped on it in times past (note the mangled main post latticework two thirds of the way up!). Another of its issues is that is that the lattice bracket work, although similar, is not the right shape. Unfortunately, although there is a 'double' bracket in the ex-MSE range, it is not the right shape either. Having failed in an attempt to get one etched for me, I took the plunge and decided to make one up to my own drawing, using the smallest (0.8mm) flat brass bar available. Here are the completed brackets, alongside the main post. This (the post) is a standard Wizard item - however, I have reinforced it with fine brass angle up all four edges. As well as being more realistic, this will help make it more knock-proof ... just in case. From here on, the work should be more straightforward, if a little fiddly. Standard Wizard parts again can be used for the dolls. And here is where I'm up to as of last night. Basic signal structure complete and with landing ready to be affixed. More to follow in due course. And, in more positive news, I have now found a willing volunteer to do the etches for the other two signals(!) so they should be a little more straightforward when their turn comes.
  21. Some photos taken at Winning, on the Blyth and Tyne. Winning is where the Blyth and Tyne line from Bedlington joins the line from Ashington and Lynemouth, before heading to Cambois and North Blyth. Winning 56116 coal Lynemouth to Blyth power station 6th July 87 C8629.jpg Winning 56127 Blyth PS to Butterwell empties 5th Jan 87 C8171.jpg Winning 56129 empties 11th April 85 C6944.jpg Winning 56130 empty aluminium ingot wagons to Alcan Lynemouth 6th July 87 C8630.jpg Winning 56130 empty aluminium ingot wagons to Alcan Lynemouth 6th July 87 C8631.jpg David
  22. I know this is a bit off topic but a great friend and myself ordered our Warships at the same time, we both paid for them at the same time. Sadly my old pal passed away last year after a short illness. A bit later in the year I was reminded we had both pre ordered and paid in full. Anyway to cut a long story short after discussion with his wife I bought my mates Warship from her. Kernow were amazing the way they transferred the order to me and handled everything in a sensitive way. I have my Warship, and await my friends Warship when it finally reaches these shores, it will be run for my pal Rod, gone but not forgotten.
  23. 1960s Harrogate for this afternoon. The last two photos are included to show how much lineside vegetation can change over a period as short as six years. During the week I've changed to fibre broadband, while the site is still not all that fast uploading is now much quicker. my upload and download speeds have increased by about 6X. Harrogate LMS Class 5 Harrogate to Kings X Oct 65 J408.jpg Harrogate track relaying 3 May 66 J508 Harrogate Class 101 Leeds to West Hartlepool last day of Ripon line March 67 J792.jpg Harrogate view north April 67 J874 Harrogate Aug 73 C1386 David
  24. Many thanks for the good wishes for my Mum to make a good recovery - it turns out she has a chest infection - which has followed on from a non specific virus a short time ago. Northumberland today with photos mainly on the ECML taken at places beginning with "W". Widdrington station HST down May 83 C6056.jpg Widdrington sidings 11th Oct 86 C8032 Warkworth 40007up freightliner Aug 80 J7121 The old station building is on the right. Wooden Gates (near) NCB Shilbottle branch Aug 80 J7118.jpg Wooden Gates Class 143 Newcastle to Alnmouth 24th Oct 86 C8158.jpg Wooden Gates Class 254 down 24th Oct 86 C8157 David
  25. Barrow and Dalton in Furness today, on the Cumbrian Coast line. Dalton in Furnesss 6th Aug 87 C8738 Barrow Class 108 Barrow to Lancaster 6th Aug 87 C8740 Barrow Class 108 54196 and 53606 Barrow to Carlisle 6th Aug 87 C8741.jpg Barrow Class 108 54196 and 53606 Barrow to Carlisle 6th Aug 87 C8742.jpg Barrow Class 108 54196 and 53606 Barrow to Carlisle 6th Aug 87 C8743.jpg David
  26. The other end of the subway - awaiting a few details
  27. Two very different locations today. Battersby where trains have to reverse on their way from Middlesbrough to Whitby and Monkton cokeworks, south of the River Tyne. Battersby 143020 Darlington to Whitby 29th July 86 C7694.jpg Battersby 143020 Darlington to Whitby 29th July 86 C7695.jpg Battersby 143011 Darlington to Whitby 2nd Aug 86 C7824.jpg Monkton Bowes Railway view towards Wardley 15th Aug 85 C7136.jpg Monkton coke works view south along Bowes Railway 12th Oct 85 C7235.jpg Monkton coke works view south along Bowes Railway 12th Oct 85 C7236.jpg David
  28. More from the Blyth and Tyne today, this time on the line from Newcastle to Morpeth, the photos start at Seghill. I really was standing in the middle of the road at Seghill. Having got out of the car I stood in front of it to take the photo. Fortunately there was no other traffic about. Edit - Sometime fairly soon I hope to put a few pf my favourite recent photos into a Gallery on RMWeb Seghill Class 56 up alminium ingots 26th June 99 C24668.jpg South Newsham diverted HST down Feb 84 C 6461 South Newsham 37 37062 up May 81 J7506 South Newsham 37062 up ballast in siding Aug 81 J7569.jpg Morpeth cable train 25th April 86 C7559 Taken while the ECML was being electrified. David
  29. Some photos today mainly from the late 1980s between Newcastle and Hexham. Some of you may be noticing that the 1986/7 photos are not as "crisp" as those from other years. This is because I was using a different brand of slide film, which gave good results at the time but it did not keep well, over the years the colours changed and it became more contrasty and somehow less sharp. Riding Mill view west July 83 C6098 Dilston 143023 Newcastle to Hexham 5th July 87 C8601 Dilston West Country 34092 Hexham to Gateshead Metro Centre 1st Aug 87 C8721.jpg Hexham 143024 Hexham to Sunderland 24th Feb 87 C8214.jpg Hexham coal drops 2nd Feb 85 C6690 David
  30. Bachmann Europe attended the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace over the weekend and several new models were on display for the first time inside the Members Lounge (for the exclusive use of Bachmann Collectors Club Members). Official photographs of the Branchline Class 94xx (Engineering Prototype) have now been released.
  31. A very quick visit, as I am seriously knackered. I'll deal with posts above tomorrow. Let's have another WD. followed by another of the lens hood experiments. and its goodnight from him.
  32. The Blyth and Tyne at Freemans crossing, Cambois and North Blyth for this afternoon. Freemans crossing Class 56 leaving Blyth power station Dec 82 C5891.jpg Cambois 37065 April 82 J7641.jpg Cambois 37212 Lynemouth to Alcan North Blyth 22nd Dec 86 C8235.jpg North Blyth 37048 Dec 80 J7314 Alcan North Blyth Class 37 21st April 86 C7521 David
  33. Three more photos at Carlisle to start with today, followed by a couple taken from a train passing Kingmoor shed. Carlisle 86242 Glasgow to Poole 26th Aug 86 C7958.jpg Carlisle 86204 Midland Scot Birmingham to Edinburgh and Glasgow 26th Aug 86 C7959.jpg Carlisle 87022 down Principality Euston to Edinburgh and Glasgow 26th Aug 86 C7969.jpg Kingmoor 25901 and 25213 9th May 87 C8418 Kingmoor 25903 and 47587 9th May 87 C8419 David
  34. I've been doing some work on the tender, adding all the fiddly details which seem to take forever. The main part of the tender body was one of the first things I worked on all those years ago, and I had forgotten most of what I did. Although I bought 2 9F kits (I think I'll save the other until I'm retired!) I bought 3 tenders. The idea was that I'd use the BR1G as a practice piece, as I anticipated messing it up - I was still quite new to soldering kits together at the time and hadn't attempted anything approaching this level of complexity. My original plan was to build a BR1F tender to replace it (as happened in real life to the loco I had in mind). Anyway, as time has passed, my period of modelling interest has edged ever earlier. Really, a 9F is too modern for me now, but I've always liked them, so I still must have one (well, two actually)... so to keep things as early as possible, my model is of the first one delivered to the Midland region - albeit to a completely different area to that which I'm modelling, but I really really like 9Fs! Although a Midland loco, 92008 needs a Western region tender, and my test piece has evolved into the final model and I now have a spare BR1F tender kit. There are one or two historic rough bits, but overall it will do. I thought I just needed to fill in a couple of gaps with Milliput before a final clean and paint, but I've just noticed that the front handrail stanchion by the rear of the coal bunker is leaning backwards... Typical that the BR1G is bristling with so many handrails to get straight and level. My engine's younger sibling, 92009, was diverted to the Midland too. Fairly early on, that one lost its BR1G tender to the 9F that replaced Big Bertha as the Lickey Banker (92079 ?). Fortunately, some people took photos from behind as it helped shove trains up the bank, so there are good views of the double lamp brackets it still carried. These are made from the WR brackets in the kit, with extra uprights soldered on. In the kit, the half-etched lines for the bends are on the wrong side (unless I've misunderstood how they're supposed to attach) so I've had to add extra stregthening fillets of solder to the bends after assembling them "inside out". I don't think these look as delicate as the ones for the front of the loco somehow. Bob's kit gives 3 options for the cab doors. I've used one of the "open" variety for the drivers' side, and the closed "scale" variety for the fireman's side. I had a surreptitious play with one of Evening Star's cab doors in York the other week, to make sure I got the bends going the right way. The kit was originally designed to use a fairly chunky open frame motor, but I have substituted one of the Association can motors which frees up a lot of space. I could have easily fitted in a slightly larger N20 without difficulty. Looking down from on top, you can see that there is potential to model the tender half empty. For those interested in what lies beneath, here is the electrickery lurking in the water space. The decoder is a CT-Elektronik DCX74zD - positively ancient now, but I had it in the box, and it fit in the space nicely. Despite its vintage, the DCX74 has the capacity (pun intended) to have stay-alive fitted... the capacitors for which are contained within the Kapton-wrapped parcel behind the motor - 6 x 220uF tantalum chip capacitors. The horseshoe shape of the capacitor block fits around the bracket with the fixing bolt that belongs to the tender top. Along side the motor sits a diode and dropper resistor for the reversing gear motor housed in the boiler. Finally, a self indulgent picture of the loco and tender placed together... hopefully worth the 11 year wait to get it to this stage. I really love this livery... I hope the black paint suits it as well!
  35. Clive you are the master of building locos from plasticard. I can’t do what you do, I’ve tried and failed. I enjoy building locos from brass or white metal, here is one I am just finishing it’s a Djh BR standard 2, 2-6-0 When I started to look at building Loco kits I bought Tony’s two dvds on building locos (right track 1&2 ) and got advise from Tony when he and Mo go to shows, I’m not very good but the kit comes together well. Mark
  36. Some more photos today from Radcliffe on Trent, a bit earlier than usual for once. A couple of them show the experimental concrete tack. Radcliffe on Trent 2 Class 20 down freight March 80 J6797.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Nottingham to Skegness March 80 J6814.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Manchester Jan 77 J5609.jpg Radcliffe on Trent 2 Class 20s Derby to Skegness May 80 J6945.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Skegness to Nottingham Jan 78 J5910.jpg A distant view. David
  37. 5355 with the afternoon express coasts into platform 2 at Encombe Town station. Looks like those wishing to catch the Little Muddle connection might be in luck if the auto train waits!!!
  38. I do exhibit my layouts. I make no bones about how basic my approach is. I use ready to run stock, Peco track, ready to plant buildings and basic scenery. The electrics are basic with manual points and tension lock couplings. I hope my layouts show what can be achieved with very basic materials and present what is possible. Woodenhead was very kind in his comments in an earlier post regarding my layouts which are very hands on. Last weekend I exhibited for two days at the Nailsea show. Only one very loud comment made by someone who walked straight past proclaiming loudly to his chum about too much 'hand of god' as I was uncoupling a wagon or two. Carry on I say, you are missing my point. With no hi jack intended, an image of my train set. Rob.
  39. A slightly different set of photos today which need not be taken too seriously. Starting at Victoria - though leaving from the other side of the station - we visit Lewes around 1951 before reaching Brighton. At Brighton we have a look at some of the less usual attractions which have some sort of railway interest - and which might make a very different model. London Victoria Class 411 Victoria to Folkestone Harbour April 83 J7879.jpg Lewes station colour print from slide c1951 JVol3130.jpg At Brighton we have a photo looking down on the Childrens Pleasure Beach Railway. I'm not sure you could do this with streamline track but it might work as a minimum space model. Brighton Childrens Pleasure beach railway Sept 79 J6636.jpg Back in the 1950s you could have visited the Jigsaw train. I am the small boy in the first "coach". I've no idea who the other "passengers" were. Brighton Jig Saw train Aug 54 J1676 Lastly we have a couple of photos of Volk's electric Railway. Brighton Volks electric railway Sept 79 J6639 Brighton Volks electric railway Sept 79 J6640 David
  40. Out and about on the ECML in Northumberland this afternoon. I am hoping the rest of today goes better than yesterday - a few minutes after I posted yesterday's images my electricity went off until just before midnight. A nearby cable had broken and it had to be replaced. There is now a large hole in the ground just round the corner. Goswick HST down 27th Feb 87 C8251 Alnmouth Class 40 down freight Aug 81 J7566 anhydrous ammonia to Leith or Grangemouth - with thanks to those posters below who provided the information. Alnmouth Class 254 up Aug 82 J7672 Southside 37031 up empty car carriers 19.08 17th June 87 C8549.jpg Morpeth 37069 up l e April 82 C5653 David
  41. Glasgow and South Western today, at Stranraer Harbour and Troon. For those who know about ships and looking at the caption on the third photo are wondering what Glen Sannox was doing at Stranraer it was an excursion from Stranraer to Troon on the ship as part of a day out by a special train from Morpeth and Newcastle. Stranraer Harbour 47406 9th May 87 C8441.jpg Stranraer Harbour 47406 9th May 87 C8442.jpg Stranraer Harbour from MV Glen Sannox 9th May 87 C8449.jpg Troon 318251 Ayr to Glasgow C 9th May 87 C8465.jpg Troon 47406 47406 WBHS Troon to Morpeth 9th May 87 C8469.jpg MV Glen Sannox 9th May 87 C8452.jpg MV Glen Sannox off Ailsa Craig 9th May 87 C8456.jpg David
  42. Today's theme is the Southern by and over the Thames. Blackfriars bridge from St Pauls Nov 69 C5501.jpg Blackfriars June 79 C4589 Blackfriars Bridge 11th March 78 C3707.jpg Cannon Street June 79 C4588 Cannon Street Class 415s June 79 J6488.jpg Cannon Street bridge June 79 J6490.jpg David
  43. The second batch are of the London Tilbury and Southend. Sometimes the weather in Essex was very dull and dismal, other days were bright and sunny. Tilbury Town 08519 down le May 80 J6908.jpg Tilbury Edith and Catherine at Tilbury Riverside landing stage on the right May 80 J6917.jpg Laindon 302273 Shoeburyness to Fenchurch St May 80 J6951.jpg Hadleigh Class 302 Fenchurch St to Shoeburyness 27th Dec 79 C4921.jpg Leigh on Sea Class 302 Fenchurch St to Shoeburyness Oct 74 C1813.jpg Chalkwell Class 302 Shoeburyness to Fenchurch St Feb 78 C3683.jpg David
  44. Just tried some more 'panorama' shots and this time managed to get a whole train in (because it's only two coaches!) Small prairie and B-set depart Stoke C. for Earlsbridge. John C.
  45. Back to the fifties in real life this morning. No heating, and it is more than a trifle chilly. What softies we are! Most of us anyway. Does anyone miss the days when we scraped ice off the inside of our bedroom windows in the morning though? Anyway, the fitter has just arrived, and says I may have heating back on today if all goes well. Pictures? Well, 02s look very nice from any angle, so here is a going away shot. The next available slot on the Up was used by a J50 on its way down to South yard for a day's shunting.
  46. Bachmann Europe attended the London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace over the weekend and several new models were on display for the first time inside the Members Lounge (for the exclusive use of Bachmann Collectors Club Members). Images of the Narrow Gauge Quarry Hunslet (3D Print) have now been released.
  47. KNP

    Little Muddle

    A few leftovers....
  48. Tony, apologies, I have totally hijacked your thread, but I can’t help but want to post this. This is is my first ever Brass kit that is more or less completed. I am very happy with the result, I know that with practice I’ll get better and better. I must thank Jonathan for his awesome help with it, via countless Facebook messages!
  49. 32 points
    Hello, Mal's wife Gabe here. Really very sorry for being the bearer of the worst news, but Mal died on Monday 18 March at 9.40pm. His children Cat, Fin and I and his best friend (my brother Vic) were all with him, here at our new home in Ancrum Bank. It was so very tranquil. So tranquil in fact that it took me and Fin ten minutes to be absolutely sure Mal really wasn't breathing, he looked so serene and calm. But he was definitely ready to go. All medical and caring staff said how content he looked, wrapped comfortably in all the warm wishes of all those who loved him, from both near and far. A celebration of his life will be held at Mortonhall Crematorium, Edinburgh on Thursday 28 March at 12 noon to which all are warmly invited. I've been working hard all week getting his funeral arrangements sorted and his celebrant, Onie Tibbitt, is keen to get close friends to share the funny things he said or did that exemplified the kind of man he was. You guys were a massive part of his life. He was very close to you. Many is the time he would leave your forum with a moist eye telling me some sad news, or, much more often, with a chuckle. Sadly, you are the guys with whom I have least connection as I have never met or spoken, or indeed communicated in any meaningful way with any of you apart from the briefest of updates while Mal was in Basingstoke after his major op in February last year. You guys may have been a facet of his life which was an entire mystery to me but now it is time to unveil the mystery. It is clear, as Onie and I have pored over Mal's lifetime, that the theme of Railways surfaces time and time again as a major focus in his life. Apart from your friendships, I would love to receive sentence or two from you guys explaining the significance of trains in general and RM in particular to Mal. It is one of my biggest regrets that Mal never achieved his long-held ambition to set up his own model railway here in our new home. Who knows, in the fullness of time, I may even pick up that challenge, but don't hold your breath or you may turn blue and keel over and I've had more than enough of that thank you. If any of you would like to contribute your thoughts, Onie is happy to get in touch with you for a chat, or you could email her anecdotes of funny things he said, or things he did which seemed to exemplify his character, before 5pm Monday 25th March so she can start compiling a tribute in good time. Onie's email address is [email protected], so feel free to email her direct, or if you would rather chat, let her know and she can arrange a convenient time. And in case you don't know it already, our new address is 1 Ancrum Bank, Dalkeith, Midlothian, EH22 3AY, tel 0131 660 1609. My mobile is 07563557310. I’ll be shutting Malcolm’s email and phone contracts down at some point, so remember to delete him from your contacts list, but feel free to please add me if you wish ;-) I know you will understand that I have my hands full. So please don't be overly concerned if I don't acknowledge any replies on the forum for a couple of days. Once I can stop juggling balls while unicycling, and once things start to feel a bit more settled, if it is not too presumptuous, I look forward to logging in and maybe getting to know you guys a wee bit. Gabe
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