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  1. Evening all am on my hols at the moment and finding time to make a bit of progress with the T9. The chassis is finished, having had all manner of detailing bits, overlays and bits of pipe attached. This took some time to sort out because I wanted to have the wheels removable. I made up a couple of bits to support the rear and front springs which are curiously a mixture of coil and leaf springs. The brake control rods have been fixed with 16BA screws so the whole thing can be disassembled for painting and subsequent maintenance. I've now turned my attention to the footplate. The kit ha
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  2. Just to prove that my recent blog entry was not just waffle & hot air concerning the light railway project, behold a station building and a coach. The building is slightly modified Hornby with a new corrugated iron, glazing and a metal chimney for the office stove. Plus a suitably tired looking looking paint job. The coach if one may so dignify the relic that you see before you is a 5 and 9 kit obtained from a friend of mine and reworked a little with a new roof and compensation. There are a few passengers inside but the poor souls probably don't realise that the coach has no brake
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  3. SWMBO has taken the kids and the MIL to the seaside for a few days, so while the house is my own, it's kinda turned into a workshop The long put off task of getting the track ballasted has took a huge leap forward with the end board having all the track ballast done. I've also fixed down the tracks for the camping coach to sit on. The steps for the camping coach have been offered up and found to be good - note I'm using the OTHER coach so as not to damage the finish on the actual camping coach whilst all the glue and stuff is flying around So, jobs for tomorrow - b
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  4. After several attempts to rationalise the size and shape of the Bridgnorth Baseboard footprint, the bullet has been bitten and a chunk of 4mm plywood attacked. I don't have access to an A1 Printer,so a printout of the model area was made taking several A4 sheets, which I laid out and overlapped as necessary, and the cutting shape marked with the sheet of ply on the Dining Table, being the largest flat surface around. The ply was then, (to the relief of household management) taken to the garage for cutting. All this despite having said earlier that the major base would follow the construction
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  5. The old Jindenco/Falcon Brassworks kits will be well-known to old hands, but there has been some interest shown on the forums in their recent re-introduction under new owners so it is perhaps worthwhile to present a review of one of the 'new' kits. I recently ordered a couple of these kits, an AA6 PW brake van and a CC3 Signal Dept. tool van and both arrived within six weeks. I assume that if you are the first to order a particular kit then you'll have to wait a similar period, but they may be producing a small number of each kit when it is first ordered so subsequent orders might be delivered
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  6. The OO Garden Shed By John Geeee I like the Metcalfe card buildings because they are easy to build and you can fill a space very quickly but sometimes I do not think they look detailed and textured enough for areas that are easily viewable. So as time goes on there are certain buildings that I want to replace with better quality options. The first was the Goods Shed. It's at the front of my layout so very visible. Here is how I built the Ratio Goods Shed. Personally I think this is my best paint job so far. I think I got the stone work just right. Unfortunately I do not have pictur
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