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  1. Although still October, the December 2013 issue (Number 189) of Model Rail Magazine hits the newsagent shelves today and features an article about Fisherton Sarum. The article is written around a completely new stunning set of photographs by Chris Nevard. As well as the obvious details about the layout the article focuses through some of the text and the great photography on my kit built rather than Ready-To-Run rolling stock. Those using the iPad app will also be able to view a gallery containing ten additional pictures not used in print along with a short video clip of the lay
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  2. I've been busy making a model of St Fagan's Forge, which is going to be located near the bridge over the road featured in these photos. The forge is going to be squeezed in front of the embankment on the left of the bridge. The layout is set in 1947, so I am having some fun figuring out how the forge would be used by that time. I'm leaning towards the idea that its owner is doing some repairs to motor vehicles, as I fancy having a rusty old tractor or lorry parked outside.
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  3. Had a couple of GWR ground signals turn up from an outstanding order a few months back so I thought I'd do a bit more work on Cheslyn. Also started installing some Spratt and Winkle couplings on some more coach stock. One day I was playing with a Vi Trains class 37 whilst working on the couplings at the same time - never a good idea. After the session I picked up the 37 and found a dirty great superglue blemish and a bit of finger tip hanging off the bodywork. This was quite a shock and I didn't know quite what to do at first, but out came the glass fibre pen. Unfortunately this fetched th
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  4. Hi I've been working hard since the last post, and the pictures below will show you the fruits of my labours. I have cut the baseboard into two parts, on with the scenic area and the other the fiddleyard. This makes the area of the layout for transport smaller, but of course makes the depth larger. Another advantage in transit the electrical wiring is now inside and not exposed. This means that when I am transporting it on a train, I am not breaking National Carriage Conditions. See previous posting about this problem. See the following link for details http://www.rmweb.c
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  5. Onwards and upwards – well I guess it depends on the direction of travel. The Branch Terminus and the Branch Junction described in my last posts are actually the highest parts of the layout being 158 mm higher than the original Main Terminus. Continuing our journey from the Branch Junction the title of this Post should probably read ‘Downhill all the way’ – I think not! The Main Junction –wide angle The Main Junction –panoramic There are two single track lines from the Branch Junction, one supposedly being of GWR origin and the other having LNWR roots. The later circles round and
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  6. I had to find a solution for my the lighting and background of my APA-box diorama. Due my multiple chemical sensitivity I’m not able to do any soldering. So I have to search for other possibilities. I find this one of the most difficult jobs for my diorama’s. I use a led strips from IKEA with the following description: light temperature 2700 K / 30 lumen. This is enough for a APA-box. I have used them also for Nice Street (Urban Scene). This time the led strip is adjusted at the front of the box. Using some aluminium foil and transparent paper I created a diffused lightning. If have made
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