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  1. The picture below represents the starting point for the next phase which includes finishing off the conveyor systems and the buildings and starting work on the scenics as well as the excavation for the conveyor pits. I used the theme board as a back which sets the model off nicely but the light reflecting is something to look at next time. The picture below shows the problem with conveyor 3 going into the drying tower where I didnt get the angles quite right. Just going to do some adjustment now to the length of the conveyor as I dont want the drying tower much closer to the nor
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  2. Evening. Well the GLR Px48 kits arrived from Shapeways on Monday courtesy of UPS. I'm impressed with the kits and Richard has done a good job of capturing the shape of a Px48 well. On examination there's a little 'stepping' from the print process on the rear of the tender but generally everything is crisp and forms a blank canvas to add the detail to. There's going to be a lot of it as well. The kit comes as three parts with the smokebox and running plate forming one of the prints, then the cab and boiler and finally the tender print. The HOe version is designed to fit the Graham
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  3. Well not actually tiles but a big box of white 'Art Straws'. Plan is to colour them. split down the middle and snip to size then scatter liberally in and around the building. OK first problem - how to colour them. After a couple of experiments the Colron wood dye worked the best to soak them but the one I have is far too brown. Have actually just had a moment of inspiration - years ago I bought three tins of bright coloured wood dye fom a wooden toy that never got used. I remember seeing two of them in the cellar the other day. What colours are there though. If one is red I can mix it with the
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  4. Hi again, some news from the M-K & Eastern RR. I just finished a painting that I made that depicts the harbour of my layout at night. This one is acrylic on canvas and is 12" x 16". I just have to do some "regular" paintings sometimes. Source: The M-K & Eastern RR Harbour branch
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