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    In the February issue of BRM, I showed a few photos taken last year when I went over to Australia to talk to the British Railway Modellers of Australia convention. After the main event, we enjoyed a couple of days visiting members layouts around Adelaide. One of the highlights was Tony Phillips model of Nottingham Victoria. This lives in a 40ft by 32ft railway room and is simply awe inspiring when you see it. Reader Keith Dyson from Nottingham e-mailed me to ask if I had any more photos. Well, it's taken me a while to find them, but here are more shots of this amazing project. Looking inside the train shed, still unfinished but looking good. The builder usually finds himself in charge of the MPD during operating sessions. Coal traffic is important and on a layout this large, you need a big loco to handle it. Finally, the man who built all this, Tony Phillips. Thanks again to the British Railway Modellers of Australia. If you are planning a trip "down under", get in touch with them as they are a friendly bunch with some great model railways.
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    Before I could begin painting the signal box a number of detail components needed to be constructed. The gutter down pipes included in the kit were of course designed to fit a ground level type box so were no longer long enough to reach ground level. The pipes were extended by inserting sections of suitable diameter plastic rod between the moulded down pipe fittings included in the kit and then attached to the building using liquid poly. A name plate was made using 2mm Slaters Plastikard lettering glued to a strip of black 20 thou Plasticard sheeting. I replaced the roof finials with some 4mm scale signal finials which I think look a bit more Great Western. I'm still not convinced they are quite the right shape so I may have another go at making something more representative. A number of pictures of prototype signal boxes show a horseshoe fitted above the signal box door and I fancied including one on my model. In order to fabricate a 7mm scale version I wrapped a section of Micro strip around a paint brush handle then flooded it with liquid poly and allowed it to set overnight. once everything was dry the horse shoe was slid off the paint brush handle, the ends trimmed and then glued in position above the door. The model was painted using enamel paints from both Railmatch and Humbrol, before glazing with the clear sheeting included in the kit. At the moment the roof is still removable to allow me to fit any internal detail. I'm surprised that despite the number of windows very little of the inside of the box is easily visible when positioned on the layout. Even so I'll probably at least include a representation of some levers and assorted gubbins just in case! The next few pictures show the building in it's position on the layout. I still need to construct a walkway to cover the area where the point rodding enters the box and finalise the signal wire runs. I'm not sure what I'm going to tackle next, there are a number of projects on the go! The goods shed still needs finishing and painting, as does the station platform face and surface. I've got the components needed to make the signals work and a load off track ballast to apply. I've also got an interesting etched brass piece of stock that I'm itching to build, so there's plenty still to do! Until next time! Dave
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    Here is the start of something different. Another 2-6-2 tank. I will do bits on the Ivatt but I need the castings from Laurie who seems to of gone AWOL!!!! Well it is a kit marketed by Ace Models. It is a bit of a mongrel, there are some etches done by William and there are some by Mcgowens, and a couple I am not sure about. Checking against a drawing it seems to be about the right size in all directions. Now it would be unlike me to build it straight out of the box. The rear axle is a radial not a pony so I thought lets try and build a radial axle box. Well it should work OK. I just need to spring it so the wheels stay on the rails. Next was sort out the frames these were soldered together to make sure they are the same and to cut out the hoke for the radial axle. The coupling rods are a pain because they are to have a fork joint but provision in the etching for it. so out with the files and make the half etches. One down one to go. The knuckle hole is a little large for my liking but never mind. As a break from the coupling rods I marked out the compensation side beams. The rear will rock across the body held in position by end pivoted side beams rather than horns and guides, and the front two axles will me on side beams. with the motor on the centre axle. Thats where I am at the moment. I am looking forward to seeing how the radial axle works.
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    As you'll see in other entries on my blog, I build models of BR ex GER stock, and as the E4 and J17 are now virtually finished, I've started on a new build, a J19 (I've just edited this entry, I originally called the loco a J17. It's not!) 0-6-0 tender loco. As you can see from the photos below, I have used a High Level gear box (Road Runner +) at 60:1 ratio. The motor is currently a Mashima 1620 although I may change it for a 1624 or 1630 I have available. One of the things I dislike is seeing motors or gearboxes intruding in to cab, under boilers etc. With the modern range of gearboxes, I believe (although I would be happy to be proved wrong!) that you should be able to hide the motor and gearbox away, and this is why I have mounted the transmission the way I have. The one difficulty with this is that I have had to make a bracket to hold the gearbox in position when the body is mounted on the chassis, and it's fiddly to fix in place now, I dread to think what it will be like when I've got brake gear, pick ups etc in as well. However, that's my problem and as it's me who's created it, I'll live with it! Oh, and if you want to know whose wheels they are, all I will say is that the proprietor of Precision Paints and I are members of the same club. Phil
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