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    Under the locomotive will be the chassis I have commissioned to save me the bother of cutting six identical frame sets and so on... So, back from the etchers via Justin Hewitt who did most of the hard work, came these; Which, after about five minutes of clipping from the fret and four bend later, becom this, an 'instant' fold-up P4 chassis; After another ten minutes (I kid you not...) and the frame spacers are in place; Those among you with better eyesight than mine may also like to note that the spacers have been designed to be in the correct places for CSB- based suspension and fulcrum points in the form of etched holes included in the spacer - no calculations to do and no mucking about with handrail knobs... ...and looks like this sitting under the bodywork; More anon once I have cleaned up the bench a little and had my lunch... Best, Marcus
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    Just a couple of pics to show progress on goods shed. A fair bit still to go but I'm still sane ish watch this space I will post again next week
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    The Parkside GWR 10T Open has now had its 'G W' transfers replaced with correct scale 25" lettering, and the load and tare markings put on. It joins the Mink in awaiting only its 5-digit number on each side. The first two photos show the Mink van, with the "before" for the Open, while the last photo shows the "after" for the Open. The Mink D, as far as I can tell, should retain the smaller 'G W' lettering, but awaits its turn to get the load and tare weight markings, plus its suitable vehicle number.
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    I thought it about time I added some track to the turntable pits so for the past week I have spent some time making up lengths of nickel sliver bullhead track adding M1 Exactocscale chairs and Palatine rail droppers. One length of track is then carefully positioned and fixed using Butanone. The second rail is then added using gauges. UPDATE 13th July 2016 After adding around 1100 M1 chairs the 24 shed roads now have rail added. Here are a few photos.
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