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  1. Haroldston East is a layout that lives next to my desk. In fact, the removable fiddle yard runs along the back of the desk while attached to the layout. The layout measures about 6' wide by 1'4" deep and is built on one baseboard 8" high. The height is taken up by shelves for storing rolling stock and road vehicles not in use on the layout. The removable fiddle yard adds about 5' to the layout, giving plenty of room to run trains onto and off of the layout. The track plan is a little extravagant for a small station, featuring a double slip. The passenger platform is unusually sit
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  2. Except for the buffer heads and final finishing, my Brassmasters Jubilee in now structurally complete, ready for painting, except...... More problems have arisen, so it's currently a series of ups and downs. Final assembly and attachment to the tender has confirmed that the fall plate(s) will have to be omitted or heavily modified. As modelled, they probably work fine with the Stanier 4000 gallon tender, but with the Fowler 3500 they are too wide and long. This results in them jamming under the cab doors and contacting the filler plates that surround the brake and water scoop columns, preventi
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  3. My painted and weathered Crab was returned home this afternoon and very nice it looks to me. The apparent strange angle of the front steps in the last photo I posted which raised comment was, happily, an optical illusion or due to barreling of the camera lens. Here are some shots of it parked in front of the Jubilee. Now to fit the DCC chip and front AJ coupling. I'll have to try to source the correct shed plate - Farnley Junction, 55C. Dave.
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  4. This was a bit of a diversion for me as I have been a bit too busy to build recently. I've also stalled on the oil depot. (I plan to pick that project back up after Christmas.) But anyway, back in April I repurposed some poorly designed cattle wagons into scrap-carrying wagons. This is what they looked like: I have recently joined a Facebook group about Lego trains and I saw someone had built an open gondola wagon that used inverted panels for the sides of the wagon. The panels have little edges, which means they seem to have little ribs, much like industrial hoppers or gondolas h
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