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  1. Just a quick update on the storage sidings. The total of turnouts built is now 11 with ten now fixed in position in the storage sidings and three of the sidings laid. The turnouts are all constructed using 1.6mm thick double sided copper clad sleepers whilst the sidings are K&L and C&L lengths of flexitrack board joints strengthened using copper clad sleeper strips. Over the hot weather I have checked all the rail joints on the turnouts and board joints and where necessary I have widened the gap using a very thin file - a very useful tool obtained some years ago from Eileens. H
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  2. Well in one of my more recent posts, a regular contributor on here who will remain nameless, oh what they hell it was MIKKEL, said that my station canopy was curvy, how rude To be fair, he was right (I cant believe I have committed that to writing), but on the other hand he was just stating the obvious.....so I thought I better do something obvious to try and fix it. As luck would have it the Domestic Overlord was a little poorly today (not that the DO being sick is lucky for me), so Price towers was renamed Emergency Ward 10 and I went in to the full dutiful other half mode. Anyway I digr
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  3. The last job on the toplights prior to weathering and final detailing (bits that have fallen off in handling, etc) was to add numbers, so with my transfers sheets out I decided to complete the same task on the Hornby bow-end stock I covered earlier: http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/63159-bow-ended-stock-roof-handrails/ While I had the bow-ended stock out on the workbench again, I decided I couldn't live with the visible seam between the sides and end of the brake, so (as I'd done with the composite) I used filler to conceal the join between the mouldings as best I coul
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  4. Viewers of a nervous disposition, look away now... Long-time followers of the blog may remember my 28xx, which was a detailed and repainted Hornby model: The model has always been a favorite of mine, not only because of the work invested in it, but also because it was a birthday present from my wife and therefore had a bit more significance than just any old model bought by me. It has also always run well, in fact it is probably the best of the traditional Hornby tender drive locos I've owned. The model was given a good outing a couple of years ago but has been in a box s
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