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  1. Yes, the port scene has a name. There's a castle at the top of the hill, and a port at the bottom - hence Castleport. How dull, I hear you say, and you may well be right. If Google is to be believed, no other town in the whole of the English speaking world has deemed the name worthy of use, even though there are plenty that would qualify. Where the name does crop up it tends to be associated with mundane things like retail outlets and shopping malls. The town itself, climbing up the hill to the castle, was inspired by the riverside area of Durham, as depicted in the posters below by Brangwyn, Newbould and Taylor... Properties in the town offer little of architectural merit, the recent building boom having thrown up a load of quick-build housing of shoddy cardboard construction. The residents of Castleport can expect a future of subsidence, sagging rooflines and peeling wallpaper. The examples in the image below are typical of the rest... Steps leading up from the dock provide access to the town. Those beside the station come out opposite Evans' emporium and are known, naturally enough, as the Stairway to Evans... A view to the left... ...and a view to the right... That about sums up Castleport. More detailing still needs to be added. No doubt the population will come out of hiding eventually. For now though, I'm happy to leave it at that and move on to the third and final scene on this baseboard, which will be industrial. Cheers, Alan.
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