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  1. Always one to keep the punters happy. We see 93xx class 9319 on a short train of cattle vans. Soon to be made redundant with the imminent Dapol release.
  2. I have been working on a few bits and pieces over the winter. These pictures show a few recent developments on the layout but do not show any trains as the layout currently only has the two scenic boards set up while I work on them. They were taken with my phone, which is ok, but no control of depth of field. The first picture shows the newly created coal yard. Previously, this small area was simply a patch of grass. The hut, hopper and staithes were all built from plasticard. The yard lamps are also new. Next picture shows a cruel close-up of the footbridge sho
  3. Three more photos at Carlisle to start with today, followed by a couple taken from a train passing Kingmoor shed. Carlisle 86242 Glasgow to Poole 26th Aug 86 C7958.jpg Carlisle 86204 Midland Scot Birmingham to Edinburgh and Glasgow 26th Aug 86 C7959.jpg Carlisle 87022 down Principality Euston to Edinburgh and Glasgow 26th Aug 86 C7969.jpg Kingmoor 25901 and 25213 9th May 87 C8418 Kingmoor 25903 and 47587 9th May 87 C8419 David
  4. Balancing it out with SR N class mogul 1848 on the much requested Hawksworth stock.
  5. Bit of a storm developing over Kings Cross... Tim
  6. We have CF fully erected at Keen House at the moment. To save effort when setting up at a show, the back scenes have been fettled so that they drop into place relatively easily and are held in place by catches and flush mounts. The joints have been sharpened up to be less obvious and a storm has developed over KX Goods Yard. The reason for this is that the lighting proscenium can cast a diagonal shadow on the sky, so it will help to disguise the problem. The other end was a little more tricky to access... The back of York Way has also had some detail add
  7. By way of an update on the modelling front, Norman popped into Bleat Wharf and secured a couple of images. Not a great deal going on but at least Norman found a nice route to get there. Note Norman ' s new motor, Biggles, a Standard Flying 12. Murray has been retired and awaits a fettle and a well earnt rest from chasing steam trains. Rob.
  8. An "interesting" half hour. Having said that last night's picture should have been grainy, I went off this morning to take a few more, and, goodness me, they certainly were. " Goodness me" were not my actual words when I saw them, by the way. A brief Corporal Jones period followed, after which I looked for answers and soon found one. ISO set to 2500 How that happened I do not know. Anyway, I set it back to 80, where I think it was before, and peace and order were restored. I've no time to run trains this morning, but fortunately the 6.40 slow from KX was sitting at Platform 6, and
  9. A most enjoyable day with Geoff, and I even ran some trains, but they didn't get photographed, so you've missed Silver Link and Dominion of Canada. I expect they wouldn't have been cops anyway. I'm left with just one photo to show, which our man took after turning round from his vantage point for the last one. Murky, but not grainy, which it probably should be to get the 1950s look.
  10. Well, a year ago (last Thursday)... I was walking at a shew, And met a man who thought he knew the lot! He was going on about variations of Stroudley tanks... And the number of rivets an Adams Radial's got. So I asked him "What's that loco over there?" He answered "Ohh it's an N" I might have gone on thinking that was true, if the locomotive in question hadn't put that chap to shame and answered... "I hain't an N. I'm a... U. A Maunsell U The gnicest work of Mmaunsell at the shew... I'm a U, how do you do? You really ought to k-know w
  11. The other end of the subway - awaiting a few details
  12. Hi Everyone!! I have been doing some modelling again!! I have this week been chopping up a Tri-ang 7 plank wagon to make it look a bit more like an LBSC wagon, I will leave this comparison picture here for you to decide how well I did: I have every intention of doing the same to the other wagon at some point in the future...... perhaps on one of my Sunday night Livestreams!! 9pm UK time!!! Don't forget to pop along as this week should see the brake van project finished, and moving onto something new! Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed,
  13. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Looking across the valley from Middle Farm nothing much happening. Just a quiet, peaceful spring day, sunny but fresh.....
  14. Thanks, that's the idea. Moving on slowly to the painting stage, I've added the interior partition and a basic seat for any two-legged travellers.
  15. I have just finished a customer’s weathering commission for a blue Minerva 0 Gauge Manning Wardle K. The loco crew are ModelU figures painted by Claudia Everett. The works and name plates are Narrow Planet. The tools on the bunker are from the accessory pack included with the loco. This loco is fitted with ZIMO DCC sound using Minerva’s exclusive Paul Chetter sound project; my favourite sound is F15 Cylinder Drain Cocks. Regards, Chris K
  16. I have a mix of Lilliput/Bachmann and Lima 46t GLW "Whiskey" Grain Hopper wagons for use on Crinan and, shortly, Dunnington. The Lilliput model dates from the 1970s (revamped by Bachmann in the 1990s with better wheels and tension lock couplings) and the Lima version appeared in the 1990s (one of their better models with some nice underframe detail for the time). They represent different batches with different suspension and body rib layouts. As always Paul Bartlett's site is full of Prototype info: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/brtgraincovhop My biggest issue with using both i
  17. U or Non-U? You can probably tell by whether it wears a dinner jacket or a dress suit.
  18. manna

    Edgware GN

    G'day Folks Main station building is nearly finished, most of the doors done, just need to do the weathering, and a bit of tiding up, here's an update. manna
  19. Inspired by the new BBC celebrity painting competition i decided I need to tweak my backscene slightly. Please be the judge of before after tree line. In case you are wondering the signal is off (down) in the older picture.
  20. I've attacked the loco and tender bodies with etching primer. I think the result is as good as I could have hoped for, given my lack of experience / competence with an airbrush. It is a case of reading the book (Ian Rathbone's in this instance) and hoping for the best. The paint used is 2-pack precision, thinned as per Ian's advice: 1part paint; 2 parts activated thinners; 1 part cellulose thinners, and sprayed on with an old Badger 200. My grandfather bought me that airbrush 35 years ago... I've used it in anger 4 times now! I must admit that I find spray paintin
  21. A waft over with primer made the imperfections stand out a mile, so it's back to doing some minor filling and filing and sanding sometime today.
  22. What is the point of everything? The postal arrives and the vans are waiting to take its contents on the last part of their journey.
  23. I got my bundle of 18 Castle Cement versions yesterday and just wanted to say that they are amazing! Now we all know the wagons are brilliant but I have to say also the boxes are top quality too...it had all the satisfying, smooth, soft-touch pleasure of unboxing a new iPhone, great work all round chaps!!
  24. Not done much to the Hunslet(s) recently, but here's some photos taken on my phone, at the Exeter Gauge 0 Group last week. Cheers, Dave.
  25. Last one for now. This van has a huge amount of sentimental attachment. It was started, but never finished, by my late grandfather in 1994-5. I was 8 at the time and can remember him saying "I'll finish that later." Sadly, he never did. The last few years of his life were dogged with health issues, but at the age of 95 it was quite remarkable that he was even able to model at all! He built the body, I built the chassis. I've based the van on one photographed at North Road in 1959. I've fitted BR platefront axle boxes as per the photo and will try and replicate the weat
  26. Here’s the results of my experiments with tarps. I’m reasonably happy although more work is needed to really capture the heavy stretched look of the prototype. 19638 may be recognisable as straight out of the Midland Wagons book volume 1. 11392 is a made-up number but the MRCo lettering was spotted in the background of a photo of Birmingham Goods Station. Also not sure I’ve got the rope tying right. No doubt someone with more knowledge will be along soon to help...!
  27. Couldn’t resist taking a quick video before putting them away for a while whilst continuing to build the layout.... Video via my Flickr site to large for here!
  28. Dent Head Viaduct is one of the more "hackneyed" locations on the S&C, but since I was there last Tuesday:
  29. Cwm Bach was recently visited by ERNEST passing through on the way to a new owner. I'll post some close-up views next.
  30. Not too much to report on the layout as it's in storage awaiting Derby with little work required barring a couple of faults with points at one end of the fiddle yard that will need attention in the next few weeks! Lots of work is ongoing to increase stock levels and enhancing our current stock- today's work involved adding some details to a departmental Brill I finished a few years ago. a YAA Brill bogie wagon with scrap rails has received some load straps from Scale model scenery as a finishing touch.
  31. since we seem to be postings shops fronts here are a few more
  32. The GER classes came from the order numbers used at Stratford Works, possibly going back to Sinclair’s days. Every job the works was required to do had an order number issued, whether it was for a new build batch of locos, but also replacement boilers, tenders, and machinery, then all the work and materials could be booked to that job. New class numbers of locos used the order number for the first batch to appear. If the engines had not been built at Stratford then the initial loco number was used, but very few were done like this. Works numbers weren’t used. The order numbers went A1, B1, C1
  33. Compoud2632, i dont know the answer to your question I just follow as close as possible the drawings and photo's at my disposal. I try to model with what we have available of prototypes built over 140 years ago and at best, we will never get 100% accuracy.
  34. Change the water gauge to a barometer so the engine driver knows when to fetch his mackintosh out.
  35. An' by clingin' to the chimbley you could see across to Wembley if it wasn't fer the 'ouses in between.
  36. Serious rollin stock (No G) projects (If you listen to Radio 2 on a Friday afternoon, you'll understand). Great North of Scotland coach. Prickley Pear kit. NER Saloon, as seen previously before painting. Break van. This is to be a CVMR van and is built from a Slaters Midland van, with the addition of beams for buffering to chaldrons and a second verandah (all made from plastikard). I have also filed off the moulded handrails and will add brass wire handrails in their place.
  37. Just tried some more 'panorama' shots and this time managed to get a whole train in (because it's only two coaches!) Small prairie and B-set depart Stoke C. for Earlsbridge. John C.
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