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  1. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Bit more work done on 2534. A few of the test pictures I take to see what the overall effect is looking like, and where I have missed bits!!!
  2. Posted on the crowdfunding page: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg May 20, 2019 Dear guys from Stamford Model Rail Road Club, we can´t believe it! We had tears in our eyes as we saw the pictures :-( Our thoughts and best wishes are with you! Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg £5,000.00
  3. If anyone couldn’t watch the interview, you can scroll back on the video here to see it, though it won’t be available for any longer than a few hours. I thought both Peter and Kay Burley handled the interview well, especially as most people who watch Sky News won’t have an in-depth knowledge of railway modelling. https://news.sky.com/watch-live
  4. Out of adversity can come some positives. Phil
  5. A very dark day for mid May, but with all blinds open, and six second exposures, I did get a few pictures. If they were both on time, the Yorkshire and Queen of Scots Pullmans should have passed each other within the station area, and it appears that they were on time today. We've already seen Pommern, and another Copley Hill engine, Kittiwake is on its way home with the Queen of Scots.
  6. That is frigging extraordinary, even more than from Sir Rod, which itself was incredibly generous. What an incredible hobby that we are part of. Just goes to show. This is such a brilliant community.
  7. As a caution, if anyone is thinking of having people in a building overnight and sleeping you will need to make sure suitable fire safety arrangements are in place. Most office/school/commercial buildings do not meet the required fire safety standards for sleeping accommodation. A suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment for the proposed use would need to be in place. If they are awake all night then there isn't an issue, but be aware as the penalties for non-compliance are severe.
  8. No you won't. And as someone who once lost his stock box, complete the first whitemetal and etched brass kit locos I'd ever built, from the back of the van on the way back from a show years ago - I assure you that if anyone wants to play punishment top trumps then PM me, but I've had nearly 3 decades to imagine and I will win. But it still won't help anyone. FWIW, I was covered under the Chilterns scheme and even though I more than covered the costs of the models, their theft still hurt a huge amount. Seeing someone go through a loss is bringing those feelings back a little. What did help me was the sympathy and support of the model railway community. Lots of people pulled together and offered support and assistance at the time - much as they (on here at least) are doing for those who have lost models this weekend. Money isn't everything, but that so many people are willing to give a little will help those affected. It won't make it right, but at least it shows we care. In my case, I wrote an article on the insurance claim fun and games (it was agreed eventually in full). Then I wrote another one. And another. Eventually, I ended up doing it as a job. Whether you see this as a good or bad thing is up to you...
  9. I bet all your troubles seemed so far away.
  10. The question of overnight security is a tricky one. Our show is similar in many respects to the Stamford show. It is held on school premises and we book (and pay for) time to set up on Friday evening. A condition of that is that we vacate the premises at 10 pm and we are not allowed entry until 7 am the following morning. A similar arrangement probably applied in this case. If it did so the school would be responsible for security between those hours, something that the insurance companies will certainly look at. The concern is the long term effects, if the school or their insurers have to pick up the tab will they in future not allow any such shows?
  11. Noted Tony's reference to DJH C2X, very nice model Tony. DJH are very good but for your info Branchlines/SEFincast also have a C2X kit which I have built and seems good too. Mine is in BR grime. Kind regards, Richard B
  12. More Yorkshire Pullman. Pommern under the roof. and out into daylight again. On with things I shall now get.
  13. Just been a section on R4 Evening News. Was a positive and thoughtful piece. Phil
  14. Lots of these odd looking units on test and under driver training at Doncaster today
  15. Superb work, as ever. There are only a few kits that get near this standard, and still fewer for the earlier periods. I sort of understand the bloke in Leigh, as there is so little scratch-built stuff exhibited these days, and much of that little is of the locomotive nature. It's very rare to see scratch built wagons and even rarer to see them to this standard. Long may this inspiring thread continue.
  16. Here is my card mock-up - once more at an angle, as this is the only way I can fit in the buffer stop and the small coal wagon. I am restoring a short piece of Hornby two-rail track at present, so will see how that goes :O! The section of goods shed and platform, with a triangle of embankment at the back will be fixed. All the other pieces in the diorama, Dinky Toy lorry, coal wagon, buffer stop, coal staithe and various figures will be placed, as in a Toy layout. Another ‘busy’ scene! Now I have to go and experiment with creating Hornby 0 Gauge style textures, for the backscene, goods shed and platform in Adobe ‘Illustrator’!
  17. This is really sad. I copped Yes Tor in Plymouth just after it had emerged modified and ex works and it was one of the first modifieds to be allowed down the Okehampton route. I told my mates that I had copped Yes Tor 'yestorday'...…...oh dear, what a shame, never mind. P
  18. Had a play about with one of the corners of the layout, this is going to be the town side, nothing is secured down, the boards are just what I have laying about I’ve got to make sure the corners of the layout don’t impede on the projector screen, the rear wall will have open scenery below the bottom of the screen with as little as possible above the screen line The station could be in a cutting BUT I’m struggling with the drop from the board with the white polystyrene block on to the bottom board, it’s a long way down, the other way I was thinking of was to drop the road down from the town level and have a station building where the white block is and put the platforms either side of the tracks instead of an island platform
  19. I travelled hopefully, and arrived. Hope lasted until the 7th hole, where I took ten. B***** ball hit a tree, and shot sideways fifty yards and out of bounds. One does not win with a ten on the card. Tonight's pictures. First, Doncaster at rest. Then the Up Yorkshire Pullman, behind Copley Hill's A1 Pommern. Another very common sight, as all that shed's engines were. It was a nearly new ball, as well.........
  20. We have cleared up the remains of our layout and of the stock. I have personally lost most of 20 years of wagon building, several O gauge engines and some coaches that were hand built by me - All completely irreplaceable. We have lost a club layout that featured in books and magazines, and that took us 10 years to build. They can have the money, but we will never get the 1000s of hours back. John
  21. Liverpool model Railway Club exhibition details... http://www.lmrs.org.uk/Exhibition/Location.html layouts.. http://www.lmrs.org.uk/Exhibition/Layouts.html Traders.. http://www.lmrs.org.uk/Exhibition/Traders.html
  22. Next on the bench a Colin Ashby LNER open first coach. I should add that my inspiration for all this coach building came from watching the BRM video of Tony Wright’s wonderful “Little Bytham” layout and wanting to re-create (for the layout that a friend and I are building) some of the trains that were running on his layout. Cheers Darius
  23. I don't know the individuals or the show but as a serious modeller those pictures and Peters words tonight on radio 4 cut straight to my heart. I cant imagine the pain and emotion. It is a modellers time and care and skill they invest into their models that is the irreplaceable, no compensation can replace. Thoughts are with everyone who had invested time and their models in that event Andy
  24. Day seven and a trip on the Radebuel Ost to Radeburg railway and an afternoon trip to the Dresden Transport museum so David could see some strange Fairlie! The Radebuel to Radeberg line as also a line of two halves, the first half up to Moritzburg (where there is a spectacular palace) was through the outer suburbs of Dresden but after Moritzburg it became a true country railway. First some shots of the first bit of line including the narrow gauge crossing a main road and tram lines: When we arrived at Radeburg the station cat was waiting to greet us! If anyone wonders why the station building at Radeburg is familiar it's because Auhagen do a model of it which they pretend is a standard gauge station! Although we couldn't get into the shed the nice clear windows gave a decent shot of the Meyer No.132 in the original green livery of the Saxon State Railways: 99.1761-8 getting watered: At Radebeul Ost they are in the process of building a very large new museum for the large amount of historical stock they've had parked out in the open for decades. It will certainly be very good when they've finished it! In the meantime some shots of the stock and one of the V11ks in the works (friendly staff!) and the other V1k hiding in the running shed:
  25. Independently, but the ground disc could only be pulled off when the points were set correctly. This would most likely be implemented by a plunger in the disc mechanism that hits a bar connected to the tie bar. When the points are "lying normal" the bar would prevent the plunger from moving. When set to crossover, the plunger would align with a slot in the bar and so the signal could move to the correct position. Image from gwr.org.uk. The chain from the balance arm runs around the pulley and connects to the signal wire. You can see the plunger also connected to the balance arm and the flat bar below it (slot not visible) with the adjustable connection to the points tie bar or stretcher bar.
  26. Just a short comment on concessionary items that go along with employment and then I'll shut up. They are most certainly not tax free. Those working for the railway who get concessionary travel pay tax on the deemd benefit as calculated by HMRC. That has come from staff I know who were in receipt of the benefit. When I worked for a major bank I got concessionary loan rates and was taxed on the benefit albeit with a de-minimis threshhold. In due course I had to redeem my staff mortgage and take out another one. By then my borrowing was on the same terms as the man in the street BUT because I was borrowing from my employer I still got stung for beneficial loan tax so my mortgage cost me MORE than a customer walking off the street. Needless to say I went elsewhere. As people who have made a contribution to our railways through long, often hard, work under conditions which many of us would not tolerate why shouldn't they have something in return whilst they enjoy a well earned retirement. End of subject from me, let's get back to railways.
  27. Some excellent logs made from dowel painted brown then coated in coloured sawdust and some scraped off.
  28. Strange I was never involved in criminal activities whilst at school (nor as an adult either) nor were any of my friends or were my brothers or sister. I wasn't aware of a local drug dealer- let alone watched them in action. So no it is not a thing dumb kids do it is something that criminals who are also kids do.
  29. Very little progress to report, but I think I've just about finished the front end of Bamburgh now. Looking at the photo's, there's some kind of tap/valve (please post answers below!) mounted on the front of the tank with a pipe leading into the left hand side of the smokebox (blower maybe?). This was made with some brass tube and some spare hand knobs, drilled through with some 0.7mm wire and soldered together. The flare on the chimney wasn't a particularly good fit for the curve of the smokebox - I had hoped the epoxy would squeeze out when I glued it on, but I mustn't have put quite enough on as there was still a gap. Given all the stuff I can't get here in Brunei, you can imagine my surprise when I found some super-fine Milliput of all things in the local hardware store! Good enough for filling the gap under the chimney flare. I slapped it on fairly liberally to start with, and after a few hours to let it cure, I filed and sanded it back. As I had plenty left over, I also used it to fill the two holes in the footplate to screw the sandboxes down with. These are now redundant, as the boxes on Bamburgh are set further forwards than the model prototype. I'll epoxy them on after painting. Finally, the front handrail, which was a PITA to shape correctly even though it's a relatively straight forwards shape, finished off the front end.
  30. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Slowly speeding on to it's destination...
  31. Anyway, the whole purpose of the trip to Stafford was to pick up the remaining scenic board as seen below, now safely back... This is the middle scenic board, board 3 of 5, with a railway under bridge going over the canal.
  32. Because we were taught to dislike them by “our betters”, who stood to loose an awful lot (about a foot in height mostly) if all that egalite stuff spread over here, possibly.
  33. I've now got the points operating reasonably well - but haven't used the 'spring things' on the remote points needing the angle cranks etc. I discovered that the friction in the linkages and flexibility in the thinnish wire I was using was resulting in the springs just compressing and not pushing the rods as required. I removed the 'spring things', fitted heavier gauge wire and rigid rods - and they work OK. I reckon the 'slack' in the angle cranks is taking up the excess movement from the slide switches. The 'direct drive' blades on the two end 3-ways will need springs as the wires are short and stiff. In the photo you can see the very narrow angle crank I made for the tie bar top right. The TPDT switches do seem to be working OK so I'll be wiring these up. I searched 'tinterweb for TPDT switches and can't find any so are the ones I've got very rare and worth a substantial amount................. Next job is fitting microstrip into the rail breaks.
  34. I've done overnight in a sleeping bag on the floor back in the 80s (or maybe before then), it was a sports hall and I think there were three of us. Obviously no mobile phones but we took it in turns to sit in the office with the light on which was probably enough. In respect of these scroats, I think 240 hours Community Punishment, ie each gets a Finney kit (or if being really nasty, Jidenco) kit, lots of bends and folds, outside valve-gear, beading and compensation. They have to build it. Between sessions anything less than perfect gets unsoldered and presented back to them. They will at least end up with some understanding of what they did.
  35. So, there are two problems with my little plank layout that need to be addressed before it can reasonably be operated - the entry turnout was one of my earlier efforts and is sub-standard, and there are rail gaps which are slightly too large for comfort where larger sections needed to be dropped in between others (i.e. one side of a runaround loop). In future I'll not compromise on the quality of track added to a layout, and will use a piercing saw through a hole drilled into the basebaord to electrically isolate sections after the fact, rather than relying on separately laid flimsy sections measured so precisely. In terms of resolving the damage, I need to a) replace the entry turnout ( My plan is to try to use a spatula or equivalent on the existing turnout after I've ensured all rail joints around it are clear of solder.) and b) find a way to smoothly join rails which are 2-3mm apart. (My plan thanks to @justin1985 is to slice out a larger section and splice it back in). The new entry turnout will be built with the 'fiddle' track attached as one piece so there's no rail joint hidden in the backscene, and may even try to build it chaired!
  36. However, it does concern me a little that one loco has been widely quoted in the media as being worth £8K (would an 0 Gauge loco professionally built and painted cost this much? - though I could imagine it might if scratchbuilt). Such figures may only put the spotlight on the hobby to the wrong people, with unfortunate consequences.
  37. Let's also remember that the planning "system" involves both unelected officers and elected members at councils. And often the "system" locally is constrained by the existing law more than what they would want to do locally. The professional "experts" (i.e. the trained officers) will often make a recommendation that is ignored by the elected members. I have seen officers in total despair having told the planning committee that a scheme should be allowed and then asked to find some reason to justify the committee's decision to refuse. They can not square this circle and so the scheme gets through on appeal at vast cost to the taxpayer (and usually at great cost to the developer as well although sometimes costs are awarded against the council).
  38. Take care! A scalpel is prone to sticking and then suddenly cutting through. Keep fingers well away!
  39. Having pondered long enough,and already having enough track to make either a tabletop circuit or diorama in Hornby Dublo, I just a few minutes ago bought an EDL1 Gresley LNER blue Sir Nigel No.7 and three tinplate teak carriages, including an 'all third', unboxed, for £80 post free, and then in answer to the call from my heart for an EDL18 2-6-4T early crest boxed. I can add certain goods wagons to fit the childhood desire for the relevant set, such as the two bogie wagons and brake van... good runner, tidy box, £55. And I thought you said this was non-addictive... ? I have so far avoided late version 3-rail with nylon wheels, because unlike some around here, I have self-discipline!!!! p.s. how do I avoid buying a Silver King early crest and 4 tinplate BR Gresley coaches please? With Gresley bogies.... there must be some sort of pill, or do I have to wait until my bank balance is printed in red?
  40. Fund has now just broken £37,000 Big plaudits to everyone who has given give yourselves a round of applause
  41. Transition by Martin Creese, on Flickr Colin signing books at Kidderminster today . looking forward to having a good look through my copy this week
  42. I have just returned from Expo EM but echo the sentiments of comments on here. Being an exhibition manager I put on the layout details form please don’t under estimate the insurance value of layout or stock, also we ask for a list of any single item over £1000. Money does not cover the real value of models or layouts but should be high enough for replacement cost. I was a bit shocked at Expo this weekend I was able to walk through the rear loading doors on Friday setting up totally unchallenged when I first arrived, nobody was there either to sign me in or give me a pack or exhibitors badge. I could have easily lifted things off trade stands or layouts and walked out and no one would have noticed, in fact this happens most years at this show, I raised my concern later in the weekend with one of the organisers. We can’t stop people doing things if they are determined enough to carry something out but there are things that can be done to deter people and making a crime less easy to do. David
  43. Please don't turn what is for many of us an interesting topic into a slanging match will only lead to the topic being locked
  44. While 455 interiors are in progress, I thought I'd also get started on a few earlier build upgrades. My first and oldest MJT build is 4CIG 1881 which I built around 15 years ago. I've never been happy with the finish as the vestibule doors on the cab are too short and because I converted it from Lima Mk1s, there were incorrect underframe components left on. So I'm pleased to be in a position to now be able to go back and correct what I'm not happy with. First up those cab fronts. I've rebuilt the vestibule doors using plasticard and some spares. Definately looks better. I've never understood how both Hornby and Bachmann got these fronts wrong. MJT have the cab correct but their doors are way too short so it just looks wrong. I was really pleased with 6REP as that was a combination of MJT cabs with corrected Hornby VEP doors so it was essential that 4CIG looked as close to that as possible. Having added them on and painted them, I'll weather them to match the cabs once a few more tweaks are done. Next up, those incorrect Lima Mk1 underframes. It was a challenge at the time to remove the moulded on battery boxes as that would've meant rebuilding the trussing which I wasn't equipped to do. So now I've removed the entire undercarriage with my trusty dremel and started from scratch using brass trussing and Southern Pride undercarriage components. The first DTC is almost done. I've also stripped back the inner ends so I can get onto those next... The cabs need the handrails replacing, repainting of the black window surrounds and the detailing added.
  45. Speed anyone...? I think this type of shot would come out better in good natural light, rather than under artificial light as in the above photos. I was very pleased with my first experiments with the new camera though. Happy modelling! Cheers Dave
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