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  1. Well that was a morning I didn’t expect. Following the terrible vandalism at the Market Deeping Model Railway Show over the weekend, there has been a great deal of media coverage. So I appeared on the Jeremy Vine show at 1235, having been first contacted at 0851. The railway bit is 39 minutes in. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000585t Vandalism is always senseless, but this has really struck a chord with many of us and people outside the hobby. The Market Deeping Just Giving page is amazing and shows just how good people can be. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/market-deeping-mrc Tim
  2. Heading north from near Peterborough, mainly on the ECML again today. The first photo is on the Midland line north of Peterborough. Lolham Road Crossing Class 120 Cambridge to Birmingham July 72 J2969.jpg Maxey Road Crossing Helpston Class 55 9006 down Feb 72 J2818.jpg Maxey Road Crossing Helpston Class 47 1105 down Feb 72 J2819.jpg Marston north of Grantham Class 55 up Tees Tyne Pullman Oct 75 C2487.jpg Muskham 55007 Hull to Kings X July 80 J7003.jpg David
  3. Nor should we engage in any moralising about what should be done with the funds. There is a tremendous weight of responsibility accompanying this money, on top of having to manage what has been a difficult time. This money has been freely given to them, to do with as they see fit. I know the members well, their hearts are in the right place and they will make appropriate use of the money to help those affected, but I'm hoping also (And rightly in my opinion) to bolster and build up the club and realise long-term plans that they could previously have only wished for.
  4. Now it's caught the attention of fellow modeller Sir Rod Stewart. Maybe he'd like to open the show next year?
  5. Back in November I posted the first photo having completed the Falcon brass kit a few weeks earlier. Now attached are a couple of photos of the loco in stages of its progress to completion. It is now in service on the layout along with the other kits built in the last 18 months. There are now plenty of other jobs to be attended to on the layout etc. as they were all excluded when building the loco kits. It would have been wiser not to concentrate on only the one area of work to the exclusion of all the other things!
  6. Almost time to get in the car and head for deepest darkest Lincolnshire, to which I have not ventured for many a year. I just hope the natives aren't restless, or if they are, that they recognise one of their own even after all these years. I shall be seeing a lot of diesel type thingies today, and shall return with a greater knowledge of the many types of multiple unit. Hopefully, we shall also have a duck to keep us company. Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, though not necessarily to my home county's hopelessly outdated roads. One more photo of Kittiwake still to come, though it turned out darker than I intended. B1 61282 has been lurking in the bay for a while, waiting for the procession of expresses to go through. It can now start away with the 1.12pm to KX. Time to go. Louth by pass, here I come.
  7. We'll leave that to the club to decide. With such a large pot of cash, there will be plenty to think about. For the moment, I suggest we don't start spending it for them on here!
  8. I spent the evening at the MDMRC clubroom, talking with the club members and listening to whats going on. (Thanks for the Tea!) I think its fair to say that they are all completely astonished by the response to the events of the weekend. The members seemed to be in good spirits, and the messages, support and pledges have left everyone feeling very emotional, but the St. Neots club, the owner of the other damaged layout and Paul from P&D Marsh were certainly at the forefront of their minds and of the conversation, the concern for them being palpable. Peter addressed the members describing the events of the Saturday and of the subsequent response. He and the club as a whole expressed a great deal of gratitude to the staff and students of the Welland Academy, who have been extremely helpful and supportive as well as being absolutely distraught and disgusted that something like this could have occurred in their school, and to the Police, who have been incredibly understanding, and who are treating the incident very seriously. It is far too early for plans to emerge with respect to the donations. There are several ideas, but the club first need to take stock and arrange their working group. The plans will be communicated by the club in good time. What is apparent is the considerable weight of responsibility that these donations has placed upon the club, and it is clear that the sums involved are almost reaching a point of embarrassment, with the genuine concerns regarding how to distribute the funds and donated items without negative repercussion. My view remains unchanged, the donations have been made to the club for the club and for those affected. In a week (or less), the media circus will have moved on, and the club will be left with a legacy that perhaps wont be subject to quite as much scrutiny as feared. My experience of the MDMRC are that they are a tremendously generous organisation, but there should be no shame attached to spending a good sum of this money on the club and its activities, and I hope that they don't forget themselves when helping everyone else. I think a lot of good will come of this in the end - the story has touched a lot of people and the response shows that innocent hobbies like ours are deeply ingrained in the national psyche. Peter and some of the others still have interviews over the course of the week, and I believe that "The One Show" will be filming a feature on Friday, so the circus will keep rolling for a few days yet. Though frankly I'm surprised Peter is still able to talk! I hope he gets a well deserved break soon.
  9. Blimey, this thread gallops on. That was only two days ago. I thought you might like to know, Tony, that the Framlingham branch line set which you kindly repaired were eventually put out into the bay platform (where they'd have been all day if I'd had my brain switched on) and then given a few laps of the main line by Jamie.
  10. Hi folks, Just thought I'd post a quick update along with a few pics of 24081 trundling round the layout with a couple of Dogfish wagons and a brake van. I managed to spend a bit of time up in the railway room at the weekend, working on the mini-extension to the western/northern fiddle yard, which will have 5 dead-end sidings for the layout's push-pull rakes and HSTs. These sidings will be used to hold services to/from Glasgow/Inverness/Aberdeen/Dundee. They will also free up capacity for the increasing number of freight trains on the layout. The Freightliner rake has been improved by replacing some of the Bachmann containers with containers from C Rail Intermodel. These are beautifully finished, very reasonably priced containers which pretty much fit straight onto the Bachmann Freightliner wagons. As well as a few typical, fairly plain 1980s-style containers, I got a few early- and late-style Freightliner livery containers (the red and white, and red and yellow versions), which look just right behind my locos. Looking at many rakes of Freightliner rakes from the 80s, it struck me how many consist of containers in red, white or blue liveries. Container rakes seem to come in many colours though, so it seems that just about anything goes. I hope to post some piccies of the new rake soon. Railfreight 58043 is currently doing the honours hauling this rake, but I quite fancy putting a pair of 37s on the service. Railfreight 47211 would look good on it too. Work has also started on Bachmann Railfreight Distribution 47209, which will probably spend much of its time on the container rake. I have also decided to experiment with the acceleration CV on my locos, as I find that most locos accelerate too quickly. With the layout mostly being a fairly slow speed layout, this inevitably means less "thrash". I thought I'd experiment changing CV 3 to see if I can improve the driving experience. I might also have a fiddle with the deceleration CV too. I do like watching trains coast to a halt, although it does make stopping a bit trickier! I particularly find this with the SLW 24, which has a very high CV 4 setting. This has caused a few SPADs I must admit. Fortunately, no fatalities of little plastic people have been involved though. Well, better go. Hope to be back soon with another update. I have the bit between my teeth with the fiddle yard extension right now. Cheers for now, Dave Here are the piccies of 24081...
  11. And no sign of it slowing... I was chatting with Peter Davies last night (MDMRC Chairman) and he is absolutely blown away by the generosity shown by so many people - and donations were at about £25k at that point. There have also been many direct offers of replacement stock and expertise. This will allow them to help all those affected, and also have a transformative effect on the club itself. Its heartening to see some good being realised from this tragedy.
  12. "Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg" have just donated 5 Grand - WOW!
  13. JV is lucky that Tim's calm manner has probably restrained him from inserting a 304.8mm:foot boot somewhere. "Maybe it's lost its voltages". OK all coverage is good, some is better than others. Well done Tim!
  14. The JustGiving donations have just gone over £50000, the hateful act of 4 has been eclipsed by the kindness of more than 3000.
  15. Sir Rod Stewart should be knighted for his generous donation...…... ah - oops!
  16. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Bit more work done on 2534. A few of the test pictures I take to see what the overall effect is looking like, and where I have missed bits!!!
  17. Thankyou for a balanced and informed view. However, I have to point out that while for the first 25 or so years of my railway service travel facilities were indeed taxed, all that changed circa 1992, when, following a ruling in the House of Lords, the tax was removed. Apparently their Lordships concluded that since the travel perks cost nothing for the employer to provide, in contrast, to say, a company car, there was nothing to tax. Since the taxation level was a bit nominal - typically less than 50 quid p.a. - this hardly made railwaymen feel affluent, but it all helped. Permit me to thank Andy Y for his intervention. Mike the Stationmaster adds enormous value to this forum by his willingness to contribute substantial knowledge on operating matters. Of all the railwaymen to rail (sorry) against, he really was the wrong target. And no, we did not know each other before I joined RMweb.
  18. This morning the first "Norwich in 90" service left Norwich for Liverpool Street Great Moulton 20 May 2019 90001, Crown Point, and 82114 on 9P91, 09:00, Norwich - London Liverpool Street (10:30) - first "Norwich in 90" service It reached Liverpool Street at 10:28 - 2 minutes early, so not so much "Norwich in 90" as "Liverpool Street in 88" - well done to all concerned, especially the guys who cleaned and prepped the stock.
  19. Regarding SE Finecast A4s and valve gear................................. Rich (Fatadder), this is what you'll have to do to the back end of the tender for MALLARD in 1948. Three 1928 corridor tenders had their rear ends cut down for the '48 Exchanges, in order to clear the lower water columns at Euston and on the ex-L&SWR main line. They went behind MALLARD, SEAGULL and LORD FARINGDON (the A4 participants in the Exchanges). SEAGULL kept hers to withdrawal, LORD FARINGDON until 1963 and MALLARD soon lost hers to WOODCOCK. 60009 eventually got one, and the other two went behind FLYING SCOTSMAN when she was preserved. The two survivors now have full-height rear ends. I don't have any pictures from the BRM SE Finecast A4 article, though I've built loads more since. Here's the basic chassis for one. These are really accurate and go together well. Make sure the rear-end fixing point is the correct height. The motion is the difficult bit (as always), and the lost-wax components can be twisted. It's really stuff stuff as well. One problem usually encountered is that the connecting rod is a bit too short (the geometry is out somewhere). The dodge is just to enlarge the big end - engineering anathema, I know but it works. More fudging will be necessary to clear the rear bogie wheels on tighter curves. I always split the motion assemblies. Another SE Finecast A4 chassis, this one driving off the rear axle. Drives always run slightly sweeter one way than the other. Just find out which, and configure them accordingly. The lubricator drive has to be scratch-built, since nothing of it is provided in the kit. Here's a nearer view of it. I make it from spare valve gear frets and nickel silver strip. I always make my frames live to one side. If nothing else, there's plenty of weight for adhesion, though I always solder in some more ballast. The inside is a great barn of a thing! This one was built for service on Graham Nicholas' Shap, representing the famous WCML bank in 1967. The other one became 60017, in my era. Complete and in service on LB. Ian Rathbone painted SIR NIGEL GRESLEY and GEOFF HAYNES painted SILVER FOX. Granted, the SE Finecast A4 is a bit 'lumpen' in comparison with the Hornby product, though it'll pull much more, last a lot longer and anyone who's built one can then say 'I made that!' To me, especially with regard to the motion, they have a much greater 'presence' than an RTR A4. I hope these help.
  20. I would suggest that is best left to those concerned to deal with rather than any discussion in that respect on here. I know initiatives are being considered which may ensure any donations are put to good use irrespective of such perspectives and advice is being sought.
  21. The biggest layout there was our O finescale layout Helmthwaite and Chapel Lane. It took almost 10 years to build. It was one of the layouts trashed along with all of our stock. We are told that two persons were apprehended. I am personally devastated. Among the things in that wrecked hall is my beautiful Black 5 and 20 years worth of kitbuilt stock John K
  22. 40k sounds like a lot of money, but just go and do a simple valuation of your stock at current list prices. It is quite scary! Regards Mark Humphrys
  23. It's all turned into quite a big story and I fully understand why as it's a very human story, increasing media interest means the team will be busy dealing with that interest today along with the necessary insurance and legal stuff. It's anticipated that there may be a piece on Channel 5's Jeremy Vine show (from 9.15) and ITV are in contact so it's likely the fund will increase further with wider reporting.
  24. Well done everyone for rallying round with words of kindness and support, of offers of physical and financial help.. Sadly this type of thing is everywhere. It's the Heathfield Agricultural Show this Saturday, a great day out. Sadly some b*ll-*nds got onto site over the weekend and slashed most of the large marquees. Thousands of pounds of damage. Show will still go on in this case. Support your local show, whether model railways, or agricultural.
  25. Wickham Market (as it will be known, because the above is too much to say quickly) is Ely MRC's new large layout to replace Thurston in the club's group of active exhibition layouts. It was publicly exhibited for the first time at the weekend at the Ely show. The layout has been seven years in the planning and execution so far, during which time the club has moved premises and grown in personnel. One of the principal contributors was still at primary school when the idea was adopted by the Committee. A layout plan is attached below. The layout is structurally complete but scenically still developing. Not all buildings are present or complete and those which are are still to be bedded in. There are two more semaphore signals to make along with all the ground signals. Electrically there is still work to be done and one or two new problems arose after it had been dismantled and transported for the first time. Here, for those who weren't able to attend the show, are a few photographs I was able to take late in the day. It was good to see one or two familiar faces who did attend and thanks to you for coming. A couple of overall views taken in the clubroom before dismantling for the first outing: Starting at the left hand end as the public view the layout, this is Wickham Market Junction for the Framlingham branch, with signal box and crossing keeper's cottage. All the signals have been built by Jamie Rands, the club's most junior member and all will be operational. View across the level crossing Wickham Market Junction. .. and the same location viewed from further round the curve towards the station. Moving along the line in the Up (Ipswich) direction, the magnificent station building made by Malcolm Hine. Looking back across the station car park towards the direction from which we have just come, the Station Master's garden. Moving on to the right hand end of the layout, I'd never heard of an Airey House. These were made by Jamie's father Andrew Rands, clearly a more than competent modeller in his own right. The four cottages at the south end of the goods yard were built to house railway staff by the GER in 1887/8. Model by Bob Elmore. Some of the stock will be familiar to those who saw Thurston or follow my workbench thread, but hopefully we'll present some new and interesting items as well. Here a WD pauses at the Up starter, viewed across the goods yard. B12 61571, built by Graham Varley, takes an Up parcels working towards Ipswich. The Framlingham Branch was not able to operate due to the failure of a microswitch. I was also too dim to think of parking the branch train in the bay platform until very late in the day. It did get there eventually, though and here it is. When the crowds thinned at the very end of the day we gave it a few circuits of the main line. Here it is almost looking as if it's joined from the branch. Video from the show has been posted on YouTube here. The layout is now back in the clubroom for snagging and further scenic work. You can keep up with developments on the Club website or Facebook page.
  26. Posted on the crowdfunding page: Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg May 20, 2019 Dear guys from Stamford Model Rail Road Club, we can´t believe it! We had tears in our eyes as we saw the pictures :-( Our thoughts and best wishes are with you! Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg £5,000.00
  27. SpaIn .... with more than a flavour of the West Norfolk .....
  28. Maybe the publicity over the press and radio may get more people to find out more about the hobby and visiting shows or joining clubs. David
  29. Can we please leave speculative comments regarding insurance out of the topic?
  30. KNP

    Little Muddle

    A few leftovers.... I see the milk tank has actually left the creamery, didn't know it moved? Colonel's wife seems oblivious to the train above...must be concentrating hard on getting a catch
  31. I have just had a chat with the Chairman of Market Deeping MRC, Peter Davies, to pass on our sympathies and desire to support them in some way. The tales of damage are so disheartening, small details that portray wilful destruction of layouts, exhibits, trade models and school property. Many pieces of work will never be replaced because of the time invested in creation and the potential impact will go far beyond the immediate issues into consequent costs at future points and is a measurable setback to the club, modellers and traders and insurance cannot always cover all of those losses. The costs of damage are very substantial but involvement with the insurers will start tomorrow and the club have a lot to get through. I relayed our collective support and Peter is in the throes of arranging a JustGiving page, which he will let us have details of, and I would ask that all support is channeled through that source for maximum benefit. As a hobby we are a community, this could have happened to any club, anywhere at some time and we all feel a small part of their anger and frustration but hope that we can give some small message of support that we do care about them. The official JustGiving page to raise their funds can be found here https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/market-deeping-mrc
  32. Post deleted. Can we please stop these sorts of posts?
  33. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Least the fireman has seen me!
  34. If anyone couldn’t watch the interview, you can scroll back on the video here to see it, though it won’t be available for any longer than a few hours. I thought both Peter and Kay Burley handled the interview well, especially as most people who watch Sky News won’t have an in-depth knowledge of railway modelling. https://news.sky.com/watch-live
  35. For the members’ info, here’s another (sorry, poorly scanned photo of a set on the Central Section (Heathfield). (NB the exact “H” is modelled by Hornby) .... and finally a set on the Western Section.
  36. As someone who has organised shows before for the Scout Group that I was part of - the security arrangements fell to me to sort out. While the building we have is lockable and alarmed there were four of us who stopped overnight in the building and locked ourselves in. Having a secure building will be a massive help when looking at the arrangements for what is needed to ensure security and part of this going forwards will be that clubs now will be more selective about which buildings are used. I do massively flee sorry for all those effected. The damage and destruction caused by this attack has been upsetting to see. However much we all want to help the club involved will be overwhelmed by the scale of the recovery, insurance claim, correspondence with traders and exhibitors, as well as now the media and fundraising. I know many of us are here offering to help - and if need be I would be one for them - but this will take time to overcome even as it fades from the news agenda. I'm sure it will live longer in the memory of all of us as the nightmare scenario that we all face, yet the time needed to effect repairs for some will be years and in other cases sadly not possible. If the show needs a layout there for their show next year - I will attend with mine free of charge, to show support a help them overcome this event. One possible good news idea could be to get youngsters from the local area to build a layout of their own and have a TV company follow their developments. I'm not saying it should be done by those involved, but it can show that youngsters learn the skills of research and time and patience for building their own layout that then returns to the show and stands alongside all those there, with some that have done this for years. Then at the end they show and understand the efforts it takes to get a layout to a show and get welcomed into our very supportive and inclusive community.
  37. Out of adversity can come some positives. Phil
  38. That seems a bit unfair to Beeching: railway managers had been happily closing branchlines and cross-country routes long before Beeching came on the scene (the longest was some 180-odd miles of the old M&GN cross-country route, from the Midlands to East Anglia, back in 1959); and railway managers long after Beeching had gone were slashing routes that he had never proposed to axe (the saintly Gerry Fiennes was one of those who made a good career out of closing lines that Beeching had not recommended for closure). Some of Beeching's core themes have withstood the test of time - that the railways are brilliant and economical movers of bulk goods and large numbers of people, whereas they are pretty poor economically at transporting smalls from every village or hamlet, and moving empty carriages through sparsely-populated countryside. InterCity, trunk routes, trainload freight, MGR, the end of the steam-era British Railways and the launch of the modern British Rail (at least, that was the vision) - he deserves credit for supporting all those, even if by no means all of them were his own babies. Beeching was a talented public service leader: he went on to transform the English courts system - taking another vital national institution stuck in an earlier period and successfully modernising it (he abolished the old assizes and gave us Crown and High Courts, with a streamlined appeals procedure - all still successfully in service today). Was everything he did completely successful? Absolutely not (and a lot of what he did do was half-arsed because of the limitations of the time - work-study systems and accounting systems which were inadequate to the complexity of the task meant that some stations and branches were closed which certainly should not have been, some of which have subsequently re-opened). But, frankly, which of us can look back at our working lives confident that we were 100% successful at all times, that we never made any crap decisions based on inadequate or just plain wrong information, even though we were doing the best we could? Paul
  39. I am posting this as a notice from St Neots MRC We have now had time to absorb the destruction that occurred at Stamford, Lincs on Friday night / Saturday morning when the Market Deeping Exhibition, at Welland Academy in Stamford, was broken into. There was a huge amount of malicious damage as publicised widely in national media. St Neots Model Railway Club has suffered damage to two layouts and a lot of hand-built stock. Our large O gauge layout and a lot of personally owned stock is beyond repair - it was all scratch-built and is irreplaceable. Another layout suffered serious damage but we will rebuild it. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have been sending messages of support and offers of help. We also send our condolences to all the other exhibitors who suffered damage. Thank you to the organisers who responded as quickly and professionally as possible. They also suffered damage to layouts and have losses of their own to contend with. No one can replace the years of work for any of us. We have no connection with or information about any 'Just Giving' website pages. The St Neots Club organises the East Anglian Model Railway Exhibition which is at Kettering on June 8th and 9th this year. We will be doing everything possible to make sure that exhibitors at our show do not have to experience what we have been through in the last two days. John K Edited for typos
  40. I’ve gone for a totally new radical approach - this is suck it and see experimental modelling at its ‘best’ (or worst!). I’ve put one coat of red on and then transfers and then a second coat of red. The idea being to gently abrade the red when it’s dry covering the transfers to make them look faded and old. Or they may just turn out a strange shade of pink. We shall see. In truth the first coat of red didn’t have enough depth and was possibly a bit too orange....! We’ll see tomorrow if my experiment works...watch this space... Thanks have to go to Compound2632 and Mikkel for invaluable advice on numbering and livery details. Thanks chaps.
  41. In spite of everything, there are more good people than bad in the World!
  42. Considering what he's had to endure the last few days I thought he was a credit to our hobby. A class act.
  43. John, thank you for your endorsements. I do try my best as I am sure everyone else does in our hobby. Rich, I will look forward to seeing your layout again and meeting you. I did see your layout at Swindon last year and was impressed. I made up the couplings from parts from my box of assorted bits accumulated over many years from various sources. The hooks were from an etch that came via an exchange for some wagon parts and the top link is from Exactoscale and is a GWR D link. The other links were acquired at the Telford show from Ron Chaplin who I believe has stopped trading. I have made them up and soldered the gap in the bottom 2 links then dipped in Birchwood Super Blue.
  44. For once I finally got round to taking some photos of the layout. Thank you to anyone who popped in to the Museum of Transport at Manchester for the show over the weekend, we certainly had a great time. Glenn did take some videos as well, he'll be checking the quality of them before posting. I decided that as the new freight stock had been weathered by Alex in the last week then that took priority. Newly finished 37110 on 6A19 Mossend - Craiginches The same train but also showing our take on Sunday working, one line possession. Three photos of 47477 on 6S92 Tees Yard - Craiginches, including superb weathering of the TUAs by Alex. 47107 on 6B84 Craiginches - Oxwellmains Blue Circle Cement company train along with 26014 on the ballast train for the possession. Another new arrival! BCC French PCA as renumbered by me and beautifully weathered by Alex. All I have to do is renumber the rest of the rake so Alex can make the V tanks look as good. I hope you've enjoyed this little selection. I really should try to take photos of the layout more often.
  45. A very dark day for mid May, but with all blinds open, and six second exposures, I did get a few pictures. If they were both on time, the Yorkshire and Queen of Scots Pullmans should have passed each other within the station area, and it appears that they were on time today. We've already seen Pommern, and another Copley Hill engine, Kittiwake is on its way home with the Queen of Scots.
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