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  1. The northernmost reaches of the Blyth and Tyne today, starting just to the north of Winning with a loco on the viaduct over the River Wansbeck and then moving to the east of Ashington in the Woodhorn area and ending up at Lynemouth with an NCB locomotive. Behind the loco is what was then the Alcan power station for the aluminium smelter. It now supplies the National Grid burning wood chips. The Woodhorn photos were taken just to the east of the bridge over the spine road (A189). North Seaton Wansbeck viaduct Class 56 l e Nov 87 J9368.jpg Taken from the
  2. Update Thank you for your patience with the van project. Due to the finesse and level of detail produced on the van (like the horse hooks on the sole bar!) it made painting and decorating the van quite tricky. Alterations and new jigs have had to be produced, new paints / ink has been used and various trials carried out all to make sure the finish on this van is perfect. Dapol have done a fantastic job and we are now very pleased with the decoration finish. Please see attached a couple of shots from the latest sample. All the above has caused a d
  3. A couple more shots of Silver Fox this morning, again from on high. Well all right, this is actually from platform level, and the spotters wouldn't move.
  4. On behalf of the 3 Millers can I thank people for the positive comments. I agree our operation was a bit basic, but that wasn't the intention. We had planned a more extensive demo but electrical issues (which we managed to keep quiet from the producers ;-) ) and time - the flooding of the polder was not as fast as you might think from watching TV - meant we had to keep it simple. I agree with the assessments made here that the best team won, but I think we gave them a good scare at times. WCR did stick to the format required a lot better than we did, in fact we probably
  5. It never quite captured the look of the real thing, did it? Having compared the model with a drawing, the deficiences became apparent, and a list of improvements was drawn up. WINDOWS & WINDOW VENTS; (too shallow, completely spoiling the proportions of the model). BUFFERBEAMS; (they should have a much deeper coupling recess); DRIVER'S CABSIDE WINDOWS; (the model represents these as a printed line on the glazing); LUGGAGE DOOR WINDOW POSITION; (the droplight and blank doors are transposed on one side of the model);
  6. G'day Folks I'm sure a C16 has been through Peterborough, on a Butlin's, Christmas-in-July, Ladies of Fife knitting circle day out from Inverness to Southend, 9d single 2/6d return, and many a Scot bought his wife a single ticket. manna
  7. Talking of scenery I’m quickly refreshing each of the completed 28 4’ frames. I give them a vac then liberally spray matt varnish over absolutely everything making sure I wipe the tops of the rails. I use spray matt varnish for a lot of things but to refresh scenery it works a treat bringing out colours again, plus everything looks more vibrant.. I use Rustoleum Matt Spray Varnish. This is frame 1 so treated with a bit more runny superglue tipped down the ‘stonework’ to give the damp effect..
  8. Interesting to read the comments about the episode as one of the “non-speaking” members of the Titfield Thunderbolts. Firstly, the branch line alluded to above was a requirement of the show. The idea is that any semi final and final layouts bolt together to form a continuous run. As regards our layout, we suffered because of the spread out nature of the team of strangers we were. The prebuild track sections were laid by only three team members. They were responsible for the helix which was far too tight for the train to traverse. An 0-4-0 may have managed it but the captain wante
  9. Another shot where I considered in advance what cropping could do for an otherwise ordinary picture. I persuaded one or two of the spotters to get out of the way for a while, which gave me this view from the far end of Platform 3. An A4 can be seen in the distance, but we always have the whole place covered, so here it is in close up. With permission, of course, our man has climbed the signal ladder, and is safely positioned to get a higher level shot. This is the 2.00pm Newcastle, two cars shorter than the relief we saw earlier.
  10. What a superb railway the old GC line was, until the rot set in the early 60's. At least it was mostly steam worked to the end. The choice of locomotives, especially on the Leicester to Nottingham bit was enormous. LMS LNER & a smattering of GW Halls, etc. Up to the end of Eastern region rule A3's were common (and Flying Scotsman was allocated to a shed on this line for a spell - Leicester ?) Lots of cross country trains. York - Bournemouth (which ran on the very last day, Class 47 hauled), Marylebone - Sheffield - Manchester / Liverpool expresses etc but the real stars were th
  11. ex SECR H Class No 263 runs light engine south of Great Coles Wood Halt
  12. Some top notch 16 tonners a the beginning of this video. Hgh quality makes it a great film for colour comparisons of loco & stock.
  13. Finally my track turned up, which meant I could shove it around on the board until I was happy: I'm using Peco Code75 small radius turnouts, and C&L finescale track. Once I was satisfied, I marked up the baseboard top, and took it down into the Cellar of Doom for some brutality with a jigsaw. I also carefully crafted some strange shaped pieces of 12mm ply: When combined with the butchered baseboard top, you get this: No more flat earth!
  14. Oh, alright then - here it is in situ As was apparent, this was one of our six pre-build items. You can spend as long as you want on a pre-build in the time before the filming dates but it has to be part of the ordered items / budget. In fact, as Andrew described, the structure was built out of scrap N gauge rail (ie zero cost). He did buy the reflector especially - apparently it is a true parabolic shape so would truly reflect the rays to the receiver. It runs on a circle of track which was a yard of Code 75 which I had to hand. It is powered by a spare 4-wheeled tram bogie which i
  15. BIG Thanks to Ian and the Tidworth Crew for making me so welcome today and even risking damage by letting me lose with a controller. It really was a treat to be able to play with, WHOOPS, operate such a fine Layout, that ran faultlessly even when I had a controller in my hand. Cheers Guys.
  16. Silver Fox is now waiting to leave, and we have another high level view. At the south end, our Claud has begun its five minute journey to East.
  17. All I can say to that photo Neil is, Wow!. I think I would have completely lost it had I witnessed that event (not that I went to St P much in the mid 1970s - there was too much going on elsewhere). As to Falcon and 1Z17, I believe it was a regular on that train throughout August 1969 as well. I have posted this photo before I think; but here is my poor Instamatic shot of the return working at Exeter on 26th August 1969. I did try to sharpen the image, but that seems to have made it extremely grainy.
  18. Not much to report I'm afraid - modelling time has been limited over the last two weeks, with the discovery that my flatmate has bought a house. Paperwork is still being done with mortgage brokers and solicitors, so I still have a little time, but I have been spending most of my free time flat hunting. This, of course, also means that plans for Linton are also up in the air at the moment, although I am hopeful for one particular flat which would have the necessary space... A little work has happened on the lining of the Radial, and I have added some slim tension-lock couplings to two carr
  19. Having been used to both Leyland and Alexander Pacers around Tyne & Wear in by student days, they then rather disappeared from my radar apart from a brief re-appearance during Wessex Trains days. But a small fleet of 143s is hard at work for GWR around Exeter so I thought it appropriate to have a few trips for old times sake. With my Freedom of the South West ticket at the ready I boarded 143603 at St David's with 2F29 1213 Paignton to Exmouth service. A quick turnaround at Exmouth saw me transfer to 143620 and 2B78 1353 Exmouth - Barnstaple, seen here at Topsham waiting to cross 2F31 whic
  20. Quick visit to Shildon this morning. This is, I think, a bi-annual event (I was at one in, IIRC, June with Tees Castle). and Shildon MRC are to be commended, particularly since there seem to have been far fewer events at Locomotion recently. Anyway, this weekend's show is a good one, even if I only managed a quick glimpse. I will see if I cannot manage another visit tomorrow, but that may be difficult. Here is Norman Cook's excellent Dunstan Harbour, with Norman and some of his team.
  21. Well spotted. If you remember last year all the layouts in the final had to link together? This year if you made it to the final, your 3 layouts had to link together. You therefore had to build an exit at a mandated point on the right of your board on the heat layout.
  22. There was only one thing I mainly wanted to achieve with this model. That is (rewinding to when I was 12) seeing the high intensity light of say a grid approaching a mile away. That can only be achieved with size and I’ve often just taken a cursory glance down the scenery side as I’m working at one end (almost now at a scale mile but when finished 1.3 miles) and it’s deja vu all over again. It’s like looking back to 1984.
  23. This evening I've had a rush of blood to the carpentry muscles, and have built the main frame of the baseboard: And then I went all flat earth for a bit, and cut the top: This is 4 foot long, and 22 inches wide. Here's an idea of how things will fit: I may adjust the quarry face a bit. I'm waiting for some track - three turnouts - so I can't finalise the layout until they turn up. Thanks for looking, Al.
  24. Phew! Glad that's over ... thanks for comments so far. Well done to M&GN and Railway Sleepers as between us we seemed to conjure up the highest-scoring heat. We were subsequently told that we had scored the highest of all the heat layouts and that we scored a perfect 10 for functionality. However, didn't know about the other 10 for build quality; made up about that so take a bow Paul, Tom and Richie who worked their magic on the blank scenic canvas. Andrew's wizardry soldering pieces of N gauge rail has already been (deservedly) well highlighted. I have a comprehens
  25. Had a great day today: no real technical problems and (for once) very few train crashes operator-related issues too! I'll take more photos (not mostly of my stock either...) tomorrow as my camera batteries were both dead... There was a guest appearance from Yorkshire too...in more ways than one! The York-based RHTT came past courtesy of Phil... Thanks to Mick and team for letting me loose once again...I was suffering withdrawal symptoms after the summer break so it's good to be back. Roll on day two!
  26. I'll be writing the BRM synopsis as usual. Having spent the afternoon at the Solihull beer festival won't affect me I'm sure...
  27. “But then if you cannot be satirical about the weak and the helpless where has the essence of democracy gone.” My point is that taunting the weak and helpless isn’t satire, it’s just plan bullying. To me, satire has the hint of bravery and subversion about it; bullying weak people isn’t brave, and it actually reinforces the current hierarchy, rather than seeking to subvert it. And, if this turns into a “freedom of speech in a democracy” debate, then I don’t have any problem with the concept of freedom being circumscribed by carefully negotiated limits t
  28. Ho-ray an announcement of an announcement .........................fat bald bloke runs around the room cheering..........Mrs M pipes up "it is for O gauge, what ever that is, and I thought you modelled two Os" ...................." Oh (not an RMweb word) " ........fat bald bloke returns to his computer desk cussing. What ever it is, it will be massive, well if you are a n gauge modeller it will be. Not so if you are a gauge 1 modeller as it will look tiny. I use to like it when Graham Farish use to place adverts in the Modeller and Constructor for their new model the sa
  29. Hopefully I’ll get chance to permanently attach the shed in place soon
  30. My figures from Hardys Hobbies arrived this morning He’s a bit too clean at the moment looks like gluing the table too low was a happy accident His hand is quite close to the lever too (even though you’ll never see him from this side) I’m quite chuffed with how it’s worked out, although more luck than judgement
  31. Would you consider a new thread, perhaps entitled 'Casserley Gems' or similar? You may not be the only one who has bought at the recent auctions. Undoubtedly this forum enjoys such things.
  32. A few taken at the SVR diesel gala. 3.10.19. Cheers, Phil.
  33. The most wonderful photographs of the last days of the old Great Central main line were taken by the late Colin Walker. I can thoroughly recommend his books Main Line Lament, Great Central Twilight and Great Central Twilight Finale. He also did a couple of ECML / WR steam books - just as good if not better than his GC ones. I have them all - my treasures. I believe Colin was an art school teacher at Leicester. In his book Main Line Lament is an absolutely wonderful description of a footplate ride on A3 60104 Solario from Marylebone to Leicester on the early morning newspaper train.
  34. Dave Rowe used to build all sorts of special effects into his layouts. He even wrote a book about it. And who said the layouts are destroyed? It's going to be tricky to get them to shows if they are. It's getting people into model railway shows - once they are there, it's down to us to get them into the hobby.
  35. Newcastle today over a number of years. Newcastle HST Kings X to Newcastle and Class 45 TPO Newcastle to Bristol Aug 86 J8666.jpg Newcastle156433 Newcastle to Girvan 1st June 89 C11964.jpg Newcastle USP5000C DR 77 313 21st Oct 89 C13800.jpg Newcastle Class 143 and Bruff attending the derailment 3rd March 90 C14149.jpg Newcastle Class 158 Newcastle to Liverpool 21st April 92 C16787.jpg
  36. Regulations required the banker to assist only as far as the end of the platform, and the driver of the N5 has complied. In the south bay, 62530 is waiting to make the short trip down to East, and our man thought that with severe cropping there might be a good picture to be had.
  37. As with all previous episodes, I did enjoy it but my wife and I would have chosen the 3 Millers layout to win, in terms of 'traditional' model railway layouts, it had the most integrity and consistency, in my view, at least. We do understand why the WCR layout won, though. However, I'm beginning to find less and less credibility in the Scratchbuild Challenge. I do understand the raison-d'etre behind it and how it challenges one's ingenuity and inventiveness, but I think it's being done the wrong way round. I'd now prefer to see the judges say 'build us a whatever', what
  38. Back from da souf, full report in SMS, also visited the Fareham Show today and spent an hour or more playing OPPERATING Tidmouth, what a cracking Layout that is, super slow running, Faultless operation and a real crowd pleaser, (OR, were they just looking at me?). Anyway, UNFORTUNATELY, I came away with lots of ideas. First some pics of Tidworth. And some others including this lovely model of Evercreech New. And this N Gauge under the Wires.
  39. Just back home from Darn souf and also took in a visit to the Fareham Show this morning. Now this IS what you call an O Gauge Layout. And a rather nice Fiddle Yard. The Video will be up a a day or so.
  40. If our experience (Cambrian Coasters) was anything to go by then team members may well have had items earmarked for recycling even at the planning stage. Five of us chose locos wle wanted for our home layouts and the other has the now stripped basebords ready for an 0 gauge essay. To help motivate me the buildings I put together for one of our ready made features were designed to have an after life on my York based layout. While this might seem a bit cynical to some it has ensured very little waste, which has to be a good thing. As an exhibition layout a ten by five solid mass, even though it
  41. I’ll be putting another guy to work soon Once I’ve decided what he’s doing I might put him at the end of the bench using the bench grinder? Good job it’s not for the Great Model Railway Challenge otherwise they’d expect sparks to be flying off the grinder too ........No! Just No
  42. ....W1 back from paint, so it's on with reassembly. First get a nicely running chassis. I build the chasssis up sequentially, testing for free running at every step. This rendition of 60700 has AGH wheels which have to be 'quartered' (3rd-ed?) by eye and bonded with Loctite 603. It adds a layer of complexity shall we say.... Then I built up the non mechanical parts of the model. And on to final assembly I'm going to have a little tiny whin
  43. Having now watched four of the five heats (looking forward to the fifth tonight) I am a little sad that the editing of the episodes doesn’t show enough of the excellent modelling skills that are only glimpsed. A slow panoramic sweep across each finished layout would have been appreciated by all of us viewers I think. Having said that .. it has been really enjoyable.
  44. Hi Kevin, I did look at it all, and although there is some decorating to be done to get it how we would want it, (currently Bed 1 is Dark Red and Black) haha, Structurally it's sound and a lot bigger than we have at the moment, i.e. an extra bedroom that can be used as a second lounge, and a much bigger kitchen with a dining area. Mike one of my Boys who is a Builder came with me and he suggested the same thing with the French Doors, that would give me some 21 to 22 feet inside compared to my current 17.5ft but the width is only 8ft at present compared to my current 8.5ft
  45. The red crane is RS1097/45 (ex-GWR 17) and the livery is historically accurate for June 1977. It is extremely difficult to say with certainty when cranes were repainted, since no records exist and one has to work off available photographs (most of which are monochrome) but I can say with confidence that this crane was still in its black livery (essentially the same as applied by the GWR after the war) on 1st February 1969. Based on the condition of the paintwork and the degree of weathering in June '77, I would think it was repainted from black to red sometime around 1974.
  46. Hi everyone, Well, another landmark day here at Accurascale, as we have received the first engineering prototype of our Deltic! Lots to be happy about, especially shape, and a list of minor corrections too, which we are working on and sorted by China in the coming weeks. But overall, very positive. For the full story check out our latest blog post, where we talk about what's right, what's currently wrong, and for some nice pics. In the meantime here is a video of it in action on our office layout! https://accurascale.co.uk/blogs/news/deltic-engineering-prototype-breaks
  47. I found a piece of plywood that is 4 foot long and 1 foot wide, so I plonked the mockup buildings on it to get an idea. It is immediately obvious that 1 foot width is not going to be enough to fit in the quarry face and higher level ground surface I was hoping for. So I think 18 inches width at least, and maybe a bit more. However I think you can get some idea. The buildings and sidings will be higher than the track nearest the camera by about an inch, which reflects the prototype, and means a gradual gradient will be required. The fiddle yard e
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