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  1. The ECS from Delaval sidings to Holloway is next, with a rather neglected KX V2 doing the job. I really must ask the photographer what was the point of taking the next one.
  2. Back to some fiddling (modelling?). And trying to put together a bunch of buildings to potentially form a sub-assembly and because I wanted to make sure that they fitted a specifically sized area. The problem is that each building was made individually at different times and with various elements of compression and simplification. Bringing them together is rather like herding cats or trying to make a changing jigsaw although the footprint (pen) is a fixed size. But I'm nearly there . . . . Next is to add the 3D aspect. The left edge slopes up but only for the building on that roadside, while the front/right edge and centre remains flat.
  3. Changing the Subject somewhat, here are some pictures of my latest completed project. It’s a GCR bogie fish van built from a WSM kit. It was a bit of a struggle as it was made from thick brass which needed to be laminated together. It certainly tested my soldering iron’s power! Only a few of these made it through to nationalisation, and I believe they were relegated to parcels traffic by that stage. So I’ve finished it in LNER livery without fish branding and will use it in a mixed van train. I had to guess a bit (tut tut!) so I’ve probably made some mistakes. Any comments welcome. Andy
  4. Yes the down fast was lifted in 1986 and the dive under line singled in ‘88 so 87 my guess. I tried to get a similar angle on the model just out of curiosity.. unfortunately no large logo 47 tho
  5. And 56047 returns to Seven Mills with Wagon and Van for the Yard.
  6. When I was in Japan (some years back now) I managed a ride on the original series O shinkansen as well as the double decker types:
  7. A long weekend was the perfect opportunity to crack and get some serious work done on the track. All of the mainline has now been cut/shaped leaving just the station area and carriage siding to complete. None of it is fully laid yet just sitting in position ready for any wires to solder on. Next stage is finish the station and once any wires are added I can lay some pernamently. I've yet to decide on the point motors I'm going to use but will drill a hole under each tiebar before laying each point (or I might have a problem in future!) Close up of one of the track joints, so far there's 40 odd fishplates that have been fitted like this. It gets a bit tedious but we'll worth it I think.
  8. I hear introducing electricity to water can cure anything, principally by inducing a cleansing bout of mortality.
  9. A few more at Acton Lane Power Station Open Day 1979 Open Day 1981 "In this picture, BIRKENHEAD's fire is dropped, bringing to an end the commercial use of steam engines on railways in London" 1979 1971 1974
  10. Thanks Kev. Unfortunately I could only find pictures of the Hartshead locos when they were being moved to Embsay in 1977.
  11. Did a basic hat traced the outline again, the squashed/stretched half sphere above the head was to try and help with forming the shape stretched the tracing over a few times, each time reducing it a bit in size and lowering it checked for fit and dropped it more towards the ears All done, it's not as flat as a proper flat cap, but I think it will pass. I 3d printed 12 of them (they're tiny so did more than I'll ever need), but light isn't good in spare room for close up shots on my phone, so I'll put it under a spotlight tomorrow.
  12. Gosh - 6 weeks have gone by, and real life has sort of got in the way, but I've made a start on the screens. This is the prototype: The screens were made up of three elements; two in the same orientation as the heapstead, with the third at 90 degrees and feeding the washery. I'm doing one building at a time - they're made more challenging by the clearly indented I-beams with the brickwork sandwiched in between. I've not managed to track down any photos of the northern aspect, so I've assumed they're the same on both aspects (although the middle building is set back, but appears flush with the northern side, if that makes sense). Anyway: two walls complete... The "stilts" are deliberately oversized - I can trim them once I get a sense of how the whole building relates to the height of the heapstead.
  13. I would suggest searching the forum for previous Olivias threads. Mike.
  14. If we're going to have a tonic, I'll have a splash of it with my gin, if you would be so kind!
  15. Are you sure about that? http://www.urban75.org/railway/brighton-sea-railway.html
  16. I'll add that to my list of pet hates - statements of the bleeding obvious.
  17. Famously the view of the late Gordon Weddell, author of the four books on London & South Western carriages and wagons. At South Western Circle meetings he would chunter on about the locomotive blocking the interesting rolling stock. Bill
  18. Went there with a mate, asked to hear an 08 before re blowing a Hornby one, and the answer was WHY, it's right. After a tussle he eventually put one on the Track and it was awful to say the least, I asked if it notched up and down like both the Hornby one and the prototype and the answer was; Why should it. WE LEFT.
  19. Well, If someone offered the following for sale (ignoring price for the moment) "Hornby R3460TTS 4F 44198 BR Black Late Crest" - for example on eBay - what would you expect to get? If their website said "Hornby R3460TTS 4F 44198 BR Black Late Crest" With sound chip removed - £115 With standard (non-sound) decoder - £143 With ESU V4 sound decoder - £256 . . . everything would be clear and I wouldn't have an issue. In their email reply to this specifc question "Could you clarify what I would receive if I ordered R3460TTS in terms of whether a sound-sitted decoder would be supplied?" they said "The Model is R3460TTS as described on the Box". So that means it sould come with a sound chip and speaker - yes? Otherwise to describe it as a TTS model when it doesn't come with sound (because the sound decoder has been removed) is misleading advertising surely - particularly as I can see nowhere on that page that the £155 Analogue option means that the TTS Sound decoder has been removed? Another part of their reply said "We give customers the option to purchase it with the Sound removed." If you didn't already know that TTS decoders didn't offer analogue running, how would you know that the £155 Analogue option meant that the sound decoder had been removed? Alex gets it spot-on with this post https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/149757-do-olivias-trains-actually-want-to-sell-trains/&do=findComment&comment=3757672 My follow up email - which has been ignored - asked for the following clarification. "Does standard decoder mean standard (i.e. non-sound) decoder of does it mean the standard decoder as fitted by the manufacturer (i.e. a TTS decoder)?" However, the point is now moot. Given the response ffrom the retailer this far, I won't be purchasing from them and I also wouldn't lament them going under. Woeful customer service. You are welcome to disagree of course. Art
  20. Just unpacked my mini rake of 18 that arrived yesterday. Had managed to resist , but the 40% off made resistance futile. Very impressed with the quality , please do a rake of cartic 4's as I can sell one kidney , but please never even think about doing any MGR HHA's as I will need the other kidney.
  21. He had one frame left on his film, and wanted to finish it so as to be able to take it out and put a new one in quickly.
  22. Some from last night, bit of a cock up as they held me at crewe thinking I was waiting for the possession to be lifted and would be going the booked route from Stafford, left there 40 mins late and went the normal way but my relief was as planned at Coventry so I had to work it through to there, ended up getting home at 9am instead of 6:30! trafford park Coventry and back in crewe this morning a 331 unit going into Manchester tonight on the train to the theatre then I’ve got a class 47 and translator move in the early hours of the morning from rugby to Preston
  23. This chap is an LMS "running line to loop" signal. Once common over the LM network (and on others but less so). Most parts visible are from my etches, including the arms and will be available as a partial kit early next year. It will include etched parts for the bracket, staging, linkages and a shunt arm. Cheers JF
  24. Still in Perth 16 Aug 89 47642 on the 1456 to GQS (from Inverness) 08762 engaged in some shunting Back to Waverley for some passengers, presumably with no idea how lucky they were, arriving from Dundee at 0904 on 21 Aug 89 hauled by my favourite, 47004 before it heads for EC with the empty stock.
  25. 3 points
    It's Friday afternoon here at Crymlyn A Shop and the Manning Wardle No. 29 rebuild for the Great Western Railway Company is almost complete. Owen the Spanners and Percy Veerance make some final adjustments to a footplate support bracket just in front of the rear wheel while Rhys ap Rhys sits on Baldrick, the Crymlyn A Shop gofer's, wheelbarrow trying to pick a winner at the "Dogs" tonight. Meanwhile our Foreman, Dai Larfin the stores person, Baldrick, Dai the Paint, several of the girls from the local leisure centre and Parry the pipe discuss some important matters. Apparently our Foreman is so pleased that he has given the Boyos the weekend off, without pay of course, to visit some show or other at Reading. The locomotive will now be scrupulously cleaned before being shunted inti Dai the Paints studio (paint shop).
  26. Definitely Earls Court - nowhere else on the sub-surface lines quite like that.
  27. The £115 one comes with sound fitted from the factory by Hornby but Olivias are removing the sound chip from it and then trying to sell you a more expensive sound chip with no option to buy it with the chip it comes from the factory with it. Either way Olivias are opening up the loco and throwing out the sound chip that the model comes with.
  28. I still have trouble understanding your problem with the £115 version, if you wish to buy a sound fitted one. The website seems pretty clear that this will set you back £256. Does it really matter what they do to the £115 version?
  29. Have you considered https://www.scalelink.co.uk/acatalog/1_76_scale_Loco_Fittings___Lever_Control_Systems-p1.html G.W.R. 2 Cylinder valve gear set Ref: WPY44 as a source for your Hall cylinders and crossheads?
  30. One of the siggies at the psb tonight was on Norwich panel when the emergency alarm went off and listened in on the conversation between the trowse siggie and the driver of the train that went through the level crossing. Went on for nearly 20mins as neither the driver or siggie had come across the issue before. To make it worse, S&T were working in the relay room at the crossing when it happened and they said none of the relays engaged when the train approached, they looked out the door to see why the barriers werent activating and a car went over the crossing seconds before the train went through. Apparently the car was missed by 0.25 of a second. All because the train didnt activate the crossing.
  31. Hi There, That reminds me of a chap I once worked with that had been involved with the testing of the class 91's when new and he claimed that 0-60 mph light engine was 12 seconds. The chap in question was crackers so I have no way of knowing if this is true or not. Gibbo.
  32. From a user perspective, I think Virgin will be a hard act to follow. To me, they seem to do the right things right, and keep their troops cheerful and well-motivated.
  33. When I think of "The Red Flag", these words spring to mind. "The Workers flag is deepest pink, Its stained with spilt New Statesman ink...." (c) Private Eye, probably.
  34. This is not a train I had heard of either so I had a quick look through my working timetables this evening and dug out the following: Summer 1953 Train 179 (Class ‘A’) 12.12pm SO Craigendoran to Nottingham Midland 2.25pm ex Waverley, passes Berwick 3.34pm, arrives Nottingham 10.19pm Runs 20th June to 12th September inclusive. Only conveys passengers holding tickets for inclusive Scottish tours. Summer 1954 BR NE Region carriage workings (NER Association facsimile) has the following information: Sets 631 and 631A. LMR Stock. BTOBS (48) TOBS (56) RKBS 4TOBS (56) RKBS TOBS (56) BTOBS (48) – 10 (432T) Set 631 works the northbound train (SO) Dep Nottingham Midland: 6.08 am Leeds City N: 8.54 am Newcastle : 11.32 – 11.42 am Edinburgh: 2.13 pm Craigendoran: 4.15 pm Set 631A works the southbound train (SO) Dep Craigendoran: 12.12 pm Edinburgh: 2.25 pm Newcastle: 4.52 - 5.02 pm Leeds City N: 7.29pm Nottingham Midland: 10.19pm Note that the northbound train arrives after the departure of the southbound service so two sets of stock were required. Did the set spend the whole week in Scotland awaiting the following Saturday's return working? Summer 1956 Train 179 (Class ‘A’) 12.12pm SO Craigendoran to Leicester 2.25pm ex Waverley, passes Berwick3.36pm Runs until 8th September inclusive. Inclusive Tour not advertised in Public Book. Summer 1959 Train 179 (Class ‘A’) 1.0pm SO Craigendoran to Leicester 3.0pm ex Waverley, passes Berwick 4.07pm Inclusive Tour not advertised in Public Book. Summer 1960 Train 179 (Class ‘A’) 1.0pm SO Craigendoran to Leicester 3.0pm ex Waverley (arrived 2.45pm), passes Berwick 4.07pm Inclusive Tour not advertised in Public Book. Summer 1962 Train 1M97 1.10 pm SO Craigendoran to Leicester 3.0pm ex Waverley (arrived 2.45pm), passes Tweedmouth 4.8 1/2pm Inclusive Tour not advertised in Book. The next summer WTT that I have is for 1964 and the train is not listed therein. The train seems to have run as part of a tour so I don't think there would be any need for a stop in Glasgow. I would imagine that passengers joined the train on the pier platform at Craigendoran from one of the Clyde steamer services. Given the running time of around two hours from Craigendoran to Waverley, I would suggest that the train ran direct via the Knightswood North Junction - Cowlairs line then the north curve at Cowlairs to gain direct access to the Edinburgh - Glasgow main line. The stop in Waverley itself was purely for the purposes of changing locomotive. There seems to have been another stop at Newcastle, presumably for a further change of locomotive. My main areas of interest are the ECML north of Newcastle, the Waverley Route and the Edinburgh - Perth via Glenfarg lines, all neatly contained within the same section of the working timetable and hence why my collection of WTTs is rather limited. Hope this is of some use! Regards, Brian
  35. Plenty of Pacer activity when I got to Manchester this morning. Seeing Double by Charles Eric Steele, on Flickr Retro DMUs by Charles Eric Steele, on Flickr
  36. It worked for me in froggy France. Heartwarming.
  37. I think those gresley coaches that were used in those control trains retained black until disbanded which I believe was about 1980 I understand they were kept undercover and would be deployed in a war, not that a wooden bodied coach would last long in a nuclear war!
  38. 'Thoughts and prayers' belongs with that other piece of meaningless American verbiage, 'Have a nice day'. It implies friendly concern, but in the balance of things signifies nothing. And I'm horrified at myself for entering into discussing politics. When I found myself humming the 'Red Flag' to myself I had to give myself a good slapping. I will be keeping a good eye on myself for the rest of the day to make sure I behave or else it will be the naughty corner for me and a good ticking off.
  39. 2-12-'19. Newton-le-Willows. 12.56pm. 66 778 heads west on the Drax - Liverpool biomass.
  40. 47237 Tinsley Carrying a better colour than it wears today
  41. STUPID? Because if doesn't satisfy your criteria??
  42. Apologies to followers of this thread that there hasn't been much to report recently. The day after the last post we discovered that Beth had a broken ankle and she is now well plastered and confined to various wheelchairs that allow her to access different parts of the house. Thus I haven't had much time to get to the shed. However for the last few days our daughter and her wife plus our only grandchild have been staying with us. Little Emily Lancaster obviously needed to be introduced to the hobby. She was captivated by the moving trains. My daughter Rachel is on the left. Obviously such an important visitor with the surname of Lancaster had to see the layout. As you can see I am trying very hard to be a grumpy grandad but don't think I'm quite succeeding. I am now instructed by Laura that I have to build a train set for her and Emily to play with as she had a deprived childhood with no train set to play with. Rachel of course cannot say that. Jamie
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