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  1. Headline news - new tooling items from Hornby for 2020. BR Thompson A2/2 Image - Ben Brooksbank LNER/BR Thompson A2/3 Image - Ben Brooksbank Gresley W1 4-6-4 "Hush-Hush" Images- lner.info BR Standard 2MT 2-6-0 2MT 78xxx Image - Ben Brooksbank BR Class 91 BR Class 370 Advanced Passenger Train–Prototype Image - Phil Sangwell LMS Coronation Scot coaches BR Mark1 RB Restaurant Buffet
  2. You are being saved from yourself. Posting a bad tempered rant demanding people be sacked isn't a good start. Describing the Stephenson's Rocket pack as "stupid" when a number of forum members have expressed delight and pre-ordered just such a pack suggests that your opinion is out of step with the rest. That's fine, but getting angry about it won't change anything, nor will describing anything you don't like as "junk". It just winds up those people for whom those models are welcome and something they are looking froward to. Finally, you ask, "where are the Class 68's" - they are in boxes marked Dapol, the Mk5 coaches will be in boxes marked "Accurascale" and Class 70's are in blue boxes with Bachmann written on them. RMweb is a place for ALL politely expressed opinions. It's not like we don't have people who would have preferred a different set of announcements here after all. Now, back to Hornby.
  3. Not half as angry as I am at reading rubbish like that; believe me. Think yourself fortunate that you are only on a final written warning for your forum conduct rather than being sacked yourself.
  4. You'll buy anything yellow, I have a week-old banana that I can do you a deal on.
  5. Surely this must be the shortest gap between a Poll and product announcement ever? When Mr Macdermott speaks, the manufacturers listen. Or else.
  6. I cannot fathom the nay sayers who go onto this forum and say....nothing for me! We should congratulate Hornby on a colourful and ambitious programme that will appeal to all corners of the hobby, young, old and in between. I certainly will be making some purchases. Roll on the next 100 years.
  7. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Not only are Hornby risking a repeat of the 2012 disaster by ploughing a lot of effort into a range which might not sell, they're devaluing the Bassett-Lowke name in the process. The Bassett-Lowke name will mean nothing to Steampunk fans, and to use a name historically associated with well-engineered premium products on models derived from Smokey Joe and the Hornby 4 wheel coaches is somewhat akin to putting a Vanden Plas badge on an Austin Allegro....
  8. A few snaps from my phone taken last month. True to 1/76th scale the model is quite exquisite!
  9. And that's fine, but just for clarity I'd like to point out that when we announced the Class 87, we stated that we'd been looking at the Class 91 then and looking back at my research files, it was 26 May 2016 when I first visited the National Archives for this project. Not every project starts and runs through to completion uninterrupted, for various reasons including changes of TOC. For us, matters were certainly helped by Hitachi taking over operations at Bounds Green.
  10. I have, But I knew already! I've assisted Hornby in the development of the A2/2 and A2/3 models. Not in a major way; just meetings with the designer, poring over photographs, books and drawings and loaning models. I've also loaned books and documents. Am I the ultimate model railway hypocrite? What is one to do? I'm regularly approached by manufacturers for assistance in the research regarding new products. If it's an RTR manufacturer, do I say 'I'm a builder. If I help you (in a minor way), it'll mean the end of an equivalent kit?' No doubt it will, though I still have Thompson Pacific kits to build, and the W1! That's the irony, really. RTR Thompson Pacifics or the W1 will be of little use to me At least the A1/1 and A2/1s are still 'safe'. But for how long? Who would have thought it? RTR models of Thompson Pacifics! Models of locos like these..................... Please (all) observe copyright restrictions. Regards, Tony.
  11. Some trains at Swayfield, on Stoke Bank, this afternoon. The seond photo was probably taken on a Saturday, I'm not sure about the others. Swayfield Class 55 9021 up Yorkshire Pullman Oct 71 J2780.jpg Swayfield Class 55 up June 74 C1621.jpg 55002. 1A32 was 17.00 Newcastle - KX (M-F, 16.10 SuO not listed for Saturdays) Swayfield Class 55 Edinburgh to Kings X Dec 74 C1835.jpg Swayfield Class 254 up July 81 C5448.jpg Swayfield Class 254 up Sept 81 J7578.jpg David
  12. Well, who ever has the job within Hornby that gets to decide on what to release has not done a good job and needs sacking. Some of the stuff is alright, most of it is random "Sugar Honey Ice Tea" that quite frankly knowone wants. There is no new GWR Steam Loco's apart from one Star Class, the Class 20 looks like something you would get for free in a magazine from Lidl and then they are doing stupid things like the Stephensons Rocket Train Pack. I mean, where are the Class 68's, GWR IET's, Castle Set HST's, TPE and Caledonian Mk5's, GA 755's and 745's, Class 70's, full detail Class 20's, Manor Class, a decent GWR Panier tank and also a 3 car SWR Class 159. There are two good models in this years January announcments, and those are the GBRF Class 50's and the GBRF 47's, the rest is junk. If this is the standard are the class of model that Hornby are putting out, no wonder the company is basically bankrupt. They are appealing to the wrong people, old LMS and LNER steam is fine if you like that stuff, but don't forget the superior GWR stuff and of course modern image stuff that Hornby's future customer base are growing up with. Eventually Hornby need to realise that the kids of today don't give a toss about LMS coaches and their numbers, a stupid amount of old wagons and Stephensons Rocket. What they want is modern Sprinter units, pacers, aventras, CAF 195's. I am sorry if I come across angry, but I am.
  13. Hello everyone Many congratulations to Hornby on the 2020 announcements today! Excellent news for many! This is how the new tooling items fared in The 00 Wishlist Poll 2019 Results... Top 50 374 votes - BR Std Class 2 2-6-0 (78xxx). Overall position 3rd. 287 votes - LNER Hush Hush. Overall position 10th. High Polling 186 votes - BR Diag.24 Restaurant Buffet (RB) 182 votes - APT-P 182 votes - W1 60700 149 votes - A2/3 Middle Polling 116 votes - A2/2. (This score places it nicely above the overall halfway mark.) Low Polling 86 votes - Coronation Scot Coaches. (These were only just in Low Polling. We believe they have much potential for the BR modeller in the future if Hornby has made sensible provisions.) As something of a notable aside, we recently ran The Quirky Poll. Rocket was overall top-voted item there. Brian (on behalf of The 00 Poll Team)
  14. Right, I'm going to settle down now. By sheer coincidence, this morning's first locomotive is....... a Thompson Pacific. This is a horrible image, but it genuinely is the next one in the store. Not the sub class Hornby have just announced, hardly surprisingly. This is what I get as reward for trying to take pictures when I know there isn't enough light, and it is no more than I deserve. Meanwhile, it is time for the Flying Scotsman, which has diesel (under)power this morning.
  15. Well, I did actually suggest they might do something like this, so I'm now feeling a little smug However, while the rolling stock looks the part, the buildings, well. Reminds me a lot of this song.
  16. Awesome. Six days in and I think we have "2020 Post of the Year".
  17. Constant complaints that nothing is being done to attract new people into the hobby. Hornby does something to bring a subset of a large, popular, segment of the outside world into the hobby and everybody complains.
  18. Well, inspired by the efforts of you all, I've finally decided to join the august ranks of Nellie-bashers. It had long struck me that Nellie might look good as a compact 2-4-0 passenger tank - as a passenger tank, recalling her LSWR C14 heritage - and I acquired a beaten up Nellie body from the Bay of Fleas (I still have my childhood Nellie, cherished and safe, and she's not going under the knife!!). The intention is to upgrade a Nellie but keep as much of the character and appearance of the original body as possible. One thing I dislike about the Triang body is the cab front sheet, which would really look better with round spectacles. Other than that, it is really only necessary to replace the moulded-on hand rails and smokebox dart and to add the usual refinements, e.g. screw link couplings and vac pipes (it's to be a passenger loco in this guise), lamp irons, crew etc. However, this was a beaten-up body that had lost its rear steps and chimney, so here there will have to be further changes. The Dean chimney pictured is temporary, while I mull. Given the need to replace the rear steps, I thought I might as well go to town and have nice, big curvy ones. The other change is necessitated by the change in wheel arrangement. I have cut out the cab doors and provided splashers for the rear driving wheels, rather like a Brighton Terrier or D tank. Here we see it in primer to identify the sanding and filling necessary, so, early days, but the chassis runs and the body fits it, so, the job's a good 'un.
  19. 18 pages in 8 hours?? To save me read through it all, would it be safe to summarise the posts as follows: "Nothing in it for me" "What a load of rubbish Hornby, you're crap" "Wow Hornby, you're amazing and I want your babies" "Meh".
  20. A couple of snaps of the initial test prints taken at Margate last month
  21. The first thing I thought of when I saw the Hornby announcement was a certain Mr Wright, who'd built tens of Thompson pacifics, and his claims that one would never appear RTR. With regard to the W1, it wouldn't surprise me if several SEF kits turn up on eBay now at good prices. I'd happily take one rather than wait for the Hornby offering. My first project of 2020 is complete (for now). A Bachmann O4 picked up for a bargain price and converted to an O4/3 (thanks go to Graeme King for providing notes and pictures of his conversion). It still needs three link couplings but apart from that I think it's done. Regards, Jamie
  22. Hmm. Love the idea. Don't actually like any of the products!!!!!
  23. To be fair, the Steampunk range is aimed at a very new and very large market - 45,000 visitors for a weekend event large. While the genre is under the radar for most of us, there is a lot of interest and potentially a lot of new customers to be found. I suspect the production costs aren't high either as there's not significant new tooling, just applying details to existing models. This is a long way from the levels of investment that went into the Olympic range. I've also been on a stand next to Cato Pass and Laurie draws a crowd all weekend, but not of traditional modellers. Does this equal sales? I don't know, but Hornby have been convinced enough to dip their toe into the water.
  24. Thompson Pacifics well I never thought I see RTR versions.. or the w1. I've got the latter. Buy wow...
  25. Last weekend saw 40936 finished, just got to paint it now. Loco frame ready for painting. The crosshead etch worked perfectly on the 1mm square slidebars (I wouldn't do them like this now but this job was started last century), there's a half etch rebate on the inside of back and front pieces. Two thicknesses of .015" connecting rod pack these out to a sliding fit on the bars, pin soldered between them and the two halves united by the piston rod. The Compound brake gear is a bit complicated, the pull rods should be narrower but these are about as small as I can drill .5mm holes in. Balance weights on this late LMS example are built up rather than cast crescents. The rest of the loco ready for grit blasting, some additional rivets added with Super Steel epoxy. The etched overlays (produced for an earlier 7mm job) fitted the cab side but not the driving splashers - I said this was started from a notoriously inaccurate drawing. Mudhole door covers are insulation tape punched out with a leather punch, most of the cladding bands left off - they will go on with the lining. Frames after painting - Halfords etch primer followed by Hycote satin black. The motor and gearbox are taped up but the paint doesn't really do much even if the gearbox can't be covered. This is the inner tender frame after cleaning the paint off the wheel treads and fitting pickups. These are .35mm phosphor bronze wire soldered to two double sided sleeper strips which were previously soldered to the brake cross wires in the frames. I used to put pickups on all the wheels but have found that the outer ones are enough - pickups on the centre wheels tend to make these stick a bit instead of revolving. Plug and socket attached to the pcb strips, wire will go to the loco pickup pcb strips. The whole loco ready for testing, buffer heads temporarily fitted, they will be removed for grit blasting then re-fitted for painting. The con rods are fitted inside the coupling rods (because of the size of the outside LP cylinders) so the rods are spaced a long way off the wheels. The rods are actually in the correct place, just the 00 gauge wheels are too close together - the con rod passes very closely behind the leading step.
  26. A Happy New Year to you all. So I managed to get some modelling done over the Christmas period. My attention turned to the left hand side of the layout. First up was a row of low relief houses from Scalescenes, these will sit over the hidden sidings and be removable. I then made a small hut for the front left of the layout. This is also a Scalescenes kit. Thanks for looking. Regards Paul.
  27. You do come across as something,
  28. Is that a euphemism...….?
  29. I would never ‘complain’ about models that don’t appeal, but this range is a very good reminder that I am a slightly conventional bloke in his ‘70s.....
  30. Hornby 100th anniversary editions
  31. The Sun has just broken through a stormy sky at Haymarket.
  32. Hackenbeck's familiar 'crawler tractor' is now finished.
  33. A few more Pullman shots going to the online Pullman magazine.................. Some were taken a few years ago. Pullmans passing. A Hornby/ Comet/Kean (or is it Keen?)/Wright/Rathbone Third Kitchen. And a Hornby/Comet/MJT/Wright/Rathbone First Kitchen. A modified/weathered Hornby First Kitchen. Two modified/weathered latest Hornby Pullmans, including LORAINE. The mods were no more than adding curtains, whiting-out the kitchen window and applying weathering to the roofs and underframes, as well as changing the couplings and fitting concertina gangways. Scenes from 2018's LB LNER weekend. And an elevated shot of the Up Yorkshire Pullman, with Tony Geary's A1 in charge. And not a Thompson Pacific in sight!
  34. An ambitious programme, but no new tooling for modern DMU/EMUs, so I'm disappointed.
  35. Have you considered the size of the thing? Its coaches are tripple-deckers, which might challenge your loading gauge! These, or suitably anglicised versions, are I feel, more me ..... Now, that's steampunk!
  36. No, but it’s all in how you put them. And I thought I was an angry gammon.....I’m just a beginner it seems
  37. Count me in as a member of the prostate club, chaps, recently diagnosed after complaining to GP about frequent urination. I’m actually in the waiting room now for an exam and planning session for Radiotherapy, the bottom of a learning curve! Happy to talk about it any time. PSA test is what led me here, I have a ball of type 2 cells apparently close to the gland wall, which is causing concern that they might make a break for the border and cause trouble elsewhere. Early treatment is clearly the key to survival, and the RT has a claimed 80% chance of completely and permanently eradicating the cancer. I am obviously not delighted about the situation, but am feeling positive about the outcome.
  38. strange that I don’t see it like that at all. Hornby actually produced the class 91 before the prototypes were running. Electric loco models traditionally have not been popular until recently if as they say this has been in the works since 2016, then what do they do cancel the model because a competitor models one. As with other duplicates the buying public will decide which one they want.
  39. It's almost as if BR blue never existed....
  40. He’s been enjoying his three week holiday with Dirt Bike riding, going to the beach, wake boarding, having a few drinks and swimming in mine and my mates pools, enjoying the hot weather with my doggo. And I have very little recollection of that night......... I think it had something to do with Tequila.... Apologies again Tony. I’ve got another week off till I’m back at work, I’m hoping to spend it in the train room, I’m sure I’ll have some updates by then. Happy New Year to all on Wright Writes.
  41. Well my wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.
  42. We now have a trip working approaching on the Down slow. While we weren't looking though, Duke of Rothesay has brought in the stock for the 1130 to Edinburgh.
  43. Big progress today! The IKEA window blinds fitted and three of the window trims done. But best of all, the legs are now fitted to the three baseboards. The boards are not joined up yet though and I may add some bracing to the legs. It was dark, so excuse the poor flash pic. Cheers, Ade.
  44. Picture of test print taken at Margate last month
  45. As I say, I love the idea of a steampunk range. I welcome the diversity of imaginative layouts, be they steampunk, sci-fi or from the pages of Tolkien or Pratchett. There is a rich vein of fantasy that has barely been tapped. But, what is the steampunk aesthetic as applied to railway equipment? The field is diverse, and, somewhat bedeviled by the fact that US outline stock follows such a different aesthetic from British outline. The picture is varied and confused. Here are some of the many examples for those befuddled by the genre .... Quite a varied bunch, though what I think they have in common is some exaggeration of forms, which results in something more profound, distinctive and coherent than is achieved by merely sticking bits of random junk to trainset equipment. Here Hornby seems to have equated steampunk with the work of Laurie Calvert. That is a somewhat limited interpretation and not necessarily the best choice. I probably do lean more towards the Victorian sci-fi end of things, and I'm afraid that my Steampunk locos would probably come out looking like Cramptons (an essentially outlandish type by any standards) or something fearsome by Beattie for the South Western! So, it's not one readily definable look and not one easy to capture. Yet, in a round about way, what I'm saying is that I do not really like the Scrapyard Appliqué aesthetic Hornby has chosen, and prefer something a little more elegant. But, each to his own.
  46. Steampunk? Not my thing from a model railway perspective, but I can see why it might be popular, and why people might enjoy it. Bassett- Lowke? Have these people got no knowledge or sensitivity!?!? W J B-L effectively invented model railways, and using the trademark/name that modern Hornby own for this particular purpose is crass in the extreme, and I can't see that it will help sales in the way that it might if applied to an 0 or larger gauge range. Please, for goodness sake Messrs. Hornby, rethink this branding. You do have a sense of history, otherwise you wouldn't be commissioning a range of No.1 Tender engine replicas for your centenary. If you don't know what to do with the TM for the time being, license it for a nominal fee to one of the several parties who could use and would treat it with dignity. This is real BL steampunk, with plenty of brass. From the very early years, while WJB-L was still guiding German toy makers towards scale proportions.
  47. At least modelling keeps the mind active and healthy! One of the things I submit material to is the online Pullman Newsletter. I've been asked to provide more pictures of LB's Pullman trains (of which there are four). Here they are............................. No other main line had so many Pullman services. Long gone, of course - far too elitist in this egalitarian world, but, in real life, magnificent nonetheless. I'm privileged to be old enough (and still fit enough in the mind) to remember sights such as these. And there 'I' still am, snapping away to my heart's content!
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