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  1. Surely this must be the shortest gap between a Poll and product announcement ever? When Mr Macdermott speaks, the manufacturers listen. Or else.
  2. Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. Not only are Hornby risking a repeat of the 2012 disaster by ploughing a lot of effort into a range which might not sell, they're devaluing the Bassett-Lowke name in the process. The Bassett-Lowke name will mean nothing to Steampunk fans, and to use a name historically associated with well-engineered premium products on models derived from Smokey Joe and the Hornby 4 wheel coaches is somewhat akin to putting a Vanden Plas badge on an Austin Allegro....
  3. 18 pages in 8 hours?? To save me read through it all, would it be safe to summarise the posts as follows: "Nothing in it for me" "What a load of rubbish Hornby, you're crap" "Wow Hornby, you're amazing and I want your babies" "Meh".
  4. Have you considered the size of the thing? Its coaches are tripple-deckers, which might challenge your loading gauge! These, or suitably anglicised versions, are I feel, more me ..... Now, that's steampunk!
  5. It's almost as if BR blue never existed....
  6. Well my wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.
  7. Happy New Year to all my RMweb followers. I hope I'm able to stimulate your continued interest in the signals I build and if my ramblings encourage some of you "have go", so much the better. Here is my first project for 2020 - the semaphore signals for Tony Teague's "Churminster & Stowe Magna" railway. Here's a link to his Topic: A very good article about Tony's layout appears in the current issue of Hornby Magazine. My contribution is going to be the Semaphore signalling - the colour light signals have already bee installed. Starting first with Churminster, where all the signalling is semaphore, the first to be built is the Platform 3 Up Starter. This is an ex-LSWR tall lattice signal with co-acting arms, converted to Upper quadrant operation. I have already posted a few "work in progress" shots on Tony's topic Here a few shots of the completed model, with a short video to follow (don't hold your breath). You can see here how the co-acting effect is achieved. The operating wire passes through the lower weight bar and continues up to the upper weight bar, ensuring they both move together and by an equal amount. Very careful measuring of the links between the weight bars and the their signal arms is necessary to ensure both arms are parallel. More soon... Steve.
  8. What gets me is the idea that they've had "30 years" to retool it seeing as it's only 30 years old.... Seems some just can't help knocking Hornby for some strange reason. Jason
  9. I've used sand to build up the ground to the top of the rails. Just glue it like you normally would with ballast although I found it helpful to put a layer of PVA down before I layed the sand. This means it also has a nice texture, similar to that of ash. This photo shows the effect nicely. HTH, Jamie
  10. Tony, after our conversation earlier on the phone about the news of the W1 I have been thinking.... I have a mixed view on the announcement, I’m happy as it’s a model I’ve been wanting to build for a while and it’s now been made easier to obtain, however, I’m disappointed in the announcement as well. My reasons being is that not everyone had a model of the W1 it was almost like the real thing “Hush Hush”, if you looked at an LNER layout you’d get a real kick out of seeing a W1 running, just like it would have been in the days of its original form.... Did that make sense? Or am I becoming a cranky old git? I am pleased it has been announced and it will be on my shopping list, but I think I’ll still do the Graeme King conversion for the rebuilt LNER W1, making it sounds more appealing to me.
  11. GW Dean Coaches has had an annual update. I have uploaded most of the Jack Slinn drawing collection that pertains to Dean coaches. There are a pair of main pages; one each for short and bogie coaches. There are also 13 pages of high resolution drawings suitable for printing off at A4 (best done in landscape to get a coach per page). With the exception of mail and sleeper coaches these drawings are propagated throughout all of the coach pages so that they are also presented with the numbers, conversions, photos etc. The history and conversions of mail and sleeper coaches is too complex for me to cover and will have to wait for another day or for a real expert to step up to the mark. All of the above would not have been possible without the help of Jonathan David aka #corneliuslundie who has scanned all of the drawings. There are two more new pages that cover the liveries of Dean coaches. The first is liveries 1880 to 1940 of 4 wheelers in photos. The second has drawings of 3 coaches that can be drawn in any livery over the same time frame in full colour.
  12. AY Mod

    New Hornby Rocket

    Couldn't resist. My local pusher feeds my habit by accepting a simple SMS from me as a pre-order. He makes it far too easy.
  13. I have made a good start on this Park Lane wagon with the underframe done and both sides. I find sometimes it is better to make and fit the sides before making the ends especially when both ends are different.
  14. The most tactful description of a Thompson pacific I've seen in some time.
  15. As an aside, I'm all for cogs, as long as they 'do' something. They have to have a purpose. A few cogs suck on a roof with no visible mechanical link to anything else is just sad. MO.
  16. Is that the same Mr Wright who said there would never be a RTR Thompson Pacific
  17. V v nice...………. (The number panel is a bit wonky, but easily sorted. Well done lads. Cheers, Mick
  18. Blimey! Steampunk? That’ll be the Thompson A2s, then.
  19. Gibbo675

    New Hornby Rocket

    Hi Mel, I like the idea of the early railways with locomotives such of Rocket, Northumbrian, Planet and Lion etc. What does interest me is that a full scale length train would fit into a small space quite easily. Here are my static efforts from Dapol Rocket kits and Keysers Matero coaches: Rocket Northumbrian. Gibbo.
  20. Foxfield... December 1969 or 2019? You decide.
  21. I like the idea, not so hot on the execution. It feels like it was designed by someone who's seen someone else's idea of steampunk and taken it from there. Just a bunch of bits stuck on to already-existing not necessarily Victorian rolling stock. At the risk of frothing, if I were assigned to devise a steampunk range, this is what I'd do. - Use already-existing tooling as the basis of the range. For instance, the Dean and Caley Singles. These are already steampunky. Maybe give them a more brass-and-steel livery or an elaborate Victorian livery. If possible, perhaps reintroduce the Triang Davey Crockett. For coaches, the 4-wheelers are okay, but I'd consider the old Rocket coaches, the clerestory coaches or, again, the Triang Davey Crockett coaches. For wagons, anything that could pass for pre-Grouping - I'd suggest the Hull and Barnsley van and the old 5-plank for starters, and I've always thought that 4-wheeled car transporter wagon that Hornby did in lurid orange had the look of a carriage wagon. - The wackier steampunk stuff is a fun idea, but my suggestion would be to go for wagon loads in resin fitted on top of already-existing tooling, as with the short-lived circus train from the Thomas range. For example, a flat wagon with a flying machine load or something similar. - For the buildings, just stuff that's more fun, more in line with Victorian and Victorian-pastiche fiction. A ruined temple, a mad scientist's lab, a Gothic castle, that kind of thing. Not just sticking cogs and pipes on to otherwise completely mundane buildings. You could do themed stations - a Transylvanian halt with a Gothic waiting room, an Ancient Egyptian signal box, a cattle dock for dinosaurs, silly things like that. As an example of someone who I think does steampunk railways right, I'd recommend Chris Walas. He borrows heavily from the work of Wells, Verne, Lovecraft, Twain and other Victorian and early 20th century writers, as well as messing around with his own ideas to create a coherent (and fun) mythos of his own.
  22. Hi Splendid People I'm Laurie Calvert (aka Cornelius Chuddery) the designer of the Steampunk product for Hornby. The was tasked with using existing product, and giving it a Steampunk make-over. So bear in mind those constraints, although I am very happy with the designs. I am really pleased with the results on the Locos, Wagons, and Coaches. The buildings I had lots of thoughts over. I really wanted to do something wacky, overbalanced, and almost falling over but had to modify existing items. So two of the sides have detail on them and two of the sides just cogs and gears as a Steampunk motif - the idea being they could be instantly recognisable as Steampunk. No matter what a steampunk song says, you do actually needs cogs and gears. Otherwise they would look like buildings but not really Steampunk. I have many more ideas if they are needed. This also has a narrative to it, to get imaginations going. Bassett-Lowke was used as that company was founded in Victorian times 1899. Seemed apt in a way. Hornby designers have done a great job on the art for the models. The interest grew in the product as the months rolled on. I have built two demo layouts, one for America. The investment wasn't too high but the idea here is to bring in other modellers into our hobby. I applaud Hornby for giving this a go. To broaden it's appeal. Ask your children or grandchildren what they think of these locos racing around dinosaurs, and you may find you have to have these as visitors to your own layout when the grandkids come round to visit. The hobby after all is meant to be fun. I am making a series of videos for daily release on YouTube for those interested in seeing how this product was developed, and give you an insight. Here is the first. I hope this interests people. If it's not for you fair enough. I don't like every loco I see. That's not the point though - the idea is to appeal to new modellers, so well done Hornby management for giving this a go. For me this was a dream come true - I got to design a Hornby product. How cool is that? Regards, Laurie
  23. The 1937 Coronation Scot stock (excluding the kitchen cars, which were standard apart from livery) retained the roof trunking. There is one on the right of this shot: LMS-buffet_Euston_24-9-54 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr Also one here: 43032_Dore by Robert Carroll, on Flickr And here: 46204_nrBerkhamstead_0950-Liverpool-Euston_22-7-61 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  24. You know that's true of any loco, right?
  25. The cab windscreens have now had glazing cut to size and fitted. A bead of Matt varnish was drawn around the opening and the pane added with tweezers. The lavatory windows have had my usual tissue paper and varnish treatment, which I think gives a much more realistic effect than painting the glazing. The inside of the glazing was painted with acrylic matt varnish and a single layer of tissue (the type used for clothes packaging) applied to the varnish which soaks into the tissue, followed by further varnish from the rear. The rather cruel photo shows the effect when it dries.
  26. HST coaches in Swallow livery- I can see I'm a lone voice here but Hornby's researchers are absolutely rubbish in this department and have scored another own goal. Again. Before the time that set received Central Door Locking it had been cascaded down to Cross-Country, 41086 knocked out, and 40436 inserted in place of 40703 (which had found its way into LA35). They **could** have used their four window buffet car moulding to correctly represent XC69 as a seven car rake to go with 43065+43123. We still have not had a 4-window HST buffet which anyone modelling Cross-Country in ANY era needs- if only that poxy 40703 model had been 40436 with the correct moulding that would have been a really good train... The nameplate on 43065 dates the pairing after February 1996, much as last years nameplate on 43078 dated that pairing into a very narrow timeframe right at the end before Virgin took over- my second pet hate on HST models is insistence on modelling a "namer"- it means trying to colour match to conceal a nameplate on a brand new model if your era is pre 1996 in this case.
  27. Well what can be said Hornby have definitely come out fighting this year. I really hope that it all sells. For myself nothing I need........ BUT Ordering 2MT, A2/2, A2/3 hmm those Stanier Coaches look good but will need a streamliner Coronation to go with. Oh dear this is a very poor year! Sorry kids your going to have to go to the poor house.
  28. Hooray to Hush-Hush! No longer need to get the kit built that I have!! Fantastic to see proper LMS Coronation Scot Coaches too now as well!!
  29. All very topical at the moment with me. My father has just passed away (3/1/20) at almost 72. A intelligent man and a veterinian but when it came to his own health, well made very poor decisions. Smoked all his life. Over weight at times. Which was a surprise as he worked with large animals all his life. His risk was the smoking. It caused vascular issues and a family history of type 2 diabetes. How ever the hard to diagnose pancreatic cancer was the thing that did him in. It is making me think at 45 I need to have a good MOT on the body to avoid some of this nastiness. I have too many kits to finish and i want to see a long retirement!
  30. Existing tooling, new products Coaches and coach packs
  31. Existing tooling, new products Steam locomotives
  32. As a former Victorian Sci-Fi and Steampunk miniature wargamer I can tell you that what Hornby is offering is NOT Steampunk and is nothing but a total mess. And as to whoever thought it was a good idea to associate the Bassett Lowke name with it needs to be tied down and have those horrid brass watch gears superglued over every inch of their body to teach them to never do it again.
  33. While that Floyd 56 didn't run in the UK in that colour scheme (AFAIK), another did, briefly. And, someone has also modelled their own example (presumably never expecting an RTR version). I wonder why the 'large logo' Floyd scheme wasn't used. Permissions, perhaps? Now, when can we expect Floyd Class 86s (as seen at Barrow Hill)? [Not my pictures].
  34. The Hungry 56 may not be such an oddball choice. I’m not aware of an HO 56, so it’s possible this might be partly to test the waters to see if European modellers will take a OO 56 as there isn’t an HO version alternative. A bit like the UK modellers that buy HO S160’s because there’s no 4mm version.
  35. It would seem strange of them to duplicate something which Bachmann have just produced. I suspect they'll sell more Rockets than CAF 195s. The "kids of today" arnt as rich as they used to be, nor so plentiful.
  36. In the 80s I would buy Hornby and Lima models and repaint them as I could produce a better model. In the 90s I bought white metal kits of prototypes that weren’t available rtr, some of which I made. Though I enjoyed the projects, they seem crude when compared to the recent rtr release. I know the mantra is ‘it’s my model’ but with some respects I wanted something different. I seldom buy kits now as I know if I wait long enough a rtr model will turn up and will be infinitely better than what I can made. My wife grumbles when she buys something full price and sees it in the sale a week later. I tell her to wear it straight away so as to get the ‘benefit‘ of paying full price. In my stash I’ve still got another N5 and a J6 to make but I think I’d better get my skates on to get the ‘benefit’ I started buying and making industrial loco lately but even rtr models of them are starting to appear. Don’t get me wrong, I still do a great deal of modelling but not building loco kits. That’s enough for now, work to do and then perhaps some modelling later. regards Eric
  37. How much? Really? For a Smokey Joe with some sprue and a sprinkling of bits from the scrap box stuck on.
  38. Well as expected the guys have been ‘Terrier’d’ by Hornby. Let’s hope the Cavalex one gets out first so the reviews bolster the quality we’re seeing in the wagons.
  39. It seems to me that Bachmann is overcoming its supply problems and new models are starting to come through steadily. New models will probably still take some time but the jibe is rather out of date.
  40. Wiring up to date, cork layed where possible.. Attention has moved onto stock testing. First up all wagon, coach and loco couplings checked. A lot of DG couplings adjusted. Internal to coach rake kds adjusted and/or repositioned. Loco testing undertaken. The climb out of the fiddle yard sorrs the RTR locos out. Having said that most of my kit built locomotives have not required any extra weight..I am slowly working my way through them all. Coaching stock is a mixture oof ex LMS, ex LNER and BR standards. Pacifics are available but focus on Jubilees, Scots and 5s with the odd B1, B16 etc. I will start to update my loco blog and kit building threads in due course. Have a great 2020 everyone! Baz
  41. My last communication from him was on New Year's Eve/Day. He was very drunk, but fine! Regards, Tony.
  42. We have actually put some of the compartments back into the trailer car now, all thank to the spares obtained from the scrapped unit.
  43. 240) No. 264 "Stirlingshire" at Plessey 15-9-38. No details of the A4. 241) No. 696 at Newcastle 1930's. The cab windows on NE locos always look too low to me. 242) No. 702 at Gateshead. Early 1930`s. 243) No. 761. No details. 244) No. 820 at Nottingham Victoria 20-5-37. 245) No. 858 at Hitchin. No date.
  44. truffy

    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    Be of good cheer, 5 Pole Skew Wound motor: https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/lner-class-w1-hush-hush-4-6-4-10000-era-3.html
  45. Latest pic of the Mill : supports for the ‘pagoda’ added, cast iron reinforcing plates on two of the buttresses, and the start of a flue on the roof. Just got to carve a semi-circular ‘witches hat’ cowl for the top of the flue : semicircular as it will be against the mirror. Also made a corridor / gantry to attach on the left of the building to disguise the exit to the back (which in reality went on to a brewery). Didn’t quite think it through as the backscene here is curved and so the half-relief gantry won’t lie flush against the mirror. Some pondering to do....!
  46. No a Hungarian liveried Class 56 will appeal to a much larger base & sell heaps more...sorry I can't help myself as this is too funny
  47. It was an excellent show, and operating Bleat was great fun. Sheepbloke minor did some good operating too. I came away with some new ideas, so all. In all a most useful weekend. Alex
  48. A few PW bits have been left lying around: The trees have also now been installed around the road overbridge:
  49. Still carrying original Railfreight livery. Canton allocated 56040 Oystermouth arrives with some HEA's of coal for blending.
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