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  1. A couple of photos at Peak Forest together with a trio from the Cromford and High Peak - but they show "preserved" items at Middleton Top as they were in 1990. Peak Forest 37687 l e 24th Aug 90 C15282 Peak Forest 37687 banker 24th Aug 90 C15295 Middleton Top C&HP engine house Sunday 8th April 90 C14251.jpg Middleton Top C&HP inside engine house Sunday 8th April 90 C14247.jpg Middleton Top C&HP Sunday 8th April 90 C14244.jpg David
  2. Early golf again. I must be mad. Here is Mons Meg on local duty with the 3.58 Grantham. Looks jolly cold out there too, and still dark.
  3. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Progress update on Snowflake. I have been waiting for the navigation lights to arrive and they did a couple of days ago resulting on them being fitted and now the Puffer can go to sea.... A few quick snaps. Standing on the deck next to bridge whilst chatting to the skipper Not my best picture but it does give some idea of the rigging and the steaming light pulley system. Now some ordinary pictures not using post focus but taken about 1m away to get the depth of view and then heavily cropped
  4. Hall class 5993 Kirby Hall continues east with it's milk tankers whilst 4575 class 5551 adds a SR van to the B set for the journey down the branch to Kingsbridge.
  5. Some modelling over the last week or so. A bit of cross kitting produces a 9' wheelbase LNER unfitted van and a 10' wheelbase 6 plank LNER Highfit. The van required the horizontal strapping removing from the door, the rest is a straight swap with a bit of modification and extra detailing. The big LNER Quint D must be one of the larger wagon kits readily available, the wooden body is very distinctive. They were the progenitors of a large family of BR built bogie wagons. More cross kit swapping produced one of the final batch of Quints built for the LNER, with a steel rather than wooden
  6. Friday afternoon and all's well....Spent my usual Friday wiring and ballasting and at last something is starting to happen. Around 12 days ago this ugly duckling was waiting for treatment. The boards needed joining together, wiring, painting, ballasting and all the other bits and bobs to turn it into something that may look reasonable as a starting point. Not quite a swan yet, but at least it can now be put into place and await connection of bus wires etc. Managed to hook it up to a Gaugemaster DC control to check out all the frog wiring and apart from a couple of isola
  7. KNP

    Little Muddle

    The Squadron Leader was out and about on a tourist trip over the channel and spotted a ship steaming slowly along. Swopping down and flying into the afternoon sun he caught the vessel from both directions PS - not quite astronomically correct as the as the sun seems to have changed 180 degrees!!!!…….but I don't think anyone will notice!
  8. I've been posting about this elsewhere (and will make a build vid for the Railway Mania channel), but I was inspired by Hornby's venture into SteamPunk to make my own version. It's inspired by the Train Hideout featured in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate, things like the filigree and angled roof were taken from that. Based on a Hornby Lord of the Isles, using a bogie from the spare parts drawer. Am waiting on some proper screws and bolts so I can try to balance it properly. The tender superstructure is made from styrene. The filigree is from transfers used for decorating f
  9. A few pics from a running session last weekend. With a slightly Scottish theme, my friend came over so we ran a few of his trains.
  10. Soon to arrive at LCN is this "Clan", probably into platform 5 or 6, with a train from Carlisle..... Cheers, Tim
  11. To be honest you haven't missed much, they are still on adding rebar to the deck, which isn't the most interesting thing to show but there are a couple of photos anyway. Next week the concrete arrives for the deck so that should be a little more interesting for you all as it will finally start looking like a bridge. I mean realistically its not that far off being finished, the rest of it is putting rail and S&T back together. In other news we have had the point rodding (probably 70+ years old) regalvanised and started
  12. When you want to run all three of your Baccy Warships together.... [D838 leading, departing Newton Abbot 9/4/69, westbound. Picture: Colour-Rail 204242. Visit www.colour-rail.com]
  13. The very last look at Sir Nigel, emerging from under the bridge. And the Ely-Birmingham is on its way too.
  14. Only a couple of pics from today pendolino in crewe and an S stock train in Euston square had a good meeting, should things go to plan then I’ll be learning 92s amongst other things, will have to wait and see
  15. Basically, what ever height suits you, as the operator. If you operate from the front, or the rear, if you want to sit or stand for one or two days, you have to consider what's going to be best for your physical wellbeing. Layout height for viewers are never going to suit everyone, so you'll never get that right, but 2 days of operating leaving you with chronic back pain is best avoided. Track bed height on mine are approx. 48inches ( approx. 120 cm) which suits me operating from the front sitting on a high stool. Hope that helps.
  16. Once again, many thanks for all the interesting recent observations and comments........ Regarding new technologies, I'm building my first 3D-printed kit; the Isinglass pigeon van. I have to say, the body's gone together wonderfully-well. A perfect fit of parts! I'm not entirely happy with parts of the underframe, however. The 'W'-irons are supplied as a sort of fold-up job in 3D-printed resin. Hmmmm. I folded-up one set, and it snapped! This is not the material for this application in my view, especially as the spring
  17. It's a long time since I posted any photos taken at Pilmoor, on the ECML between York and Thirsk. I have found a few to post today, though the quality is not as good as in some earlier posts. I hope you will enjoy them. Pilmoor A3 4472 Flying Scotsman down Hadrian Flyer June 67 J930.jpg Pilmoor A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley Kings X to Newcastle July 67 J0968.jpg Pilmoor Whickham trolley Sept 67 J1127 Pilmoor Class 40 D238 up parcels Jan 68 J1206 Pilmo
  18. Photo by Tom Braund : D6301 at Exeter Central in September '59...
  19. Photo by David Christie : D6512 at Reading West in 1964...
  20. When Gordon Brown was prime minister there was serious thoughts of naming a locomotive after him. The top civil servant responsible for naming stuff after senior government officials was sent off to York to liaise with the curator. The curator showed the civil servant a pretty little black tank loco and said "That it didn't have a name so would that be OK?" "No" was the answer, "it is too small and doesn't look important enough". The civil servant asked if one with a name could be renamed. The curator replied, "Yes as long as it wasn't an important locomotive". So the civil ser
  21. Interesting info on Frank Hornby , but did you see that Richard Lines of Tri-ang fame died at the end of January . I only ask because although there is an Obituary for him on here, it seems to be little commented on which I find surprising as really it was Richard Lines Tri-ang that got me , and I suspect countless others of our generation into model railways . In fact you could argue that todays Hornby is more related to the Tri-ang of Richard Lines fame than the Hornby of Frank Hornby - except for the name obviously!
  22. Another long gap between posts! I'm afraid that the joy of twin probate applications has been taking its toll on modelling time, but they have to be done. Meanwhile, Steve Hewitt has been making good progress with the signals for Churminster Tiny ground signals and exquisite semaphores: The latter have a couple of minor tweaks to be made, due to errors in my specificaton! Sorry Steve! I'm looking forward to getting these installed in due course, but you can see more of this on Steve's thread as above.
  23. This forum is just as much a place to find support in the community as it is to discuss model trains. I'm sure I speak for many when I say we hope you're okay, and we're here for you even if we're just pixels on a screen!
  24. A close up of an A2/2 for you tonight. And another, this time of a 9F running into Platform 6 with another KX-York parcels.
  25. Normally when I hit a low my modelling suffers as I cannot be bothered. I was quite unwell last summer but having a room where I could go and play trains was wonderful, I even got some modelling done. Later my mother died, and although I was a tad low I was not nearly as bad as earlier on, but I didn't venture into the toy room as much. I am back into the swing of things again. Oh by the way my black dog is great at helping me motivate, even if it is only a short walk.
  26. That cuts both ways, though. By stating they weren't including the Lord Nelson in their upgrade DCC chassis upgrade plans, Bachmann left the door wide open for Hornby. The Hornby 4-wheel coach has never really been a serious contender against anything else, even when dressed up to be part of the TTTE range. It's trainset fodder pure and simple and Hornby's only real opposition in that area comes from wooden push-alongs. Hornby signals fall into a similar category, being loose representations designed to survive being played with whilst clipped to track that may or may n
  27. Photo by David Gray : 25 310 on the Sunday drags at Rugby on 16th September 1979...
  28. As a yoof I was in the Army Cadets at school. One year we had summer camp with the Scots Guards, we were under canvas at a very convenient spot alongside the LSWR main line at Pirbright. One night our unit was given the 'honour' of being camp guard. This had various duties, mostly not too onerous like being the escort for Last Post, lowering the flag and keeping it safe, patrolling the boundary and a few perks, like being able to sit up all night next to the railway embankment watching Arthurs, Nelsons, Spams and Navvies until the Black Motor turned up with the morning trip. The real onl
  29. I wasn’t originally going to make the signal work, but it seemed a shame not to. https://youtu.be/2DIW4LYRZdg The operating mechanism should prevent any interference between the arm movements. Tim
  30. Photo by Dick Holland : Liverpool Street in the '70s...
  31. Hi Dave, the main is a mix of Gaugemaster N Gauge and Woodlands Scenics fine Buff, (I cant remember the number now I'm afraid), the reason I've added the Buff is lighten it a bit, as I find G/M dry's a bit dark. I've also added some Fine Cinders to what would be the Coal Siding. I hope that helps Dave. This shot taken from my Argyle Street Layout shows the Gaugemaster N Ballast as it comes, again, Cinders have been added in some areas but NO BUFF. Here we see the Fruit Van being collected for departure later.
  32. In my response to Mikkel I would like to emphasise the fact this small side project is one using up what I have available and try not to purchase any unnecessary materials, also use what locos and stock I have. My main project being a 7mm layout is more important to me but this is an exercise to see if it can be made to work. The 1200mm x 300mm baseboard has been made from a couple of sheets purchased last weekend together with some sheet balsa total cost £ 20. The main track work, what there is of it, will sit on balsa sheet and foam board both of which is shown
  33. Seeing the Flying Scotsman reminds me that there used to be a chippy just off the A9 at Bankfoot, who called himself 'The Frying Scotsman'. Lloyd
  34. I’m sure your all mega bored of CDA wagons now but I have a lot to weather and prepare!! A few more completed tonight: 1. With a very heavy weathering (so much so they have wiped the logos and labels): 2. With some rust streaks under the clay: 3. Finally a light weathering: More to do!!! Thanks Rhys
  35. Hi Duncan, As you are aware, Mike kindly offered to sell me the spare set of 7mm test etches that he had after I enquired if he would be making it available in 7mm. Originally I intended to modify the rear truck to have a U frame as per the prototype. This may have allowed for full modelling of the brake crank, brackets and the brake cylinder. However, even on a 7 mm model it will not be visible so I've decided to stay with the pony as designed. As you can see in this view, once the cab steps are in place all that will be visible will be the last part of the pull rod and the bottom
  36. Mick, perhaps this sums up a common feeling about something we make but we feel doesn't cut the mustard. However, advice is often gladly given if you ask for help in sorting out the problems you encountered. Tim, I think attempts have been made in the past to assess the health of the hobby , often through the sales of the magazines, number of web forum members , etc. without much of a conclusion being reached. The membership of the Scale Societies gives something of a guide, but that tends to indicate only the those who tend to make/cre
  37. Credit where it’s due and all that... At the Manchester exhibition last year I picked up a very cheap Bachmann jinty off the club secondhand stall. Sold as seen, described as a poor runner and all the steps were missing. The poor running turned out to be due to absolutely filthy pickups and an incinerated gaugemaster DCC decoder, this left the missing steps. It then sat in my ‘get to it eventually’ box until mid last week. Not expecting stunning results, because the steps are part of the body shell and it had been bought secondhand (which I stated in the email), I emailed Bachm
  38. Now then, all this talk of eggs, baps and violence on the Ranges made me go to the loft and seek out new worlds. I needed to retrieve some equipment to return to a good bloke that I may see on Saturday. Did that and then decided to fit two Arthurs with their chips and test them out. Excellent and smoothy smoothy. Having been cheered by that and having a couple more chips to hand, I chose to check out a couple of my recent retail therapy items from Vectis, and fit chips. Packet 35019 turned out to have DCC fitted already; no note about that on purchase or in box but what a nice surprise a
  39. That rigging is exquisite! The whole build is so realistic - itreminds me of hours spent as a youth in the science museum admiring the intricacies of model ships! Mr Basset Lowke didn’t weather his ship models though. Today he has overdone the weathering with steampunk.
  40. So it's about time there was an update on this thread, seeing as I somehow managed to leave it for over three and a half years. My display pic might give a clue to the absence, though in fairness, a lot of my recent work has been seen over on Gilbert's Peterborough North thread in that time. Anyway, here's a Clan, recently completed for Pete Rigby, as part of the Leeds City (North) and Millhouses fleet. I would have liked to have said that it's was a simple rewheel and weather up, but it really wasn't. A few snaps, from both big camera and my phone....
  41. More on the Isinglass Pigeon Van............. It's now complete, apart from painting.......... The buffers were from my 'buffer' tray, in which there are many - mostly unidentified! The brake shoes came from spare Parkside sprues. The vacuum brake hoses came from an even-more-full tray of such bits. Did I enjoy building it? Up to a point! I've come to the conclusion that building kits in resin, whether 3D-printed or cast is not for me. That's not to denigrate the Isinglass kit, which is excellent, but becau
  42. I am still thick with cold, a state which is not exactly encouraging me to go out to the garage to work on the layout. However after a couple of evenings with no work, I have finally managed to get something done. 4 more lengths of platform surface have now been installed, this takes it up to the final most complicated section which needs to box in the signal & requires the curve out from the narrowest point. Hopefully a job for the weekend… Given all of the key railway buildings are now drawn up, I wanted to start getting an idea as to how things will look. In pa
  43. Weirdly, just had exactly the same conversation with a work colleague while we were making the first cuppa of the day. We then went on to the mythical sausage sandwich. In this city, there are no longer any greasy spoons where one might purchase such a rare delicacy. Modern life is rubbish.
  44. Not as a result of the construction of the vehicle. They are more substantial than you think, they were modified after the Winsford smash and there are some fairly substantial crash beams behind all that fibreglass. I've dealt with plenty of insurance claims against blind farmers driving in front of them on accommodation crossings and the Pacer won every time, even against some fairly meaty bits of farm machinery. The accident at St Annes (and a similar one resulting in serious injury rather than death on Leeds North West around the same time, Burley in Wharfedale ?) was nothing to
  45. This board is now effectively complete, with just telegraph lamp posts to do and add detail such as oil drums, rubbish pway bits and bobs. On to the shed building
  46. Gotta fill all the gaps up before I get the paint out. Then I am going to teach myself how to use a bow pen. All the roofs need new vents, the ends need sorting out especially the gangways on Lima and Tri-ang coaches. Lots of fun still to have.
  47. Resin printing has come a long way and is now reasonably affordable... I myself have been using them for a while, however I can see a line which is possibly here the print has maybe been paused or something moved.. other than that the there is hardly and layer lines these days. I still have no idea why when I say some prototypes why he thought resin W irons were a good idea.... Use brass nice and simple.
  48. I looked at my first car when I was 18.. got a price of £800 for the car, insurance quote of £2000. So instead of an MG, I got a 13 year old VW Polo, insurance was £500, car cost £1000.. I sold it in 1998, same year my dad bought a Vauxhall Astra for £9k new... Roll on 2020.. that very same Vauxhall Astra is parked on the road in front of my house, 99.8k miles, 2nd owner, full service history but admittedly my wife drives it now, I drive the new one, and she’s banned it from the driveway, my neighbours would like to ban it a bit further.. Although its just passed
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