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  1. Back to an elevenses photo this morning. Another look at Doncaster running through.
  2. 2 trips rugby to hams hall yesterday as the trains were going via the west mids and Sutton park 66754 on the first one And a filthy 66779 on the 2nd one something different later, conducting the Caledonian sleeper via the west mids just booked a trip for the family in it too, crewe to Inverness then we are going to hire a car for the return journey over 4 days via fort William, oban, Glasgow and Dumfries and Galloway back to our caravan in Cumbria, looking forward to the break
  3. The other side of that 9F. It is that clean only because it is nearly new. It also had to get through onto the slow line smartish, as the 5.05 Newcastle was following close behind. 60048 Doncaster, a recent transfer to 34A, has the job.
  4. Once again I've just made my coffee so its time to post photos and read through the overnight posts on RMWeb. This morning we are back the the Kent and East Sussex railway in the second half of the 1970s. As usual the weather was variable - it was often sunny when I left home in Basildon and dull or wet by the time I got to Tenterden. Tenterden Hunslet Austerity 26 entering station Sept 78 C4147.jpg Tenterden Bank RSH 26 and Terrier 10 Sutton l e 26th Dec 79 C4909.jpg Tenterden Bank Hunslet 23 Rolvenden to
  5. Photos around Croxdale today, both to the north and souith of the site of the long closed station. Croxdale is on the ECML between Darlington and Durham. The area is also known as Sunderland Bridge. Croxdale Class 43 Aberdeen to Kings X 30th May 95 C20205.jpg Croxdale Class 43 up 30th May 95 C20208.jpg Croxdale Class 142 Saltburn to Newcastle 30th May 95 C20210.jpg Croxdale 47738 up parcels 30th May 95 C20213.jpg Croxdale 37095 up p w 16th Oct 93 C19143.jpg
  6. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Back to the main line....
  7. I started to tidy up the ballast today. First I went round all the ballasted track vigorously with a scrubbing brush - the sort that is sold either as a nail brush or a laundry brush - to get rid of most of the stones that were loose or in the wrong place. I vacuumed these up and reclaimed them for future use. Next, I filled the more obvious gaps. This included a bit more ballast round the tiebars of the first lot of points and slips that I ballasted a few weeks ago, which has reduced the visual impact of the big dark gaps a lot. After that, i started to clear the flang
  8. I have been thinking about my train set, now it is a fictitious place so it cannot be accurate. I can strive for things to be as accurate as possible but I have given up on that and feel that "visually compatible" is my now preferred route than 100% historical accuracy. So if a steam loco and the types of carriages it is pulling were withdrawn before a diesel multiple unit was introduced but the if liveries carried are those that are contemporary with each other then to me that is fine.
  9. Fish from New Clee tonight. Followed by more 9F hauled coal.
  10. 60048 heading on passes 61282 heading home with the 5.52 from KX. And if our man swings round, he can catch the B1 again before it disappears into the gloom.
  11. Finally got round to finishing my 1:24 Renault TN6. Made from an early Heller kit it had a few missing parts - and some very interestingly shaped large sections of rather brittle plastic! The trickiest part was making a completely new windscreen, along with trying to straighten out the floor and platform. Any way I looked at it the other day an thought I must finish it, so here it is. Les
  12. A brilliant Running / Photo / Videoing session this morning, just using Seven Mills as a Stabling Yard, and so multiple light engine movements. The Videos will be tonight as we have a BBQ to attend, complete with face mask and a garden fork to pick up the food so as to stay a safe distance from the rest of the Family. Here is just one photo as a taster.
  13. Well I hope this post shows that at least one young modeller is prepared to actually make something. This is one of Mike Trice's new V2 bodies and it'll go on an updated Bachmann chassis. Inspired by Graeme King's cut'n'shuts of Margate teaks a few years ago, I've started a pair of my own. This will be a D25 TK... ...and this will be a D149 BFK. Neither of these will be perfect models of the real carriages, but it's a quicker and cheaper way of getting more coaches than building full metal kits (I do have some to build in the futu
  14. Hi Legend, I go about things in a very similar way, I've just finished building a Brighton Belle set that has been cut and shut from the old Hornby Pullman cars and what a lot of fun it was too. Anomalies to annoy the rivet counter's are listed below: Car length is 11mm too short. Certain window spacing's are incorrect. Vestibule windows are rectangular instead of oval. Incorrect pattern bogies. Top light ventilators have four panes instead of three. Brush painted. Simplified lining because I was going completely cross eyed ap
  15. A quick creep down to Seven Mills late last night and caught Scottie Dog 37081 and Toothpaste 33035on the Fuel Roads.
  16. The roof structure has been started today. First supports for the card that will hold the slates. Under the card layer that forms the rooms' ceilings is a piece of foam board which fits inside the outer walls. This means I can position the roof accurately each time and it will allow access to the rooms from above as well as underneath. The card layer was glued in place to which will be added the slates. An interior detailing pack and station signs have been ordered from Scale Model Scenery.
  17. I think I am beginning to understand the best lighting conditions to use in the new railway room, so here are the first pictures of the layout in its new home. I have three Bachmann 45XX and 4575 engines for the passenger and goods traffic on the branch. These are all good reliable runners, but their short wheelbase sometimes leads to slight hesitation at low speeds over some of the more complicated points. I solved this problem by installing TCS KA4 capacitors in each engine. Here we can see 5573 waiting to leave, and then departing the branch platform with its passengers for Upcombe.
  18. Hi Dr G-F! Does the following picture give you a clue? This was during the construction of Shap Wells. The key thing to point out here are the alignment pins (you can see the two bottom left most clearly numbered '14' and '15'. The piece of trackbed wood was cut over-wide initially, based on a 'first pass' at the alignment then the pins have been precisely positioned by measuring the offset of one from the two adjacent (technical term - versine, a measure of curvature rather than radius) to give the final adjustment. With 'correct' 45mm track centre spacings, I calculate that
  19. As we're sharing our lockdown projects, here is one of mine. It started in life as a Bachmann V2. Which almost immediately had it's rather deformed boiler chopped off and replaced with an A3 boiler and smokebox. After detailing was added, it was primed and painted. It still needs to be lined and weathered, but is nearly done. When finished, it'll be a model of York allocated V2 60981 in early 1960s condition. It's rather different to the copper capped engines I'm used to, but its been fun to work on nonetheless. Regards Harun
  20. This afternoon Control's computer played a blinder, and rostered an N7 to each of the simultaneous departures from Finsbury Square; an ordinary passenger and an ECS. Luckily a local spotter was on hand with a ciné camera to record them getting into their stride past City Road. In other news, I was lucky to get hold of a Chivers Finelines LNER Loco Coal wagon kit recently; great news that these are being reintroduced, and I've just about finished it. There's not much that needs doing to these kits, they're so good and all I've done differently is to replace the mo
  21. A left over piece of MDF produced the idea for “Yet Another Micro Layout”. My youngest daughter recently acquired a new bunk bed for her room, and wanted a place to do some painting without painting on the walls of her room. My wife purchase a large piece of MDF for that purpose, and had it cut to size at the hardware store, and a 1200 x 240mm piece of MDF and a few extra pieces about 70mm deep, were left over. My wife specifically said to me “can you use these for a model railway”. Of course I can, I thought! But how to use it? I perused the various eBooks by the late
  22. Some more progress on the MPD but also I have come up with a story to justify what I am making. As I have posted before, the track plan is similar to Hellifield with the turntable moved in order to keep the baseboard width manageable but the buildings and other features I have in mind come from all over the Midland system but just happen to be ones I like. One of the major problems I had was that I wanted to make the entrance to the visible section from the fiddleyard through a two track overbridge based on the one at Ripple that took my fancy but how to justify an expensive structure like tha
  23. I showed some shots of one of LB's J39s some little time ago, but seeing Clem's of late prompted me to add something missing for too long. The lubricator drive on the RH-side (something even added by Bachmann). It's a bit over-scale (dead-scale would be so very flimsy), but it finishes this loco off. Originally built by Allen Hammet for the late Steven Gradidge, it was acquired by Tony Geary who repainted it into BR condition. On its pick-up duties, it works superbly. Another pick-up type is the J6. This i
  24. When I decided to put together a set of BR Blue era stock to operate my little distillery plank, I enthusiastically took advantage of the novelty (to me) of there being quite a lot of RTR for the BR era! I bought one of the Farish BR standard vans and converted it. But I never actually found it totally convincing. I'm not quite sure what it is about it - perhaps the plank details are too deep? So when I was putting in a shop 2 order, I bought a pair of association kits and etched chassis. Finished the first one last night - just painted with Halfords oxide, Tamiya grey that I happe
  25. Love the view of Curlew earlier Gilbert. I have it in an earlier guise and I have to admit that I do like it in blue. As for London junction stations, it would have to be Clapham Junction for me.
  26. For seated drivers and passengers the removal of everything below the lower abdomen is normal. I haven't yet found a use for all the off-cut legs and lower abdominal areas which seems to be a bit of a waist.
  27. And you could make use of existing track by fastening two gyrotrains together side by side. Oh, wait....
  28. St E has it by a country mile. East Croydon is simply unique in its location and function. Just inside Gilbert's 10-miles, it is the confluence of the Victoria and London Bridge services, and, these days, Thameslink, all rushing towards the coast. It has a huge number of trains, with 6 platforms busy throughout the day. In NSE days the income was more than any other BR station outside the London termini, except New Street. Until the late '80s, it was a rather ramshackle affair with modest buildings, due to the construction of the overbridge upon which the passenger terminal sits. N
  29. I don't worry about such trivial things anymore: Ever since I discovered the Obergrumpenfuhrer has a very nice pair of boots, in the style as worn by Rosa Klebb.
  30. Appearing elsewhere on this site in my Friden thread, a recently completed Peckett in P4 with Ultrascale tyres fitted to turned down Hornby wheels, new brass whistle and safety valves, new lettering for the Derbyshire Silica Firebrick Company and crew by Modelu. A little bit of 'might have been' for my layout, but a project that's really restored my faith in converting off the shelf steam locos to P4. Regards, Geraint
  31. Steve's middle name is Carpathia. Did you not know that?
  32. Definitely going to need a lot more scrap, this is all my stash used up now.... Close up, it has weathered up ok.
  33. I have now fitted a set of Markits buffers. I have modified them by adding some bolts and I also reduced the width slightly. Here are some pictures of them on the coach. The steam pipe and vacuum pipe are home made and are balanced in position for the pictures. Mark
  34. I've just put a few more 60 pics on Flickr. Clicking the picture will take you there! A couple of recent ones to start, and a couple from 2011 a the end. A soggy Plan B! by Steadfast Fotography, on Flickr The weather was naff but I was twiddling my thumbs at home so thought I'd stay local and nip out here to Coalpit Heath. I was going to try a shot across the horse field (thus, though an Up working: <a href="https://flic.kr/p/2iKHDzT" rel="noreferrer nofollow">flic.kr/p/2iKHDzT</a>) but it has grown up massively since my last visit here a month or two back. I think the lo
  35. Not really made much progress with anything lately, but I have started the weathering on 37426. eBay 'professional' weathering is the look I'm going for..... .....think I've nailed it ! Cheers, Phil.
  36. Late response (I've been scratchbuilding a kitchen) but yes. Some rather talented gentleman in japan.
  37. I watched that go down mate. It had all our heavy equipment on including all of our chinooks apart from bravo november. It turned into the most overworked helicopter in history. Fortunately it was there or I wouldn't be here. AC even had most of our guns. Luckily not our rapiers so we still had our air defence. Regards Lez.
  38. An Update Dear all, today I've made the decision to take Ffarquhar no further. Truth of the matter is, now I have the shed buildings, I can see I simply do not have enough space to do it justice. I'd considered widening the boards, but operationally this is going to make things more difficult truth be told. Maybe deep down I just don't have the spark to do it properly. Feeling at a somewhat low right now. I think truthfully, I don't have the energy or incentive to take a layout all the way through from conception to completion. Take care folks, It'
  39. A little more work has been done on the layout - the arrivals platform road has been laid along the length of board 2 (of 3), and part of the departures road too. I started spraying with my track weathering paint, only to have it sputter out and die - guess I'm going to buy some more tomorrow! This is a bit of a pain as I'd been hoping to do some ballasting this evening while watching Gary's YouTube stream. I will probably end up working some more on the platforms, or laying the goods yard instead. Plenty still to do! I did manage to get some transfers on the wagons I got from @TurboSnail
  40. It turns out that the cheap Chinese motors I bought on eBay are just that: cheap. Despite much fiddling with the motor position I couldn't get the original motor to turn the wheels while on the track. The chassis rolled freely with all of the gears and rods attached, but the motor would only turn the wheels if I held the chassis in mid-air, and then only if I held the motor in exactly the right place. On the track, it just wouldn't budge. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the motor just didn't have enough torque, and bought one of the Tramfabriek 0716 motors which are (newly) available
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  41. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but personally I think the track layout is key. The reason Cyril Freezers “Minories” is such a brilliant template is because it is inspired by a real location (Liverpool St Metropolitan as it used to be) . For some reason, it seems to me that layouts where the builder just sits down with a sheet of plain paper and base the plan on whatever fits never seem to quite look the part to my eye even though the modelling standards may be quite brilliant . On the other hand I can still remember layouts from exhibitions I went to at 9or 10 years old that stuck in my
  42. The first Grand Central passenger service from Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross after the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown approaching Heaton Lodge Junction on 26th July 2020. 180114 'KIRKGATE CALLING' 1A81, 07.57 Bradford Interchange to London Kings Cross (10.40).
  43. The A70 pick up from John Day Models was still waiting to be painted. A couple of weeks ago I started with this little project. First job is to clean the white metal model. After drying it got the first coat of primer. This time I did not spray the model but added the Vallejo grey primer with a brush. The model has now to dry for 24 hours. Modelling information: In the Austin A70 sales brochure there is a summery for the use of the pick- up. Trades mentioned are market gardeners, painters & decorators, dairymen, poultry farmers, retail traders and everyday carriers.
  44. MTK... Yes - the thread moves on at a clip, another 2 pages on! The first MTK kit I built was the class 24 None of the body castings fitted each other and roof was a solid lump! I managed with strips of plastic card and filler ( car body I think in those days ) of some sort to get it together, and eventually did get it painted and running. Eventually it was sold on. Yes - it was possible, but not easy. I only purchased the Cravens set as it was 'etched' brass, I never liked working with aluminium body shells and I have a lot of respect to those that do and create perfectly good models from th
  45. As an aside to my previous post here is a photo taken inside the woodshed. Approx 10 stears in this pile. The cropping saw is covered on the left and there are another 3 stears of wood that we've either harvested from our garden or bought as offcuts from the barrel factory. I do need to point out that the main stack of wood was mainly done by the domestic authorities as I am apparently not neat enough. Despite her being recumbent on the couch watching telly, I am still in mortal fear of her version of the dreaded awl. However I fear that the crime for which the awl will be deplo
  46. Surely you've got your back to the branch line.
  47. A later visit due today mainly due to heavy rain - hence the dramatic skyline! Removal of section completed.
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