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  1. Anyone else just seeing links not pics above (tick agree if so, save cluttering up the thread)
  2. Today's photos feature some of the remains of the lines built by the North British railway in Northumberland. Some of you will know the locations, others may need to use a map or Goole earth to work out where the photos were taken - most of them are not really near villages, let alone towns. The first three are on the branch from Scotsgap to Rothbury. The last two are taken near the Scotish Border on the line past Reedsmouth to Riccarton. Longwitton April 81 C5350.jpg The station is actually at Rothley, near Rothley lake.
  3. Emerging from the gloom, and seen from the bridge, the headboard seems to have righted itself a little, but I really have no idea what happened to the lamps.
  4. Issue 280 has arrived here in Bath and is available for sale at https://www.titfield.co.uk/Wild-Swan/MRJ-Journal.htm This is my brief review of the contents, it's another good one I think. Edited by Martin Nield who muses slightly eyore-ishly on the usual subject for this year but thankfully also gives us a happy mix of articles. An inspiring account of how Peter Kazer built Talyllyn No 4 in 1/32 scale, Simon Fountain on the O gauge locomotives he has built for "Blackberry Lane Shed", John Thompson builds magnificent NER signals for "Port Solway", the editor reflects on
  5. The Flying Scotsman appears, apparently heading through a hurricane, headboard askew, lamps all over the place, and a fogman's hut blown over too.
  6. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Backing up and around Cow still eating the roof!
  7. G'Day Folks Just sent a E-Mail to the owners of 'Tornado' asking them to bung a bit of plastic card under the cab to lift it up a bit. terry (aka manna)
  8. Hello all, and thanks Drmditch. Today, I confess, is not a good day, but generally I'm managing to stay on the level. I am genuinely confused, though, about what I can and cannot do here in the "Protected Area" of the NE and have more or less given up trying to work it out. I think I can still go to the pub, so long as I don't sit next to myself. Once again, glum for all those badly affected by it in whatever way. The Covid crisis doesn't affect the way I work, but it's killing the economy and that is losing me business, which is a worry. I haven't done any modelling, I'm afraid, j
  9. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Just easing in to connect Now to push back a bit to help those patient passengers to get on......
  10. Hi, This might be of interest to some, showing the station without the roof in place. Peter A L
  11. Still no modelling started yet, still playing! A gap between the cargowaggons allows a shot of 08802 whilst shunting Dallam freight terminal
  12. The Southern Pacific Railroad radically sorted out their cab / tender issues. Hard work for the fireman though carrying buckets of coal along the footplate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did have some handsome steam locos though, didn't dare to get the levels out between cab and tender with this paint scheme. Brit15
  13. Two more high level views with little or nothing going on. Looking south..... and then to the north.
  14. Yup; on it - well I would be if I can find out how I fixed it last time.
  15. This rather assumes that in addition to the tools and skills required you can easily find straight timber and flat plywood........not that easy these days..
  16. A gap between the cargowaggons allows a shot of 08802 whilst shunting Dallam freight terminal.
  17. Whistler, 40007 sits in Seven Mills Sidings.
  18. Got one via ebay a few years ago. They still come occasionally for silly money. I cant remember how much I paid for mine mine, it wouldnt have been daft thats for sure !! Not a particularly good kit, poor fit to cab/roof area and the detail etches were rubbish, all on mine as here are scratch built, the kit version wasnt evn close to correct.
  19. Covid lockdowns have begun to take hold here, with rationing taking place. Tesco are:- 4 toilet rolls, 2 packets pasta, and 500ml fresh cheese. Asda & Morrisons are:- 4 toilet rolls, 2 hand sanitisers, 1 packet dried pasta. Waitrose are:- 1 lobster, 100g Ardennes pate, 2 scented candles. AldI are:- 1 mig welder, pink sports bra, 2 trumpets. Oil filter for a Tesla saloon.
  20. View New Content appears to be including a line for each post made, not just one for each topic with new content in it. So the same topic can appear multiple times in the list.
  21. That’s a faff having to remove the back end of the link each time direct link actually embeds the picture as I go along (as the old software did with the likes of YouTube videos) so I’ll most likely use that as it’s always shown a link while I’m writing and a few times I’ve posted the same pics twice, at least I can see what pic I’ve put down now with direct link
  22. Out of possible interest............... How much for something like this now? It's complete with wheels and motor/gearbox. And, I didn't pay near what was asked on the box! I'll build it one day (though it'll be painted by an expert, not me). I've also got an eight-wheeled tender for it. I did build one of these kits years ago for a friend (painting it myself!). His home was broken into by scum, who, instead of nicking it (and other models of his), just threw it against a wall completely wrecking it. I wonder if they were the parents of those
  23. We have no time for sulks on the team, and we'd need to sell some amount of 37s to afford that release clause! "We will build a great model, and nobody builds a better model than us, believe me. We will be the greatest model manufacturer God ever created, I'll tell you that." Yeah, think we will file Donald's CV under B, for bin!
  24. Hi Jim, hows it going. Yep there are a few on the layout at the moment. The 142 has stayed in the station since I finished testing it, the 108 had a service and the 3 car 101 had a new chip fitted. The other lima 101 has been turned into a dummy to run with other units.
  25. Thanks Justin, this is a recent conversion on my part, I'm normally very ill disciplined and like you struggle to resist a shiny new etch. It all started with the Midland shed buildings where I concentrated on all the buildings for a complete scene which I found very satisfying. To be fair the race special for Wincanton is an easy win in as much as I already have a short rake of horseboxes built over several years which are almost complete - final painting, lettering and weathering to go. I intend to add another couple of Midland boxes to the rake along with a CCT, an OCT and a full brake
  26. Still buzzing around above the station, we get a rear three quarter view of Silver Link, after which we can bank round to the west, where we will find 61204, which has backed on to the Ely-Birmingham.
  27. To you maybe, but we are living in the IKEA generation. Flat-packs are less daunting to many people than using basic craft skills - measuring, sawing, screwing and gluing - which were once a cornerstone of education, be it formal or in grandad's shed, but are not so widely known if you have never done basic joinery.
  28. Rat 25285 sits in the Goods relief Road waiting to pass to Seven Up Junction.
  29. With the nice weather today, I had no excuse not to come and see you down the road! As you eluded to, just before you arrived at the terminal I saw Freightliner 66504 approaching the departure signal at Gateway West Jn, with the backdrop dominated by the dormant Ratcliffe Power Station: Then I headed to just outside the terminal, and took a couple of pole shots as you arrived: I could hear the train for ages on approach but it was quite slow going. Finally a shot from ground level from the footpath up to the distri
  30. First a potential apology...I have no idea if this has been done before, or indeed done to death. If so, as I say many apologies. It came about as I took some photos on my train set. One in particular stood out as, although an old model now, to me at least it absolutely portrays what it is supposed to be. No doubt purists and cognoscenti could rip it to pieces, but for me, it looks the part. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Bachmann Standard 5.
  31. Hi all, We'll be hosting a live Q&A tomorrow at 14:30 BST - feel free to join in and have any questions you may have answered. Cheers, Dave
  32. I don't understand the high demand for bog rolls. How many ars backsides do these people have? Chris
  33. Too right! I found myself, earlier today, recounting all the sh1t that I have encountered over the last 12 months. Hardly surprising that I am not coping too well. I don't think anyone would, even if they had started from a better place than I did. I have always coped OK to date with not having children but regret it greatly now. Dealing with all this alone is dreadful.
  34. A discussion was had after lunch to discuss disposing of surplus 'stuff'. This will downsize our stock of junk and upsize the house, garage and workshop. The axe has already started to fall, but the 4 mm railway stuff, which resides dormant in various boxes will remain. It was agreed that the increasing fleet of grandchildren might like a model railway to use when they visit the hippodrome, so rather than just have a box of track and a load of mechanisms full of carpet fluff, a 'portable' layout that can be placed over the dining room table has been agreed.
  35. The weather has turned rather damp, so gardening was put on hold this morning. Unfortunately, the alternative was house cleaning, Having scrubbed, dusted, polished and washed, (not necessarily in that order,) I have more apple processing to carry out this afternoon. As usual the menial tasks are allocated to me whilst far more interesting experimentation with the next batch of jelly will involve some oranges and Cointreau. Of course, this is well above my pay grade and level of responsibility, and is probably a good thing. I would probably overdo it on the testing an
  36. I’ve just lost a post which took me about 20 minutes to type, fighting predictive text all the way. Bother! (Other words are available.) I am to bed going! I will make another attempt on the morrow.
  37. Afternoon, School inspected today, math was almost unbearably loud as they are attempting to put a new roof on the building. Well I don't think so, sounded more like they were driving herds of cattle through the attic. Anyways my dog appears to be getting paralysis, very very slowly according to the vet. On a more positive note, its been staying very green outside, as we've had a noticeable shortage of 100+ degree days this summer, so most of the vegetation has survived to fall. Speaking of fall, its finally cooling down here in Northeast Oklahoma, but getting back up
  38. Good evening David, 'It is possible to "fix" the Bachmann version, as I think you've done.' It is....... This much-modified Bachmann A1 has had the back end raised up by inserting washers underneath its cab. It gives a much better orientation between the loco's footplate and the tender's soleplate. One thing I haven't done (and really should do) is to alter the incorrect angle of the return crank on this side. It leans backwards at bottom dead centre, instead of forwards. The grossly over-scale lamps have long been con
  39. Such a shame that the WSR isn’t running during this pandemic as we would have patronised them today whilst in the area. A couple of vans sat forlornly at the entrance to Minehead station, one had a WD number.
  40. Well, this arrived today. I think it's turned out rather well .... Here with its stablemate ...
  41. It's too wet to take pictures outside today, but these three should give an idea of how things are progressing. Peter
  42. So far this year I have reviewed: Bachmann 158/159 Bachmann 24/1 Bachmann 121 Farish 70/8 Bachmann 117 Bachmann 2-HAP And before the end of the year there will be. Bachmann Midland 1P Farish 8F Bachmann 94xx Add in EFE Rail plus coaches/wagons So, a sweeping generalised bit of misinformation takes me 5 minutes to check and type - just so I don't see incorrect tropes go unaddressed. Anyway, this is an Accurascale topic so it's even more annoying to see the repetition of misinformation.
  43. DonB

    Little Muddle

    Meanwhile wouldn't the usual GWR practice be to run back to the nearest T/T for turning so that it hauled its train cab first ? shouldn't take longer than a week
  44. But they saw you! Hiding in the bushes was they. Described your exit from the carpark as very red with steam bursting from ears.
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