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  1. We stay on the West Coast Main Line this afternoon heading south with a first stop by the lineside south of Low Gill back in April 1995, a mere 25 years ago. Then we move further south to look at Preston some 49 years ago, almost to the day, in November 1971 with Class 50s and Mk1 sleeping cars on a very dull damp day. I think my personal Tardis did well today enabling me to get these photos! Low Gill DVT up 11th April 95 C20036.jpg Low Gill 86260 down 11th April 95 C20063.jpg Low Gill 87022 push
  2. We'll start today with a set of photos from visits to the Kent and East Sussex Railway in the late 1970s. They were all taken at Tenterden and on Tenterden bank where there is a convenient level crossing with a parking space and a good view - I wonder if it is different now? Tenterden Hunslet 23 Holman F Stephens 19th June 76 C2795.jpg Tenterden Hunslet 26 Tenterden to Wittersham Road Sept 78 C4144.jpg Tenterden Hunslet 26 Wittersham Road to Tenterden Sept 78 C4151.jpg Tenterden Hunslet Auster
  3. KNP

    Little Muddle

    I never store or leave either of the boats in the harbour just in case I knock them when going through the door. So quite often, when i take a picture, there is nothing alongside and its only after I take the picture and look at the end result and think - should've put something there, I realise not always but sometimes. It looks a bit........open! Now playing with the idea of an old rowing boat alongside the steps in a semi derelict condition, I also think there should more waste in the corner as if washed in by the tide and trapped there!
  4. So here's the new branch platform up starting signal, installed and in operation. Once again I've discovered a new angle, only to find that it exposes one of my lazy short cuts from layout building days, long before I'd considered any photographic possibilities. Just been rummaging around for any leftover brick-embossed Plastikard but without success so will need to acquire some more. Of course, as I'm sure you'll all quickly spot, the brick platform facing isn't the only thing missing! Cropping this picture gets rid of the incomplete brickwork and gives a closer view
  5. The New Clee fish gets closer, and we can see that the loco is one of ours, 61023. A few minutes of quiet follow, after which 92188 starts its journey to Ferme Park with more coal.
  6. A Johnson 3F arrives with a local from Evercreech Jct: Photo by Chris Nevard, courtesy of Hornby Magazine.
  7. Stroll down memory lane, by the side of the quay with the noise of the gulls overhead and waft of fish from every angle, smell of coal smoke everywhere.....and add a hint of rain in the air. What's not to like about model railwaying....
  8. Engineering work was undertaken at Stoke Courtenay last week to replace the final non-working semaphore signal with one of the new Dapol single-arm bracket signals. This involved excavating a hole in the platform, and of course Sod's Law decreed that a stripwood cross bearer was found at that spot! But I carved it out bit by bit before drilling a pilot hole. This was used to drill the required 15mm hole from below. You can see here how I've cut back the signal base to the minimum possible footprint, and extended the black paint up the signal post so it looks to be platform mounte
  9. Been a while since the last update. I've been busy building some low relief flats to go somewhere behind the scrapyard scene. I used the cricut maker machine I've had for a while to assist me. No way was I going to cut all those windows by hand! Lots of detail left to add but for now I'm going to take a break from it. Looks right at home overlooking the scrap yard.
  10. An excellent principle to live (model) by. I think though that the point made by the original poster, remains; in the annual wish-lists, people plead for a RTR model of a "LNER J101". Then: Hornby/Bachmann/Heljan/Oxford Rail/whoever produce one. Some people complain it's over £100 and it'll kill the hobby, others buy one. Some complain the cab roof is the wrong shape, two years later the manufacturer releases a modified version (when all they'd done was make it according to a (what everyone assumed was accurate) drawing. Then people complain that after three years, the
  11. 3775 arrives under the bridge with empties for the local colliery.
  12. For my modelling, I haven’t done as much I would have liked to in the last week or so; work was busy and took me away from home for a few days. I have managed to solder the bodies together on the LMS D1938 Restaurant Composite and the GWR A44 Driver Trailer I’m currently doing. This is the A44 Driver Trailer with roof loosely fitted. The body work is pretty much done and the next job will be to focus on the interior, then the roof and prepare the buffers and all the whitemetal bits for the underframe. The kit came with the Ratio style plastic s
  13. One of the B16/1 photos jogged my memory. Yes - the coupled wheelbase was too far forward on the DJH kit - that was why I hacked it apart. It's interesting to look back at some of these models in the light of more knowledge., knowing that we'd do it completely differently now! We are having a J6 fest - mine is grinding along to completion.. I think yours will be finished long before mine Tony. Watch out for the tender though - most kits seem to cater for them in GNR condition. There appear to have been changes to the front coal plates in LNER days....
  14. I installed 52/48 signal today but not 24 disc. In fact I nearly installed 24 in the wrong place, and cut a hole for it, but realised just in time that it belongs with 50/44 (Up Branch Starting), not 52/48 (Up Main Starting), so now I've got a hole to fill next to the Up Main. Never mind. I got 52/48 working without too much trouble for once, then worked out the exact position for 50/44 and 24. These have to fit between 22A's point motor and a joist. I won't drill the holes until the signals are ready though. Then I had a big decision to take - should I start to dismant
  15. 02 on its way, and signalled into the yards. and after it has dragged its load across the Up main and out of the way, the first New Clee fish can head south.
  16. One from the archives before she retires due to a new model being available. A Collett 93XX Mogul on an up parcels of which I hope Dapol do eventually.
  17. Managed to get the third tube in this morning and all three are wired and working. Still some work to do with the fascia, but overall pleased with the outcome. The telling thing for me is that standing at the bottom of the right angled staircase up to my railway room, it appears that the room is flooded by daylight. It’s not until you enter the room can you see it’s dark outside and the blinds are shut. Well worth the effort....Just three more sides to do.
  18. Not done a lot today other than glue the stone walling to the other side of the road and attach the gate I had to clear away some of the ‘over grown’ grass from the road edge, hence the bald patches which I’ll sort out another day Used a left over post from the ratio post and wire fence kit Not sure it it’s in the right position visually Personally I think the curved wall to the entrance looks quite good
  19. Fitting the servos and testing........ The servos I'm using on this signal are fairly small, of conventional design, with a weight of only 3.7gms. As usual I created a bespoke mount from plywood and beading. This starts with a horizontal plate with a hole to match the signal's "foundation tube". In this case it is 1/2in dia. This plate is secured to the baseboard by a couple of screws. The three servos are mounted in a second piece of plywood, which in turn is glued to the first plate, with beading re-inforcement of the joint. The alignment of the servos to
  20. I put the new J6 through its paces this morning................... Obviously running with a borrowed tender, it took 40+ loaded coal wagons with ease. A useful addition to LB's loco stud
  21. An old steam shed now offers shelter to a couple of 37s (but would not like to be in there when they have a cold start up)
  22. I've been making good progress with the station building. The photo in the previous post is the kit as supplied but with the inner through timber walls trimmed down, these are a slotted piece of wood but unaltered are quite 'heavy' and project through too far. After pondering I decided I wasn't totally happy as the ply's once sanded are a little rounded, so I cut the piece back flush with the building and mounted some new ones with card that sat much better. I could not do the same with the end pieces as they form the main ends wall, so these were carefully trimmed back
  23. Regular readers will recall that the shedmaster at Churminster had spotted a pristine Schools loco running through late in the day, on a north bound Reading service: He had decreed that once it returned it was to be removed in favour of a weathered member of the same class, and soon after, a suitable candidate appeared in the shape of No.924 'Haileybury': Not being one to miss an opportunity he placed the loco discreetly in the siding normally occupied by the breakdown train - which for some reason was sitting in platform 1:
  24. A little weathering (and coaling) on Beenham Grange, this was the loco who’s paint I ruined last year experimenting with spraying lacquer to improve the green it had several washes of acrylics before finishing off with weathering powders. I think it will be interesting to compare this with my wartime black grange once the latter is finished. You can hardly see the green on this
  25. Another GB 66 that rocked up today - 66789, the former 66250. Having arrived at Westbury light loco from Eastleigh as 0G71, BR large logo 66789 is shunted across to sit atop it's traffic for tomorrow. A quick shot as I walked out the door for home, luckily the loco paused under the yard lights. The last loco in the original batch, one of ten sold by DB to GBRf this was originally 66250. From a modelling perspective, this loco still retains its EWS / DB spec, complete with buckeye coupler, original side windows and GPS aerial. It has lost its side mirrors though. Jo
  26. The 45xx cruises through the branch platform with a clear road to the main line. I think the next two pics might be the first I've taken through the footbridge. I rather like them, especially the second, so they probably won't be the last. The chap on the bench with his hat in his hand seems to be taking a passing interest in 4574 behind him. The Dapol signal is a bit chunkier than the more delicate Ratio item it replaced, but you can't have everything. Now just waiting impatiently for another particular Dapol item. John C.
  27. Almost a month without updates - it's been cold, I've had persistent toothache, a friend came in from out of town.... No they didn't, that would have been illegal. Anyway it was back to the bench today as the rain fell. First job, the twin. This is the second of the pair, actually, which has now overtaken the first. Mike Trice kindly sent me a drawing which I could use to scale the voltage regulator and you'll see that both have acquired them. Other than the persistent refusal of the rainstrips to stick, these are ready for paint. I am waiting for Dart to restock with buffe
  28. The next little project is the construction of the corrugated waiting shelter for the down platform. The style is taken from the Sussex coastal halts. The construction is scale corrugated sheets located through a wargames supplier and braced with scrap foamboard which was to have been used as the platform surfaces.
  29. Iv been taking advantage of a few quiet hours whilst the rest of my mob are having a lie in. Done some more gloss white on the side of the second PWA in the works and jist taken the plunge and done a full side on the 1st one, all looks good so far although the blue shade has altered somewhat from my tests, probably due to printing on normal paper and i dont think the printer like doing big blocks of blue as the shade varies slightly over the length. However, im pretty pleased and i do like the shade, its not quite like the humbrol blue on the ends but should be able to weather them in. Just of
  30. Thanks for posting this photo, it reminded me of one I took at Stirling in 1985. 47523 leaves the station with an array of different coaching stock; and if you only have a couple each of Mk1s, Mk2a, Mk2d, Mk3, just lash them together and run your service anyway.
  31. But, equally, even in lockdown, our time is not infinite. If a ready-made model provides something (or a good basis for something) that fits into ones overall plans, the available time is surely better spent in kit-building or scratch-building items that cannot, and may well never, be obtainable any other way. B16s, for now at least, fall firmly in the latter category for those who need them. Quite aside from the fact that Tony's primary interest in the hobby is clearly building locomotives, he has a big layout that demands heavy (metal) locomotives capable of hauling
  32. Here are a few more pictures. With the chassis in place, you can see the compromise with the balance pipe under the front end of the tank passing behind rather than in front of the ejector pipe. I have also fitted the steps on the tank sides, fixed the wonky grab handle, straightened the rear buffer beam, and fitted a lamp bracket on the smokebox. This latter item is actually a spare from my 9F kit. As well as the ex-Jinty brake hangers and modified LMS buffers, there is also part of a piece of Jubilee chassis somewhere on this loco... you'll never guess! Thi
  33. There's been some slow progress on my gasholder station scene based on the Old Kent Road one. The holder is a bashed kit but all the other structures are scratch-built. It's not up to the same standards as Copenhagen Fields but is N/2mm scale. Here's how it looks to date with the structures in their correct relative locations: The card carcass to the right of the holder is an unfinished building of the meter workshops. At the front of the works either side of the entrance are two low modernish structures - a gas showroom (also unfinished) and the security/gate house -
  34. And here we are, earlier today ... Minor milestone achieved - the complete station throat is now refurbished, sitting on cork underlay and all reconnected with points working (track testing yet to take place). Gladdening my heart at least here is the sight of the pointwork and track leading up to platforms 4 and 5 (platforms read from left-to-right in this view), thus reinstating the overall look of the track layout. Looking the other way, this is the operator viewpoint. One thing I've done in conjunction with this work is to re-affix the loose bits of platf
  35. The exit/entry to the fiddle yard. Another building will be going where the glue bottles are. The mobile cafe thingy is also featured. This started out as an Oxford diecast popcorn stall. I took the sign from the roof and got rid of all the garish lettering and stripes. I need to make a new jockey wheel for it as the one that was on it became detached and disappeared into the mess that is my shed. Moving to the left is more of the lorry parking area. There are the remains of concrete bases and girders to suggest that some sort of works has been demolished on this site. The gr
  36. I went against having one of the houses a shop. The terrace is finished save for the chimney pots which now the row is in position although not glued down will mean that I have more difficulty in knocking them off than before. Just noticed the roof has lifted and I've forgotten the front door steps.
  37. Apparently, when Rev. Awdry was asked why so many churchmen are interested in railways, he replied that British railways and the Church had several things in common: they were both large organisations, subject to much criticism, and each one thought it had the best means of getting customers to their destinations. David Potter, The Talyllyn Railway (1990), p.197.
  38. Here is the 0947 Newcastle- Kings Cross headed by my newly built A2/2, 60523, Sun Castle. This is a conversion of the Bachmann A2 using Graeme King’s resin parts which featured on my workbench thread, Coulsdon Works recently. The train was a relief to the 0955 Newcastle-King’s Cross and seemed to run in a different formation every day of the week, at least during the 1958 timetable. Sometimes it had a boat train portion from Tyne Commission Quay but not on Thursdays when I’ve chosen to model it. The formation was a rather splendid 12 car rake of Gresley stock. It possibly h
  39. Well, in early June, 1987, an LMR power twin arrived at Beverley Station on a service from Scarborough to Hull. It was DMBS and DMSL. I travelled to Hull in the DMBS. It then went on to form the next service to York - I think the mid afternoon departure. I recall it rode very smoothly, and the luggage racks vibrated in tune with the engines. So here’s a photo’ of the twin arriving in Beverley Station, which is followed by one of the interior of the DMBS. Best regards, Rob.
  40. In the spirit of showing what we have been up to I have built this, a wagon turntable cobbled together out of plasticard, scrap copperclad and track parts. In the absence of an EM gauge horse (never seen a narrow gauge one) I will have to rope shunt the siding which I believe was more common in East Anglia than using a chain. This simple video shows it working. The operating mechanism was built using a kit of parts found on Ebay. The photo shows my hacking of the baseboard, as it is just 2 foot by 1 the structure is not compromised, The gap
  41. Readers might recall my fairly recent showing of a 'hybrid' J6 I'd put together. It came from Roy Jackson's estate, and there was speculation as to who had made the parts and put some of them together. In the end, I made it into a 521 Series J6, using Nu-Cast/SEF parts, including the chassis. Which meant I had a sort of 'half J6 kit left over. A quick phone call to Dave Ellis last week resulted in his sending me all the parts I'd used (or almost: I forgot some). The other J6 had a chassis. It was built in OO Gauge and was beam-compensated. It looked well-made; a possi
  42. Currently doing a bit of stripping....... Think this is an internal door from a MR 1st class Family Saloon built to diagram D459. 28 of these 6-wheel coaches were constructed in 4 lots between 1881 - 1887. It would've travelled over the S&C through Gill Head back in the day.
  43. I was taking a few photos of new loco 6417 yesterday, but when reviewing the images, I wasn’t happy with the weathering. It looks too grey. No problems, I applied a light brush of Humbrol black powder to darken it down. As usual, Modelu lamps and crew fitted. Just waiting for the fire irons to be delivered.
  44. So, you have a single Mk3 coach and you don’t know what to do with it. Stick it in a rake of Mk1 and 2 coaches and hope nobody will notice.... Photo by Stephen Dance on Flickr
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