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  1. The Blyth and Tyne again today bwteen Winning and North Blyth over about 24 years. Winning 56127 coal to Blyth Power station Sept 87 J9298.jpg Winning 56120 up empties 21st August 89 C13717.jpg Winning 37410 down empties with brake van 26th Oct 92 C18079.jpg Blyth West staithes being demolished 4th Sept 95 C20511.jpg They were cut down to a few feet above the level of high tide. Alcan North Blyth 55022 Royal Scots Grey propelling wagons to be loaded 11th Apr 2011.jpg
  2. No coal or crew as yet , especially noticeable with that Churchward cab but I thought you might like to see some mogul action and here she is on a down stopping train. It really is a photogenic model and I'm very pleased with it. All credit is due to Dapol. More anon.
  3. The K1 got its portrait took. I'd have got a clip round the ear if I'd said that at home when I was a kid. Anyway, it did. Handsome engine, and the GN heritage shines through. And while it rests, one of its ancestors runs through with a Boston to East Class F, minerals marshalled at the front for a change.
  4. OK, before we get too serious, here we have...just a plonk at twilight. Not an area with great architectural merit, but you see the layout warts and all. Sorry about the detritus. I like that word.
  5. While waiting for my Dapol mogul I've been revisiting my recent E95 brake compo. build. I was a bit dissatisfied with one or two aspects, especially the roof/sides join. I'd tried to disguise this with a false cantrail from microstrip but it came out rather less than straight! I decided it needed something more rigid so ordered some 1mm square brass strip from Eileen's. (Would have used nickel silver but n/s was o/s.) This has done the trick. I also found out that my plastikard representation of the roof board brackets had been fouling the cantrail, so I remove the
  6. I’m inclined to agree! But I think they make a terrific base for modifying though. I have done heaps – the most I have forked out for a second hand one on ebay is about 5GBP, I’m not too fussed how damaged they are or what bits are missing – as long as the roofs are in a reasonable condition. I did buy some new ones at the Bristol show in about 2001 for 7GBP each. Very little survives from the original. I do reuse the ends but detail them substantially. Pretty much everything else is replaced. All the sides I've used are from Comet/Wizard. I bought myself an airbrush
  7. More on the transfers, those on the wagons are part way through the weathering process and it'll be several days before they're finished. However I can show you those which I designed to re-brand the ice cream van. Please bear in mind you'll be seeing them about four times larger than they really are.
  8. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Excuse me can I moor here please.... I say, can I moor by the steps? Pardon? Sure but I don't have time for one of your yarns first!!!!! Can I tie up here please? You know what, I give up. Sorry to bother you but I shall try somewhere else.......
  9. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Ahoy there...... Ahoy? Anybody on deck, can I come alongside? Can you take my line......! Ahoy??? Anyone.....
  10. I must confess to have been surprised by this diagram in that it would seem that, to scale the tu(mblehome)urnunder is only 1mm. I attach below a (rough) experimental picture i have taken this morning of a Hornby (left) and a Kirk Gresley coach with a straight edge placed between them. Interestingly the gap at the bottom of the Hornby coach looks closer to 1mm than the Kirk which most seems to agree has the better "look" (Sorry, I have nothing better to gauge these by). I have to agree, though, that the Hornby coach side looks flat. Interesting?
  11. Sad news today that Roy Link has passed away. A quiet but very influential modeller, illustrator and writer for the narrow gauge and industrial genres, he’ll be missed, but not forgotton. https://m.facebook.com/narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk/
  12. I’m not a prolific poster on RMWeb nor am I ever likely to be. I’m reasonably displaced from the subject railway that interests me and I use this forum to keep the fire alive. I like to make models of trains as a release from work where I continually interact with dogmatic people with heavily entrenched views, therefore, online, I don’t get involved in disagreements. I have read the previous two pages with such disappointment and it makes me wonder why I should continue to come here. And for those that think this type of debate is healthy and constructive criticism? Its
  13. Aside from wagon projects, the lockdown has given some extra time to tackle other long-outstanding projects, including these two Duffs! 47712 and 47785 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr Long-term readers may remember these, they aren't new-to-fleet, I repainted both of these back in 2013 from the Bachmann model, and they've been working away earning their keep on Worthing MRC's Loftus Road for the past seven years. However, I've been meaning to put in better coupling hoops for some time and had been putting off for so long, so lockdown p
  14. The D38 Glass well wagon has given me a challenge but I’m reasonably happy with the overall result. The support frame has a slight lean, but it is only really noticeable in closeup and square on photos. As specials I think the wagon would be in good condition for the Edwardian era, it is in its first decade in service. I therefore just gave it some very light weathering. If someone has any transfers a scale 1” high that say “OIL” then I’ll buy some. those 3 dots above the axleboxes will have to do for now.
    15 points
  15. Morning. Jack Dibnah no longer lives on the IoM, although his younger brother Roger still does I think - I don't know him. Jack lives in the Lake District, just down the road from the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, he does a lot of work for them. He recently bought a standard gauge industrial saddletank loco. His business is very busy! The line to the GGR loco chimneys is an air line, used with a J tube to create draught for lighting up. These locos have 'marine' fireboxes and as such don't have much natural draught when cold. Steam raising takes about 3 hours or
  16. THIS is more like it !!! - You can just slightly see the tumblehome, don't know if the beading etc is correct. Sittin' in a sleazy snack-bar suckin' Sickly sausage rolls Slippin' down slowly Slippin' down sideways Think I'll sign off the dole, 'Cause the fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine The fog on the Tyne is all mine The fog on the Tyne is all mine, all mine The fog on the Tyne is all mine Atmosphere folks - that's what it's all about. Brit15
  17. Ran some trains today to try and iron out unscheduled stops and took some photos.
  18. Over the last few days whilst resting, I have put together a compilation Video SPECIAL. It is basically a compilation of Photos and Videos of some of my favourite Layouts from N, OO and O Gauge from over the last 15 years or so. I hope it also shows the fun I've had building and running them over that time. So, if you have 45 minutes to spare, sit down with your favourite drink and a piece of cake, and I hope you enjoy a look back over the years, and enjoy seeing the Layouts as much as I have in building them.
  19. Back to trains, and another angle on the K2 as it approaches the bridge.
  20. My notes have this mogul as Exeter based and seen in the South Hams in BR days. I don't know or can discern the number unfortunately. Lovely all the same, for all kind of reasons.
  21. Nowt wrong with Hornby A4's other than when extreme pulling ability, is needed. Pre war Valve gear hardly visible as are the dreaded Bogie wheels !! Some of my Hornby A4 conversions most were were secondhand wrecks sourced via ebay. Most are based on the R2339 Mallard, including Merlin on which I removed the valances, much easier than repainting a BR version. Hornby have never made a current detail model of a post war Garter Blue A4.
  22. Ground level is how we usually see railways in real life and is my favourite way of photographing my models. It helps that I use 3-link couplings and have to design the layout so that I can get in with the pole. The area where I sometimes rest my hand when coupling also gives me somewhere to place the camera. I need to put a telephone pole in the gap where the backscene sheets don't meet up!
  23. Progress on the latest SEF A4................. Accepting the limitations of my building skills, there are several elements in this model which are (and will be) 'incorrect' and compromised. They're either through indolence, ignorance, resources (or lack of them) or pragmatism. I'd expect nothing else than these being commented on...................
  24. 25282 by Redhill Bull, on Flickr Hereford 85021 by Redhill Bull, on Flickr Crewe Parcels... by Alan Padley, on Flickr Clay Cross 25313 1 310785 by Steven Clements, on Flickr Shrewsbury
  25. In the various Twitter feeds there are, besides the virulent posts, some really genuinely funny ones -
  26. Bump. But good news All that's left I'd imagine is a few more electrical tests, and then (shudders dreadfully) fitting of OTMR and GSM-R, and re-instatement of TPWS.
  27. I was grabbing images while the light held yesterday, and so didn't take up a lot of time marshalling trains. That meant Hermit got lots of attention. Here are the other two I took.
  28. We have very sad news: https://narrowgaugeandindustrial.co.uk/blogs/news/roy-c-link-sad-news John
  29. Good afternoon Richard, How honest should I be? Let's start with the positives, if I may? The etched chassis is superb, and the motion (though time-consuming to erect - more so than, say, Comet's) is really beefy, capturing the 'mass of the real thing. The etched tender chassis is also excellent. The great inherent weight of the whitemetal castings (in both loco and tender) make for superb haulage abilities and excellent road-holding. With reference to the loco body, I think it does 'capture' the bulbous (yet elegant) lines of the prototype. Like all whiteme
  30. An unidentified 43xx 2-6-0 Mogul heads west on a stopping train.
  31. I’ll be off to get some timber soon but in the meantime.... Notched out the road So the bridge sits back so the walling is flush with the inside It’s not finished yet Bertie
  32. Just sitting on my stool at my bench this morning so decided to do some steps for the Porta Cabin, I filled the holes but only roughly as can be see in the cruel close ups, then a mix of dirty Acrylic Paint and Carrs Soot powders for a weathered effect.
  33. As you can see the walls are up at last. Now I'm working around the joints with Green Putty and fixing the roof rafters in.
  34. With in excess of 2,000 pages now, Wright Writes is bound to change over time. Some will consider it for the worst; others for the better. It is a matter of opinion. I encourage robust debate (as long as it's not personally 'abusive'), and I think Wright Writes (and other threads) allow this. As has been said already, we all have levels of 'tolerance' towards what we'll accept in a model and what we won't. If we go along the path of greater 'accuracy' in our model-making, it doesn't make us dogmatic. More discerning, perhaps? That said, nobody has the righ
  35. Good afternoon everyone. We've travelled back in time to 30th October 2008 now as I found some more groups of files. A trip to East Anglia was the agenda for the day. From memory we drove down the A1 to Stamford and caught a train there with some sort of Rover ticket. Here a Cross Country 170 heads north west whilst we wait for our train. That train took us to Cambridge where we changed for Stanstead Aiport. Not many railway platforms with a view of an airport control tower. Then it was down to Broxbourne to catch a direct train back to Cambridge to ride all
  36. All right, here we go.. A fellow is walking down the street when a down-and-out asks him for money. "Are you going to spend it on booze?" "No, I signed the pledge years ago." "Are you going to spend it on the horses then?" "No, I've never gambled since I lost the lot." "So are you going to spend it on something for your model railway?" "Of course not, are you mad?" "All right, I'll give you some money on condition that you come to my house to meet my wife. I want to show her what happens to a man wh
  37. I wonder what percentage of these is correct? Start at 0% and work down?
  38. Try down at Porth Merry Kevin, there's a few people about there, and you get an Ice Cream as well.
  39. These wagons are really very very good - absolutely look the part and ran perfectly. The close couplings between the inners work very nicely and without fault on my layout. I will be starting with the weathering and internal paint job tomorrow - hope I do them justice. I had to give the lower brass tab a slight bend upwards to make contact with the battery - just mentioning in case that catches anybody out. I will be looking forward to further batches in other livery variations such as earlier and later Yeoman and the procor ARC.
  40. Ah, I see the pristine Mogul. Very offensive. Anyway chaps, rumours of my demise are untrue, I have not been abducted, I am not working for MI6 and I am still a complete ar$£. May I, without having to pay anything, ask some advice about the gorgeous Mogul? I have the BR version 7310. I would prefer it to be a 63XX but 7310 has outside pipes and I see Rob's does not. I do not have the Book of the Filthy Moguls, as I am too short to reach the top shelf in the Newsagent's. Thus I do not have access to 'the detail differences'. I could keep the 73XX and renumber as there wer
  41. Photo by John Morris, 50 001 is the Saltley crew training loco at Earlswood Lakes on the North Warks line, July 1981....
  42. Postman arrived at 7 this morning and I have one word for the guys at Accurascale... SUPERB Conversion to P4 looks like it will be straightforward with just a small amount to be taken off the bosses on the inside of the bogies to allow for wider wheels.
  43. When I started my ECML layout a few years back I made a decision to use Kirk kits for the Gresley coaches and add some more details and flush glaze them. Other options were Hornby RTR and brass kits. Kirks basically won on price (even just a couple of years back you could get them for around a tenner on ebay - not any more). Also the variety of diagrams available is far more than RTR and the shape, I think, is better than the Hornby ones. To be honest once I have added detailing parts and metal wheels the price difference, even picking up the kit cheap is not that great so looking back I
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