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  1. Half the issue with me is the rise of the digital camera. I have said before that I think it has made many photographers lazy. Take the shot and sort any problems out on the computer is the way now. I spent a short while this afternoon looking at a few pre digital magazines. It just confirmed my view that the technology is now so good that a huge, totally pin sharp image from a camera at eye level to a model person is easily done. It is usually the view with the camera placed within the layout that needs the backscene digitally manipulated. That
  2. ECML yet again today, starting at Essendine on Stoke Bank and ending atGamston, just south of Retford. Essendine Class 254 Newcastle to Kings X Aug 83 J8044.jpg Stoke Summit (near) Class 55 9021 Newcastle to Kings X March 73 J3155.jpg Grantham Class 254 up April 83 J7866.jpg Hougham Class 47 up June 78 C3912.jpg Gamston Class 254 down June 79 J6523.jpg David
  3. Indeed it's difficult to see these as a positive development for the hobby.
  4. Dear Hornby I can vouch this is definitely a generic tank engine.
  5. There's been quite a lot of progress since my last posting!
  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR! At a time when we've just gone back in lockdown I think we all need things to look forward to so I’m making my latest project public on here in the hope that it might interest, entertain or even amuse a few people. To put it in a nutshell I’m building a 2mm finescale exhibition layout of York Station which will make its first public appearance at York Show Easter 2022. Regular attenders at exhibitions over the last 15 years or so may well have come across my previous layouts: Blea Moor – transition era Settle & Carlisle in fin
  7. Apologies, I'm a bit late to the 'I'll show you mine' party but here goes. Last winter we had windows fitted in place of our garage doors and converted the former garage into a hobbies room. So I now have a separate railway room and a workbench in the hobby room which has made a huge difference. This is my railway room, much use is made of storage under the layout and the ubiquitous 'Really useful boxes' hold both stock and modelling "stuff". The track diagrams and route indicators are almost ready to be mounted on the wall, and the junk in the far corner occupies t
  8. I’m quite pleased with the bridge position, looks like I’ve managed to position it just the right distance from the curve to give the impression that the coaches exit on a straight....if that makes sense? I didn’t want it to be obvious that the line curves after the bridge (especially as I was forced to use 2nd radius curves due to the space available)
  9. And tonight, we have the arrival of the Birmingham-Ely. Which passes another of those locos with a 4 at the front, this one on an M&GN Yarmouth train.
  10. Although many of the Buckingham articles were in the magazines before I was born, my dad was a modeller and I often used to thumb through his old copies. My favourites were also Buckingham and Borchester but there were many others too. Some haven't stood the test of time and when I look back at the magazines now, they look very dated. Others just have an indefinable something that still works for me today. The first time I got to visit Peter Denny in Truro, when he was already in his high 80s in terms of age, I was so pleased to be able to tell him how much he had influ
  11. Eek! Poor Hattons, they really don't deserve this snub IMO.
  12. KNP

    Little Muddle

    When I first edited this picture I sat back and thought it looked like you where looking through the drivers vison slit on a tank. So I 'wobbled' the edges and faded it a bit. Looks better but.......well here it is anyway.
  13. No, that wasn't the case. Measurement and survey of details were taken from Stroudley examples at both the Bluebell Railway and at the Mid-Hants in November 2019, which were used as the basis for this range of coaches. Prototypically, the Stroudleyesque 4w Brake that Edwardian is admiring should have been on a shorter chassis, but a bit like Les Dawson's piano playing, all the notes are there, just not in the right order...
  14. Today I cut the slit in the Branch trackbed for the superelevation, then extended the short joist under the Chapel Sidings to support the branch just on the Down side of the toe of 41B points. I then decided it would make sense to relay the temporary Up and Down Branch Spurs on their correct alignment. First, having lifted the tracks for the second time in two days, I found a small offcut of 9mm ply that would extend the Up Branch Spur just enough to get the full long clay train - 42xx + two Toads + 10 clay tips - in. I used another piece of ply to support the joint and
  15. As for suitable motive power for the GWR train pack, I think the answer has been staring us in the face all along ....
  16. All generic ducks are Network Rail yellow, these coaches may be Mandarins as they're attractive non-native species considered to originate from the Orient.
  17. Well, to wildly misquote Oscar Wilde, "To duplicate one product is unfortunate, to duplicate five* looks like a strategy" * Cavalex Class 90, Rails Terrier, Rails Rocket coach, Dapol Large Prairie, Hattons coaches.
  18. Thanks Mikkel. Thats why the small, 'boxed off' approach suits me. The realisation started with Sheep Lane being completed so quickly. Returning to the loft layout, it got to the point where I would not go there for weeks, perhaps months. I could see no change, no progress. The enthusiasm just went. When I start a new project, almost immediately I see progress. Generally, the day I start tracklaying is the day I run my first train. The biggest drag, like many of us, is the treatment of track and ballast. Proper struggle. Once that is done, things come tog
  19. West Park station platform entrance and the Great Western Hotel are nearly ready for their coat of primer (I ran out of grey plasticard brick, lol).
  20. Yes folks, due to a combination of Governmental policy, the current lockdown restrictions and the need to measure some bricks at my dentists, I found myself in the village this morning, so I undertook to initiate a quick quality control test on the usual pasty supply, to ensure that quality control is satisfactory. I am happy to confirm that the quality is still eminently satisfactory.
  21. First version of the Sentinel 0-6-0 now finished with all its mouldings. The huge dumb buffers and electric headlights were only on the Dorman Long locos, the prototype loco and the GKN ones had conventional buffers - not all had the full set of lamp brackets seen here either.
  22. Well I did not think that when I started this thread in March 2016 that it would take this long to get from Severn Tunnel Junction to Pantyffynnon! A lot has changed since I started out on the journey, life has thrown up some surprises, many pleasant, but with some challenges for all of us in 2020. Thank you for all the comments, contributions, and corrections. Despite constant reference to my notes, maps, Baker rail atlases, and book collection I still managed to forget things, or get things wrong along the way including some locations. I am grateful to those members who have supplied lo
  23. Bit naughty of Hornby. There are loads of other coach types missing in RTR. Surely picking some of them would have been more sense.
  24. Hell has frozen over then... Return of the Clans.
  25. aaron3820

    2021 hopes

    Place ya bets folks!
  26. We've managed to get our hands on one of the coaches and take a look:
  27. From what I've seen of the Hornby vehicles - just the one reviewed on 'World of Railways' they're not a patch on Hattons efforts. That might sound odd in respect of what is basically a generic model but clearly there is 'generic' and then there is 'generic'. i could perhaps understand Hornby going this way for vehicles to go with locos they have issued in Pre-Group liveries but going beyond that seems to me to be little more than copying somebody else's idea and then rushing it into production (with incredibly bright interior lights ). The Hornby ones are, i believe, likely to
  28. I am happy to see these. That is because I am happy with the idea of generic coaches and these look entirely reasonable in conception and execution. I'm glad that Stephen (Compound) was bold enough to comment, because I was looking at the pictures and thinking that these were perhaps not so well conceived and executed as Hattons', but I think that we must reserve final judgment until we see them side by side in the flesh, and I predict that it will be the difference between the good and the very good. Whether this is an unintended duplication or another "don't park your
  29. Lead times for new models being what they are, it's quite likely that Hornby started on their 4 & 6 wheel coaches before Hattons.
  30. I was thinking some more on this, and actually given Hornby's place in the market it does need a range of 4 wheel coaches to replace the previous ones and they do look like improvements on what went before. It gives people a choice and there will be those that demand accuracy and will kit build, there will be those that will support Hattons and there will be those who would only every buy from Hornby. And a bit of mix and match would be good too - have your cake and eat it.
  31. Thank you for your kind comments. Our own Facebook post was shared far and wide on Social Media. There were some negative comments on some of the Model Railway forums, answered by members of those Groups. The one's above are not from our own page. The support we received was outstanding. Over 22,000 people have viewed our Facebook post to date. The three of us spent most of Sunday and Monday evening replying to as many as physically possible. On our own Facebook page, support was just like the Sanitizer sat on my desk 99.99% effective. I would like to add that the 0.01%
  32. This is a cropped version of yesterdays picture, it shows more Bogie detail and focus's the mind better on the subject matter I feel.
  33. Ruston & Hornsby Ltd, of Lincoln, was formed as the result of the merger between Ruston, Proctor & Co. Ltd and Richard Hornsby & Sons Ltd on September 11, 1918 and their first narrow gauge diesel locomotive left the works on September 1, 1931. In the summer of 1932, production was moved to the larger Boultham Works, where the firm were eventually to become Britain’s largest builder of diesel locomotives, with over 6,500 being built by the time production ceased in 1969. Almost as soon as the firm’s 44/48HP 0-4-0 locomotives were making an appearance, an upgraded, more power
  34. Ahead of the 2021 announcements here is an update on revised delivery dates for items announced in 2020 with a narrative from Simon Kohler.
  35. Every time Hornby throw their weight around trying to deter new players entering the market, they are squandering resources they could be using to produce something that's not available anywhere. Band-wagon jumping is not the mark of a true market-leader and, whilst I can accept that the Rails/Terrier conflict might have been purely a matter of timing, this looks entirely calculated. John
  36. But you said there were none. You were wrong and then you have the nerve to start a topic for complaints. You really do need to get a sense of proportion and stop throwing silly statements around wasting my time and that of other readers.
  37. All look pretty much the same to me so I'd say generic. Wonder what's being said at a certain retailer right now... ?
  38. Full range images North British Great Northern London & South Western Great Western London, Brighton & South Coast Railway London & North Western BR(E) Crimson London & North Eastern Southern
  39. My track cleaning coach, from the 1980s, had a plastic body. I've never seen a metal one.
  40. In exactly what way were Hatton's threatening Hornby's "core base"? They've never produced any six-wheeled coaches, or a decent 4-wheeled one... In any event, Hornby have been "taking" SHOPS core base since they started selling direct, and what's sauce for the goose... John
  41. Good evening again. More Welsh Highland. After several restarts we did eventually get into Bedgellert and found the photo charter there. We then headed up round the sinuous curves towards the summit with fabulous views of Snowdon. Much clearer than when I last saw the summit in 19771 Some good views of our train as we rounded one of the curves. And a better one of the loco. Finally back into Caernafon. It must be one of the most spectacular and scenic railway journeys in the UK. I had followed the rebuilding of the WHR on a web
  42. There has been much talk of Model photography on here lately, and whilst not a professional photographer by any means two magazines have used my photos to illustrate my layout articles. The only thing I have ever changed is to crop to get rid of most of the off layout clutter and to clone the sky (painted by me) upwards if there was any clutter still left. Personally I do like photos that are taken to make the layout look real. As a modeller I know what the clutter around the layout is likely to like so I do not want to see it on a photo of THE LAYOUT. However if someone is showing how the la
  43. I have had to trim my Genesis order due to a lack of cash over the next few months but once I am able to buy more 4 wheelers they will be from Hattons who have engaged with us here unlike Hornby who for the second time with a Hattons product have snuck in the back door late in the day. I wish Hattons all the very best with the Genesis coaches and will keep my views of Hornby to myself as I don't want to cause Andy and the team any trouble.
  44. Ordering some more from Hatton's. Hope Hornby get their fingers burnt with these. John
  45. Sam's trains is going to wet his big boy pants
  46. Still finding bits to do on the other buildings, such as telephone insulator brackets....
  47. Thanks Rob I just need to design my goods shed, I’m planning to draw one based on the Ratio N gauge goods shed Its a shame Ratio doesn’t do this shed in OO gauge It will tie in nicely with my engine shed and pump house It might take me a while though
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