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  1. My secret is out!!! yes, I'm a chocoholic! Unfortunately, the taste of PLA is not great, so I shall stick to my usual brands At present, the parts are straight from the printer, Mikkel. They do slide together pretty closely on their brass tube but I shall probably do some surface fettling before I take it all to the painting stage. If I were to use this method for a later GWR tank engine, I'd be able to swap over from saddle tanks to panniers just by lifting off the relevant components. I've already got a couple of spare tanks, after re-prints to improve the appearance of the rivets. At present, I'm working on the frames and it's useful to be able to 'test assemble' the parts within the computer, before finalising the design for printing. Mike
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  2. Some very inspiring modelling and, for once the human figures don't let things down! These are really convincing poses, although I'm not sure that method of shunting a cattle wagon would be approved nowadays. The gender re-assignment surgery also looks to have gone very well. Mike
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