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    I'm new to railway modelling (as a grown up at least, after some 'playing as a kid' which now seems like an awfully long time ago!). I've limited space on a window sill around a conservatory so I have my challenges... space, and the problem of fading by the sun Plus, the original concept was a layout for me and my young boy after he discovered my old childhood stuff in a dusty box in a loft. However, my eye for detail has overcome practicalities and I am now going for an accurate rendition of Wiltshire in summer 1945 just after VE Day. So it will always be summer in my conservatory, even when it's winter.
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    Finally decided to join RM Web as its good to see what is being produced and help to improve my own modelling Just finished a 37 as 37057 - damn I hate cant rails and before everyone shouts yes I know it should have a plated over boiler port!
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    Protect our heritage.
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    Medieval citizens may have had pestilence, famine, and war, but at least they never had to deal with the scourge of modern man...self-build furniture. So, that was my Sunday. And it will be my Monday too.
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    Has been furloughed for another month... gutted
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    Currently building 00 scale end to end layout based on BR Southern Region 1955-64. First model for 30 years. Tempted back by quality of today's products. Member of local club.
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    At the end of this week my garage was so full of stuff that I could only get out of it the lawnmower and bikes - everything else was a wall of junk. Put some items up on a local site to get rid off and began the process of chucking stuff that 'might be useful one day' into the back of the car. I think I've removed about 50% of the useful junk items now one way or another and I can actually move around the garage. As long as the wife doesn't see everything I am throwing out, she's more nostalgic than me, so I let her keep one Dennis the Menace binder from college. Still more stuff to go, but the aim is to be able to let my wife use the garage as a home gym, so it needs to be cleared so I can paint the interior so it isn't dusty and then only return back in what is truly to be kept.
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    So, after 12 weeks or so are those that mocked and said it wasn't as bad as ordinary flu, still thinking that now?
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    Hermes! After more than one f*ck up to many I decided a while ago that I'd no longer buy anything from anyone who used them as a courier. Trouble is, I've now discovered, dealers abroad have no idea who their local couriers use for the final leg of anything delivered to the UK.
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    What is that moment called when you discover you've dripped epoxy all down what, thanks to the enforced inactivity of the last few months, is now the only pair of trousers that still fit you?
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    Richard Harper's Sidmouth is still my favouritist trainset.
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    This can't be good, me posting relevant and almost intelligent questions
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    I love testing data - NOT So my colleague has written a new data extract and not only are there hundreds of thousands of records but also a ridiculous number of columns that all sound very similar. It's a great dataset, a development of an earlier one and before it gets unleashed I am testing it on some known extracts to check the results are the same. Found an issue, very subtle, so subtle I didn't notice at first and thought perhaps it was a naming convention issue in a report. Anyway got to the bottom of it after searching through a lot of code and a few columns have been misaligned in a derived table. It reminded me of Andre Previn on Morecambe and Wise and Eric says "I'm playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order" In my case "I've got the right data, but not necessarily in the right order"
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    At risk of making you feel old, today is Scott & Charlene's 33rd wedding anniversary
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    I think I've lapsed into a coma or two whilst reading the section on the Brighton in Mr King's latest book, and I've only just reached the 54 footers! God Save The King
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    Hey, Bachmann, if the Grainflows are too expensive to assemble and be viable for you; how about doing them CKD-style for those of us happy to assemble them ourselves?
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    So apparently this heat is so unbearable because of the lack of pollution and plane contrails. I thought global warming caused by the pollution and plane contrails was the problem We just can't win
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    To be encouraged. Son and I just came back from a ride and it’s always a tonic.
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    Well, it was slightly surreal to duck under the police tape leaving the office next to Forbury Gardens this afternoon...
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    Has just purchased a Phoenix Maunsell Pull-Push set on mere whimsy... Get me to my etching primer and stringy glues.
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    The nights are drawing in......
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    Bad news at 'The Plant'. Devastating for Donny.
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    Maybe its just me, but I find it quite disturbing that people have to update layout progress on just about every social media channel. Why????? Is it look at me syndrome?
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    The world has gone mad. People apparently don't want a 'nanny state' when it comes to Covid-19; yet warnings are apparently necessary to protect some sensitive souls from an episode of Fawlty Towers.
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    So.... having lovingly spent the afternoon chopping up an Airfix min (my first) to play with detailing (?), I now realise that I have destroyed everything below the sole bar and I do not have the correct etched W irons, springs or oil boxes to replace them... like what I fought I did.
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    We hope everyone's keeping well, we've busy away the last couple of weeks listing lots of N Gauge, OO, HO and G Scale on our new website Clark Railworks! We'd really appreciate it if people could pop over to the site for a look, we specialise in both buying and selling in all scales, operating alongside our sister company Ellis Clark Trains. This weekend we are sponsoring the P4 layout at the BRM's live exhibition so hopefully some of you may see us there! Our website is www.clarkrailworks.com and attached are a couple of teaser pictures to help entice you to take a further look.... If you have any questions we're always here to help. All the best, Amey and the Clark Railworks Team [email protected] 01756 701451
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    A Yelled Hello
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    For want of solid brass round head screws, a week was lost!
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    This is utter filth!
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    Lost the service book for my car 2 years ago. Today I found it
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    Just listed some item on that well know web site and 7 of the 10 items listed have sold already. And some within 5 minutes of listing.
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    I am a confirmed modeller of SR Locomotives, primarily those having something to do with Basingstoke Shed so why could I not resist placing a pre-order for the following? R3830 Thompson Class A2/2 4-6-2 60501 'Cock o' the North' in BR green with early emblem R3834 Thompson Class A2/3 4-6-2 60512 'Steady Aim' in BR green with early emblem R3844 Rebuilt Class W1 Hush-Hush 4-6-4 60700 in BR green with early emblem And my next builds are for a DJH A2/3 and a Crownline A1/1. The answer is simply that I have a huge admiration for the locomotives of the LNER too, and why not? Kind regards, Richard B
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