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  1. At 11.11am this morning the last bit of track was connected to form the outer loop of HLJ. It’s only taken just over 5 years... Once this curve and the junction/crossovers immediately before it are wired, the first train will set out on its inaugural lap. Probably have trusty old 37191 with 36 full MGR’s me thinks.. I celebrated with a cup of Yorkshire tea and will throw another 2kgs of coal in the blender this aft to create some more coal loads. Just awaiting the inner loop (Huddersfield Line) frames. Once the tracks laid on these thats the track done. I’ll be back on the scenery tomorrow. Happy days
  2. It is with great regret I must report the passing of Adrian Swain earlier today. He had battled long and hard with cancer in recent years. I first met him in 1971, and a little later in my father's model shop, as he used to stock Adrian's 4mm kits, right from when he first started out as a manufacturer. His name was known to me before this however, as I enthused over an article in the October 1965 Model Railway Constructor on detailing the first two vehicles for his parcels train. I was 13 at the time and read the article on a bus, travelling home from a hard day's trainspotting at Bournemouth Central! In recent years, after he had placed his business in suspended animation due to his health, and we would have periodic two hour phone calls. The first hour would be about models and the second about politics and reptiles [in which we both shared an iterest]. Although banned from this forum for a period in recent years, he takes with him an almost unrivalled knowledge of some areas of our hobby, particularly perhaps, that of freight stock from a certain era. No doubt details about the procurement of his ranges of kits will appear on the model forums in the coming weeks and months, and in this regard I will have an announcement of my own to make reasonably soon. Meanwhile, a very sad day for many of us. David Parkins Modern Motive Power
  3. And now for something a little different... These items haven't been just a lockdown project, by any means, the Restaurant Composite with central kitchen having been on the go over a year ago, and the Restaurant Pantry third started well before the end of last year. Those who peruse the modelling section of lner.info may already have seen plenty of what's been going on, and an image plus very brief account of the RC has recently appeared in the LNER Society journal. I've been tackling the job the hard way of course, without the aid of any kits, and with only incomplete information available, that, plus life's many distractions, accounting for the very long time taken to get this far. It hasn't all been my own work, several others having helped with information, Mike Trice having come up with some lovely 3D printed bogie sides and GN buffers, as well as Dave Sutton having conjured up etched bogie frames. The carriage sides, ends and roofs seen here are home produced resin castings. The models are not complete in every detail, and they never will be, as getting this far has taken enough work, although I will add one or two final touches. I'm glad that the naked eye does not normally see anything like the number of imperfections that these macro photographs reveal! Two twelve-wheel East Coast Joint Stock clerestory roof carriages of 1900 vintage, in the condition in which they may have been in the mid 1930s:
  4. Rodger thank you for that, very kind. Today 37191 traversed the whole circuit pulling a fully loaded 37 wagon MGR. Taking 6 mins & 40 seconds at a scale 48mph.. I will post some videos in the next couple of days but I will say the objective of waiting absolutely ages for the train to thunder past (after seeing the high intensity light in the far distance) is spectacular! In the meantime I’ve been installing Allan Downes old sewerage works. I’m re-starting on the scenery at the very end and am now working back towards the dive under I started a few weeks ago. Allans derelict building needed to stand on its own platform between the river and the far end of the model to get the right height. Using bits of 4x2 to prop up the platform added too much weight so I’ve used scrap aluminium tube, hot glued to the frame. I’ll begin infilling the gaps with polystyrene tomorrow (if I’m not distracted by a huge freight passing by every 6 and a half minutes.)
  5. Agreed. As the OP of this thread - it's in the first post. And that's why I'm writing this. First of all - apologies as this isn't a link to a bargain. I am typing this at the risk of being called "bargain hunter police" - which is certainly what I am not. For those that don't know - or can't be bothered to look - BH Mk2 was started because of problems in BH Mk1 with comments/discussion regarding bargains that weren't bargains. Such as: "I can't get there because it's personal shoppers only", or "that shop isn't near where I live so I can't get there". " I bought the last one". It seemed that bargains that weren't available online to everyone appeared to cause the biggest upsets. Tough - that's the way it is. Just because one can't benefit, don't spoil it for others. I tried to write a set of guidelines at the time, to get BH up and running again. It seems to have worked well for most of that time - nearly 3 years - which has surprised me - but is a testament to this thread that it works reasonably well. If anyone wishes to amend those guidelines - drop me a PM and I will see what can be done. Either that or someone else starts a BH MK3. I'll quite happily ask the mods to lock this thread if a new one is started. I did suggest re-posting the OP every now and then, but it didn't look like there was a need to. And running the risk of being called BH Police. (See above). If you think it need doing - send me a PM. Maybe it can be done automatically? If so a quick PM to AY can be sent to ask the question. There is the odd irreverent comment - heck - I've even posted a few myself - but in general, it seems to work well, but like most of the threads in RMWeb, it goes O/T at times which seems to upset a few people. That unfortunately is the nature of the forum. And there's no wish for this to be a moderated thread. But in general, it comes back to bargains - and as often said - one man's bargain may not be to someone else. If you don't think it's a bargain, don't comment unless you know of a lower price. (There - I think I'll add that to the first post!) No need to comment further - just tick the agree or like buttons or send me a PM and I'll collate the replies. Cheers, Mick
  6. Afternoon all. Vet has been and gone. Tis a really $hit day.
  7. A few more photos from Morpeth on the ECML in Northumberland for this afternoon. Morpeth 37082 up ballast Aug 80 J7057.jpg Morpeth 31284 down p w July 88 J9594.jpg Morpeth 43054 up 30th May 89 C11920.jpg Morpeth 43050 down 22nd Sept 90 C15478.jpg Morpeth 37019 in yard 23rd April 94 C19398.jpg David
  8. On the ECML today with a fairly random selection of photos. Royston Dec 77 J5870 Royston Class 116? down Dec 77 J5871.jpg Peascliffe Tunnel 254008 Leeds to Kings X June 80 J6988.jpg Peascliffe Tunnel Class 254 downJune 83 J7966.jpg Retford Class 40 277 down parcels Sept 69 J1994.jpg David
  9. Once again I'm posting a little bit early this afternoon with some photos taken at Newcastle. One is from 1987, the others are from July 1988. Newcastle 03078 and Class 45 Feb 87 J8770.jpg Newcastle 43066 Kings X to Aberdeen July 88 J9602.jpg Newcastle 37376 down p w July 88 J9605.jpg Newcastle 43041 Kings X to Edinburgh July 88 J9624.jpg Newcastle 31281 parcels July 88 J9632.jpg David
  10. Due to unwellness, I haven't been able to do any painting since last October, banned from dangerous particles. Now I'm back, appropriate that I should return with a big block of wood, not teak and a Quint of a different nature. I only build things, so I can slosh some paint about.
  11. Unsurprisingly I haven’t got much scenic work done since the circuit has been completed! Here is Romanian (kit built) 56009 storming through the junction heading east with 40 fully loaded HAA’s. I’ve loaded each one of these HAA’s a third full of real crushed coal which makes for a proper heavyweight train..
  12. Some sixteen years ago, I decided that I had to have a model of the Midland Pullman; it was introduced in the same year that I entered secondary education, and the Pullman passed the end of the school playing field in sight of most classrooms. Attention was lacking each morning, around the time that it was due to pass! Almost concurrent with the introduction of the Midland Pullman, Kitmaster produced kits, at 4mm. scale, for each of the three different cars that, two of each, made up the six car rake. I recall staring at these kits in the window of my regular model shop but, at 10/6 each, they were way out of pocket money range. I did, however, manage to save up for a Kodak Instamatic camera, and my first colour railway photo was - yes, the Midland Pullman. So - forty-four years later, by which time disposable income was easier to come by, I set out to acquire via Ebay six Kitmaster Midland Pullman kits; the total cost was significant! I then further 'splurged' on a pair of 'Black Beetle' power bogies for the power cars. I wanted the completed train to have some super-detailing compared to the basic Kitmaster mouldings, but to retain the feel of a 1960s kit-built model. I have fitted close-coupling in the mounting of the buffing plates, which have miniature rare-earth magnets embedded within them for inter-car coupling. The cars are assembled in the style of the original Tri-ang Hornby Mk. 1 coaches, with three long screws, up through the floor, attaching the roof via threaded inserts in a false ceiling. The interiors are removable, being attached by screws to the sub-floor. Upholstery, carpets and partition murals were scanned from colour photos of the prototype, and printed and applied as waterslide transfers. The interior decor follows the results of considerable research, having alternating red / blue and blue / red themes. Adrian Swain of ABS - sadly recently deceased - cast the table lampshades to scale, and they were threaded onto nickel silver wire for mounting. Raised moulded exterior detail, such as door handles and handrails, was removed and replaced; again with nickel silver wire. During the build, Bachmann announced their RTR model, and I was able to share my research material with them. Pete Waterman had acquired the original Metro-Cammell large format works photos that Kitmaster had used to design their model, and Pete had been kind enough to let me have copies. During my discussions with Bachmann, I was offered a pair of test etches for the power car scavenger fan grilles, and these were used in place of the Class 47 grilles that I'd intended to fit. When it came to painting, I decided to follow 1960s practice and brush paint the model - perhaps not the best decision when I own a good quality airbrush. The first attempt was a disaster, and the entire rake was stripped back to bare plastic using Mr. Muscle oven cleaner! At this point, there was an hiatus of several years, until lockdown provided the stimulus to have another attempt. The paint finish is by no means up to 21st century airbrush standards, but is certainly better than I could have achieved in 1960. The rake is what it is - sixty year old kits, built at a time when my modelling skills had matured with experience, and painted using 1960s techniques. As such, I'm very pleased with it as a 'layout' train, and it certainly deserves the Vintage Midland Pullman name, both from the age of the kits and the time that it took to build them! John Isherwood.
  13. Hi Tony, I hope you are well. Having browsed your thread with interest for a long while now, this is my first contribution. We chatted some years ago at the Wigan show, and discussed a good place to start with kit building (a SE Finecast 4F was recommended). It was, and still is my intention to start kit building locos and stock after the scenic side of my layout is at a more complete stage. I feel I am almost at that point! Regarding the increase in hobby time in light of the current situation, I certainly have made far more progress than I would have during normality. Although I have been working from home as best as I can during this period, I have ticked off several projects, big (ish) and small. The main one would be the progress on the last major scenic area of my layout Halifax Powell Street; a what-might have been former LNWR secondary main line terminus in Halifax. This is my first 'proper' layout, located in a small spare bedroom. Having been inspired by many fantastic images of the region (all satanic mills and retaining walls!) I have disguised the exit to FY with some significant feeling mill buildings, and short rows of terraced housing naturally! I have really enjoyed architectural scratch building. Please forgive the quality of the images, I only have a smartphone available to me at the moment. The second project was to replace the over-scale looking smoke deflectors on my Hornby Britannia, changing her identity and giving her a medium weathered finish. I used etched brass deflectors from Silver Tay models, with the midland style hand cut-outs correct for the new identity of 70054 Dornoch Firth at the time modelled. It is my first venture into loco detailing and re-numbering, and definitely improves the look of the model I believe. I have also used the time to set up a temporary spray booth on the work bench and have become more confident in the use of an airbrush. I have made decent headway into changing emblems where applicable (Modelmaster waterslides) and weathering the fleet. Several more locos and plenty of items of stock to go yet. The hobby brings so much pleasure to me and has been essential to my mental wellbeing during the lockdown. It has always been the perfect antidote my day job which I do enjoy, but can find stressful at times. Finally- I'd would like to add how much I admire your layouts and approach to modelling. I can't remember what year it was but it must have been in the early 2000's when at the Manchester show I remember seeing Stoke Summit and it being the first time I saw a familiar model from the magazines 'in the flesh'. I was rather star-struck! Best regards, Pete
  14. A Pannier dozes in the low evening sun at Bleat Wharf, Highbridge branch, S&DJR. May 1960. An image by Norman Lockhart.
  15. Today's location is once again on the ECML, this time at Dudley, in North Tyneside, just to the south of Cramlington (and obviously north of Newcastle). Most of the photos are taken from a road bridge, the road used to be very quiet but has gradually become busier. There is no real pavement so I don't go there very often now. The first photo is taken at the foot crossing at Dudley. It has limited visibility for crossing the line and I no longer go there - electric trains can creep up on you even though they sound their horn. It was bad enough when all the trains were diesels and you had at least some chance of hearing them. Dudley foot crossing Class 43 Kings X to Edinburgh Dec 82_C5907.jpg Dudley Class 43 Edinburgh to Kings X Dec 82_C5908.jpg Dudley 56134 down freight July 86 J8621 Dudley 37264 up freight July 86 J8624 Dudley 43089 up 21st Aug 90 C15274 David
  16. Trains at Hexham on the line from Newcastle to Carlisle for this afternoon. Photos taken in the late 80s and early 90s. Hexham 4771 Green Arrow Darlington to Hexham Darlington Bank Top 100 anniversary 5th July 87 C8614.jpg Hexham 156434 Stranraer to Newcastle Nov 88 J9718.jpg Hexham 2 Class 108s 26th Nov 88 C11610.jpg Hexham 143615 Hexham to Newcastle and Sunderland 28th July 90 C14615.jpg Hexham 156463 Carlisle to Newcastle 30th Jan 93 C18271.jpg David
  17. We move around 100 miles north of yesterday's photos, today's are on the ECML, once again at Swayfield on Stoke Bank. All of them date from the 1970s. I had intended to check the id of the train in the first image and the numbers of the Deltics but didn't have time. I have been standing on the pavement outside my house for some time as a mark of respect to someone nearby who died and whose funeral was this afternoon. Almost the whole street came out as the hearse and family cars went by with the traditional gentleman in top hat and tails leading the cortege on foot. Swayfield Cass 47 down May 74 J3689.jpg most likely 47421 Swayfield Class 55 55004 Kings X to Edinburgh June 77 J5718.jpg Swayfield Class 55 55003 Edinburgh to Kings X June 77 J5719.jpg Swayfield 254008 down May 78 J6129.jpg probably a test train or crew training as it has no catering cars. Swayfield Class 254 up Oct 79 J6649.jpg David
  18. County Durham, mainly around Weardale. Some show the remains of railways. Shildon Class 101 to Bishop Auckland 18th May 85 C6929.jpg Stanhope 14th April 90 C14321 Frosterley 4th Dec 93 C19203 Eastgate 14th April 90 C14322.jpg Eastgate 14th April 90 C14323.jpg Middlehope Burn standard gauge line to Westgate, narrow gauge ran on left 18th May 85 C6920.jpg
  19. This afternoon we visit another place beginning with "C", but this time it is a city not a village. So we must be at Carlisle on visits in 1990 and 1991. Carlisle 31418 Boadicea Carlisle to Leeds 30th May 90 C14532.jpg Carlisle 85101 up ecs 24th Oct 90 C15409.jpg Carlisle 37057 down freight 24th Oct 90 C15422.jpg Carlisle 47311 up Civil Link 24th Oct 90 C15429.jpg Carlisle 43152 diverted Kings X to Aberdeen 2nd March 91 C15641.jpg David
  20. Please forgive my indulgence but I was having a bit of a photo session earlier today for my Millway Dock layout and this picture was the best that appeared, so I thought I would give it a try in this thread. The Harbour Master supervises the loading of containers in the late afternoon sunshine.
  21. A visit to the Newcastle to Carlisle line at Riding Mill for today. The photos are from the late80s/early 90s. Riding Mill 47575 Carlisle to Newcastle July 88 J9574.jpg Riding Mill 101322 Hexham to Newcastle July 88 J9576.jpg Riding Mill 43054 diverted up 5th May 90 C14436.jpg Riding Mill 142519 Newcastle to Hexham 26th Aug 92 C17955.jpg Riding Mill 47537 special Cumbrian Mountain Express London Newcastle Carlisle London 30th Jan 93 C18268.jpg David
  22. Continuing...... I just have the tender totems to add, then weathering etc. It runs well, and with plenty of lead on board, easily strolls away with 19 on (6 of which were full metal kits) in the storage yard. Originally I was thinking of asking Geoff to paint it, but with the lockdown I thought I’d better become a bit more self-sufficient. A few carriages progressed with, some full kits (some of which were part completed by persons unknown when I bought them), some Comet sides on donors, and some plastic bashing. Iain
  23. Some Class 37 and Class 56 action at Winning on the Blyth and Tyne this afternoon. Winning 37161 up hoppers Aug 85 J8345.jpg Winning 56091 to Blyth Power station Jan 86 J8483.jpg Winning 56115 coal to Blyth west staithes June 87 J8983.jpg Winning 37515 Alcan empties Fort William to North Blyth Nov 87 J9364.jpg Winning 56115 coal to Blyth west staithes Feb 88 J9429.jpg David
  24. When incapacitated and feeling a bit glum, I was inspired by Rowanj (John) and his amazing thread, his adventures with North Eastern carriages and brown paint. It got me of my bum and finish of the BZ I started months ago. Seen in two-tone lock down economy primmer and finished finish, almost.
  25. Those of you who have been following this topic for a long time will recall that I have posted a lot of photos taken at Pilmoor, betwen York and Northallerton, taken in the mid to late 1960s. I thought I had used them all but hadn't. While tidying up the image folders I use when sorting photos for RMWeb I found a few more. The first three are "going away" shots of steam specials in 1967/8. I think I have posted the usual 3/4 front view of these trains before but thought these might be of interest. Going away photos often show things not visible whent he loco is coming towards you. The other two are from 1987 showing the then standard HST formations. Pilmoor A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley special A4 loco socy Kings X to Newcastle July 67 J969.jpg Pilmoor Castle Class 7029 Clun Castle special Kings X to Newcastle Sept 67 J1120.jpg Pilmoor A3 4472 Flying Scotsman Leeds to Edinburgh 40th anniverasy non stop 1st May 68 J1295.jpg Pilmoor 43065 Aberdeen to Kings X Sept 87 J9268.jpg Pilmoor Class 43 253006 Penzance to Newcastle Sept 87 J9272.jpg David
  26. Back once again to Radcliffe on Trent today, this time most of the photos are taken down by the River Trent. It used to be a very pleasant walk from Dad's house, I'm not sure if it is still possible to get to the river there now. The last time I was there (over twelve years ago), the gate which used to be always open was closed with a padlock. The photos are aranged in order from east to west, starting with one looking west from the road overbridge by the station. Radcliffe on Trent Class 47 up l e Jan 79 J6386.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 114 Skegness to Nottingham March 77 J5648.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 47 Parkeseton Quay to Manchester March 80 J6806.jpg Radcliffe on Trent Class 120 and 114 Nottingham to Skegness June 79 J6495.jpg Rectory Junction 47380 oil April 80 J6831.jpg David
  27. A selection of photos taken on visits to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway during the 1970s and 1980s to go with your coffee this morning. Grosmont NCB 29 ex Taff Vale shed July 73 J3229.jpg Grosmont Hudswell Clarke Mirvale Aug 75 C2228.jpg Grosmont LMS Class 5 5428 and LNER K1 62005 29th April 84 C6476.jpg Levisham 31st May 89 C11926.jpg near Levisham S15 841 31st May 89 C11928.jpg Grosmont K1 2005 31st May 89 C11921a.jpg David
  28. Sticking with the monochrome theme...A Hornby Peckett. Rob.
  29. The East Coast Main Line in Northumberland this afternoon. All these locations are an easy drive from home but some are more photogenic than others, especially as vegetation has grown in some places since these were taken. Southside 37079 up freight 20.12hrs 17th June 87 C8555.jpg Shilbottle Junction 56088 up coal 20th March 93 C18384.jpg Rock south of Christon Bank 43071 down 25th July 90 C14572.jpg Scremerston 47203 down freight Aug 81 J7553.jpg Scremerston Class 254 up Aug 81 J7554.jpg David
  30. Locations along the Newcastle to Carlisle line for today. A drive along the Tyne Valley provides lots of opportunities for railway photography at any time of year, though these days I prefer to avoid the snow and ice of winter - especially after the day I drove along the A69 towards Hexham and got stuck in a long queue of traffic behind lorries stuck in the snow. Wylam 143004 up ecs Oct 88 J9707 West Wylam Class 101 Newcastle to Hexham March 85 J8231.jpg The line across the Tyne to Newcastle along the north bank diverged here, the bridge is just visible in the corner of the photo. Stocksfield Class 101 Hexham to Sunderland Oct 88 J9695.jpg Stocksfield Class 37 up ballast Sept 87 J9274.jpg Riding Mill Class 119 C590 and Class 116 Hexham to Sunderland Sept 87 J9284.jpg David
  31. Back again to the line from Grantham to Nottingham today, once again at Bottesford. Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham May 81 J7386.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham Jan 82 J7626.jpg Bottesford Class 31 in distance tracklaying new concrete sleepered track Oct 83 J8082.jpg Bottesford Class 37 Nov 83 J8104.jpg Bottesford 2 Class 20s Leicester to Skegness June 84 J8150.jpg David
  32. Some views along the line from Newcastle to Carlisle this afternoon. Once again it's not too far from home for fairly frequent visits but most of the time the trains are various forms of dmus which may not appeal to everyone. There are plenty of good viewpoints and usually not too much vegetation in the way. Fourstones Class 143 Carlisle to Middlesbrough June 87 J8968.jpg Fourstones Class 101 Newcastle to Carlisle March 85 J8240.jpg Haltwhistle 153301 Newcastle to Carlisle 28th April 93 C18513.jpg Denton School level crossing 22nd Oct 91 C16593.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 156451 Carlisle to Newcastle 29th March 94 C19373.jpg David
  33. Thanks, I’ve uploaded the wrong one to be honest, I think this one is better.....
  34. Morning all Our son’s partner virus test came back positive at six this morning. He is off to the local IKEA for a test at eight. She works in a care home which, until last week had managed to keep the beast out. Sadly a resident died of it last week and two others have tested positive. She has been caring for all three of them. The mutt is coming back this morning earlier than and for a longer time than expected.
  35. A while ago I put a photo up of the B16 I'd been working on. Well, working at nothing like Tony's pace, it is now nearing completion. A bit of tweaking, lamps, crew and a DG coupling still required. Simon
  36. I'm drinking my coffee while the rain falls gently outside, so it must be time for some preserved railway photos. Today's are from the Great Central Railway at Loughborough and Quorn in the 1980s and 1990s. Quorn and Woodhouse N2 4744 Sept 78 J6339.jpg Loughborough Central N2 4744 Oct 78 C4200.jpg Loughborough Central LNER B1 1306 Sept 81 J7585.jpg Quorn and Woodhouse Hunslet 4 Robert Nelson Rothley to Loughborough July 81 J7521.jpg Loughborough Central Class 127 and Class 55 9019 10th June 89 C11985.jpg Loughborough Central Peckett Hilda 10th June 89 C11986.jpg David
  37. A move much further south for today's photos. The location is Swayfield on Stoke Bank betwen Peterborough and Stoke Summit. Swayfield 55012 down May 78 J6125.jpg Swayfield 156421 Barrow to Cambridge June 89 J09992.jpg Swayfield 43099 Newcastle to Kings X June 89 J09994.jpg Swayfield 31234 and 31xxx down sand June 89 J09999.jpg Swayfield 43152 Kings X to Inverness June 89 J10002.jpg David
  38. Glasgow Central in the early 90s today, taken on visits to Glasgow Exhibition. Glasgow Central 318262 and 318269 17th Feb 90 C13991.jpg Glasgow Central 3030357 Cathcart Circle via Queens Park 2nd March 91 C15624.jpg Glasgow Central 156510 2nd March 91 C15627.jpg Glasgow Central 86101 Birmingham to Glasgow2nd March 91 C15639.jpg Glasgow Central 86258 26th Feb 94 C19316.jpg David
  39. Evening. I can be less vague now that a few folk have been spoken to. John, the actual owner/MD of Trackshack, who is my best friend, unexpectedly lost his wife, peacefully in her sleep last night. Rough day. Trackshack will continue of course, but the current difficulties of staffing levels and social distancing fade into insignificance while we come to terms with the loss. We hope to make inroads into the 4 working day backlog of orders we currently are maintaining this next week, but please bear with us if waiting.
  40. Back to Glasgow Central today with photos taken on the way to (or from) Glasgow Exhibition in 1990 - 1994. Glasgow Central 17th Feb 90 C13984 Glasgow Central 303037 2nd March 91 C15631.jpg Glasgow Central 303046 to Wemyss Bay 29th Feb 92 C16709.jpg Glasgow Central 156512 29th Feb 92 C16710.jpg Glasgow Central 303046 26th Feb 94 C19317.jpg David
  41. In terms of what have we done during the lockdown, I seem to have started lots of things but not finished many, so I haven't updated my layout thread for a long time as I prefer to show things I've actually finished. Nevertheless there's been a lot going on! I thought I'd make an inroad into my stash of wagon kits, and indeed I did build two Parkside LNER Loco Coal wagons. And finished a couple of kits that had been hanging around unfinished for years - Chivers ballast wagon, and Ratio banana van: Then I realised if I built more wagons, I'd run out of room to store them! So I've concentrated on 'infrastructure' and scenic items; a lot of this has been in the loco yard area. This area has since been ballasted, and there are puddles: Attention turned to the retaining walls in the background, which now have cabling running along them: The lines here have since been ballasted too, and the cabling had to go somewhere so it now goes over the bridge. At the other end of this area, the girder bridge that marks the entrance to the fiddle yard is just about finished, or near enough so that it can carry the bus. And to go next to it, this signal box is a work in progress; Great Northernisation of a Wills kit:
  42. Evening Ramblers. The recent photos of the Peckett etc were taken outside. That's the beauty of a layout like Sheep Dip. It can be picked up and moved around. This evening saw Norman pop into Bleat Wharf where he snapped an image of pannier 7717 as the little chap dozed in the evening sun. Pleased with his 'capture' he retired for a swift cuppa at the Eagle caff before a leisurely drive home in Murray. A Pannier.
  43. On Worseter shed, the Dean Goods awaits the return of its crew before heading off with an engineers train. The loco will run round its train once it gets to the end of the shed branch.
  44. The ECML at Cramlington, north of Newcastle for today. Iin normal times I take photos in the area quite often. Cramlington 43097 down 29th Oct 87 C9235.jpg Cramlington 143009 Morpeth to Newcastle 13th April 88 C9441.jpg Cramlington 43119 up 13th April 88 C9444.jpg Cramlington Class 37 up freight May 88 J9503.jpg Cramlington 153319 Newcastle to Morpeth 24th Dec 92 C18198.jpg David
  45. For this morning's batch of photos we travel to Butterley to look at the Midland Railway Trust with photos from 1978, 1983 and 1989. I can very clearly remember the visit in 1978 when the Midland "Spinner" was in steam. Two photos of the 3FT in crimson lake are to illustrate the probelms of colour rendering. One was taken by Dad and one by me, both on Agfa slide film and both using a Canon AE1. So the colours should be the same - but they aren't. Even before I scanned them the colours looked different. They were taken not all that long apart, so the light was not different. Butterley 16440 27th May 78 C3840.jpg Butterley 3FT 16440 May 78 J6099.jpg Butterley 673 27th May 78 C3854.jpg Butterley 4F 44027 May 78 J6083 Butterley D4 Aug 83 J8048 Butterley 48151 Hammersmith to Ironville11th June 89 C12041.jpg David
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