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  1. Good evening, I hope you don't mind me posting something a little off-piste here. I know the frequenters of this thread like seeing things that people have been making, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of a 2mm finescale locomotive I started during the first lockdown, and have just completed (apart from painting) - which is good going for me. The loco in question is a little industrial Hunslet 16" 0-6-0 saddletank. It is going to be a "modern image" model of "Beatrice" as preserved in working order at Embsay railway where I volunteer as a fireman (hence the anomalies such
  2. Morning all. I thought I would just share my last couple of weeks on here. I worked what is now my customary evening/night shift on NYE though suffice to say it had a different look and feel to other years with hours spent walking around amongst the revellers. No, this year I was in work but at the end of a phone, able to nip out if needed . I was working with two fine careful types whom I'm know for years who did go out and about leaving me for most of the night in a large (very) office on my own . Shift done, home we went and three days off. Mo
  3. A Q7 heads past South Pelaw Junction towards Ouston Junction with a loaded steel train:
  4. Back to the triangle today and although I’ve almost static grassed the whole area of about 60sq ft I’ve never been happy with the visible joins between the sections mounted on the trolleys. So today I decided to use a spare box of 50ft of ‘stone’ walling to disguise these joins. I’d asked ‘Ten Commandments’ about five years ago to run me off 300ft of their excellent plaster cast walling that runs almost the full length each side of the main lines on HLJ. It’s the most realistic walling I’ve come across although it’s quite brittle but takes watercolours really well. Ha
  5. And the last..................... All the pictures in my last three posts were taken this year. Which seems a fitting way to finish 2020. I hope readers will agree that all these shots illustrate 'layout trains' in the layout setting for which they were made. To me, on a personal level, it's important for me to have made/modified all the locos which are seen hauling them. That said, due thanks must be given in part fo
  6. A view over the Stella Gill incoming and outgoing lines sees 9F, 92097 on a loaded iron ore train waiting for its banker, which can be seen under the bridge approaching the rear of the train as 92061 coasts down the bank with an empty iron ore train on the return journey to Tyne Dock.
  7. Now for this year's Christmas card from me. Basford WD 90453 down goods Jan 54 JVol7004 David
  8. Hi all, Posting our Facebook page updates for our customers not on Social Media. Final straw was Gill getting spat at. Be nice to your shops, we all need each other. Widnes Model Centre is sharing a COVID-19 update sharing a COVID-19 update sharing a COVID-19 update.Published by Barry Williams · 15 m · Hi all, following a discussion with all three of us, Barry, Gill and Tom. It is with a very heavy heart we have decided to close the shop to customers actually entering the premises. We have not taken this decision lightly and financially this past trading
  9. Christmas Eve's job.................... Painting the latest J6 (the tender is still to be built, though it's ordered from SEF. It'll have to borrow one for the time being). Well, it's now time for me to wish all Wright writers a peaceful and happy Christmas. Or, as good as one can have in the circumstances. Our normal family one has been well and truly torpedoed!
  10. Morning all, I'm both grateful and very humbled by the sentiments expressed by everyone. Thank you. Progress continues but it will take however long it takes. On a positive, I'm not so wobbly or light headed. I can now stand up without sitting straight back down and walk down down stairs without fear or trepidation. The headaches are generally gone and ones sense of taste and smell is almost there but still a tad different. Main issue is the getting out of breath doing simple , day to day tasks and by the afternoon I can be quite tired.
  11. A number of rather necessary but not particularly photogenic processes have been completed on the dia. 45 BG, a proper update will follow. In the meantime, a break through in research and the delivery of essential parts from suppliers has allowed for significant movement on the dia. 210 twin. Stepboards and other details have been scratch built or purchased and fitted and the new roofs are well underway. The vac pie is now leaning to the right on the brake end. The twins seem to be equally divided between left and right leaning uprights, this determines the side on which the pipe r
  12. More from Carlisle today. Carlisle 37359 oil 27th Oct 89 C13832.jpg Carlisle 47533 Leeds to Carlisle 30th May 90 C14515.jpg Carlisle 86401 Glasgow to Brighton 24th Oct 90 C15439.jpg Carlisle 87012 Glasgow C to Euston May 90 J10968.jpg Carlisle 87032 Glasgow C to Euston and 86237 April 87 J8879.jpg David
  13. While I'm in the neighbourhood, so to speak, I'll take the opportunity to bring you up to speed with progress on a loco that has appeared on this thread before. It is more than 3 years since I visited Little Bytham, when Tony took some lovely photos of a few of my locos (see this post). One of those locos was an ex-LNWR 0-6-2 Coal Tank, built from etches shot down to 2mm from the London Road Models kit. Rather like the Hunslet 16" (see above) there was a lot of fiddling about required. These "shot-down" etches are closer to scratch-aids in many ways than kits in the traditional sense
  14. Some more Blyth and Tyne images at Winning, Cambois and North Blyth. Winning 56112 up l e March 1990 J10634.jpg Winning 56127 up empties July 87 J9096.jpg Cambois 08886 29th Sept 85 C7209.jpg Cambois Class 56 in Blyth west staithes sidings July 87 J9101.jpg Alcan North Blyth 55022 Royal Scots Grey Alcan shunting 11Apr 2011.jpg David
  15. Just a bit of fun with an Austin and some signwriting ..
  16. KNP

    Little Muddle

    2020 has gone, what a year. Happy New Year to one and all and here's to 2021 bringing life back to some sort of normality.... An unusual shot with the camera lens pocking into the unloading area of the creamery and looking beyond to a passing passenger train. One must also say thank you to Andy Y for keeping this website going and available for all of us to use as an escape from the troubles that surrounded us. Keep up the good work.
  17. First, Thanks for the Christmas wishes and lovely comments about the photos over the last few days. Hopefully the thread can continue for a while yet, but in the short term most of the photos will have been taken in Northumberland. I have to find time to caption some photos from other places! Today's photos are once again in Newcastle on Tyne, this time taken on 7th February 2013. That day I had to go to an appointment at the dental hospital to investigate a tooth which my dentst had been unable to extract. Then I had to go back in the afternoon f
  18. Just in case anyone thinks this thread takes itself too seriously at times, three delightfully-absurd Norman Turner wagons.................. A flying pig van. The pigs inside actually whirl around, activated by an ingenious series of rods and cams. I love the couplings! And a funny play on words. And one for the real 'hair shirts'. I'm amazed what I'm finding on some of these discs.....................
  19. Thanks for the kind words. Out of the layouts I have been involved with building, it is the one that has probably given me the most satisfaction. Ken got to the stage where he wasn't enjoying exhibiting any more, mostly due to his hearing being very poor. With the background noise of an exhibition venue, he couldn't join in any conversations any more and felt like he was missing out on a big part of the exhibiting experience. Plus a couple of our regular operators joined the great model railway club in the sky and although we found volunteers willing to help, getting a team of 8 to
  20. There’s also another V2 on its way for Retford. Must remember to post it off! Also I finished this DS GER General van today, it’s in the paint shop at the moment. I think this is has got to be my best brass kit I’ve built. Really proud of myself.
  21. The Blyth and Tyne again today, this time just to the north of Blyth on the other side of the river at Winning, Cambois and Blyth west staithes. Winning 56112 l e 23rd Feb 90 C14062.jpg Winning 56129 coal to power station Feb 88 J9425.jpg Cambois 56115 le Feb 88 J9432.jpg Cambois Blyth West staithes sidings56124 empties 5th Jan 87 C8174.jpg Blyth west staithes April 85 J8263.jpg The power station are Blyth A to the right and Blyth B to the left, long since demolished.
  22. Time to draw stumps. Conclusion? Not quite possible to build a coach in a day but came close. Still to do: roof detail, end handrails etc, door handles and undergubbins. Will aim to finish these off over next few days. Thanks for your interest today.
  23. A one off diorama to display my tree experiment, made from a plastic armature covered in ready mixed filler and sea foam branches in 4mm scale. Apologies, not a loco in site
  24. More heavy freight passing Haymarket depot, this time an MGR service behind 56084...
  25. On painting teak. A couple of principals that I wanted to incorporate, based on what I felt teak was like. 1. No multicolour effects. Rather a variation of tone, shade and hue of a single colour. 2. depth and variation of that tone and colour. 3. There is a real movement, flow and energy to the grain in teak, rather as if you could freeze frame a breaking wave. 3.graining in itself is not the most important aspect of teak, as compared to some tight grain woods, this is especially true in 4 mm scale. 4. I wanted a base colo
  26. I haven't had my Jaguar restorations compared to 'professionally-restored' examples, but I have rebuilt several, one from the ground up, of which I was rather proud because of being paralysed from the chest down, but completely physically independent, building my own benches and so on... something of a parallel to the do it yourself modelling advocate around here! FWIW I have been a T5 paraplegic since 1974 when I crashed a Triumph Daytona at speed, no Japanese bikes for me, and have since after a medical accident lost much of the use of my right arm and hand but am 'somewhat' independent i
  27. This afternoon's photos are once again on the ECML, starting at Durham and heading north to Gateshead. Durham HST Cardif to Newcastle Oct 86 J8716.jpg Plawsworth 43060 Aberdeen to Kings X Oct 87 J9325.jpg Low Fell 47428 Poole to Newcastle 28th June 88 C09558.jpg Low Fell 56129 down empty coal 28th June 88 C09559.jpg Bensham 43047 Edinburgh to Kings X Aug 86 J8658.jpg David
  28. This afternoon's photos are all from South Newsham which is on the Blyth and Tyne, on the western edge of Blyth. The fourth photo was taken just after the road had been windened (not by much as the signal box is in the way) and the new markings had not yet been painted. Blyth has about 40,000 residents yet there are only three roads into the town. Fortunately there is almost no through traffic being bounded on two sides by the sea and estuary. South Newsham Class 56 up l e June 90 J10982.jpg South Newsham
  29. This year's photos for Christmas Eve are from Ulgham Lane crossing on the ECML in Northumberland. As I am writing this it is snowing outside though not settling. Ulgham Lane crossing 37154 up ICI June 86 J8615.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 47213 down pw 3rd September 88 C11505.jpg Ulgham Lane 43083 down 9th Sept 89 C13764.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 37101 down p w wagon 27th May 89 C11893.jpg Ulgham Lane crossing 56115 and 56114 up coal from Butterwell 19th Feb 91 C1
  30. Inspired by Jerry, I have been playing with the tablet and come up with this! Best wishes and good modelling to everyone, no matter how you follow this great hobby of ours.
  31. Photos at York today. The photos are in random order, sorry. York Scarborough line bridge over R Ouse 28th Aug 90 C15362.jpg York 47458 Newcastle to Liverpool 26th June 88 C9541.jpg York 150203 and 150206 Scarborough to Liverpool 13th July 87 C8695.jpg York 158813 Scarborough to Manchester 17th June 94 C19499.jpg York 253051 Newcastle to Plymouth and Class 254 Inverness to Kings X July 87 J9069.jpg York LNER V2 4771 and 08337 28th Jul
  32. The perils of buying on eBay Although the price was good, I wonder if I should have been more suspicious of the delivery costs. Now how the blazes am I going to get that in my loft?
  33. The DS GER General Van is now finished. I have to say this is my new favourite van on my layout. The reasons being; I built it, I painted it, I weathered it and it’s definitely the best brass kit I have ever built. Gave my self a well earn’t pat on the back.
  34. Sorry, I just find it self-indulgent clickbait. Really can't abide it.
  35. Thank you everyone for the inspiration on here. I'm going to go Underground. Well, in fairness the station does have a model shop next door... Thanks Rich
  36. Classic 1980s traction in view at Edinburgh Waverley...
  37. As promised, some 'educational' views of Little Bytham................. Looking south. When the sequence is run with four operators, the Down driver sits at this side. Nearer to the station. The Down kick-back sidings are just visible to the right behind the backscene (which is not attached to the layout). There's just enough room for the non-obese to get in between the layout and the backscene, for routine maintenance purposes and photography. Two views of the MR/M&GNER secti
  38. I'm somewhat late again today, at the moment this may happen from time to time. We start with a couple of photos taken at Consett on a wintry day after it closed, then there are two photos on the NER Alnwick to Coldstream line, which closed to passengers in 1930. The section in the photos closed to goods traffic in March 1953. I hope the Consett captions are correct, I had forgotten to make notes other than the month and year when I took them - but I do remember how cold it was. It was the day that I went into a shop in the town to get out of the cold and found some L
  39. ECML yet again today, starting at Essendine on Stoke Bank and ending atGamston, just south of Retford. Essendine Class 254 Newcastle to Kings X Aug 83 J8044.jpg Stoke Summit (near) Class 55 9021 Newcastle to Kings X March 73 J3155.jpg Grantham Class 254 up April 83 J7866.jpg Hougham Class 47 up June 78 C3912.jpg Gamston Class 254 down June 79 J6523.jpg David
  40. We have moved south today, across the Tyne to look at the Bowes Railway at Springwell, Gateshead. Springwell Barclay 22 27th March 89 C11736.jpg Springwell Bowes Railway Barclay 22 Aug 80 J7073.jpg Springwell Bowes Railway Barclay 22 Aug 80 J7074.jpg Springwell kip of self acting incline 27th March 89 C11751.jpg Bowes Railway Springwell Barclay WST 7th April 85 C6777.jpg Blackhams Hill wagons at top of incline 27th March 89 C11739.jpg
  41. Photos taken aound Scotland to end 2020. Here's hoping that 2021 is a better year. Crawford Class 87 Euston to Glasgow 26th Feb 93 C18322.jpg Dalmeny 150260 up 7th Aug 95 C20370.jpg Dumfries 16th Feb 90 C13961.jpg Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens 47716 Glasgow QS to Edinburgh Aug 87 J9154.jpg Glasgow Central 156493 24th Feb 95 C19972.jpg David
  42. A surprise present for me this xmas was this display case from my brother-in-law, hand made by him in his shed. My Boxing day job was fixing it to the wall of the railway room and filling it with locos. What a lovely present. Graham
  43. Evening Chas, I've never been much of a hobby photographer, perhaps because I've worked in the industry for many years and have had two ex Girlfriends, both of whom were photographers . I kind of regret my lack of interest now, as Leicester South GC is in storage between shows, so the opportunity to photograph the trains in their natural habitat is gone. The space was needed in the club rooms for other layouts under construction. That is until Corona got his membership card, now everybody is stuffed. I have relied on a bunch of pros to take the pictures over the years,
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