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  1. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Swinging gently at her moorings Snowflake rests peacefully against the harbour wall. With the sounds of water lapping against her hull, the seagulls screeching and soaring through the sky another peaceful day in this tranquil land except of course for the noise of the demolition works nearby that spoil the moment. Ahhh, progress some say!
  2. Here are another couple of images from my layout Blueball Summit, this time featuring a green class 37 on an engineers ballast train. In the picture above, the train has just emerged from the depths of Blueball Tunnel and is seen passing over the viaduct which carries the railway high above the village. In the second picture below, the engine is seen again a few minutes later after having reversed its train into the refuge or engineers siding near the station at Blueball. This second picture gives the impression of a busy four track main line, however the two outer tracks are goods loop and
  3. Tango again this morning. Not my best effort.
  4. As yesterday brought a lovely sunny day where only gloom had been forecast, I was able to top up the image store. That means austerity can be lifted a little, and we can look at D209 under the roof with the 2.00pm Newcastle.
  5. Good Morning, Reading through the thread, I've seen a couple of posts asking about grille/step plates. To confirm, ALL models are supplied with a set of very fine etched footstep cover plates (x6) and boiler grille cover plates (x2) painted in the appropriate colours. These allow you to configure your model to suit your period and livery, but also to model other locos with alternative arrangements if you wish. From the start of the project we were aware that there were numerous differences across the class in the presence (or otherwise) of these retro-fitted parts, so we felt that this wa
  6. I'm delighted with the Thunderbirds range, well done Bachmann! And also slightly relieved not to see this one in the listing, given how much time and money I've already sunk into it: And here's a more affordable Fireflash (1/350th) from last year:
  7. OK here goes. I have a 102 in 1977 green here and the general report is very good indeed. Some lovely finesse about the bogies/roof and fan grille etc etc. Of the 'reported issues' I have had to slightly ream out one hole in the balance beam on bogie nothing that a minute's work won't sort. Running quality is first class and hooray there is plenty of room for some serious sound installation. Certainly if the fancy took you 2 speakers of the 40x20x10 scale would fit easily. The jury will remain out until SLW loco appears (in late 2021?) but this is a huge step forward from what we had before an
  8. I have had a go at building the new PDK P1 kit. Not as ingenious as making one from bits of A1s and O2s and but I would recommend the kit if anyone was after one of these locos..
  9. I can't offer any views of a new Peckett ( yet) but I can offer a new view of one of my existing Pecketts. Rob.
  10. Quoting a post from way way back in this thread, I picked up this loco from eBay back in 2016 without initially realising its providence. After reading these post and the comment that it had been tested on Little Blytham and was running beautifully made it the ideal loco for testing my own trackwork out on Brent during the early days of the layout. (A job it is going to repeat over the next few days to ensure everything is still running true.) Its certainly nice to have a loco that you know runs well to help determine if an issue is down to track or stock! The final line about it being an
  11. This evening features an O2 bringing more empties along the Down slow. The gap under the signal box will disappear once we decide on its final position. I still haven't quite made up my mind what is going to happen to this corner.
  12. Good morning Tony, Nick is indeed one of the finest contemporary modellers. It's been a privilege to photograph some of his work................... Inspirational? Overwhelming when I look at what my best work looks like in contrast! Regards, Tony.
  13. Another update for both engines and if you can't see anything obviously new in the first picture, then that's all to the good as I've fitted the motors and gearboxes to both engines. No. 7 was planned around a Mashima 1420 & Branchlines 80:1 gearbox combination and just needed a little bit of filing on the firebox and a chassis member to fit everything in. I also took the opportunity to simplify the fitting of the long screw through the smokebox fitting the body, footplate and chassis together as well as forming the spigot for the chimney, which I seem to have mislaid. I th
  14. BACHMANN EUROPE LAUNCHES NEW KIT RANGE WITH FIRST MCC ANNOUNCEMENTS Following the success of its quarterly British Railway Announcements which were established at the start of 2020, Bachmann Europe Plc today unveiled its first ever Model, Collect, Create (MCC) Announcements. Showcasing items from its extensive portfolio of model and hobby brands, the MCC Announcements will provide a quarterly update on new plastic kits, toys and collectables available from Bachmann stockists in the UK, and around the world. As with British Railway Announcements, new items u
  15. 12 months ago to the day, when it was becoming clear that life might be different for a while, I decided that the time may have come to start experimenting with a larger scale. Having an extensive bedroom layout in OO, I felt it time for a change, and I reckoned I could get a 4ft by 2ft board under part of the layout to accommodate something in O. After a lot of research on here and other sites, I decided a small shed scene would suit. I am not much of a loco kit builder so looked for a reasonably priced RTR loco for the project. Dapol were shipping some new versions of their 57xx
  16. Knowing nothing about the Maiden Lane, I would suggest that if the milk tanks were on the back from the start of the journey, then they are there to give the guard a smoother ride. If they were picked up en route they are there because, on a fully fitted train, there is no need to shunt the guards van off to attach them because fitted vehicles certainly were permitted behind the guards van, although the number of vehicles/axles varied a bit over the years. Or both. As for people telling you "the railways would never consider...", in the case of making up a goods train "the railway
  17. Thought i would have a crack at the cardboard again using these books. These are from the book on the left. Must eat more cereal........
  18. Some from last night, rail Miller in Runcorn, actually milling on the bridge but all I had to do was drive to the far end of the worksite and wait for the machine to arrive back behind me crewe PAD Runcorn station waiting for the possession to be granted Cab view of the bridges And outside waiting to be coupled back up
  19. Thanks Andy. One more shot of the railcar I forgot to add earlier. I am really enjoying doing the scenics. Cheers, Ade.
  20. To clear some of this up, no, we aren't divulging the name of the ship. We hope to have all of your tracking information out within a week or two, and we will let everyone know once its left the ship, but until then we all have to be patient and wait, us included. We don't like the waiting any more than anyone here, but that's the circumstances right now. It is coming, we promise you, just hold on.
  21. Over the new year I cleaned most of my track and all rolling stock wheels which was a time consuming and laborious job. I was therefore disappointed to see that already there are noticeable build ups of crud re-appearing on the track. I came across one of numerous threads on track cleaning which provided an explanation as to why crud appears. It is well worth a read if you want an explanation of the science. The upshot is that I have bought a can of WD40 contact cleaner and embarked on another round of track cleaning to see if this works for me. In amongst all of the faffin
  22. Here you go. Here is what I did. Might not be 100% accurate but the coal plate and the positioning of the toolboxes are quite noticeable in photos.
  23. Unless its been changed since I bought two Bachmann 08s, the pickups are on the top of the wheel tread of the two outer wheelsets and not the middle one. Any crud the wheels pick up rises to the top of the wheel where it builds up under the pickup wiper and eventually breaks or causes intermittent connection. This was my solution! Both now pickup from all 6 wheels with the pickups contacting the wheel backs not the treads. A quick wheel clean periodically and they run like a dream and I don't bother powering frogs and all that stuff! A quick wheel clean is a lot easier
  24. The Angel Interceptor was re-released a while back with a superb set of decals. I started this one the day Gerry Anderson died: It's labelled as 1/72nd scale but I think it's agreed to be a bit small for that, unless the WAF Viper (the production variant from which the Spectrum version was adapted) was an unusually small fighter. Can you tell I'm into this stuff?
  25. Not so much a diversification as a broadening of the range of brands they distribute into the UK retail market. Provided they can do it profitably (why else would they do it than in order to make a profit?) it broadens the business base and will probably help cash flow. Don't forget that in many respects Bachmann Europe is as much a channel to distribute and market other brands as it is a marketing and distribution front line concern for a Chinese model railway manufacturer. Nobody seems to have thought it 'weird' that they are the UK distributor for the Woodland Scenics range - which is U
  26. Time for a natter before starting work, with 47199 and 37206 in the background.
  27. Kato have sent us some absolutely sensational pre-production images of the Class 800. The GWR version is almost finished, whereas the LNER version is still waiting to have its livery applied.
  28. I don't know if this railway has already been mentioned, But another one is the Hayling Seaside Railway. Its gauge is 2 ft (610 mm) and operates passenger trains between Beachlands and Eastoke Corner. Although it is mainly a diesel operated railway, the railway sometimes hires steam locomotives from other railways. Work started in October 2001 on the building of Beachlands Station on land leased from the nearby amusement park. Work continued through 2002 and the line finally opened to passengers on 5 July 2003. The line currently has four locos and as previously mention
  29. GALMI comes on Saturday to give a couple of quotes. It's more a case of seeing what he has to do, and when he can do it. He has done work for us before and can be trusted to do an excellent job at a sensible price.
  30. The 3 rail points and trackwork I'm using on 'Bedwood' are a wee bit tricky to set up so an important, but somewhat tedious part of working with them is testing the points with an engine to make sure they are working properly. Perhaps it wasn't quite so tedious this time around since I had just taken delivery of a nice new 57xx for use on the Cornish Mainline & Branches route and I'd decided it would be the test engine for the day. And we're off...... The brick buildings hiding behind the siding gate are meant to be a dairy factory. For b
  31. Never came across that but it was, and probably still is, common to turn a loco or a whole train because the windscreen wiper and/or washers at one end weren't working. Also applied to head, marker and tail lights.
  32. That's a question. The Midland had a large number of wagon repair workshops - pretty much one at every major goods station or marshalling yard. These were all quite substantial establishments; here's the one at Wigston - by no means the largest - in a well-known 1905 photograph, to the right of and behind the coaling stage and dwarfing a row of huts belonging to the various wagon companies: NRM DY 2810, released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) licence by the National Railway Museum. Some of these may well ha
  33. Just to say I've had one of the Hornby J15 backdated to GER Y14 livery. Paint and lining was by Warren Haywood. Chimney and safety valve are Alan Gibson parts. Number plates were from Narrow planet. And yes, I know the side rails on the tender should be removed however I'm not skilled enough to remove these without butchering an otherwise very nice model!
  34. What started out as a quick weathering job turned out to be a complete underframe rebuild job. Inspired by the Jim Smith-Wright modification carried out in 4mm scale. - Chassis block machined to remove all metal below solebar level - Plastic solebar under the cabs cut back and replaced with plasticard sections tapering in towards the centre line of the locomotive - New fuel tanks and battery boxes scratch built - Original water tank reworked into a three dimensional shape - I beam cross supports added to attach the underframe parts to the body - Buffer be
  35. What a lovely new look to the website. I'm sure online ordering will be appreciated by a lot of people.
  36. I have come to the conclusion, that I'm just going to have to start throwing things away. The storage cube has been optimally packed and there is just too much stuff for too little space. In all honesty, I've known this for years, but have valiantly ignored common sense and grasped at the futility of fantasy. I shall gladly rid myself of the accursed heaps of junk, knowing that much space will created as a result. The added bonus (sting in the tail) will come because I know I will need it about 14 days after I get rid of it!
  37. What an awesome pic Kevin, the angle as though in another little boat, the detail and most of all the weathering on the Hull. Overall its a quiet picture, i.e. a lot of detail but no noise to distract the eye. I just love this shot.
  38. Snap! So you were the other chap Warren repainted a Y14 for, I'm the other! Exact same job from him, with the exception of Phoenix cast parts instead of Alan Gibson ones. I have the same issue of the tender raves. I think i may bite the bullet soon and attempt to get rid of them. Will post here if i do! Heres also a picture of it with my other NNR resident, the considerably easier (and cheaper!) one to recreate, B12 8572.
  39. Hello Tony, You may (or may not?) recall me posting on here a little while back about my efforts to resuscitate an old scratchbuilt Royal Scot, using one of the new DJH motor / gearbox combos. Well, knowing how you like to see folks doing it for themselves, I'm pleased to report a modicum of success. I grafted new pieces of brass into the chassis sides to hide the old V slot for the previous X04 motor, prior to painting. New motion bracket parts were cut and the detail added with fuse, plus the cover plate. Now with
  40. Hello all, As has been mentioned above, we are now furloughed. This is a result of our supplies being depleted over a very busy 2020, resulting in us now being short of enough key components that things have become unworkable. Unfortunately, the furlough rules state that we have to go one way or the other, so we can no longer trade at all. Not that helpful however… We are trying to use the down-time profitably and are working behind the scenes on the new website with online ordering. There’s a lot of tinkering with settings going on, with the usual suite of problems
  41. The current arrangements within the Severn Tunnel is that it has axle counters throughout. Both lines are signalled for bi-directional operation and there are "distant" signals on both lines at both ends referring to the signals found outside on leaving the tunnel, NT1014 and NT1616 at the London end and NT1029 and NT1625 at the Welsh end. There are also emergency signals on both lines which are normally dark but can only display red when activated. These are at 12m 15c in the down direction and 14m 10c in the up (the tunnel portals are at 11m 01c and 15m 29c). There are also "change of g
  42. Having finally got my printer to work I was able to print out the Kingsway 2016 free Christmas download kit comprising two shops and a seedy looking pub, just right for my docks area. So the last few days have been spent layering this up to give it a more 3D effect, and making the pavement on which they will stand. I particular like the contrasting architectural styles of the two shops. This part of the build was not without its problems however. I got this far with the frontages, in all quite some time cutting out windows and various layers, but had not finally resolved exactly ho
  43. Time to start thinking about the Pub (I wish). Lol...
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