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  1. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Sitting in the garden this morning, having an early cup tea. You know, for a reworked Skaledale model, with a Wills conservatory plonked on the side, this ex R8628 main station building didn't arf scrub up well even after all these years. Paint the walls, change the woodwork colour, additional weathering and it looks a totally different building.
  2. I seem to be having to arrange lots of things this morning, so a hurried visit. We have another view of Woolwinder. and our usual York A2/3, on the 7.43 from its home City. Back shortly.
  3. Just had a bit of bad news. One of our SEERS members passed away last night. Whether or not it was due to covid 19 or not I cannot say. He was in his 80's and had been ill for some time.
  4. Note the enthusiasm for the next set of measurements. I'll wager that the Q works not in an electronic test facility, but in a high end establishment providing bespoke lingerie.
  5. Good moaning from the Charente. Up early today as the builders arrived at 07.00 to mix and lay the concrete for the pool base. They are working away as I type. Various tasks got done yesterday then we got invited to our neighbours across the road for a quick drink. Stella kept producing more 'nibbles' and we eventually staggered home about 9pm in time to water the veg patch before watching a bit of the gogglebox. Totally impromptu and very welcome, a good evening was had. A memorable day today as 41 years ago Beth and I got married. I have even remembered to buy a card and it is waiting for her on the kitchen table for when she gets up. I am often reminded that I forgot our first anniversary Here she is on the day in question along with the getaway car. We had kept our honeymoon destination a secret and got a hire car to drive from the reception to Manchester Airport. Various tasks to do today but no trips across the pond. Just to the Dr's and the DIY store. God wishes to Ian A, BoD, the keeper of the Awl and NHN. I've probably forgotten others. Regards to all. Jamie PS Just a passing thought, Is Flavio gradually becoming the new Jock67B with his daily roundups in his inimitable style. PPS The side bar on on my laptop is inviting me to 'Adopt a Mature' at least I think that's the translation. It looks like a dating site for the over 40's. However the lady in the picture bears a passing resemblance to the Keeper of the Awl.
  6. I have my mug of tea, and I'm sitting here wondering why there are so few posts coming up on RMweb this morning. Notifications have been weird for ages, but this is strange. Or maybe you are all just tired of polls? Anyway, a mid morning picture. This is Doncaster A3 Ladas, and the 7.50 Up Leeds. Taken from on high, and I think, zoomed.
  7. Greetings all from the boring borough. Back to work today. FORK! Happy Anniversary to Jamie and Beth. My work week is now 11 minutes old. What a bunch of arsebadger c*ntpuffin hoofw*nking bungle*unty c*ckwombles. Project work = 50% allocation for the week. Can't work or bill anymore than that or the accounting trolls get angry. That means I am only allowed to spend 3.7 hours a day. (35 hour week divided by 5 days means we bill in 7.4 hour day chunks) The asshats have already booked me into 5 hours of meetings today. My inbox is filled with so much excrement that Thames water is considering adding a dedicated branch from my laptop to the new Tideway super sewer. If I was to do all the "it is only 5 minutes, can you take a look at X?" requests, I'd need to be billing around 90 hours a week for the next month. I'll also be chasing the courier that was supposed to have picked up my old equipment last Friday. Spent the whole day waiting for the ****er. I've also got tons of manglement follow up crap to look at. It was a nice week off but seeing this shower du merde I'm not sure it was worth it. On the upside I did manage to finish painting the shed. Not sure how long it will survive but if I can get another 8-10 years out of it before wholesale replacement of the exterior ship lap panels is needed. Used to really like Tony Romas. Sadly it has been withering on the vine for years now. I think the advent of really top class BBQ restaurants in the US and now other countries is what is killing it off. Just looking at their Canadian site, there are only 11 left. Calgary alone used to have 5 at one time. I had viral load explained to me years ago. It is all mathematics. Like most things in nature, it is all about the higher the number the better the odds. (think s.p.e.r.m) Not every single virus is going to be viable. Not everyone will be able to penetrate a cell's membrane. Not every one will survive in the body long enough to be able to latch on to an appropriate cell. The higher the viral load the higher the probability of successful infection. The more cells infected at the outset also means a higher viral load by the time the body starts to react, therefore it is more established and likely more severe. I need more coffee. Enjoy the day.
  8. 42nd for us last February. We got married on Mary's 20th birthday - how many of the current young generation do that now? At least I only have one date to remember. As for the day in question, St Wulfram's Church Grantham, pouring rain, reception at BR Railwaymans' Social Club and three days honeymoon in London. Mike
  9. Apologies... Happy Anniversary Jamie and Beth! It is our 41st anniversary as well this year. Must have been a big year for weddings! Baz
  10. This was my last photo before lock down, quite an unusual pairing for 2020
  11. Mooring Awl Inner Temple Hare, 4 hours sleep plus some dozing on the sofa.. not good.. A major cockwomble on the way in at the mini roundabouts in Effin clown town, He pulled out on me from the left. Heavy braking and a large blast of the horn required. You could see from his face when his head suddenly turned towards me, he hadn't registered I was there when he looked before.. That might be because as he then left in front of me probably at 10mph over the limit he was having difficulty staying in lane. I suspect he was under the influence... I believe the viral load thing, is that if you get a small dose, the body has time to build up resistance, as the virus multiplies inside you. If you get a large dose then the body has a lot harder job fighting off the virus from a higher starting point.. There are large daisy type plants lining the NDR, very pretty, there are a large amount of aircraft lining Norwich airport, not so pretty. In both cases many more there than 10 weeks ago. I notice the second hand dealership, I pass, was open at 06:30 this morning... We now have a cleaner on duty during the day time, he wanders around all day, cleaning door handles, toilets and any other multiple person use facility . The areas around the door handles are looking distinctly bleached white... This major system the boss handed over to me is all but complete, then I'll start on a new list of what's most overdue and print out the red labels I stick on the monitors to show when I'll be taking it for calibration. Time to ttake the next measurement..
  12. Moaning awl. My choice of words is caused by insufficient caffeine levels! Looking like a sunny day. Thankfully, I only have a fairly short shift today, due to a project meeting tomorrow which starts at 9 am. Mandatory rest periods must be observed, of course. As this meeting takes place on a scheduled non-working day, I also was given Friday off in exchange, which isn't too bad either! Enjoy whatever you got planned. Later...
  13. Afternoon all and a Happy Anniversary to Beth and Jamie from a couple who are mere beginners - approaching our 25th such event. Another fine day though with a slight edge of fresh breeze about the gills and a little more cloud. We are promised there "might be" some rain in coming days. We are only "promised" a 50% chance and no-one is saying how much. Any which falls may be welcomed though I am wary of what I wish for! Eyes playing up today after several days-worth of very high to severe pollen counts. I am going to rest them under a compress of camomile in a while but laundry and dishes must be attended to first. Unscheduled daytime eyelid inspection also calls for some soothing music. I shall have to trawl through the nether regions of the phone - or maybe the computer as it holds a different selection - for something appropriate to a sunny but itchy afternoon! Chrisf and others might be interested to learn that my employer is marking Pride Month despite events having been canned. Today saw the launch into traffic of a freshly-repainted 444019 in the two-tone grey livery which has attracted mixed reviews adorned with rainbow stripes at each end in a style similar to that seen on other trains and which has also attracted a few mixed reviews. Its formal launch was nearly upset by a trespasser on the line at Earlsfield which might have caused everything to stop for a long time. The person in question must have come when called because things were moving again within ten minutes. Darwin Award nomination therefore cancelled. C0ckwomble Award given instead.
  14. If I don't do this today I am likely to forget tomorrow. Happy 41st anniversary to Jamie and Beth! Chris
  15. Just a quick visit to wish Jamie and Beth a very happy anniversary. I also hope our absent ERs are safe and well and will soon be back. Carpe Tuesday everyone. Dave
  16. It has been mentioned over here, but it isn't headline stuff. We (ie her indoors and myself) think we may have had a little dose of it from transiting through Singapore on our trip to oz. Symptoms just about matched but until a good antibody test appears.. who knows? The biggest problem is the lack of tests which work and are quick to give results.. Baz
  17. The medics in the family certainly seem to think viral load plays a significant role in how ill you become.
  18. Greetings one and all I realised yesterday that I am not at all familiar with some of the territory that I will cover if and when various train trips come to fruition. Half an hour spent browsing in a rail atlas of Europe helped a bit, but only a bit. I'm still not sure of the route from Utrecht to Frankfurt, for example, but it will be fun finding out if and when the trip happens. More than once in the current crisis have I observed that it is pointless to plan anything, so what I have been doing for several days? It's been more like wishful thinking. Mike Stationmaster struck a cautionary note when he mentioned the dismal performance of the new electric trains that sometimes get to Harwich - my words, not his. It is possible that they wil have been debugged before I come to use them, six months hence. It is, sadly, equally possible that the trip will not happen. All depends on a deadly and unpredictable virus and how those who rule us attempt to manage it. These are strange times. When we have a Secretary of State for Transport urging us not to use trains anything can happen. If we have learned nothing else in the past three months, at least we now know how to wash our hands. Best wishes to all Chris
  19. Another 02 tonight, the one with the GN cab, and the one I like best. And round the bend comes Woolwinder, with the Talisman headboard displayed. It is, in fact, the person who put that headboard on who is round the bend, as this is the White Rose. Said person actually remembers congratulating himself on finding the right board with his first try. Oh dear. Only excuse is that they look similar. Other than that I like this, as I seem to be getting better at zooming while still keeping things sharp.
  20. Morning all. I had a good night’s sleep , woke up, made tea, took medication and went back to sleep. Woke up after agitated dream (queuing for some sort of medical test). A couple of parcels are due today, both items are for me. After much confusion of my brain today (before breakfast) I think I have ordered the correct hex/Allen keys for various tiny metric grub screws. Same day delivery was offers but I declined, cant cope with too much excitement in one day. Tony
  21. Ey up! Feeling a lot better today after a good nights sleep. Woken by the window cleaners..they use a brush and hose pipe on a long pole to "clean" the windows. I am excused painting and gardening today. Yipppeeeddddooo! It appears we have "mislaid" a number of ERs. Robert, GDB, Kingzance, twosugars, BoD, skipepski, john wass...as well as longer term missing ones..any news anyone? Stay safe! Enjoy your day! Positive thoughts to all! Baz
  22. However, we mustn’t start getting too optimistic, there is still too much that remains unknown about the virus. Although I believe the chances are very high that it won’t be, overall and in the long term, as bad as the initial outbreaks suggest. But we won’t know for certain, for at least another year or so, what the true extent of the disease is. I was watching an interesting video interview with Dr David Starkey; now no matter what you may think of his politics, he is a careful and thorough historian and he made the point that - compared with some of the pandemics of history - we have gotten off pretty lightly. For example, the black death in the 14th century killed off 50% of Britain’s population (yes, that’s FIFTY percent!) resulting in an unprecedented change in the economical, social, religious and political structure of the country. Other pandemics, such as the so-called “Justinian Plague”, were equally devastating to the populations affected. Ultimately, we - as a species - will survive (small comfort as that may be). Furthermore, many diseases which persist in human populations eventually become much less lethal (as I mentioned in an earlier post) which may happen with COVID-19. I think a good example of this is that of syphilis: when you read accounts from Georgian times of people coming to London from the country, contracting “the pox” (as syphilis was known as then) and then dying within one or two years of being infected, it was clear that this was a very lethal disease. Yet nowadays the same disease, if left untreated, will eventually kill you but after a few decades. So not quite of the same degree of lethality. All we can really do, at present, is be sensible, maintain good hygiene practices and avoid getting too close to others without some sort of PPE.
  23. I was encouraged by that too. This is what he said (although it's difficult to replicate the gesticulations here.) “In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy,” said Alberto Zangrillo, the head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan in the northern region of Lombardy, which has borne the brunt of Italy’s coronavirus contagion. “The swabs that were performed over the last 10 days showed a viral load in quantitative terms that was absolutely infinitesimal compared to the ones carried out a month or two months ago,” I was wondering what he meant by "viral load"? Is that just a count of viral particles in a sample?
  24. I bought four gallons of petrol today. $3.799 per US gallon! That's about twice the current price but I still bought it because it has no stinking ethanol in it. (Ethanol is being used to buy votes but I better not go there.) It's not for the car. There is only one gas station in town that sells it. I use it for things like chain-saws and lawn mowers that are only used intermittently. Over time petrol laced with ethanol tries to dilute itself with water from the atmosphere and that tends to burglar things up no end.
  25. Good evening everyone This morning’s Sainsbury’s Grand Prix, which included calling at the pharmacy to drop off a couple of prescriptions, was very quick, I got home just before 10 o’clock, Sheila was very surprised I was home so early! Once I’d packed away all the shopping, I made myself muggertea No2 and sat at the dining room table, whilst Sheila sorted out some laundry. I then finished making the fruit tea loaf that I’d left soaking overnight, before getting changed into my working cloths and cleaned off the excess paint from the front door fan light and gave the window a good clean, both inside and out. This nicely brought about dinner time. After dinner I continued painting the decorative parts of the arbour, these have now had 2 coats on one side. Then using a spray can of primer, painted the second trellis panel. These will be given a top coat of white by brush (I don’t have a spray gun) tomorrow and they will hopefully be ready to fix in place the day after. This afternoon I had a text message confirming the service and MOT of car tomorrow, but didn’t mention the pick-up and drop off. It took almost 40 minutes to get through and sort it out. Unfortunately they don’t have a driver available at the moment and aren’t sure when they will. I was told I could take it in and wait if I wanted, 2 hours or so sat twiddling my thumbs or watching daytime TV, I don’t think so. So the service has been cancelled and they’ll be in touch when a driver is available to pick up and drop off. This is the 4th time now that it has been cancelled, the first 3 were by the garage, to quote Baz, pah! Tonight, Vidal Baboons exclusive hairdressing boutique opened for business and I have been shorn of what is left of my hair. I was then entrusted cajoled instructed asked to cut Sheila’s hair after several times enquiring if she was sure, I set about the task and gave her a No8 cut! To be fair, she has very short hair anyway, but it’s now a lot shorter than it was, but believe it or not, she’s actually very pleased with the job I’ve done Goodnight all
  26. In 2016 you could drive past Midland Road in Leeds and see 3 BR green diesels! The 47 was based there at the time and the 37 and 55 were there to use the wheel lathe.
  27. It's appalling that people have such low regard for the wardens who have to spend time clearing up these beauty spots after these townie oafs. Reading about the crowds and the waste in the Lake District included a survey figure stating that 68% of them had never visited the area before. Hopefully they won't go again if they're the ones who treat the countryside like this.
  28. Mike, I asked a guy I know in the PW section. He‘s still acquiring qualifications in this field as he transferred to permanent way not that long ago, but based on his detail knowledge at this point he confirms girder rail is frequently used in turning loops to provide an equivalent to a check rail even if a loop isn‘t built with paved-in track, essentially for simplicity. There are minimum curve radii to be observed as well, which he says he‘d have to read up on, though. Furthermore, girder rail is often laid in open track sections to avoid having to switch between roadbed designs, such as when an open section between two paved-in sections is not very long. There are, broadly speaking, three different roadbed configurations for open track, paved-in and grass-set track, with further differences also existing between older and newer rail profiles and sleeper types.
  29. G'day all, Happy anniversary to Beth and Jamie - and many more of them (interesting to see that Beth's going away outfit was based around jeans - quite fashionable by then I think). Fortunately - in some respects - our 43rd was well within lockdown time so a considerable restaurant bill was avoided although we did open a bottle of champagne - which we had been gifted by a departing French neighbour, and very good it was too. Sister Diabolic said yesterday that in terms of infection outdoors is. much safer than in and idealy with proper social dstancing but avoid anybody who coughs (presumably that all includes sneezes?). Certainly seems that the virus has spread far more effectively where peiople have been ina. group or congregation singing if some reports are any guide. Today we (she) have Tesco'd - I stayed outside watching teh train go by - three times, which meant that she was in the shop for a few minutes over half an hour. Next comes teh big expedition as we are off to Root One for some compost and to get soem stuff to treeat potati o blight - alas the weather is just right for the spread of the latter. The café will no doub t be shut, i wonder if they do takeaway breakfasts? And the garden lavender is starting to flower so I'll try to get some pics - in one place out front all teh plants are seklf-seeders which are on gravel laid on top of some allegedly weed resistant matting and the ground underneath is absolutely carp. So just like southern Franc e I get teh distinct impression that lavender can do really well on rubbish 'soil'. Have a good day one and all. (I've been in touch with GDB who is playing trains but I've heard nthing from KZ having PM'd him some days back)
  30. It just finished brewing, full-strength, no de-caf; I need to wake up!
  31. Good morning everyone Another sunny start to the day here in the northwest of England. Breakfast has now been consumed so, once Sheila has finished her breakfast I’ll make myself muggertea No2 in my insulated cup and head off outside to continue painting the decorative parts of the arbour. Hopefully by the end of today, I’ll have all the parts painted and tomorrow I can finally add them to the arbour and fit the roofing tiles. Jamie and Beth. Happy anniversary Stay safe, stay sane, enjoy whatever you have planned for the day, back later.
  32. I think it is one of the factors. However, for those of us with age or "underlying health" issues, even a low viral load can cause severe illness and death. The virus appears to infect the lungs, then there is pneumonia in the pleural sac, then ….. Lets wait and see on asymptomatic infection. I may have more to report next week. Bill
  33. Sadly , that was 50 years ago, however, I was not allowed through the door from the Male half of the Ladies and Gentlemans Outfitters into the Ladies half. So all I got to measure was feet on the ladies, as we had all the shoes.. It was two Identical shops with a door between, so we had all the shoes because of the racks and racks of ladies clothing. Oh and if the lady was particularly pretty the boss did the measurement...
  34. I wrote high end not high capacity!
  35. A different angle view of the HST passing landor st and back in nuneaton this morning thankfully they have reintroduced the 05:55 train back to crewe so I can get home quickly without a drive! cement tonight wrexham to landor st
  36. This evening, peaceful protesters near the White House were tear-gassed and possibly shot at with rubber bullets to clear an area in front of St. John's Episcopal (a member of the Anglican Communion) Church so that a photo-op could be conducted of the POTUS brandishing a bible. Evidently the church had been boarded up after a fire during protests on Sunday and was closed. Permission to use the church as a back drop was not granted by the Diocese. The church is directly across Lafayette Square from the White House and less than 300m (as the crow flies) from the front door of the executive mansion. I offer this as "news" without comment.
  37. As far as I know it's a measure of the amount of virus particles present. Eg a fleeting contact doesn't allow much virus to pass and there isn't enough to infect most people. Jamie
  38. Some racists are easy to identify. They are inclined to start sentences with "I'm not a racist but....."
  39. Sorry, my selective editing app kicked in....................
  40. That's a very nice project, John. I also finished (or near enough) my own Blue Pullman project after a mere 13 years. Mine was to be a Western Region 8 car rake and I based it on the Tri-ang base models, using etched window replacements and some scratchbuilding. I started ordering the parts, and scouring ebay, in 2007. Since I took the above photo, I've added the roof detail to the kitchen cars. The model has directionally controlled cab lights and full interior lighting. All that's left to do is a small bit of touching up of blue and grey in various places but I'm out of paint until after the lockdown. Al
  41. Morning(just) Happy Anniversary to those who have...………….are...………….or about to celebrate, it's our 40th at the end of the month, this lockdown just might save me a fortune in muddling tokens(I do however think the escape might only be temporary ).
  42. As the OP (and not as BH police) Let's draw a line under the above. So rather than linking back to the first post - I'll copy and paste here: Note - they are not "rules", but a polite request to keep this thread tidy and mostly full of posts about bargains. Post your links to useful modelling bargains here. And that includes tools and materials that may be of use, not just models. Please note that these bargains are available others - at the time of posting - and not that you've just obtained the one and only available item. Please add any extra details that may be helpful to others - for example - only available to shop callers/not an online offer etc. The odd discussion and question about said bargains are welcomed, but don't go mad with it, or the self-appointed Bargain Hunter Police (definitely not me!) will be on your case. There's no need for "me too " posts. Just tick the "Thanks" box. Likewise - no need for "thank you" posts - just tick the "Thanks" or "Informative" box - that's what it's for. There's no need for "nothing in it for me " either. If you think it is NOT a bargain, then do not post a reply unless you know of a better deal. Also - this is NOT a review thread - see the respective manufacturer threads for those. Happy Hunting!
  43. Happy Anniversary Jamie and Beth.
  44. Phantom chirps Watching late night television this evening I heard the plaintive chirp of a dying smoke detector battery. Pleased that I heard it before going to sleep I wandered down the hall to better isolate which smoke detector it was from. No dice. Back into my bedroom and there it was again. I muted the television to better isolate the sound and wandered down the hall again. No dice. With the sound back on, there it was again. I started to wonder if the smoke detector in question was in the home of the person being interviewed on television. An hour after that interview ended, and no more chirps, I am (almost) convinced that was the case. (I occasionally think I hear a chirp. I know there are *some* batteries to replace, just not which ones.) In these days of remote meetings, it occurs to me that it might be funny to play the smoke detector chirp on a conference call and observe chaos ensue as everybody tries to figure out if they have a dying battery.
  45. In regards to your first point Jamie, I’m not sure whether to offer you congratulations or commiserations. Presumably, there have been 41 years of mostly “ups” and very few “downs”, So on balance congratulations are definitely in order. Sadly, I must report that I had a very bad fight with Mrs ID this morning: It got so bad that I said to her that I was going to kill myself to spite her. “Fine“ she replied “I’m gonna dance on your grave“ “Well, that’s just fine and dandy by me“ I replied, “I’m being buried at sea!“ (The old jokes are always the good ones) As for your second point that I quote, I could never, ever, step into the shoes of Jock67B. He was one-of-a-kind and even now is sorely missed. Regardless of your political leanings, one thing has emerged over the past few days and that is the police in the US are mostly unaccountable for their actions and believe, to date rightly, that they can break the law they are supposed to in uphold with impunity. A further complicating factor is that far too many US police forces are equipped with ex-US military equipment. From looking at the photographs of many US police forces when they are “tooled up”, you could be forgiven for thinking that these are photographs of an occupying army. Furthermore, it is hard to reach out to the community when you are equipped like an occupying military force (interestingly enough, in those towns and cities where police leadership has reached out to the community and has had a dialogue with the protesters are those towns and cities that have had less or no violence). Bad cops that remain unpunished make the professional life of good cops much, much harder and much more dangerous. And being unpunished for what, in many cases, is criminal activity, undermines the rule of law that they are supposed to uphold. Better training and transparent accountability would ultimately benefit everyone: police, politicians and citizens. Well, that would certainly make sense. The assumption being, of course, that the viral load - if sufficiently large - would overwhelm a COVID-19 naive immune system. To be honest Barry, given what we know about how COVID-19 spreads and how infectious it can be, your assumption that you may have been exposed to it and gone through being infected with mild symptoms is probably an accurate assessment. To go out on the limb, I would hazard that there are a hell of a lot more people who have been infected with the coronavirus with little or no symptoms then we would care to imagine. But, as you point out, we would need a reliable antibody test, one that has high accuracy and specificity, in order to know for certain. Assuming that one does become available, I think two other requirements will need to be met: firstly, the test should be easy to perform with a quick turnaround; and secondly, it is made mandatory for any profession that has a customer facing component and before any foreign travel (furthermore, measures will need to be in place regarding what to do IF the test comes back positive. Quarantine for 14 days? Retest after X days? Other?). The first requirement I can easily see as being met, the second? Well, it’s anyone’s guess. Cheers iD
  46. Wikipedia: Don't know what metrics are used for SARS-CoV-2. Viral count per ml? Viral load is presumably much lower in surface transmission than in direct person-to-person transmission, which explains why the CDC stated that the primary transmission vector is direct person-to-person. It is my opinion that shouty groups of people (protesting, singing, yelling at the ref/ump, cheering for the home team, praying out loud) are the most dangerous places for infection. These are examples that would have a higher viral load with more projection of sputum.
  47. No I'm fine, My stuff is nothing to do with models as it's all real railway equipment, just a little smaller.
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