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  1. The Pennsy K4s were magnificent locomotives, highly thought of by Hughes and influential in much of his design thinking when he was CME of the LYR/LNWR and then the LMS (albeit, sadly, not including the rather disastrous type of piston valves he employed in the Dreadnoughts). They are one of my favourite locomotive classes and I enjoyed seeing them in the film Douglas posted - thanks buddy. Whilst I am generally supportive of my friend in the Muddy Hollow I was not dismayed that the men in red lost today, particularly as I was deliberately and undeservedly provoked by references in
  2. Morning everyone Ive washed the body off and tried it on the chassis for size, and it looks pretty good. There’s some stepping in the roof and bonnet on the other end, but that’s down to printing it parallel to the build plate. I’ll be running a second print of the chassis, as it looks like the mount point on one nd of the bogie is slightly lower than the other end. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it looks like a drag racer, but there’s a broken shocks look about it. Normally I’d shim it, but if I’m going to give the file to someone else, it should be right.
  3. On my workbench earlier today was this pile of 100 Mod 0.4 18T spur gears, having been de-burred and tested. They are now winging their way to Shop 3 for sale to members. For anyone interested in how these gears are produced from blanks, I have made a little video showing the Association's machine in action.
  4. More viaduct-related stuff. I haven't forgotten the sketches of the viaduct piers - just haven't had chance to photograph them yet. The arch area at the top of the piers is always a thorny problem for viaduct builders. I thought I'd try a different approach to last time and the pics show the strange-looking beastie I've created. Basically, a small frame made from 3mm ply that will hold the arch-liner in the correct position. The beastie took about 45 minutes to build, and the arch liner is a 20thou plastikard sheet, cut to size. It does hang a little low, bu
  5. The GN and the library is 60-70% pre-grouping books. I do have a book on Pacifics, as apparently there were more built after 4470....
  6. A double unit runs north on the last train, with one set locked and they form the two morning Wick departures.
  7. Following Mr King’s advice I made grab handles out of bent wire. they look decent. Thanks for the advice. I did have to bend them in a vice as they did not want to bend in the slots in the jig. I must be missing something . No matter, they came out well even with my ham fistedness. richard
  8. That's the whole point of being a modeller !!!! Gibbo.
  9. I'm back to my normal slow speed now after that flurry of activity Soldered the splasher front however part of it came unstuck during cleaning, it' a bit like a wobbly tooth. I think it's stable enough for me to get inside and solder from there. Nothing de-soldered so that was one good thing. made the tender chassis monstrosity a bit more ugly. Added a bit of bracing and epoxied some copperclad for picks ups. Don't know if it will work or not, but it was really quick to put together. It will need some weight adding somewhere. I think I'll be ma
  10. I thought this was interesting, some very old home movie film by a wealthy Pennsylvania rope making proprietor, Norvin Rinek. I only know of him as he is mentioned in W.J. Bassett Lowke’s Model Railway Handbook, were he is pictured driving his 7 1/4 inch gauge B-L LMS unrebuilt Royal Scott around his garden in Pennsylvania. A copy of the photo is below. In the film there are some very nice shots of a Pennsy Atlantic, and maybe a K4 (These engines inspired Gresley build the LNER A1’s) but I wasn’t paying attention to the wheel arrangement so it could be a 2-6-2. Douglas
  11. Don't let these people anywhere near a fork lift truck or any sort of crane. I have seen more than enough accidents even in situations when the operator has carried out a comprehensive check. Machinery can be dangerous if not treated with respect. Fortunately train crews have a very good attitude to their own safety and that of their passengers. Far more than some right wing think tank numpties it would seem. Bernard
  12. Hi Guys, hope everyone is doing ok and keeping safe? Lez has settled well into her new job. Last Friday I quit my job! Not happy with how things had been handled and how the company was being run. I am now serving my months notice (on furlough..... but will have to be paid in full) and officially leave on Dec 23rd. I had been very unhappy for some time, but the last two weeks had been hell and was making me ill with worry. Made one phone call and landed a new job with better pay and shorter hours. So now I have plenty of modelling time for the next few weeks Put in an
  13. The track bus is now connected to all the currently-laid track, except for 2 turnouts. The class 24 test vehicle has been run from the station end to the viaduct approaches. As usual, at this stage, little "annoyances" surface and a small section of track at one of the single slip exits has been removed. It will be replaced tomorrow, and hopefully the running at that point will be a bit smoother. I've applied filler to 5 of the piers, as shown in the attached image. A lot of the space along the sides of the piers was filled-out with 6mm and 12mm ply, as you've seen in earlier phot
  14. I think you are going to find that it ends up with a train on the viaduct, and the camera aimed upwards, as being a fairly "favorite" photo of Gill Head. I can see it in my mind, like the similar photos taken of Arten Gill. If it was me, I think I'd take a camera/lens combo that will give good results, and see where it has to sit to enable such photos, to make sure that there will be enough/appropriate scenery from there. ( like https://www.google.ca/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.artpal.com%2Fbuy%2F%3Fi%3D155757-3&psig=AOvVaw1sOOwmZG1SkxL4RPs8IpO6&ust=1606702600183000&
  15. Some time ago, I put up a request for a bit of help with the signalling on one of the technical boards. (I still haven't got my head around it!) As it was my assumption that the GWR had put in proper signalling to run more than one locomotive, it got quite complex. There also seemed to be any number of options. I had originally intended to site the signal box at the western end of the station, so that the crossover and entrance to the goods yard were on the shortest rod run. This was countered by the assertion that the box would be next to the crossing to operate that as well.
  16. Evening LD and welcome. I have to raise a glass in recognition of your fortitude and thank you for your kind words. Do keep popping in. Rob.
  17. The O33 is now complete, having assembled the Airfix / kit hybrid bogies this afternoon. It now needs a coat of etch primer (which has now been sourced) and it can go in the stock box awaiting spring and painting weather. Once painted it will need retracted corridor connections, card inserts to remove the see through louvers on the sides. I realised after taking the photos that I hadnt fitted buffers, so these have now been glued in place!
  18. While I still havent gotten to the bottom of the china clay workings, and my efforts to determine if a clay working through Brent would be a load of Ball Clay heading to Cornwall for onward dispatch (as indicated as a working in BR days in the Vaughn book), a delivery of Cornish clay to the potteries (would this be in O13s) or finally a delivery of South Devon clay to Cornwall for onward shipment (again referred to in Vaughn in the 1950s) think I will give the GWR E-Group a go to see if anyone can shed some light on it. I have continued to work on the wagons. I have 6 wagons whic
  19. Hi Neil. Fitting the stones to the piers will be awkward enough, not only because of the time involved but because I'll have to manoeuvre the viaduct to get at its eastern (rear) side - and it's getting quite bulky/heavy. The viaduct in KL/KL2 had arch liners that were simply painted grey. I think this one deserves something a bit better, but fitting lines of stones while twisting my head into awkward positions was going to be near-impossible. So it was kop out or come up with an alternative. Time will tell if this idea works! Jeff
  20. For an alternative interpretation of Attlee’s government, worth reading Edgerton’s Rise and Fall of the British Nation (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rise-Fall-British-Nation-Twentieth-Century/dp/1846147751). He points out that socialism is only mentioned once in the 1945 manifesto. I think it’s fair to argue that much of what that Government achieved had its roots in earlier thinking notably Beveridge. Book, as are his others, are thought provoking. The descriptions of why Britain wanted an export led boom in the 50s are interesting and, in my view, give rise to some of the myths of
  21. Like most economic and political “theories”*, the concept of socialism is sound, but is an ideal based on ignoring some certain aspects of human nature, particularly the propensity for psychopaths to grab the reins of power... * In quotation marks, as a true theory produces a testable hypotheses, whereas theory here means “idea”.
  22. In honesty having looked at this again, I don’t think it makes any difference to me - the track formation hasn’t moved. So I’ll carry on as was...
  23. More great photos there Robin. Many thanks for sharing! I've made progress in the past few weeks on a rake of KPAs being back-dated from Bachmann Auto-Ballasters. Out of the box, this is a real quality model with many, many detail parts. Sad then, to have to snap most of them off to get the model back to its base state. Most parts snap off easily with a blunt flat blade inserted and twisted. More or less everything has to be taken off: chutes, generator gear (if using a generator donor vehicle), electrical connectors and lights, canopies, some of the handrails and final
  24. Just had an email from Hornby - delivery (not despatch) due on Monday.
  25. These things and the parties that were behind them have their roots in Nonconformist religion. It's perhaps not surprising that the collapse of the Nonconformist denominations should be followed by a decline in support for those institutions.
  26. #holidays are coming, holidays are coming....# You guessed it Sarah has got the Christmas decorations out
  27. Hi all well it *looks* like it’s printed properly. Difficult to tell, as it’s clear resin. It took 4 hours in the end. on the build plate, draining it’s the right shape, if nothing else! the other lump will be the fan I’ll drain it overnight, then detach it in the morning, clean it up, and wash the gunk off. Then I’ll be able to work out what I have.
  28. Once upon a time I started converting all my UK stock to Kadee. (1992 ish) I had a pair of 2+8 Lima HST sets as well as around 20 other coaches. (I had a full Canadian basement to play with) Bogie mounting the couplers was a disaster. While I could get closer coupling, they tended to bounce a bit on point work and come uncoupled if there was any jostling of the train. Pushing with bogie mounted couplers was not very reliable either. After that I moved everything to body mounted and had far fewer issues and much better reliability. I also found that adding weight to meet (plus a bit) the NMRA s
  29. Unitary Authorities. Berkshire is an ex-county and has been since I forget when - late 1990s. If the unitary authority idea had caught on, then the gradation of tiering could be more subtle but for some arcane reason when it came to it every other county council found good reasons for its continued existence. The real disaster was that with the break-up of Berkshire County Libraries, when we moved over the border into Wokingham*, I lost access to Reading Central Library's loan copies of Bradley's Southern-constituent locomotive books. *Although where we live is really part of Readi
  30. Narrow Planet number and shed plates (85B Horton Road, Gloucester) arrived for 8749 yesterday. I'm well pleased. Apologies about the crooked lamp and the torch on the platform Whoops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. Phoenix Precision black gloss P975 is an excellent match for Bing black, litho or painted, but you will have to varnish over the top to get the finish you want. I can recommend Squadron green putty for filling in the dings too, it's what the best restorers use before applying paint. Here are some before and after pictures of a couple of Bing German Pacifics a friend recently restored, I promise they are the same locos. Mark
  32. Since J6s seem to be rather popular...................... A further view of the latest Nu-Cast/SEF one; riding on its scratch-built chassis. It's now complete with guard irons and balance weights, but I await its tender to build. Since I'm well in credit with Geoff Haynes, I'll ask him to paint this. Seen recently, this 521 Series J6 is now with Geoff for weathering, replicating an image in a Keith Pirt softback on Retford (I painted it). And an original Nu-Cast J6, shunting on LB.
  33. Watford Tank 1032 with a train of mixed stock passing Whitworth 901 "Hero". The crew have adopted the common practise of storing a loco head/tail lamp between the boiler and ejector exhaust pipe. Photo courtesy Paul Bason/RM.
  34. Hopefully it's ok to post a second photo from the shed diorama I've built. Thanks to everyone on here whose models have inspired me to have a go at something.
  35. It’s a swine when we have to clip points in the worst weather known to man. but when the sun shines it’s wonderful place to be. The job I am in now is amazing and everyday is a learning curve. If it wasn’t for this new kick start I don’t know where I would be now. life is good I can get my models done when time is not limited so yea I’m over the moon. and I get to spend time with my family.
  36. Not another lock down! Got to admit, this fabulous hobby has saved my sanity, (that and daytime television) only joking. Even made some layout progress and a few new additions.
  37. I've seen a number of photos of railway vehicles being transported from Southampton to the IOW, rather than from Portsmouth. Southampton dock's giant floating crane was itself used as a barge to transport them, as well as providing the lifting gear... Note Southampton's famous floating dock in the second photo.
  38. Nothing very exciting, just assembling a few more LSWR 8 plank open wagons for Freshwater coal traffic. Now I need more LBSCR 5 plank wagons. Odd thing, one of the bodies included buffer shanks, but otherwise identical. I think I picked the bodies up second hand, so not sure of their origins.
  39. OK, so its been a couple of weeks since the last update, but i have not been idle. Track laying has continued. I have built open frame baseboards and my track is on a continuous curve (i dont think there are any significant straight pieces) with transition curves. So cutting the track bases accurately has been a key thing. I have used templot (well done and thanks again to @Martin Wynne ) and got it to draw both cess and baseboard edges. My procedure has been: 1. in templot, group together the templates i require for a particular section. Set it to plot on A3 and move the page orig
  40. ive cobbled together some parts into a working chassis just for the thought of putting these wheels on that chassis. On the left are old dublo princess wheels, the centre were drilled out wonky many years ago so i filled them with milliput and now re drilled straight, the flange thickness has also been reduced to modern standard. i was going to use the XO motor but i lost one of the contacts the chassis is one of the generic 0-6-0's with the old wheels in the packet on the right assembled rolling chassis to 14.5mm back to back As said the
  41. Very nice Ian what a huge space. Plan looks good with plenty of space for scenic details. just make sure you have plenty of good lighting. I use LED batons they look like a normal strip lighting fittings but are far superior in lighting and very beneficial in the low cost to run and give out minimal heat. i shall keep checking in on your progress dan
  42. Looks like trouble at Ewer Street, and not a pannier in site.
  43. Please excuse a rather long post out of the blue but I'm a very happy purchaser. I unpacked my MR-204 yesterday. I've taken some photos of it, these are the photos I've been searching for online and failed to find, these are all as the camera sees it without retouching and show the model I received (I have a question at the end!) The chassis is quite tiny; most of the weight of the model is in the body; the motor has a flywheel; the white lump is the loudspeaker; the use of a six-pin decoder socket seems a bit cheap and cheerful when something more modern like Plux woul
  44. Here is the last version of my layout trackplan. You can see the second part of my project (MARKI'S STREET and WORKSHOP YARD). The name anf the plan of "Workshop yard" can change. It's not definitive. I've just choosen this name because my workbench is located just under.
  45. Yes it is! Here is the engine when she arrived at home: the front end handrail was stressed. I've bought a spare part from Atlas to change it. Very simple!
  46. Here is the video after a post mounting. I've added a sound track of a real Alco S-2.
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