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  1. The Great Central between Nottingham and Loughborough today with a few more photos than usual. Two were taken while the line was still in full use, the others much later after closure of the line which initially meant trains ran between Weekday Cross and British Platerboard at Rushcliffe Halt. Later British Plasterboard and the MoD at Ruddington were served by a new connection to the GCR at Loughborough. Note: There are a lot more photos of the line in balck and white days in my black and white photo thread Nottingham Victoria rema
  2. The Bagnall heading past Newton Heath Works with clay for the weathering beds
  3. Well now, I started this a few months ago, I think maybe more then a few.... I got the sh*ts with it and placed back in its box. I dragged it out the other day and was determined to finish it. It’s a Nucast kit I picked up from Warley last year and it’s my second attempt at a loco kit from start to finish, the first being the SEF J39 which was never finished. I probably will finish it one day, I have a new chassis and motor... hmmmm.....one day! Anyway, I’m proud to say I’ve pretty much finished this J6. Couple of small things to add on and a bit more cleaning up, but, sh
  4. After building a second Boxfile over two weekends I thought this photos might qualify for this section. J36 No. 65311 rests under the coal loader on my shed scene.
  5. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Viaduct time...... Lets have a handful from different angles.
  6. Regular visitors to this thread will recall that my current plan is to complete the structures and scenic stuff on the rear part of the station boards. So having run a few trains its time to get the job done! Having completed the carriage cleaning platforms the next task was to do the backscene. One of the reasons for doing the layout in the orientation that it is, was because the train shed of the south side joint station formed a nice imposing backdrop to this area. First job then was to construct this in low relief as per the first pic below. Having done that, I realised that it was not ver
  7. The latest SEF A4 is now just about complete and ready for going off to Geoff Haynes for painting. The hardest part of erecting the motion was cleaning up the lost-wax castings for the crossheads/slidebars. In fact, probably 90% of the time spent in putting them together. The lubricator drive was fudged from spare valve gear frets, and is probably over-sized. That said, when weathered it should be better, and it won't fall to bits (unlike some Hornby ones I've seen). It's also just attached to the chassis, not to any part to the body. The dri
  8. Places on the ECML in Northumberland whose names begin with A, B or C this afternoon. They are in order from north to south. Berwick upon Tweed 43157 York to Aberdeen 1st Aug 86 C7777.jpg Christon Bank 43109 and 43050 Edinburgh to Kings X July 90 J10997.jpg The nearest village is Rock but the nearest "railway place" is Christon Bank. Alnmouth 91023 down 26th Nov 94 C19879.jpg Buston Barns 142021 Berwick to Newcastle 16th Feb 91 C15578.jpg Butterwell Junctio
  9. Back to York for today's photos. York 43187 up 28th July 86 C7670.jpg York V2 4771 Scarborough Spa Express 3rd Aug 86 C7873.jpg York 150212 Manchester Victoria to Scarborough July 87 J9056.jpg York 144001 York Harrogate Leeds July 87 J9067.jpg York 156454 Liverpool to Scarborough and Class 108 3rd March 90 C14095.jpg David
  10. Hello Tony and all, If I may, I'd like to interrupt the fascinating discussion of A4 tenders to share something I've made, freshly finished today. This is a Connoisseur Models Adams O2 in 7mm scale, finished as W24 'Calbourne' in mid-1930's condition. This is the first engine kit I have built, and I am particularly proud of how it came out. The engine is smooth running, (thanks to the care and attention instilled by the 'Right Track' series), and the lining was all done with a bowpen. It was very much a learning experience, and I do look forward to attacking other kits in the futur
  11. Dolls hair before and after.. need to clean the excess flock off the concrete trunking yet
  12. A few more photos from Pilmoor today, on the ECML north of York. There is one black and white and four in colour, some don't have a train. However, they are all worthy of study, especially the ones showing the overbridge with its mix of brick and concrete. I hope the others will be of interest to those who like infrastructure, as well as those who need detail photos. They are in order from south to north. Pilmoor Class 43 43110 Kings x to Aberdeen Sept 87 J9270.jpg Pilmoor A4 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley special
  13. Here's a step by step ..... Out of the box......... The next step is a light dusting of Humbrol Dark Earth from an aerosol. Next we start with the powders. First up is Dark Earth applied using a fine brush to individual planks making up the floor and sides. Next is Iron Oxide. This is applied using a fine make up brush around each bolt head on the interior. This is also added to a couple of planks for contrast. Also added is white which is used to highlight a few planks. Also added are smoke, more dark
  14. This bright morning, we have a close up of a WD in typical New England condition.
  15. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Its all about angles and my favourite one is low down looking up. Makes the subject not only larger but a more realistic view point. Picture seems to be slightly out of focus on the left side....odd. I also need to make sure it is on the base better!!!
  16. Photos at Bottesford on the Nottingham to Grantham line today. Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham May 81 J7384.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Grantham May 82 C5669.jpg Bottesford Class 47 Parkeston Quay to Glasgow C Sept 83 J8074.jpg Bottesford 156403 Crewe to Skegness 9th June 95 C20244.jpg Bottesford South Junction view east towards Bottesford East Junction Aug 83 C6124.jpg This was the Great Northern and London and North Wesern Joint line line from M
  17. I'm still chipping away at making my N/2mm gasholder station with some slow progress. I'm getting to the stage for adding details and ground cover scenics (mainly asphalt roads, paving, gravelled areas, fences and just a smidge of grass):
  18. And a few from my current layout, Kirkmellington Clayton D8583 arrives with empties Type 2, 5034, waits in the exchange sidings Big Barclay 0-6-0T, No8, shunts mineral wagons
  19. KNP

    Little Muddle

    I expect every layout has a favourite spot for taking pictures and this is one of mine..
  20. Hopefully it's ok to post a second photo from the shed diorama I've built. Thanks to everyone on here whose models have inspired me to have a go at something.
  21. WD getting closer again. and the shabby Immingham B1 is just beginning the trek back to Grimsby.
  22. The Bluebell Railway in the later 1970s for this morning's coffee time photos. Horsted Keynes USA 30064 Oct 76 C3080.jpg Holywell SECR Class C 592 Sheffield Park to Horsted Keynes Dec 75 C2549.jpg Sheffield Park GWR 3217 SECR Class C 592 Dec 75 C2539.jpg Sheffield Park U Class 1618 and Class P 323 Dec 78 J6364.jpg Sheffield Park SECR CLass P 323 Bluebell 26th Dec 78 C4227.jpg Sheffield Park LBSCR A1X 55 Stepney Dec 78 J6370.jpg
  23. The focus tonight is on Nottingham Forest again. One of the last B17s to get a general overhaul, in April 58, Colchester have kept that paint shop shine going. Quickly uncoupled, 61666 heads off to go on shed.
  24. Time for that strange Grimsby-KX parcels formed of just two BGs. I have no idea what loco was rostered to it, but this evening Immingham is short of engines. This will have no problem with such a light load though. I don't know what the return leg of the diagram might be, but a J11 was quite a powerful beast, so I'm sure it will handle it. We also have another look at the B1, just a lttle further on its way to Grimsby.
  25. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Back to trains.... Third Coopercraft cattle wagon built and finished. Here is a short cattle train running behind the Collett Goods, why that loco....well it was the only loco on the track at the time as the rest where in the storage box. I think that should suffice for now on the cattle wagon front, perhaps a few more GWR brown wagons, perhaps? LMS one makes a nice addition, a few more out of region ones needed.....another day.
  26. Evening all. I've had a funny old day.......... Outwool has been a bit delayed with the return of the J70 and as it happens, I didn't get the buildings out. This morning I decided to move on my 14xx and the two Minerva wagons, an open and a Modified Iron Mink. Why? I decided the sale would free up some capital. Space is an issue, with three 4mm Cameo layouts cluttering the place up..... However an exchange with Spams of the parish and a prompt from him, led to me taking the weathering powders to the Minerva open.
  27. ROD class 3005 , another inspired by a Norman Lockett photo from the same book as the Austerity, makes it a Holy Trinity of freight locos for ANTB. This was an unexpected purchase from long time follower @A Murphy back in the spring. Partly due to Covid and plates allegedly getting lost , she's finally ready to join the roster on receiving coal, crew and lamps.
  28. Plonk time.It looks black over Bill's mothers.
  29. Hi folks, I hope everyone is keeping well during the second lockdown. Just a few random images to update. I haven't done much modelling recently and have not had the chance to operate/play enough for my liking either unfortunately. The only thing I've done is to paint and add a few more figures. Although I've used both white metal (Dart Castings) as well as Modelu scanned/3D printed figures, as they are not within the same eye-shot I think I can get away with it. A quick conversation before work starts (I think you can tell the senior; all to do
  30. Morning all. A work in progress but this is the current state of play with the Minerva open. Not finished but getting there now. Updates to follow. Rob.
  31. Still working on the 30ft final section of double track- yep the Huddersfield upper level lines. Three layers of static grass later, plus lots of dolls hair to create undergrowth/weeds & the small embankment is coming together. Pics show the bare dolls hair (often sold as canopy or postiche) being covered with spray matt varnish. After the dolls hair is soaked I sprinkle woodland scenics Earth blend through a sieve. Just ‘lifts’ the scenery off the floor if you know what I mean. Two lines on the left are the (usually covered) dive under lines
  32. For today's photos we head north from Darlington on the ECML. Darlington Class 253 down from site of loco shed 16th Feb 85 C6696.jpg Hett Mill Class 91 down16th Oct 93 C19127.jpg Croxdale Class 91 down 16th Oct 93 C19135.jpg Plawsworth Class 254 up 26th Oct 87 C9180.jpg Low Fell 47598 hauling fire damaged 47713 in freight up 28th June 88 C9550.jpg David
  33. Hi Guys, hope everyone is doing ok and keeping safe? Lez has settled well into her new job. Last Friday I quit my job! Not happy with how things had been handled and how the company was being run. I am now serving my months notice (on furlough..... but will have to be paid in full) and officially leave on Dec 23rd. I had been very unhappy for some time, but the last two weeks had been hell and was making me ill with worry. Made one phone call and landed a new job with better pay and shorter hours. So now I have plenty of modelling time for the next few weeks Put in an
  34. KNP

    Little Muddle

    At last I have got around to one of those jobs that other things come along and get done first. For ages Misty only had the Port and Starboard navigation lights but no steaming or stern light. Well, that has now been sorted and as ever with me I decided I just wasn't going to fix the steaming light to the main mast but make it look like it could be pulled down to be lit. So after a bit of research I came up with my own version of how they did it, one rope on a pully to pull up and another to pull down. Stern Light Steaming Light (or also known as a
  35. It's about time for me to get my finger out and do some more work on Ewer Street. A parcel of land next to the Acme Engineering Works has been reclaimed for building work, and to this end foundations have been laid for a Warehouse, which will match to some extent the one on the opposite side of the tracks, the buildings will be connected by a enclosed walkway above the track, and a loading bay built at the end of the warehouse. Construction will be my favourite method of boiler box carcase, clad with grey board, this is done as the layout is in the garage with a wide range of tempratures and
  36. Starting next week I’ll be uploading the first in a series of YouTube videos (with the link on here) on creating particular types of scenery found on Heaton Lodge Junction. Without wishing to come across pompous, these videos will be the first in a series of ‘Modelling Masterclasses’ with the emphasis on redefining realism. I suppose, given this projects timescale I’ve picked up and learnt a lot of what to do, and what not to do’s.! Moreover the great Mr Downes taught me how to work fast without compromising on detail. So next week will see the first video on
  37. Progress on a couple of early Opens. @drduncan's 2-plank body (wagon body, that is!) is now a-rolling and has had some details fitted. The springs look a little too compressed, but I can live with it. I‘m using the Swindon drawing in Atkins et al for reference. I was tempted by @Compound2632's excellent drawing and a photo of a Saltney 2-planker in Tony wood's book, but couldn’t resist those lovely thick brakes in the slightly different Swindon drawing. I drew up the brakes, cut them on the Silhouette and laminated two three layers for thickness.
  38. This afternoon I thought I'd finish and paint up the backscene building, that could be seen in this pic from earlier, that is located behind the district office building: I cut the windows and added some details from styrene strip to provide some relief and gave it a coat of grey primer: Then it was painted in basic colours and given a coat of matt varnish: Next I toned it down with a light dusting of grey primer and weathering powders, and added the windows: And it fits in place directly agains
  39. Photos taken around the Tyne and Wear Metro system for this afternoon. Shiremoor Metro 4023 and 4075 16th Aug 95 C20459.jpg Backworth Junction Metro 4036 St James to Pelaw 16th Aug 95 C20488.jpg Backworth Junction Metro 4040 Pelaw to St James 16th Aug 95 C20463.jpg Benton Metro Pelaw to St James16th Aug 95 C20489.jpg The line in the foreground is the ECML. South Shields Metro Kenton Bankfoot to South Shilelds 2nd April 86 C7359.jpg David
  40. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Swinging into the yard at Little Muddle. The cattle trucks have arrived. Then standing on the roof of the goods shed I was able to get this rather nice view of the train snaking through the points...
  41. Yeah, there is one there and one near the terminal one pic from today, crewe freightliner depot
  42. Another WD view this morning. Short of pictures again, but the sun is shining, so that may be remedied later.
  43. Another plonk. The clouds are gathering again.
  44. Hopefully my own layout of Dunfermline Upper Shed 62C fit in this thread. Just a couple, as some work still in progress including fitment of a turntable (relocated to South East of it's real life situ due to space restrictions). 1 - A2 No. 60532 'Blue Peter' simmers on shed during railtour layover in the mid 60's, as a D11 is serviced over the ash pit in the background. 2 - Home based J36 No. 65288 sits quietly inside the shed, with a fellow shedmate B1 and rare visiting J39. 3 - Re-allocated to Fife after the West Highlands, K4 No. 61994 'The Great Marquess' stands on the backroa
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