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  1. A number of locations along the Cumbrian Coast line southwards from Carlisle this afternoon. Dalston Class 108 Carlisle to Whitehaven and 37025 22nd April 87 C8411.jpg Nethertown view south 22nd April 87 C8382.jpg Seascale looking south 7th Aug 87 C8792. Seascale Class 108 up going away 7th Aug 87 C8795 Silecroft A4 4498 Sellafield to Carnforth Cumbrian Coast Express Aug 79 J6591.jpg Grange over Sands looking west, west of the station. 8th Aug 87 C8860 David
  2. I haven't got to those yet Tony. They were the last few of 56! Many thanks for the kind words, but your photoshopping of the shot of 60506 beats my effort hands down. Anyway, in the hope of finding a view of LB which won't have been seen before, and in accordance with your request to take something which showed the bit of scenic work I did, I took this.
  3. Derbyshire today, with a mix of infrastructure and trains. Belper looking north April 90 J10709 Chinley Class 142 eastbound 24th Aug 90 C15313 Cromford MR viaduct over River Derwent March 72 J2835.jpg Great Rocks 37684 and 37678 l e from Buxton 19th April 90 C14405.jpg Peak Forest 37425 shunting 19th April 90 C14394 David
  4. Today I had the good fortune to be invited to Little Bytham, and to be issued with a photographic permit on arrival. I can't hope to show anything of the standard that Tony achieves, but I wondered if my smaller camera would permit access to some angles and places which may not have been seen before. 56 images later, I returned home, and have started to do some processing. This will take a while. A view along the approach road to start things off, with a partial view of a train on the M&GN.
  5. About a year ago I bought one of the 2mm association's wagon taster kits ; a 16 tonner + 5" of track. I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea for those of us who want to dip a toe in the water and see how cold it gets... Anyway, as well as building the wagon kit, I thought I'd make a little diorama to get a bit more of a feel for 2mm modelling. I have to say that I really enjoyed it! The kit was pretty easy to build, considering I've never built an etched chassis before. Weathering was ala Martyn Welch, which is nice but perhaps needs less texture in 2mm scale. I do still have to attach the (non functional) coupling hooks. The diorama is roughly based on Lasswade station, just south of Edinburgh, where it seems the line to the goods shed ran behind and slightly below the platform, giving a good backdrop to contain the scene. It is just a 6x3" piece of MDF. The platform / bank is built from layers of foamboard. The slope and the yard surface are covered in DAS, which was worked in around the track (with much trepidation, but I think it came out OK in the end). That was painted in grey humbrol enamels, and then dusted with artists pastels. The goods shed is Slaters stone on top of greyboard structure, with a door scribed from flat 20thou sheet. The slate roof is just 80gsm paper strips nicked for each slate and then washed with grey acrylics. I tried to get the look of scraggly grass on the slope with a fairly light static grass covering. Overall I'm fairly pleased with the look. I think the yard needs a bit more junk in it, and the platform needs some suitable paraphernalia. I have tapped up some club mates for a suitable figure or two for the platform Very much enjoyed building this, and can definitely see me doing more 2mm in the future.
  6. The East Coast Main Line in Northumberland again today, over several years. Goswick Class 37 down cement Mar 87 J8791 Alnmouth 43060 up 22nd Aug 87 C9121 Buston Barns 55018 Edinburgh to Newcastle Aug 80 J7120.jpg Buston Barns 47297 up freightliner 24th Oct 87 C9171.jpg Buston Barns 142021 Berwick to Newcastle 16th Feb 91 C15577.jpg David
  7. Another day of gloom forecast, and we are down to the last two images in store. All is not lost though, as earlier in the week someone heard that it was brighter a bit further North, and went and got some pictures at Little Bytham, so they are in reserve. Another WD clanks past Crescent Junction box with coal empties. But at the station, all is confusion. 60070 is a Gateshead engine, but the Heart of Midlothian is a Heaton duty. Some incompetent has sent the wrong engine down from New England. Apparently he'd mislaid his glasses, and saw 52A instead of 52B. Anyway, despite the Gateshead driver's loud complaints, he's been told to take the train anyway, and "sort it out when you get there". The thought of holding everything up while the right engine was located and brought down was considered unthinkable.
  8. The scenic work is almost completed now and I am planning to work on the 'presentation' and lighting in the next few days:
  9. A colourised photo from 1957, a throw-back to pigeon racing specials.
  10. Tonight I have been celebrating the fact that I am no longer Chairman of the Golf Club. Before so doing though, a short glimmer of daylight allowed me to take a few photos. Only one got processed though, so here is Green Arrow with the 1230 Up Hull/Doncaster.
  11. Leaving the north east we return to Bottesford tday on the Gratham to Nottingham line with some rather seaonal photos. Dad lived a few minuteswalk from the station at one time. To the west of the station was the junction for the freight only line to Newark. Bottesford Class 47 Colwick to Immingham empty oil by Bottesford West Junction on Newark line Oct 81 J7604.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Boston Dec 81 J7617.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Skegness Feb 82 J7629.jpg Bottesford 47580 Parkeston Quay to Manchester Dec 82 J7754.jpg Bottesford Class 114 Nottingham to Skegness Feb 83 J7799.jpg David
  12. A very nice day at Little Bytham, where I took rather a lot of photos, a few of which may appear here, but most on the appropriate thread. When a relief runs, the main train is usually not far behind, as here, where Silver King appears with the 9.55 Newcastle.
  13. KNP

    Little Muddle

    And after a few more moments 8701 has coupled up with the return train.....
  14. Some small prairie action today as 5557 comes in off the branch, while sister engine 4574 lurks in the background shunting the yard. Meanwhile 5000 Launceston Castle hurries through on a down express. John C.
  15. Oxford Rail have announced at the London Toy Fair that they are to produce a Worsdell J26, a GE-origin van, a PO tank wagon, Pilchard ballast and sleeper wagon and a rather interesting 15T crane. OR76J26001 LNER 0-6-0 Class J26 No. 5738 OR76J26001XS LNER 0-6-0 Class J26 No. 5738 Sound Fitted OR76J26002 BR (Early) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65767 OR76J26002XS BR (Early) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65767 Sound Fitted OR76J26003 BR (Late) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65736 OR76J26003XS BR (Late) 0-6-0 Class J26 No.65736 Sound Fitted OR76TK2007 PO Tank Wagon, BP No.1061 OR76GEGV001 Great Eastern GER 10t Covered Van No.23109 OR76GEGV002 NE GER 10t Covered Van No.630616 OR76GEGV003 BR GER 10t Covered Van No.E612630 OR76SCS1001 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane BR Stoke M.P.D No.RS1023/15 OR76SCS1002 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane LMS Wellingborough No.243 OR76SCS2001 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane BR Stewarts Lane DS.316 OR76SCS2002 Standard Cowans Sheldon 15T Crane LNER Sunderland No.901628 OR76PIL001 Pilchard Wagon BR Black DB990099 OR76PIL002 Pilchard Wagon BR Black DB990092
  16. Finding Nellie this weekend, or, rather, placing her on the test track this morning, proved to be a Madeleine Moment. I'm involuntarily lost in lost time, with the sense of loss and of the waste of years that usually it would take a whole afternoon of Elgar to induce ... B*gger
  17. 24 points
    After many hours in TurboCAD I've finally made some physical progress on the main station building for Clare. There has been much counting of bricks and much studying of an April 1986 copy of Practical Model Railways which features some drawings of Lavenham by Jas Millham. Clare was a 1865 'medium' design but I have been able to incorporate what I've learnt in my building of the platform 2 waiting shelter and, even further ago, my station based on the GERS drawing of Takeley, an 1865 'small' design. I've drawn the parts of the building in a single TurboCAD drawing with the base brick work on one layer and the raised quoins on a separate layer. This makes the drawing show things in context but makes it easy to just copy the base and the quoin overlays into different cutting files for the laser cutter. I managed to get almost all the parts on a single piece of 3mm MDF 500mm x 245mm from the Model Shop in London. As usual the Lasercut software got its estimate of cut time wildly out, estimating 24 minutes for a job which actually took nearer an hour! I think it can't cope with calculating hundreds of 1.1mm cuts. The little tabs and sockets which align the parts are hidden behind the quoins so should be invisible. They do ensure that all the parts fit together straight and square. I got as far as a dry assembly to see how the parts go together, apart from one tab which was 1mm too big which could be cut down easily, it all fitted well. This is the road side, there is a glass canopy over the middle section. The platform face has a brick built shelter in the centre section. The brick section is low and is topped with windows in the same way as the waiting shelter opposite. I tried the building in place and it looks pretty good. I'll let you know how it progresses. David
  18. Some bits and pieces from Scotland next. Aviemore 47602 WBHS special Aviemore to Hexham 15th Oct 88 C11571.jpg Blair Atholl 15th Oct 88 C11535.jpg Craigendoran 303089 Helensburgh to Glasgow 29th March 89 C11807.jpg Craigendoran 311110 Glasgow to Helensburgh 29th March 89 C11808.jpg Craigendoran 303042 Glasgow to Helensburgh 29th March 89 C11809.jpg David
  19. A closer view of the V2 on the Class C this morning. Followed by a close up of Gladiateur, firstly because I at last remembered to dust the mess off it, and secondly because the sun didn't intervene this time.
  20. Time for the return of the empties from Little Barford, with our borrowed 04/8, running tender first now. We have two angles as it moves along the Down slow. Very poor light conditions, so black and white seems the best option.
  21. AY Mod

    Bachmann 2020 Range

    For clarity I've extracted the relevant elements of Dave Haarhaus's covering letter which has been sent to Collectors' Club members along with the new 'Combined Volume' catalogue.
  22. Happy Monday, one and all..... Our course was waterlogged, but now it's frozen, so no golf once again. To be honest, it's blooming' cold out there, so faced with the choice of pottering around in the warm or walking about in brass monkey weather, I was quite relieved to find it was off this morning. It seems I have been ballasting for days now, but happy to report I've now finished around 16' of four track main line. It got easier as the time went on and one you get past the half way mark, you know you're winning. Bit of a boring pic with nothing running, but at least you can see I'm not telling porkies... Just this one corner board now to complete plus the additional track bed for the fourth line to add at the top end, but having done that already in the opposite corner, I'm fairly comfortable with the change. One thing that has come to light was the inability of the outer slow line to access the platforms without moving onto the third line. This isn't really a problem, other than it prevents having four trains running at once on the whole layout. The existing crossover is at A on the plan, which meant around 10' of running on the third line to access the platforms. Without that crossover, trains on the outer line could only access the goods relief road and not use the outermost platform. Access to the bay platform will still need to be via crossover A, but that's fine on the odd occasion when required. Looking at it again last night, the solution is to put a further crossing in at point B, which will eliminate the conflict between the fast/slow lines. Thankfully (or should that be luckily), there is room to drop another crossover in the station access board, so a few minutes on Templot and the deed was done. This is very much a 'nice to have' change and won't be done until the rest of the layout is up and running. With no golf today, the last corner board beckons. It still amazes me that all these boards seem to align fairly well. It's not until the fastening bolts are in place and tightened, will I know all is 100%, but right now the signs are encouraging. It's certainly only a matter of a few mm, rather than huge gaps, so all should be fine. Apologies again for the boring pics. I'm really hoping that 2020 will see pics of loco's and stock, but no promises as once the sun is out, I'll be off banging balls about again. My waistline is certainly suffering from the lack of exercise...... Thanks again for all your input and kind comments. It's great to know I'm not talking to myself.....
  23. KNP

    Little Muddle

    He's back Squadron Leader is out and about Ohhh….the loco has moved!!!
  24. ..... and therein - for me at least - lies a source of potential stress. I have learned to regard the money that I spend on model railways as the price of the enjoyment that they give me; that investment is immediately written-off. I have impressed upon my family that they must not, on any account, regard the disposal, post mortem, of my model railway assets as an exercise in recouping my expenditure. Were they to do this, it would be a chore which would diminish the pleasure that they have afforded me. If I dispose of model railway assets during my lifetime, it will be merely a process of realising whatever the market currently offers - and if that is a fraction of my original investment, so be it. It does bother me that, in accumulating quantities of what others may well regard as 'expensive clutter', I am condemning those who remain hereafter to the unwonted task of disposal; all I can do is try and anticipate my eventual departure, and at least start the disposal process whilst I still have my faculties. A little morbid, perhaps, but worth considering - if only for the family's sake. Regards, John Isherwood.
  25. Bescot to rugby tonight with a rake of autoballasters 66783 in biffa livery leading, 66747 in NWT livery was on the rear fenny Compton to crewe tomorrow
  26. A couple of months ago one of my Facebook Friends, a former client who is a real friend as well, shared this with me. I think it is very apposite to the discussion!
  27. Hope you don't mind me taking liberties now and again
  28. Ant (Anthony Mead) passed away on the 13th of Feb he played a huge part of the Risborough & District Model Railway Club having been Exhibition Manager of Railex before I took over and basicity being my right hand man for Railex too. He was Treasurer for DEMU for a few years too. He was only 46. Ant had suffered from Cystic Fibrosis and even through he only made it along to the last few Railex shows for a few hours normally with a back pack of oxygen. the amount of time he put in behind the scenes was amazing, He would check my floor plans and say that a layout or trade stand was 2mm longer than started on the booking form, plus he put together the programme and adverts and posters. David
  29. KNP

    Little Muddle

    More shunting! 8701 is really going for it now....
  30. OK it looks a bit like a war zone but I have decided that QUAI:87 needs a major refurbishment. It has been languishing in the garage for the last two or three years while I have been fiddling about with my British P4 layout Sentinel Street. Said P4 layout didn't fulfill any expectations so it has been moved on - leaving me wondering what to do. Starting another layout doesn't look like an option just now as diminishing eyesight and creeping arthritis in the fingers and thumbs makes that idea a non starter. You should see the layouts I would have built. However tarting up QUAY:87 (it could do with it) is on the cards. I may add a few extra things, a small train ferry maybe, I have one on Axalp and they do add an interesting operating feature, a wagon works, or ordinary things like a brewery or a treacle mine - you know the sort of thing. Whatever it may be it won't be what you might be anticipating. I wish I'd made the shuttling tram metre gauge so I would have had some dual gauge. Too late now but what else? Whether I can fit any of this within the existing footprint or have to resort to an extension (don't want to) remains to be seen. Baron
  31. Thanks chaps - sound like the scoops might have been left on a few of them. I can now reveal the method of fitting the cab roof...………………. Tank engines are always a problem, wires down the corners of the cab, magnets, clips, tubes and wire pins along the eaves. Not always satisfactory. I remembered a method I used on the J94. There are some handy rainstrips along the roof, they make ideal locations to hide the join. After thinking about it for a day or two, the roof was cut in to three sections with a craft knife. The etched rainstrips were filed back and 2x1 angle soldered to the remaining part of etch in a position to leave a small rebate of just under a mill underneath for the central section of the roof to clip in to. You can just about see it in the photo. The roof is far too wide for the cab in any case, so there is plenty of material. The lower parts of the roof can then be soldered in to position and horrible gaps along the tops of the cab sides can be avoided. The central section is carefully trimmed to fit so that it can be sprung in to place and be an exact fit. I needed to take off just over a mill. I'm pretty happy with that, there's still some soldering and tidying up to do.
  32. Another busy morning at Stoke Courtenay as Tiverton Castle and Aylburton Grange join the party. John C.
  33. I managed another hour or so of whittling before going out to play last night and am now fairly happy with the arrangement. Trees and woodland will be used to give a more interesting profile to the top of the hill as well as to suggest more of a slope. Ive had to accept that I cant get the entrance to the two tunnels to look right going into the same hill so have introduced a view blocker which represents about two miles in reality - all very temporary at the moment. Id already decided (and discussed with my backscene consultant JBS) that the horizon line on the Bath side of the layout was going to be a couple of inches lower than the Lyncombe Vale/colliery side so the blocker helps me achieve this break, as well as acting as a leg which will stop the 'lid' of Combe Down falling on the Midland storage underneath! The scenic profile on the Devonshire tunnel/Bath side needs more development (the one shown is just the offcut from the Combe Down side) but I have a cunning plan for this which I think will work visually but that will have to wait as I have about three weeks to work up the Lyncombe Vale stretch before a friend who knows how to use a camera properly pays a visit. Jerry
  34. I have repainted mine. Full details on my blog. Click on this bit. Excuse the thumb!
  35. Thanks again for all the ticks guys. I am glad you share my enthusiasm for mucky canals and dark satanic mills! I left you with this keyhole shot of the upstream lock........the gap between the fascia boards is even narrower than I thought .........its only 1 1/4" ! Here are a couple of shots from this side of the room to help put the canal scene and duck under in context I dont often shoot from this angle and I was mildly surprised at the number of buildings I have managed to model over the years A bit of cropping and filtering: If only I had moved the multimaus I could be back in Oldham in the early sixties. I have always admitted that Granby owes far more to my time in Oldham than childhood holidays and cadet camps in North Wales.........I sometimes think that I should have modelled the L&Y Back to the canal......upstream lock detail Star and Dragon Pub I almost binned this shot because of the dust.......then I remembered the Leeds and Liverpool Canal looked just like this Autotrain trundles over Bridge #4 Underneath the Arches The level crossing and bulk milk carrier are an attempt to link with the dairy on the other side of the viaduct. End of the line....Canal Street Halt Hard to establish any link with the halt and the loco sidings which, in my imagination, represent Barmouth, Crewe, Oswestry and Ellesmere! Hope you enjoyed the photos. Lots to do this week.......I am struggling to finish a 10 schedule routine where the Dean Goods shunts the branch goods yard.......that iconic GWR scene......unfortunately RR&Co keeps coming up with objections and when those are overcome my ancient rolling stock objects to my uneven track.......patience is undoubtedly a virtue. Despite this all I hope to do a mock up of the hotel and post a few pictures...........and ,of course, do some long overdue street cleaning under the arches! Regards from Vancouver where four days of incessant rain has cleared virtually all the snow. John
  36. A 'Big' Pannier Tank on the workbench today. A 7mm Minerva 57XX, ready for display on the Modelu stand at the Bristol O Gauge Show this coming Sunday.
  37. For those not aware, Shap features in the March issue of BRM, the digital edition of which is out now (yes, I know it's only January - all to do with 13 issues per year), paper copy out Thursday. I'm normally a traditional paper copy version myself; however I'll highlight the digital edition on this occasion as there's an 8 minute excerpt from my Dad's 1964 cine films of the route, available ONLY via the digital version (ie it's not on the DVD that comes with the mag). In my highly biased opinion, it's worth the purchase price alone for that. https://pocketmags.com/british-railway-modelling-magazine Enjoy!
  38. The reason you can’t send these pasties by email is that the file attachment contains too many bytes.
  39. 43084, on its way to Kings Lynn, meets a 9F taking more coal to Ferme Park. and the 9F again, a little further on its journey.
  40. It is only a few weeks until Andy Y comes to photograph the layout and with me spending a couple of those weeks in Eastern Europe with work I decided I had better tend to some of the outstanding bits and pieces to do on the layout. This was predominantly bits of weathering and some small details such as putting the unloading pipe in for the tank wagon on the dead end siding and adding some rubbish bags. While I had the layout out I also did a couple of minor repairs to a couple of locos so took the opportunity to take some pics: My last remaining Parkside van will be used on the layout, I am not sure what it was used for in reality but clean bedding would have been delivered by rail for the sleepers as well as spares: D7017 seeing out it's last few weeks in traffic (technically it is a little early for the layout but I have fond memories of riding behind it on the G&WR when it visited some years back) I think in BR era D7017 was withdrawn before D1023 got it's Dominoes so probably won't appear together at the same time at shows but I couldn't resist putting them on together. One of my favourite areas of the layout is the A38 bridge. I am currently making the air lines to fit to the container lorry, something I meant to do ages ago... Aside from the photo shoot I am also preparing for the layouts first show. The information board proved popular on Peafore Yard so I have done the same again for this layout; Something which I never properly fixed on Peafore Yard was the cassettes rattling around in the fiddle yard while being transported, and with significantly more cassettes on this layout a solution was required to hold them in place. I wanted to be able to shut the lid with stock on the cassettes for 2 day shows so something fixed permanently to the lid was out. The solution were these 3 removable clamps which are held in place when the lid is shut. I used bubble wrap on the bottom to cushion the track. Simple but effective.
  41. A little vehicle for the layout. My friend Rich gave me this, I think it's an AEC, it is clearly meant to be a fairground generator truck but was sold in a spurious military livery. A good candidate for a local Sudrian haulage company. The top of the cab was painted Rover Inca Yellow, the rest is a Vauxhall Burgundy I think, with satin black on the chassis. The grille was primed and then the radiator picked out using some black acrylic, as was the spade on the back of the cab. After failing to apply some N Scale transfer which disintegrated, I got this crest from a spare transfer sheet, looks good I think. Some light weathering to bring out the shadows and edges, then glue and glaze in the windows to finish! Just need to re-attempt the lettering on the headboard, and maybe a tarp for the back?
  42. 20142 Actually doing some work on Seven Mills without the watchful gaze of Lazy Joe, the Bogie Inspector.
  43. I have put the plates in some gun blue and then polished them with a Garryflex block. I did try to rub them on a white printing pad to make them look like the raised letters were painted white. Unfortunately because the depth of the letters is so small this was not successful. I have managed to lose a bit of the paint above a couple of plates which I will have to touch up. I think with a bit of a tone down and some matt varnish all over it will lose the shine on the plates. I am not sure if I can do any better. I did think I could spray the plates with a white paint and leave this to dry before attempting to fill in all around the letters with black paint. But there is only so many times I can keep going trying to make everything perfect if I am ever to build a layout. I still have to paint all the ironwork black inside and out.
  44. Careful that leaves a gap for Hornby to exploit with 22 Lima bodied Railroad models
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