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  1. Over the years I’ve gathered a small collection of anecdotes and photos that document quirky situations and customs on the real-life railway. The idea is to re-enact them in model form while the glue dries on other projects. The Slipper Boy story was one attempt at this, although admittedly that one got a bit out of hand! Here’s another, simpler one. First, the props:
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  2. This is Little Burford a little commission I've just done, and my first attempt at 0 gauge..
  3. My first post on this thread. I’ve just finished painting this A4 for Tony. It was originally built to work on the layout ‘Shap’ at the last Warley show hauling a steam excursion on an otherwise diesel railway. I painted it in LNER Blue, with o/h warning signs, as running in 1968, shown here on LB. However, Shap has been backdated so Sir Nigel became redundant, so Tony asked me to repaint it in BR green. I stripped the body paintwork and started again in LB era livery. It has been gently weathered to represent a cleanish ‘cared for’ engine. Hopefully Tony will take a bett
  4. Locomotives at rest A4 and J36 sit idle at the entrance to the Caledonian style engine shed at Braeside.
  5. Some more photos at Newcastle for today. Newcastle Class 143 ecs Feb 89 J9795.jpg Newcastle Class 108 and Class 143 16th Aug 89 C13858.jpg Newcastle Class 47 Sunderland to Newcastle Aug 89 J10099.jpg A dmu replacement service. Newcastle Class 47 D1962 3rd Sept 94 C19800.jpg Newcastle 158907 Newcastle to Liverpool 1st Sept 92 C18094.jpg
  6. Some photos taken in Yorkshire for today. The first photo, like many others in this thread, is one of Dad's. I don't know exactly where he was standing when he took it. I've no idea of the details of the train in the Class 56 photo, which is one of my photos. Ackworth 56085 up Sept 90 J11623.jpg Castleford 141 to Knottingley 5th April 89 C11850.jpg Hambleton South Junction Class 91 up test train Aug 90 J11563.jpg Hambleton South Junction Class 56 down Aug 90 J11564.jpg
  7. Hello all, As has been mentioned above, we are now furloughed. This is a result of our supplies being depleted over a very busy 2020, resulting in us now being short of enough key components that things have become unworkable. Unfortunately, the furlough rules state that we have to go one way or the other, so we can no longer trade at all. Not that helpful however… We are trying to use the down-time profitably and are working behind the scenes on the new website with online ordering. There’s a lot of tinkering with settings going on, with the usual suite of problems
  8. The origins of my P1 involve just about every one of Heinz's 57 varieties. The full 2008/9 construction saga was on an earlier incarnation of RMWeb, but the repeated mutation and grafting onto new roots of the site firstly saw the details moved to an "archive" and then after a period they vanished. The main loco frames, motion parts, cylinder stretchers and leading truck were adapted from Tony's very "favourite" O2 kit whose name is shared with a playing card. The coupled wheels are Scalelink, which don't have the most authentic appearance but are self-quartering and at the time we
  9. All this photographing layouts outdoors, it'll never catch on you know... Al.
  10. Another look at the Newcastle to Carlisle line for this afternoon, heading west. Note the bars on the door windows of the Class 108 in the first photo. These were added to units working the Cumbrian Coast line. Stocksfield Class 108 Carlisle to Newcastle 15th April 89 C11869.jpg Stocksfield 156469 Hexham to Newcastle Aug 92 J13302.jpg Fourstones 47289 up freight Aug 92 J13311.jpg Plenmeller Class 156 Stranraer to Newcastle 29th March 94 C19379.jpg Wetheral 156501 N
  11. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Quick lets change the subject.... Here is a man looking over the fence at a loco or the sheep of course for his painting...its of course that well known local artist Stan Dare....which he is?
  12. Here are a couple of pictures which show a class 50 hauled coal train passing through the station at Blueball Summit. In the goods loop behind the signal box, an empty clay train waits for a clear path. Some evidence of activity from the civil engineers can be glimped on the far left as a track machine and wickham trolly are stabled. An upstairs window in that cottage would make a great vantage point to just sit there and watch the trains go by.
  13. KNP

    Little Muddle

    The end of the line....
  14. A few more photos at Sawyfield for this aternoon. Swayfield Class 47 08.20 Kings X to Leeds April 70 J2086.jpg Swayfield Class 47 down 12.20 Kings X to Cleethorpes July 74 J3757.jpg Swayfield Class 47 down July 74 J3758.jpg Swayfield 254008 up July 81 C5449.jpg Swayfield DVT and Class 91 Kings X to Glasgow C 10th June 95 C20278.jpg David
  15. Good morning Ian, Do you remember painting all those Pullman cars as well? Regards, Tony. Of course I can’t remember, it has to be 30 years ago. They must have done some miles! I haven’t built anything in 4mm scale for some years, my last being a commission for ‘Titfield Thunderbolt’ from a K’s Milestone kit, no less. This is my latest in 7mm - Working inside motion, compensated chassis and, whisper it quietly, DCC. I’ll get my coat. Ian R
  16. The north west coast of England today with photos taken along the Cumbrian Coast Line. Grange over Sands 11th April 95 C20043.jpg Grange over Sands 142058 and 156455 from Barrow 11th April 95 C20041.jpg Ravenglass 2 Class 31s up nuclear flasks 24th Aug 94 C19793.jpg Drigg 24th Aug 94 C19773.jpg Seascale 153361 Barrow to Carlisle 24th Aug 94 C19770.jpg David
  17. A Peckett at Sheep Dip. A study by Norman Lockhart. Rob
  18. Busy times at Charlie's yard. I have been having a good operating session and had all the available scrap-carrying wagons out. I didn't even know how many I had until now. 27 wagons but only 23 loads to put in them. Some chain shunting was required.
  19. Shared with permission from the SLW Facebook page: COOKING-UP SOMETHING SPECIAL Following the food preparation theme (yesterday's grille detail) - or is it a reference to the film 'Trainspotting', which premiered 25 years ago? – we show off more of our new Class 25... Here is some of the intricate work that has gone into the No. 2 end cab interior bulkhead... (mostly never to be seen again!) In a step-up from our earlier Class 24 bulkheads (which we thought were good), we are delighted to provide discerning modellers with the ultimate in SEPERATELY-APPLIED diesel locomoti
  20. Isn't railway modelling wonderful? My wife just presented me with a broken gadget, a little battery-powered device to take the fluff off fabric. One of the battery contacts had corroded and broken away so I cleaned it up and soldered on a new one (cutting it from a sheet of springy brass). The gadget still wouldn't work so I took it apart and bench-tested the motor using a DC controller - all good. All that was left was a pair of pickups that need to engage the motor, one of which was worked by a switch and needed adjustment. A few minutes cleaning it up and tweaking the pickup to shape and th
  21. Some more from the ECML in Northumberland this afternoon. Pegswood is the first station north of Morpeth. At the moment there are two up stopping trains to Newcastle at 07.56 and 19.48, and one down train from Newcastle at 18.20. Pegswood 47306 down ballast Jan 88 J9406.jpg Pegswood Class 254 Kings X to Inverness 7th June 86 C7573.jpg Rock Class 91 down 6th May 95 C20126.jpg Newham DVT and Class 91 up April 93 J13835.jpg Newham Moss Class 56 down stee
  22. Photos taken around Blyth in Northumberland for today. The first two photos show the coal export facility built on the site of Bates Pit, using the original coal elvators. The third photo shows the line to Bates at Plessey Road level crossing when it was being upgraded to reopen for the coal export business. The fourth photo shows the remains of the line to Blyth station. Finally the last photo shows the remains of the embankment of the waggonway from Barrington Pit to Point Pleasant, on the north side of the River Blyth. The embankment is to th
  23. Tony, following our conversation yesterday here are some of the old photos taken with a Kodak Brownie by my brother, probably May 61. We lived next to Bethune Park just north of New Southgate and our next-door neighbour who was a secondman at Hornsey used to take us down to either New Southgate or Wood Green and drop us off to spot, banana sandwiches and a flask of Heinz soup it was in those days!!! We also got the occasional cab ride down to Hornsey and if it was a Sunday a trip around the shed. A magic place to spot on the southern end of the down Wood Green platform opposite the up signal b
  24. Good Morning All, The photos of the weathered BR blue 25 have come as an unpleasant surprise this morning. I'm sure I don't need to say that it is *absolutely not* what we approved with the factory and I am hugely frustrated and disappointed with what has been delivered in this instance. A phone call to Denmark has just confirmed that the random QC checks undertaken before shipment to the UK did not reveal any problems at that stage. Unfortunately the model shown by Olivia's is from the production batch and is clearly way below the standards we demand. Like you, I expect much bett
  25. I've finally completed my scratch built Bodmer single no.124 of the London & Brighton Railway. It's taken a year of blood sweat and tears, trying to be too clever and paying the price! Details of the project have been promised to the HMRS in the form of an article for their Journal, so rather than spoil that I'll just deposit a couple of images here in the meantime. Further details of this project can be found on a previous blog entry entitled 'Build a Bodmer Competition - not!', or a more comprehensive write up should be in the next HMRS Journal out this summer.
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  26. Waiting for the train on an overcast late summer day.
  27. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Now I thought the previous yard picture came out well but was a bit...errr.... expansive! So out came the cropper and a change to portrait and we got this. Changes the whole picture. Had the first jab late yesterday afternoon, what a slick, professional and well organised operation that is. Full credit to the NHS and the three local surgeries who have combined to form one joint centre at Bicester Heritage (former RAF Bicester) where they have some new technical buildings turned into a vaccination centre, it was busy all day so I decided to
  28. Photos of the Ravenglass and Eskdale today. I've always enjoyed my visits to the line but I don't think I'd want to drive there and back in a day any more - any future visits will involve a couple of nights in a hotel, much more relaxing. Ravenglass River Esk Aug 79 J6600.jpg Ravenglass Severn Lamb Shelagh of Eskdale 7th Aug 87 C8765.jpg Ravenglass River Irt 22nd April 87 C8369.jpg Irton Road River Mite Ravenglass to Dalegarth 7th Aug 87 C8784.jpg Irton Road
  29. Looking back — perhaps slightly off topic — some shots of the predecessor of Copenhagen Fields: Chiltern Green & Luton Hoo! These shots were taken at December 1981, roughly 40 years ago. The slides were shot on daylight film, quite under-exposed, now heavily adjusted to get something out of them. Sorry for the colours! pekka
  30. And so to the very last view of Grand Parade, for a while at least.
  31. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Across the yard, with the Earl at rest.
  32. A last look at 61190. Monday to Thursday, this was just a Grimsby to Peterborough local, but on Fridays it was extended both in distance, to Kings Cross, and in length, eleven cars plus a BG in all. Not the most interesting formation, as it was made up of two BSKs and eight MK1 TSOs, split into fours with a non MK1 FK sandwiched in between. The formation returned bright and early on Saturday mornings as a KX-Skegness train. One does wonder how many of the carriages were well occupied on the southbound journey, but it was probably pretty full on its way to Skeggy.
  33. With the arrival of ETH fitted Class 37/4s, Eastfield's 37191 has had it's boiler isolated. Seen here departing Deanside Transit with a trip freight working to Mossend Yard.
  34. The other side of Mons Meg this morning. I will refrain from comment about the difference between her green coat and Hornby's version.
  35. Brilliant sunny morning at Seven Mills, and Resident Shunter No 08173 brings some wagons into Bridge End Sidings.
  36. The Elizabethan now appears, but 60012 is running a little late. It is timed to come through just before the Grimsby leaves.
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