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  1. News this week... Tuesday had Mike Wild & Richard Watson from Hornby magazine over to take some snaps.. Took a few myself with the iPhone mind..however a 40 on a rake of MK2’s is worth a shot or two. Amazed at a gizmo Richard brought which consisted of a go pro on a motorised dolly attached to a 50m long zip wire. This enables super video footage with the camera keeping pace with trains. Watch this space. Meanwhile I’ve been under the frames the last few days wiring in the new Huddersfield curves..
  2. Back to Tyne Yard for today's photos, taken 1990 to 1995. Tyne Yard 31429 on parcels 17th July 90 C14556.jpg Tyne Yard 47052 up empty car carriers 17th July 90 C14560.jpg Tyne Yard 37144 down coal containers 19th June 91 C15948.jpg Tyne Yard Class 91 down 29th May 95 C20187.jpg Tyne Yard 60038 empty limestone 10th Aug 95 C20436.jpg David
  3. A few more photos from Swayfield for today. Swayfield Class 47 up to Kings X May 70 J2119.jpg 08.30 Halifax Bradford and Leeds to Kings X Swayfield Class 55 55017 down Kings X to Newcastle Nov 75 J4997.jpg Swayfield Class 47 up May 78 J6126.jpg Swayfield Class 254 up Aug 81 J7531 Swayfield Class 254 down Feb 83 J7818 David
  4. Cavalex HAA in OO Cavalex Models, in collaboration with KMS Railtech and Trains4U, are pleased to announce a newly tooled HAA family of hopper wagons in 4mm scale. The model is already significantly advanced and at the tooling stage. Watch out for the full update this Sunday, 20th September at 8pm.
  5. Carlisle around 30 years ago this afternoon. Carlisle 47482 ecs April 87 J8858 Carlisle 86401 Glasgow C to Euston May 90 J10942.jpg Carlisle 86251 Euston to Inverness May 90 J10943.jpg Carlisle 37109 up 24th Oct 90 C15437.jpg Carlisle 37520 and 37108 up empty steel 24th Oct 90 C15444.jpg David
  6. September, and a sunny sunday morning at Brasted station looking towards the North Downs.
  7. A high level view of the forecourt tonight. and a WD starting away on the Down slow, and about to block both main lines as it trudges into the yards.
  8. One more look at the Elizabethan. I got the ISO and white balance a bit better on this one. Then off to the other end and back up in the air to look down on the Claud in number 1 bay.
  9. Today's photos start at Grantham and then head north to just south of Retford. Grantham47552 Hull to Kings X May 78 J6039.jpg Grantham 254012 Newcastle to Kings X July 80 J7027.jpg Dry Doddington Class 254 up Feb 81 J7326.jpg Dry Doddington Class 254 down June 82 J7655.jpg Eaton Lane Crossing Gamston Class 43 Kings X to Newcastle 9th June 95 C20236.jpg David
  10. Photos taken on the Blyth and Tyne at the level crossing at South Newsham today. South Newsham relaying track Jan 86 J8507.jpg South Newsham 56133 down coal 10th April 91 C16897.jpg South Newsham Class 56 up empties 24th Oct 94 C19859.jpg South Newsham Class 5 44767 Santa special Newcastle circular 17th Dec 94 C19892.jpg South Newsham 56069 down coal 18th Feb 95 C19996.jpg David
  11. Here is the last model of the batch! 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr I've always had a soft spot for the Class 58s and this one is very special indeed! Joining the fleet is of course, 58014 Didcot Power Station. 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr Some years ago Hattons were doing a clearance sale on the Heljan Class 58 - £50 a pop and I bought a pair, the first one below in grey eventually being turned out as 58017 Eastleigh Depot, with the blue one being pugged away until now. 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr Looking very garish in it's bright blue factory colours, it was crying out to be properly weathered down! To start with, some changes were made to reflect 58014, the Heljan orange warning line being moved further down onto the bodyside doors, renumbering with Fox Transfers, before being named using Brian's superb Shawplan Extreme Etchings nameplates. 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr After the usual coating of Humbrol matt varnish and being left to harden, the model was attacked with a variety of dark browns and greys. Weathering was greatly assisted by some early '80s Italian disco, perfect vintage for Class 58 projects! 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr Once the colours were wiped down with cotton buds soaked in enamel thinners, the bright Mainline blue colours were sufficiently muted and darker areas could be built up in the many panel gaps on the loco, and the frequent build up of oily dirt around the base of the doors too! 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr The Heljan model was missing the visible 'crosses' on the main side grilles so these were added using neat paint, being masked off and applied to fill in some of the grille gaps. 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr One of the fun novelties with the Heljan 58s is the bufferbeam details are already applied, not a lot of work to do! My usual little metal hoop was added at one end so it can eventually be hauling trains - normally EWS 'Enterprise' or aggregate type jobs by my modelling period rather than classic MGR coal trains! It almost goes without saying but the Didcot Power Station plates are the whole reason for modelling the loco..! 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr Back in the early 1990s when travelling to visit the family in Didcot, in the back of the car on the A34, there would always be a very strong competition with my sisters to be the first one to see the tips of the infamous chimneys and much like a game of bingo, at the very top of the voice, the winner would have to shout 'Didcot Power Station'!! 58014 by James Makin by James Makin - Account 2, on Flickr The real loco would soldier on until withdrawal in November 2000, and eventual scrapping in 2010, being amongst the first batch to be chopped up at European Metal Recycling of Kingsbury. This project brings the latest batch of locos to a conclusion, with the workbench attention having now shifted back to some exciting work on wagons over the summertime, of which updates will come in due course! Cheers, James
  12. Buston Barns in Northumberland this afternoon. Buston Barns 37242 down dolofines 22nd Dec 87 C9302.jpg Buston Barns 43069 up 8th Oct 88 C11523.jpg Buston Barns 47402 hauling dead 47361 up ICI 4th April 89 C11844.jpg Buston Barns 43086 Aberdeen to Kings X Nov 89 J10539.jpg Buston Barns 43039 up 19th Sept 92 C18049.jpg David
  13. You do seem to like these high level views. Is that just because you can see more of the layout in each shot? Anyway, there are more to come, as my new bendy little tripod is a delight to use, and I'm finding that I can bend the legs even more than I thought, which gives even more possibilities. So, here is the B1 waiting in the bay again. but the sound of a chime whistle from the north soon caused the camera to be swung round in order to see Golden Fleece leading the Elizabethan through the curves.
  14. Prince of Wales thought he deserved a close up. and as he left, he met a 9F coming under the bridge with a York parcels.
  15. My newly completed southbound 'Clayliner' train 6V53 is seen heading across the viaduct, above. Here the train is pictured sat in the goods loop behind the signal box. As previously mentioned, these wagons are built from N gauge Society plastic body kits, running on etched underframes from the 2mm Association. Below is a close up of a couple of the wagons which differ slightly from the more familiar 'clayhoods'. So I now have two full length china clay trains, albeit one depicts an empty train. The clayhoods are built from ex Parkwood body kits running on modified Farish underframes. And finally.... not a clay train but a block coal train. In my pretend world, I have imagined that Newton Abbot power station was still taking deliveries of coal by rail at this time. These 21 ton hoppers are plastic kits from the N gauge Society. Incidentally, I think it was this weekend that the layout was due to attend the Swindon Steam Exhibition. The layout is instead set up in a spare room at home running very well and providing lots of entertainment. In fact I purchased a new loco today, an unrefurbished class 50 from Footplate in Kidderminter in between trips on the SVR class 50 running day. This model shop has a large stock of N gauge.
  16. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Past the farm she sweeps....
  17. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Meanwhile 7802 keeps sailing on...... and on and on around the bend she goes Must be an excursion outing to see HMS POW moored in Little Muddle harbour. I believe Misty and Snowflake guided her in.....
  18. NOT mine but posted here with permission. Brierley Canal Road. Blog here on RMweb. Courtesy of Chris Nevard.
  19. This morning's preserved railway photos show the Bowes Railway, just south of the Tyne, through the 1980s. The rope worked incline was still in working order and was used to give demonstrations. Springwell Bowes Railway Planet Aug 80 J7072.jpg Springwell Barclay WST April 85 J8246.jpg Springwell Barclay 22 27th March 89 C11749.jpg Blackhams Hill wagons going down incline on rope 24th May 87 C8570.jpg Blackhams Hill wagons descending on rope Aug 80 J7078.jpg Blackhams Hill Barclay 22 27th March 89 C11744.jpg David
  20. The Up Ripon arrives behind Prince of Wales. and has a five minute rest.
  21. The DE area from on high this morning. and there's a Claud slipping past North box to wait in the old shed yard for its next duty.
  22. Off in to the realms of fantasy again.... I'm enjoying the world of what ifs and maybes - and here is one of them - a stray J36 from Keith that made it north ....This one has been on the back burner for a while, and at one stage a kit was in the stash but this is the Hornby one. The wife's uncle was a driver at Haymarket and drove J36's so one had to appear sometime, the spurious reason being that it was being trialled for snowplough duties,because of its more enclosed cab - it is waiting on a tender cab to be fitted.
  23. Just a couple more high level views this lovely morning.
  24. 28 points
    A weighbridge has appeared at Farthing. It began as a kit, but in the end much of it was scratchbuilt. Here's a summary of the build. This was the point of departure, a lasercut kit from Rail Model. A little research showed that it is based on the prototype at Leckhampton, a drawing of which appears in the EricPlans volume on GWR and LMS structures. The kit is nicely cut, but I noticed that the corners weren’t mitred. So I sought to remedy this with a file. Bad idea! The MDF edges began to crumble. My mistake. I eventually decided to cut a new ‘skin’ from SE finecast brick sheet. This also changed the brickwork from Flemish to English bond, thereby bringing it into line with other brick structures at Farthing. Perhaps I should have built a whole new inner core while I was at it, but I like the idea that the original kit is still in there. A bit of rudimentary furniture. Also a rough outline of the scales - a Pooley design, using bits of styrene and glue brush handles. Bird's eye view of the interior. Frankly, almost none of it can be seen from outside! Regarding the blue distemper, see the discussion here – including Tim V.’s interesting photos. I decided to make the roof detacahable in case something inside comes loose, or I want to add some staff. Some GWR weighbridges had sliding windows. Some offices had six panes per window, others had four. The windows supplied in the Rail Model kit provide for this. They’re a bit deep though. Sanding them down is an option, but I didn’t fancy the MDF dust. So I drew up new windows in Inkscape and cut them on my Silhouette. I had some trouble getting the ‘crosses’ neat. A trial fit of the main windows. A closer study of GWR weighbridge offices show that details differ in almost every case. The windows on the Leckhampton structure were positioned relatively high compared to other designs, and centrally rather than off-set to one side. The roof slates were cut from self-adhesive vinyl on the Silhouette, as per the stable block. Once again thanks to Lee for this tip. Inspired by @Dave John (a.k.a. the Magnet Man) I stuck a magnet under the roof. That way I can lift it off without damaging anything. Gutters from Wills, and some downpipes fashioned from brass wire. The door opens inwards. Makes it harder for those Midland Railway rogues to barricade it from the outside. A 'warts and all' view of the window end. The Leckhampton structure was unusual here: Most GWR weighbridge offices had no window in the end wall, or just a small one. The Leckhampton building had blue bricks at the base, common but not universal. I decided to go for plain red bricks in order to match the stable block. Trial fit on the layout. I'll have to shift the whole thing further into the yard, so that the staff can better access the door. Slight planning c*ck-up there The weighbridge itself is a Smith etch of a Pooley design. The instructions say it is based on the one at Knightwick, installed 'around 1889'. That's it for now. Thanks to everyone who helped with information!
  25. Today's photos are a few miles south at Morpeth, still in Northumberland. Morpeth 47018 up p w Nov 86 J8731.jpg The loco is in railfreight grey not an odd pinky green! Morpeth 56112 up coal Dec 87 J9389.jpg Morpeth 43075 Kings X to Glasgow QS Aug 88 J9640.jpg Morpeth 43063 up 26th Jan 91 C15559.jpg Morpeth 37083 29th Oct 92 C18120.jpg David
  26. ECS for York tonight, seen from Crescent Bridge as it runs into platform 6. and then at rest, where it will remain for some time.
  27. The 1st EP sample has arrived. Very pleased with it, just a few very minor changes and we'll go for colour next. We should have a video of it running soon, and if you have any questions or if you have noticed an error, please do let us know.
  28. To celebrate the fact that I have worked out how to repair something which I thought was beyond me, here is a bonus shot of 92177 about to emerge from the gloom.
  29. Another look at the Elizabethan while I have my afternoon cuppa.
  30. A late convert to Nellie possibilities, here is a quick rattle up I did, using a Heljan GW chassis. Based on a CR design, roughly,using the cab of a Nellie. I left the dome and filler cap as they were out of laziness although the dome should have been above the middle drivers. The dreadful finished state of it is due to a varnish bloom that I couldn't be bothered stripping off. As my layout is a model of Thurso, with the oft proposed branch to Scrabster present, but out of sight..., I am blaming winter storms and sea salt for the engines condition....
  31. More high level shots this morning, but angled more from East to West. Got to go and have blood taken shortly, which I don't like very much at all. Soon be over though, and then I have a day free for railway matters.
  32. Tonight’s pics (hopefully no more to add as I’ve come home for a break and I may not be needed any more first job was to recover the liner from gresty green, as promised got a colas 56 to perform the drag back, only went gresty to basford hall but I wonder if that’s the first 56 on a liner since fastline days! Not the best pic because of the mast! rhen once that was sorted and the 56 put back on its train I jumped in a taxi to stockport to work a Cemex train via manchester Piccadilly and chat moss into basford hall, it normally goes through stockport the other way and heads towards Wilmslow but tonight due to the ongoing issues it came via hazel grove to head towards Manchester that was it for pics as I was so busy, i may still get a call to head to stockport again to conduct the liner back south via Macclesfield but currently it’s routed through the disrupted area on it’s booked route so I won’t be needed (let’s hope it stays that way!)
  33. Southbound MOD last night, diverted via crewe station due to issues on the independent lines into basford hall, which is as far as I got due to a signalling problem between crewe and Manchester (which as I type this is still ongoing after nearly 24 hours!) the Trafford park intermodal was sat in crewe, the driver in that being on a long diagram and not signing any diversion routes so I suggested that we swap foot plates and he take my train to Leamington spa and I’d take his to Manchester when the line was clear, he also lives not far from Leamington so it worked out good for him so on the intermodal I jumped at 03:00 where I was still sat at 07:30! I eventually took it round to gresty green where it’s currently sat waiting for me to book on after rest to rescue it, the issue being it’s too long for the loop so the loco is now blocked in so we have had to hire a loco to drag the train back out of the loop to release the loco having just checked the log the line is under special working arrangements so trains are creeping through but having to fill out forms for each of the 14 signals that have failed so I’ve suggested we see if we can run via warrington and chat moss to Manchester, change ends in longsight goods loop and run into Trafford from there, will have to see what transpires, secretly I’m hoping that’s what happens as the loco we have hired to drag the train back is a colas 56
  34. N gives me a scenic depth that I couldn't hope to achieve in the larger scales. There's no Photoshopping here, just a deep scene with a reasonably high backscene. In HO or 00 it would be impractical due to the reach-in distance. The scale is at its best, for me, when viewed from a few feet away, taking in a large scene in which the trains are just part of the overall effect, rather than being the sole focus of attention. With careful work in ballasting and painting, too, the rail profile can be disguised to some extent. Although a lot depends on viewing angle and lighting. Four F units would look daft unless pulling a reasonably long train (25 box cars in this case) which I can achieve in N, even in a 12 x 11 foot room. N also gives me the chance to drop the scenery below the track level very easily, as just a couple of inches pf depth is enough to convey a sense of the railway cutting through the landscape. It also lends itself to big scenic features such as this bridge across a swamp, which would consume an awful lot of space and depth in one of the larger scales. And what would normally be a space-hungry feature like a roundhouse becomes practical: Al
  35. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Meanwhile, back down at ground level our intrepid photographer got the same picture from the roof of the barn.
  36. Two more shots from on high tonight, but looking in the opposite direction. And you are allowed to mention golf if you like. I know that means that you won't.
  37. Another Castle and one we haven't seen in a while is 5077 Fairey Battle , complete with Hawksworth tender, one of only two on Castles in GWR days, doing the honours on a Penzance train .
  38. Dark and dismal today, but no complaints, as mid September has been lovely. Still up in the air, and looking down now on Sir Murrough Wilson waiting in the bay. But 60002 isn't waiting for this though. Patrick Stirling is at the head of a West Riding relief.
  39. I just thought this might illustrate what I was saying about the subtle variation on the brickpaper buildings on Buckingham. I think these two are covered in the same paper, which isn't one I immediately recognise, because it has been subjected to some weathering, with each half of the building being a slightly different colour.
  40. '00'7. The Fantastic Heljan model had left me shaken and stirred.
  41. KNP

    Little Muddle

    And the Squadron Leader is up and about. Decided to catch some of the action, or lack of, of the Collett waiting at the signal
  42. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Collett with a short freight train heading towards that signal....! And now we wait?
  43. KNP

    Little Muddle

    Not a scarecrow in sight
  44. A1 now departed, so attention is turned to local B1 61210 in number 4 bay with the 3.00pm to Grimsby. The usual clanking and wheezing then announces that another WD is on the way to Ferme Park.
  45. In other news...... As of this coming Monday I have to self isolate prior to my op ( YEY ! ) a week today so I decided to make the best of the Devon weather this afternoon and went Yak hunting on Woodbury Common...... Guess what.... after following their trail ! I found some ....... Well...... its the nearest you'll get to 'em in the wilds of Woodbury ! Ann Adventurer
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