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  1. Feeling right royally down this evening - I have a call tomorrow to look at some software development, I have a ready made solution to the problem I will be faced with but there is another way to do the same thing and I am attempting to get my head around it. But can I get it to return even the most simple dataset as it should do - no I cannot, spent two days, seen some progress but not enough. Sometimes I feel like I am a total failure and my imposter syndrome is banging all the drums it can muster at present to make me feel much worse. Hopefully, now I've
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  2. I think i have just had an urge to do some modelling.
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  3. I'm finding simple things difficult lol. I have managed to carry out a control change on a signal and thats about it. It did involve five track circuits and three lots of point detection but was succesful all the same. (OO gauge, steering clear of the bigger stuff for a bit)
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  4. 20 TODAY AT 8 PM UTC TRUMPS LEAVING DRINKS Online event On Farcebook
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  5. I always get excited receiving a revised set of CADs to review, working on a few different prototypes this week at opposite ends of #railwayhistory #modelrailways #enjoyabledayjob #tease
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  6. I've always wanted to have a model layout so I think it's about time I made one. I shall be making Ffarquhar from The Rev. W. Awdry's never built extension to his NWR layout. I'll be updating as I progress!
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