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  1. Well, Radio 3 has been playing some half-decent classical music when I've been tuning in today, although the 1900 mix tape did get a bit avant-garde towards the end.
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  2. a week in Robin Hoods Bay with lovely friends and great weather has been enjoyed. Now for the diet to remove the excess food intake!
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  3. Rossiter Rise made its first exhibition appearance since February 2020 today at Tring. Glad to be back. Appearing at the Hornby show, Milton Keynes next weekend.
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  4. Hi Re the PC90 kits. do you have two for sale please ? I can make a card or BACS payment if necessary. Many thanks Phil
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  5. Whilst I understand why ads are used on this site I am now getting a banner ad too on the top of my screen which is slowly becoming a real pain having to scroll up and down to access the content. Just an unnecessary nuisance ! Can I ask why this has suddenly happened please ?
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  6. Radio 3 is perfectly capable of playing some decent, proper classical music but why do they have to deviate so often into the realms of psuedo-arty intellectual guff? Each time I turn over from Classic FM, in despair at the inane, repetitive adverts, I find some pontificating person spouting some clap-trap or the strident and discordant tones of modern so-called 'music' (or else it's jazz - aaargh!).
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  7. RIP Jimmy, another of the squad of '66 gone.
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