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  1. We have cleared up the remains of our layout and of the stock. I have personally lost most of 20 years of wagon building, several O gauge engines and some coaches that were hand built by me - All completely irreplaceable. We have lost a club layout that featured in books and magazines, and that took us 10 years to build. They can have the money, but we will never get the 1000s of hours back. John
  2. Hi all, Here's a look at the proposed six wheel full brake that we've designed. We propose to add 2 full brakes (with different running numbers) to each livery already announced. Again, we'd love to hear feedback on this as it is always useful. Cheers, Dave
  3. Quick summary of today... Heljan announced more 02’s new variant class 86/4 and 86/6 mark 2 in O gauge 86 / 25 on display weathered 33008 plus immaculate 33050/051 New 27 due imminently Dapol no announcement but samples for 21/29 (on the boat) 59 early next year 63xx Paint samples on display Accurascale KFA wagons on display 55 Body’s on display Rawie Buffer stops on display (one will have LEDs) KUA announced Narrow Planet 4wh Planet Shunter in OO gauge (3D kit with glue on etches and motor bogie) Rails NER railcard EP on display (Heljan stand) Oxford J27 on display.. this looks a real beauty New tank wagon in display KR models GT3 on display Announced a Fell In oo **** I am converted ! If you want one you don’t have long to order... credit cards accepted, contact details and addresses available and Keith is a good chap in person... no more excuses I’ve ordered. Hornby 45379 due in days 6201 on the boat More 66’s (1:1 copy of Hattons plans) Bachmann 24s/Crane/158/37 on display 94xx in Black 45 EP body unpainted 2HAP paint samples on show Locomotion 9400 on display Model Rail 1600 on display (looks like a 3D print) Think that about covers the big boys...
  4. I hope this is OK to post here having seen some of the lovely buildings posted on the thread over the last month. A bit of kit bashing in 4mm, two Walthers Argossy Bookstores put together to create a town centre department store. I had seen the kits recommended on RMweb - https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/52348-large-building-kits-city-centre-style/. I enjoy scratch building buildings but the window detail this kit offered gave a lot to work with without having to resort to casting off sections. One had to be cut up and mirrored, and then a centre section was built in the same style. The protruding windows were not used as I felt they didn’t fit the feel of the rest of the building, I patched over the spaces. The back is very hacked together. I have not worried too much about the difference between OO and HO brickwork, you can spot it if you look closely but overall it feels right to me. I wanted the building to feel as though it has changed over its lifetime, perhaps even survived some bomb damage in WW2. There is a defunct winch over one of the bricked up windows/good portal that was particularly fun to make. A British roof and chimneys also had to be added to anglicise the building. Much thanks and inspiration to Geoff Taylor, Gravy Train, Red Devil, the late Allan Downes as well as the many others who post such amazing work on the forum. Also thanks to everyone who posted in the threads asking questions about things like TV aerials over the years. It has LEDs built into light the windows and also the back yard. There are details of the lengthy build, much interrupted by other projects on the thread for my layout Ellerby, linked in my signature. Must get on now and finish my brass DMU and Comet Black five builds. Jamie
  5. I've not had a lot of time for Railway modeling recently. I did finaly get around to painting and completing some teak carriages.
  6. The northernmost reaches of the Blyth and Tyne today, starting just to the north of Winning with a loco on the viaduct over the River Wansbeck and then moving to the east of Ashington in the Woodhorn area and ending up at Lynemouth with an NCB locomotive. Behind the loco is what was then the Alcan power station for the aluminium smelter. It now supplies the National Grid burning wood chips. The Woodhorn photos were taken just to the east of the bridge over the spine road (A189). North Seaton Wansbeck viaduct Class 56 l e Nov 87 J9368.jpg Taken from the north bank of the river, looking east. Woodhorn 37410 empties Lynemouth to North Blyth 31st Oct 92 C18130.jpg Woodhorn NCB Class 14 empty coal and mobile crane Oct 85 J8434.jpg Woodhorn Grant Lyon Eagre 0-4-0 dm down ballast May 88 J9495.jpg Lynemouth NCB Barclay Nov 85 J8467 David
  7. .. one of the small jobs was to finish off the paintwork on a previously built (but never installed) signal box. It is a scratchbuilt structure based on one at Dyce - on the old Great North of Scotland network north of Aberdeen. It's a handsome thing but the paintwork had remained unfinished.
  8. Thanks Jamie and Andy for the video advice. I'll give it a go.... First of all here's the latest couple of additions to the layout. Let's see if I can get this working..... Here's (hopefully??) a down class E partially fitted freight hauled by Colwick K2 61751..... Apologies if this doesn't work....
  9. All is quiet, look like that crate is still on the lorry!
  10. Hunslet 16-inch 0-4-0T Gambier at the National Coal Board's Royd Hall drift mine.
  11. Trains in 1992 and 1993 at Longhirst today. As you all probably know already Longhirst on the ECML between Morpeth and Alnmouth in Northumberland. It's not far from home so I often went there on Saturday mornings and on days when I wasn't working. Longhirst 37501 down pipes 23rd May 92 C16860.jpg Longhirst 37885 down pipes12th Sept 92 C18046.jpg Longhirst 43094 Aberdeen to Kings X 17th Oct 92 C18071.jpg Longhirst 56126 empties to Butterwell 24th July 93 C18732.jpg The train is almost at Ulgham Lane crossing, just north of Longhirst. Longhirst 56126 up coal and Class 90 down 24th July 93 C18738.jpg The Class 56 is returning south with loaded wagons from the loader at Buterwell. David
  12. Brookfoot, CVMR, 1901. In my garage, about half an hour ago.
  13. Northumberland today, showing the ECML at Ulgham Lane crossing and Southside, between Morpeth and Alnmouth. Both locations are around 40 minutes drive from home so are easy to get to. It's quite unusual to see another car when I am parked at the roadside taking photos. Ulgham Lane crossing HST down 28th Dec 85 C7286.jpg Butterwell Junction and Ulgham Lane crossing Class 254 HST up April 82 C5639.jpg Southside Class 45 up Aug 80 J7125.jpg Southside 37134 Alcan empties Fort William to North Blyth 12th Aug 86 C7890.jpg Southside 37008 down coal 20:10 17th June 87 C8554.jpg David
  14. KNP

    Little Muddle

    A greenhouse and some plants
  15. Today we visit Scotland again, this time on the West Coat Main Line around Abington. Abington 47347 up freight 29th March 89 C11822 Abington 26023 down ballast cleaner 29th March 89 C11825.jpg Abington Class 90 up freight 24th April 92 C16819 Abington Class 86 down ex pass 24th April 92 C16822.jpg Abington Class 87 down ex pass 24th April 92 C16823.jpg David
  16. 43 points
    It has been a while since I did any work on the roundhouse roof so I recently added the smoke hood support wires, 4 to each hood, to the 22 that are inside the shed. The roof is entirely scratchbuilt from brass section and nickel silver wire. The smoke hoods are of two types - 3 older wooden types which are ex Midland/LMS in origin which I scratchbuilt from plasticard and brass angle, and 19 'asbestos/concrete' units which are cast in resin by my Friend Morgan from a 3D printed master. Morgan also produced the etched supports on the lower edge of the units. I have used Markits WD handrail knobs - 4 per unit - as hood anchor points for the nickel silver wire supports. Once finished I sprayed the complete roof with Halfords grey primer.
  17. It seems likely that I may be posting the photos rather later than usual for the time being as I am going to be a bit busy for a while. Mum's health is giving cause for concern at the moment. Today's photos show some very ordinary trains going about their business at York in 1986 and 1987. York Class 114 53044 and 54032 route learning 28th July 86 C7662.jpg York Class 141 55520 and 55540 3rd Aug 86 C7849.jpg York Class 141 York to Harrogate 3rd Aug 86 C7851.jpg York Class 144 York to Manchester 13th July 87 C8683.jpg York Class 108 York to Hull 13th July 87 C8692 David
  18. I've had a very peaceful day with no internet or landline. All good things come to an end and normality has now been restored, so I can post some photos. A long time ago I posted photos of an arranged visit made by myself with a group of friends to Heaton depot in January 1990. Having recently been working on Dad's photos from 1990 I can now post his photos of the visit. Heaton Depot 43095 and ano Jan 1990 J10604.jpg Heaton Depot 142516 Jan 1990 J10609.jpg Heaton Depot 56124 up coal Jan 1990 J10618.jpg Heaton Depot some of the group visiting the depot Jan 1990 J10622.jpg Heaton Depot Class 254 wheelsets Jan 1990 J10624.jpg David
  19. The Midland Railway at Trent and Loughborough today. These photos were taken quite a few years after both Dad and I had moved away from the area (me in 1974, Dad in 1984), I think they would have been taken while visiting relatives. Trent 2 Class 20s up coal Dec 89 J10559 Trent 47194 up oil 9th April 90 C14264 Loughborough 43086 St Pancras to Nottingham June 89 J10024.jpg Loughborough 43077 Sheffield to St Pancras June 89 J10027.jpg Loughborough 150101 Nottingham to Coventry 10th June 89 C12007.jpg David
  20. A look at Thornaby this afternoon, one photo is from 1990, the rest are from December 1992. Once again they mostly just show locomotives. Thornaby 37885 37503 37512 47224 up light engines12th May 90 C14451.jpg Thornaby156444 up 5th December 92 C18148 Thornaby 47205 l e 5th December 92 C18149 Thornaby Classes 37 and 60 also Classes 08 and 20 5th December 92 C18151.jpg Thornaby Class 60 60030 l e 5th December 92 C18154 David
  21. A couple of freight trains and some more tracklaying at Bottesford this afternoon. Bottesford 25306 down freight March 81 J7329.jpg Bottesford 20199 and ano up freight June 81 J7513.jpg 8E07 07:12 SX Toton East Yard - Whitemoor Bottesford Class 37 and 31191 Nov 83 J8101.jpg Bottesford Class 31 Nov 83 J8108 Bottesford cranes laying track Nov 83 J8114.jpg David
  22. Now for today's older photos, still on the Blyth and Tyne but this time travelling from Seghill to Morpeth. Seghill view south on Blyth and Tyne 5th Aug 85 C7038.jpg South Newsham 37031 up May 81 J7405.jpg Newsham Plessey Road Crossing 10th March 84 C6447.jpg Hepscott 56133 going away soutbound 9th April 86 C7457.jpg Morpeth breakdown train coach 9th April 86 C7370.jpg David
  23. Last night I did the basic roof for the shed, Slaters 2mm slate with a double thickness of 40 thou inside which has resulted in a nice, rigid structure - essential as it will remain removable. I will add more interior bracing to represent the timber framing but the 60 thou formers at the ends will remain as they are - they're not visible from any angle with the roof on. For me, a roof that keeps its shape is far more important than strict accuracy. I take the same attitude with the use of Slaters' slate sheet. Individual paper strips to represent slate does look better and on Tucking Mill, which only has a couple of small buildings with slate roofs I've done them but with dozens of buildings to make for Bath pragmatism won out. With a bit of rubbing down to flatten them out and careful painting they can look good and offer a consistent finish in a fraction of the time. All the signal boxes and the station building have similar roofs. Jerry
  24. I think this old warehouse wall and door would make an interesting subject for a model....
  25. Two locations in the north east today. A few more photos of Monkton cokeworks and around Seaham. Monkton coke plant 08808 and 03099 Aug 85 J8373.jpg Monkton coke plant 08808 and 03099 Aug 85 J8374.jpg Monkton coke plant 08808Aug 85 J8375.jpg Seaham 17th April 87 C8304 Long disused track at the harbour Seaham 17th April 87 C8305 Seaham railway to harbour 17th April 87 C8306 David
  26. Today we start just east of the station at Nottingham in the carriage sidings with a look at Flying Scotsman (with permission), proceed through the station to Trent and then head south to Ratcliffe on Soar. Nottingham London Rd carriage sidings A3 4472 Flying Scotsman Mar 74 J 3600.jpg Nottingham 47222 down oil tanks Dec 79 J6709.jpg Nottingham Class 45 St Pancras to Sheffield Jan 79 J6375.jpg Trent 58002 l e Aug 83 C6137.jpg Ratcliffe on Soar Jan 70 J2039.jpg Without a train, the junction for the southern exit from the power station is visible beyond the bridge. David
  27. This morning's photos are from the Keighley and Worth Valley. The first few are from 1969, then one from 1972 and the last ones from 1983. Even though they were taken a long time ago I can still remember a lot of details of each visit. In the earlier photos the Ivatt 2-6-2T was still in their own livery as was the USA tank. This was required by BR who at the time did not like preserved railways painting locos in BR colors. It was also good publicity for the line in its early years. The L&Y loco had been used for filming which accounts for its livery. The film was "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" The cars in some of the photos are quite nice too. Haworth USA 72 Sept 69 C121 Haworth L&Y 957 as fictitious LNWR for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes Sept 69 C135.jpg Haworth Ivatt Class 2MTT 41241 Keighley to Oxenhope Aug 72 J3022.jpg Haworth Ivat Class 2MTT 41241 Aug 83 C6224.jpg Damems Aug 83 C6235 Damems WM railbus Aug 83 C6237.jpg David
  28. Birmingham International and New Street this afternoon. The photos were taken on a trip Dad and I made to the Motor Show in 1980. You have seen my photos of some of the trains before, these are Dad's versions. Birmingham New Street 46033 l e Oct 80 J7254 Birmingham International 86234 Birmingham to Euston Oct 80 J7260.jpg Birmingham International Class 310 New Street to International Oct 80 J7264.jpg Birmingham International Class 86s up Oct 80 J7266.jpg Birmingham New Street 87002 down and 86252 le Oct 80 J7272.jpg David
  29. I don’t think you could say three wagons constitutes a fleet exactly, but nevertheless begins to fill up the yard nicely. Just need to make some loads for them.
  30. Some photos taken in Leicestershire for this afternoon. The one at Eastwell shows the trackbed of the narrow gauge iron ore quarry line. At one time I would have known exactly where it was on the photo, now I am less sure but it is either in the background along the raised hedge or along the hedge to the right centre and then across the foreground field - and I haven't found a detailed enough map today to check it. Thanks very much to luckymucklebackit for his investigation using old maps, I can now state that the line ran from left to right across the centre of the field in the foreground. As a general rule fields in the area which are lower than the surrounding land have been quarried. The second photo shows the remains of Tilton station on a snowy day. It served the village of Tilton on the Hill. As everyone knows it was on the Great Northern and London and North Western Joint line between Melton Mowbray and Market Harborough. The third photo of the bridge at Bagworth and Ellistown is on the Midland Railway near Coalville. The yellow car just beyond the bridge on the right is Dad's Citroen GS. The last three photos at Leicester were taken on the way home from the Motor Show at Birmingham, on the same day as the Birmingham International photos we had a couple of days ago. Eastwell White Lodge remains of narow gauge ironstone line Oct 71 J2779.jpg Tilton March 75 C1939 Bagworth and Ellistown MR overbridge July 80 J7019.jpg Leicester Class 31 Birmingham to Cambridge and Class 117 L421 Oct 80 J7274.jpg Leicester Class 31 Birmingham to Cambridge Oct 80 J7275.jpg Leicester Class 45 Sheffield to St Pancras Oct 80 J7276.jpg David
  31. Tyne Yard on sunny summer evenings with photos taken in July 1990 and June 1991. Tyne Yard 31429 empty mail 17th July 90 C14558 Tyne Yard 31276 nuclear flasks about to run round and go to Sellafield 17th July 90 C14564.jpg Tyne Yard 47564 up car carriers and down HST 19th June 91 C15946.jpg Tyne Yard 47573 up mail 19th June 91 C15951 Tyne Yard 37051 down caustic soda 19th June 91 C15954.jpg David
  32. A wet day at Carlisle in October 1987 for this afternoon. Perhaps I should have posted these last week, the weather was more appropriate then. Carlisle 86419 and 87016 down British steel Covhops 27th Oct 87 C9196.jpg Carlisle 87026 Glasgow to Plymouth 27th Oct 87 C9207.jpg Carlisle Class 108 54247 and 53964 ecs 27th Oct 87 C9214.jpg Carlisle 08912 down trip 27th Oct 87 C9224 Carlisle 31450 up freight to Newcastle line 27th Oct 87 C9220.jpg David
  33. Some from today, should have been on the crewe tripper which was cancelled so I was stood down to do some training then due to an error I ended up working a train to Toton! Colas 37s passing by on a test train Then in the way home I called into crewe diesel depot where that had an open day today, I got there after it had closed to the public so managed to get some nice pics and that was that, bescot shunt again tomorrow before a nice little job Monday moving the class 50 and deltic from crewe to barrow hill and then the 50 onward to Doncaster
  34. A quick trip to the west now to look at the Cumbrian Coast line. Bootle Cumbria Class 47 down empty coal 6th Aug 87 C8759.jpg Bootle Cumbria Class 47 down empty coal 6th Aug 87 C8760.jpg Skelly Crag level crossing near Foxfield Class 108 up 6th Aug 87 C8749.jpg Silverdale 8th Aug 87 C8838 Silverdale Class 108 and Class 104 Lancaster to Barrow 8th Aug 87 C8839.jpg David
  35. Landscaping work has been put on hold while I wait for more material to arrive so that I can finish the embankment. I have, however, made a start on the first of three more panniers, pics to follow in due course. The pics below show the current state of the layout. The two shots were taken with different cameras, hence the difference i colour hues.
  36. Some more photos along the Cumbrian Coast line again today. Kents Bank Class 108 Lancaster to Carlisle 8th Aug 87 C8852.jpg Cark and Cartmel Class 108 Barrow to Lancaster and 47229 down empty coal 8th Aug 87 C8848.jpg Drigg Class 7th Aug 87 C8791 Drigg Class 108 Barrow to Carlisle 7th Aug 87 C8789.jpg Dalston Class 37 37025 22nd April 87 C8405.jpg David
  37. Thanks to Ruston of this parish, some of J H Ahern's Edwardian photographs of Castle Aching are beginning to surface......
  38. Blyth and Tyne photos again this afternoon around Cambois, North Blyth and Winning in the 1980s. Winning 56129 coal to power station 11th April 85 C6801.jpg Winning 56006 Blyth power station to Butterwell 15th May 85 C6906.jpg Winning 37161 empties towards Bedlington 1st Aug 85 C7002.jpg Cambois 37059 July 80 J7043.jpg North Blyth 37212 shunting 22nd Dec 86 C8243.jpg David
  39. Today's photos come a folder on my PC titled "Railways Around Harrogate" which I think sums them up. They were taken by Dad in the mid to late 60s. Rigton Class 47 down White Rose Dec 66 J711 Ripon River Ouse bridge Oct 65 J392 Collingham pw tamper after closure Sept 65 J355.jpg Starbeck goods Class 08 from Harrogate to York dmu Aug 65 J213.jpg Starbeck station and crossing July 67 J972 David
  40. Photos from the Newcastle to Carlisle line today. The Fourstones photos are taken just to the west of the site of the station. Fourstones Class 101 Carlisle to Newcastle March 85 J8241.jpg Fourstones 56130 empties to Plenmeller loader 26th Aug 92 C17959.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 56096 down freight 29th March 94 C19376.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 156444 Newcastle to Carlisle 1st June 94 C19465.jpg Cowran Hills cutting 60056 up oil 1st June 94 C19469.jpg David
  41. The ECML south of Stoke Tunnel for today. You may have some difficulty identifying the Deltic on the train at High Dyke. Swayfield Class 47 down Apr 74 J3653 Burton le Coggles Class 55 9019 Edinburgh to Kings X March 73 J3153.jpg Burton le Coggles Class 47 down 30th May 78 C3883.jpg High Dyke Class 55 down Nov 70 J2437 High Dyke Class 254 down Feb 83 J7812 David
  42. The former part owner of Parkside Dundas sadly passed away last night in hospital. Many of us remember him as the genial and helpful owner of the Parkside bit of Parkside Dundas, recently sold to the Peco group, and the model railway hobby owes him a great deal. He will be sadly missed
  43. I have a sore typing digit, having spent most of the day sitting in front of this thing doing golf related stuff. Now though I shall see if I can remember what I was told this morning. No doubt our man at the north end didn't know his mate further down had already done a side on shot of Sun Stream, so he took another one, of most of it anyway. That was the easy bit. Next we see the Flying Scotsman on its way through. Top Shed, having found to their delight how the double chimney transforms the performance of an A3, are now quite happy to entrust one of their most prestigious duties to Woolwinder. Hoorah!!! It works, but will I remember how to do it tomorrow
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