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  1. Good Afternoon.

    I'm sorry to trouble you, as I am sure I have seen other posts about this subject.

    On the 12th October I did try to sign up for Gold membership: partly to support the site and partly because I understood that this might limit the amount of advertising 'pop-ups' that appear on my screen.


    The transaction for £5.99 does show on my card statement for 12th October, but as yet nothing has changed when I sign-in to RMWeb.

    I can't find any reference to Gold membership.


    I apologise if I have done something incorrectly, and thus added to your workload!


    Yours Sincerely


    Caroline Middleditch



    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      That's come through as a public message rather than a private one but no problem. You may need to sign in with your WoR+ details on this page - https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/account/login?ref=%2Fmy-account%2Fmy-membership%2F - it should then tie up your account with your access here and put you in the Gold group and you should no longer see the adverts. Hope that works!

  2. Hi Andy


    I tried to put a two minute video of my Haymarket layout on RMWeb last night taken on my IPhone but it kept getting rejected as it was over the 10meg limit.


    I see from other threads videos of up to 30 minutes.


    I cannot find a way to reduce my video file size.


    Do you have any suggestions on how I can insert a video clip on my Haymarket thread.







    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Lucky I found this - I'm @AY Mod now. Video content should be uploaded to YouTube first and then pasted into here. The system wouldn't cope with hundreds of video uploads!

    2. landscapes


      Hi Andy


      Many thanks for your advice, I will try to give that a go.





  3. Hi Andy,


    I'm probably being incredibly dumb here.  I need to send you a PM to seek permission to post info about a weathering course that I am organising, but I havn't needed to send a PM on RMWEB since it was updated to the newer version, and I can't work out how to PM you!  :scratchhead:


    If I click on any reference to you, such as in a post you made, I get to your profile.  On your profile page, I can see this topic that I can post to, but I can't for the life of me find a PM link.  I'm sure it will be blindingly obvious when you tell me, so please could you put me out of my misery?






    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. beast66606


      Pete - Andy is @AY Mod


    3. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Yes, PMs are disabled on my old account. PM me @AY Mod

    4. PeteB



      Pete - Andy is @AY Mod


      Thanks, that works!   Now I wonder how I was supposed to know that without a crystal ball?  :scratchhead:

  4. 67A

    Hi Andy,


    You may have noticed I have a new project taking shape on DENT, rather than have two topics is it possible to rename 'DENT STATION' to 'DENT STATION with CHESTERGATE'.


    Please let me know mate, hope you and yours are doing okay in these difficult times.


    Best wishes,


    Mike McManus

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Hi Mike, all good here thanks chap! If you go to the first post in the topic and click on Edit you should be able to change it whenever you like. BTW, this came over as public message rather than a private one. ;)

    2. truffy


      And to your ‘old’ account. :lol:

    3. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      @truffy - this one has probably arisen because I'd disabled PMs to the old account.  #theendlessbattle

  5. Hi Andy,

    Can you please advise me. It is now time to part company with my exhibition layout Glenfinnan, featured here on RMweb. Can I do that here, and if so where? 

    Regards, Bill.

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      Hi Bill, it would be necessary to be an RMweb Gold member to use the Classifieds. You have sent this as a public message, not a private message and to my old account.

  6. Hi Andy,


    I have been trying since November  (paid year subscription at the time)  for RM Gold (rather than paper editions of BRM and for the benefits) ... Warners and Pocketmags initially did not realise until they checked back.  Jess has managed to get me to view previous editions of BRM but gold still does not come up.  Can you think of anything else that needs to be sorted please?  Many thanks.


    Cheers, Peter BB

    1. AY Mod

      AY Mod

      I've now enabled the Gold access for you on here Peter (no-one had notified me of your subscription). Please message me on my @AY Mod account if you need to get hold of me rather than this old login.

  7. I've had an itch for a long time. An itch to model a canal interchange shed; I'd initially looked at the still intact Chillington Wharf on the west side of the Stour Valley route from Wolverhampton High level. Photo by D.J.Norton I came across this picture in the steel terminal's office whilst I was given a tour of Chillington Wharf by staff showing pre-nationalisation activity with bolsters and opens with the sort of loads which would come from a rolling mill. This would have required a board depth greater than the space I wish to now place the scene in. Moving onwards; not a million miles away from the spot though was a similar interchange shed, built by the Midland Railway off the Wolverhampton to Walsall line tucked away behind the British Steel site which sits beneath the level of the junction just SE of Wolverhampton High level station. The shed disappeared in the 1950s when the land was acquired by the steelworks but it's not a ridiculous premise to see that shed last a few decades more in the shadow of an expanding works. The shed and basin are long gone now but the site can still be seen from the access road to the works here. Details are scant as it wasn't of conventional photographer's interest really, a couple of line drawings on a local history site including side elevations plus an end photo from Bob Yate's book shown in the introductory blog entry. The scene will not be a true recreation due to some compression needed, realignment to fit a workable space and the wish to give something with a little more operational interest.
  8. Well I do need somewhere for the ever-increasing fleet of "that's cute" purchases to stretch their little legs, this is true.
  9. Some people keep their diplomas, certificates and Oscars in the smallest room; I just make do with a small ever-revolving library. I'm sure I can't be the only one can I? Anyway, a shot of three books coming out of the reading room neatly summarise what this project will be about.
  10. It has, the content blocks are causing loading speed issues and it's being looked into. In the meantime the only solution is to do without.
  11. No, I found him doing something he shouldn't have been.
  12. Shed wars and a terrier fight at 2100.

  13. Sorry all, this really is embarrassingly poor. All I can do is sit and wait it out.
  14. Not being slow to take up a golden opportunity whilst we were down in Margate Phil and I had an hour to ourselves in the Visitor Centre early one morning to wallow in nostalgia and play with the toys! Visitor Centre information - https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/hornby-visitor-centre
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