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  1. I've had an itch for a long time. An itch to model a canal interchange shed; I'd initially looked at the still intact Chillington Wharf on the west side of the Stour Valley route from Wolverhampton High level. Photo by D.J.Norton I came across this picture in the steel terminal's office whilst I was given a tour of Chillington Wharf by staff showing pre-nationalisation activity with bolsters and opens with the sort of loads which would come from a rolling mill. This would have required a board depth greater than the space I wi
  2. Well I do need somewhere for the ever-increasing fleet of "that's cute" purchases to stretch their little legs, this is true.
  3. Some people keep their diplomas, certificates and Oscars in the smallest room; I just make do with a small ever-revolving library. I'm sure I can't be the only one can I? Anyway, a shot of three books coming out of the reading room neatly summarise what this project will be about.
  4. It has, the content blocks are causing loading speed issues and it's being looked into. In the meantime the only solution is to do without.
  5. No, I found him doing something he shouldn't have been.
  6. Shed wars and a terrier fight at 2100.

  7. Sorry all, this really is embarrassingly poor. All I can do is sit and wait it out.
  8. Not being slow to take up a golden opportunity whilst we were down in Margate Phil and I had an hour to ourselves in the Visitor Centre early one morning to wallow in nostalgia and play with the toys! Visitor Centre information - https://www.hornby.com/uk-en/hornby-visitor-centre
  9. There is method to my inconsistencies which may, or may not, become clearer in the not too distant.
  10. Prototype-centric special interest categories have been moved into a Prototype sub-forum.
  11. But you were so unequivocal and definite in your absolute belief in your assertions.
  12. Drop them a line asking them to shelve it as you've already decided you don't like it.
  13. The whole Gallery area is having some fixes made and will be reconfigured.
  14. That stream is one of the defaults where not every option is selectable; create your own Activity Stream and save it.
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