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  1. found on pintrest what to do with your RTI / oxford trucks
  2. Well i was inspired to buy this (loco's @ power stations) .
  3. i have a few photos today from howrah rail museum as well this was a relief from the kaligut temple (gross) the darjeeling loco is painted green( i have only seen photos the locos blue)
  4. A inspiration of what could be done to the Hornby four wheeler. The prince of Wales saloon.
  5. Just been to the Delhi national rail museum of India branch. Some items seamed to fit in the steam punk category to me .there prolly would have been less howls if Hornby had used these as inspiration.
  6. Thomas & co Anyone ? https://ttte.fandom.com/wiki/Victoria
  7. Can only seam to get the q&a section and the guide list . The section to actually click or vote I can’t seam to get .
  8. OK thanks i guess i will have to order from the store i saw them and send it to my P.O box in blaine WA usa
  9. this is what i was talking about https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/model-master/enamel-stain-weathering-markers/markers/
  10. Has Anyone tried these or at least heard of them? made by testers. I want to get into weathering my rolling stock .These might be the answer along with other things I might try later using tips from others on rm web.
  11. A Pub that allows dogs (rareity here ) spotted in Fairhaven Washington usa
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