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  1. Errs No complaints on the London roads model article except that the content page say Pg 82 and it’s at page 112 at least in my digital version in pocket mags
  2. "north americian observation cars in scotland ? that didn't happen said the rivet counter " "What about the alps "you reply https://retours.eu/en/12-canadian-pacific-cars-in-austria/
  3. Hi is there a link to the Scale scenes grain elevator in November Hornby mag ? I get my mag via digital pocket mags . The only link i found is this https://scalescenes.com/Hornby-magazine-low-relief-grain-silo/ Printable transparency windows for Hornby Magazine Low Relief Grain Silo kit Download windows Designed to be printed or colour copied on to special transparent or OHP film. Both laser and inkjet friendly transparency film is available from most office suppliers (generic brands are usually fine). Other window options Scale
  4. found on the internet and email through flicker notification Phil Parker's Spotted & photographed telephone Coffee shop https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/50219822067/in/album-72157675298195078/ phone box book exchange https://009adventure.blog/2020/07/08/model-it-telephone-box-library/
  5. found on pintrest what to do with your RTI / oxford trucks
  6. Well i was inspired to buy this (loco's @ power stations) .
  7. i have a few photos today from howrah rail museum as well this was a relief from the kaligut temple (gross) the darjeeling loco is painted green( i have only seen photos the locos blue)
  8. A inspiration of what could be done to the Hornby four wheeler. The prince of Wales saloon.
  9. Just been to the Delhi national rail museum of India branch. Some items seamed to fit in the steam punk category to me .there prolly would have been less howls if Hornby had used these as inspiration.
  10. Thomas & co Anyone ? https://ttte.fandom.com/wiki/Victoria
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