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  1. Thomas & co Anyone ? https://ttte.fandom.com/wiki/Victoria
  2. Can only seam to get the q&a section and the guide list . The section to actually click or vote I can’t seam to get .
  3. OK thanks i guess i will have to order from the store i saw them and send it to my P.O box in blaine WA usa
  4. this is what i was talking about https://www.testors.com/product-catalog/testors-brands/model-master/enamel-stain-weathering-markers/markers/
  5. Has Anyone tried these or at least heard of them? made by testers. I want to get into weathering my rolling stock .These might be the answer along with other things I might try later using tips from others on rm web.
  6. 799001 ... Class 799 ? that's what i gather from the number
  7. A Pub that allows dogs (rareity here ) spotted in Fairhaven Washington usa
  8. https://www.shapeways.com/product/6DQNR2KAT/class-142-farewell-tour-oo-gauge-headboard?optionId=64353623&li=marketplace` ideal for pacer haters on your model rail layout
  9. thanks for the articles.
  10. What happened to rmweb mk3 and the last version mk4. How does one get the plans link mentioned in part 1 ?.
  11. moving the caboose before the move https://thecourier.typepad.com/alongtherightofway/2019/02/bring-back-757.html
  13. Rail-mounted Gun: Oxford. We wouldn’t have seen it as fitting the rest of our portfolio. this statement is a puzzler . Poll Team has forgotten about this 2015 most wanted 244 Pigeon baskets It is in the 2015 lineside and infrastructure category. if we are going to have 2013-2018 announced or made list then the Bachmann 009 welsh slate water tank , coaling facility , lineside hut , boiler house announced should be included as part of the lineside and infrastructure category for 2013-2018 announced or made. this will help if the Poll Team do decide to include this category again for the 2019 poll.
  14. a new way to ship Canada"s oil sands using whats called oil pucks proposed by CN Rail and a Alberta first nation . $ 50 million dollars needed to build facility . https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cn-rail-canapux-1.4982153
  15. THESE CREATE MORE COL STEPHENS INSPIRED RAILWAYS . http://shropshirehistory.com/mining/mines/pdf/Snailbeach%20Railways.pdf
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