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  1. Look forward to seeing the layout in the flesh might have to move back in with my mum in lupset during December david
  2. Alway liked the Hornby 60s great model just a shame they never updated the PCB to include independent lighting and more planned to join the fleet or just these 2? david
  3. I wish, If I had I’d have a lot more stock than this I’m glad you approve, I’ve not done much with the layout since so here’s another picture to tide you over david
  4. Good to see an update and that you’ll be all ready for winter, and Glad to see you’ve managed to get the 08 sorted David
  5. Well that’s both loops laid and running a few running issues on the inner loop with buffer lock but think I’ve solved it but more tests need to be done to be sure. typical not quite enough reach Start of one set of storage sidings And the start of testing david
  6. Currently got 10 including the ‘cripple’ might do 15. I’m using an NCE powercab with the 5amp smart booster. Thanks probably going to have at least 1 bridge to break up the loop.
  7. Well since i completed the first loop I’ve had some fun testing and so far I’ve had pretty much no issues apart from my skytrex PCAs I think I’ve isolated it to one wagon so that’s been red carded till I can figure out what the issue is. david
  8. Yes running decent rakes is more my thing than perfectly manicured senics as long as it doesn’t look garbage and I can get some half decent pictures I’m happy
  9. I have made some progress one circuit is completed an electrically tested but I’m currently waiting for some more cork to get the second one done. I’ll be honest I’ve not put an immense amount of thought into it beyond the two circuits and some sidings idea probably basic scenics some ballast and grass small line side building and some signals. Yes I did at one time I’ve had maybe 3 layouts on here at some point or another. Great video cheers for sharing You’ll be more than welcome david
  10. Yes definitely the advantage of an ex 1940s council house Thanks Andy Don’t panic before any rolling stock goes near that side of the layout I will be building a substantial hatch cover
  11. I’ve just finished the legs and bolting the boards together david
  12. Hi lee have you been in touch with GJH as they have taken over the range now and restarted production on the 10th of may (according to the invertrains website)
  13. Thanks ade the width is 12 foot across so I’m thinking in the region of 5/5.5ft radius in my mind I don’t have a concrete plan as such I just know I’m having a double track loop with some sidings david
  14. Well yesterday the wood for my legs turned up and in typical fashion I miscalculated how many screws I had so I’m currently about half way done assembling the layout david
  15. Well that’s another step forward all the boards topped with 9mm ply next job is the legs and seeing if it all fastens together properly it’s all lined up nicely so fingers crossed david
  16. Thanks for the reassurance, I’ve been cracking on today and just got 3 left to build david
  17. Thanks for kind words so far. And today we have progress and a Question the plywood for the tops has been bought and cut to size my I’ve secured 1 top to the frame so far and the screws I’ve used look like over kill what have you used for securing your tops to frames David
  18. All these wagons floating around the network how would someone even begin to go about finding out who owns it for example if someone wanted to save/buy it?
  19. Glad to see your still progressing with this david
  20. Cheers Paul yeah pretty lucky with the size of the loft, hopefully off to get the plywood for the tops tomorrow then I can start planning the track layout david
  21. No not a shunting plank 18 x 12ft circuit round the loft David
  22. I’ve already got a nice collection of rolling stock 36 Dapol HAAs 15 currently weathered 6 3D printed BDAs 10 skytrex PCAs 3 built and painted so far and I’ve just pre ordered a rake of Dapol HEAs david
  23. You missed a beast I’m afraid but thank you for passing it up nearly picked up it’s class mate but couldn’t afford the pair david
  24. They are absolute beasts of a model, I really like them I knew I wanted at least one in the fleet. My preferred traction is the 56 and thankfully Heljan has obliged in that department I’m going to try and keep my fleet at a sensible level (famous last words) and not just flood the layout with locos as tempting as that may be. david
  25. Hi Paul as seen as you’ve asked I’ll do Meet the fleet first First O gauge purchase Dapol 08 not decided on a suitable number fitted with a SWD zimo sound chip next was 60090 Quinag in coal sector livery fitted with an ESU loksound with unknown sound file followed by coal sector 37 which will become 37167 fitted with a Legomannbiffo sound and finally 37667 Wensleydale with a zimo decoder with another unknown sound file david
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