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    WCML especially north of Weaver Junction
    25kHz O/H generally
    modern 300km/h units (Velaro, ICE3, Eurostar etc)

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  1. excellent. What with 313 and the Cartics, I'm going to be poor. Any updates on these other projects - more directly put, price and date when the order book will be open? es grüßt pc
  2. Interesting choice, probably will indulge if a full Bakerloo line set is offered. In another life I commuted on them es grüßt pc
  3. Put the waistcoat on display! All going well it will have its debut October 2022 es grüßt pc
  4. Hi Duncan, I'll be there in spirit es grüßt pc
  5. Yup, unfortunately however the different vent types on the roof are quite noticeable. As said, here's hoping es grüßt pc
  6. My choice would be MK2Cs rather than 2Bs. Here's hoping es grüßt pc
  7. No we are not certain. I do remember that Sonic announced that another loco was being developed and was on the way to being released. However this would only be revealed after the 56xx was delivered. So circumstantial evidence :-) es grüßt pc
  8. If MK4s then the loco would surely have to be a 91, though the 89 did go through the expression of interest stage My preferred choice would be MK2B and/or MK2C, with the loco being an 87, but time will tell. es grüßt pc
  9. I wonder whether these will use the tooling for the roof of the HST-P saloons to make them more accurate Or better still have a production run of roofs only to sell as spares. es grüßt pc
  10. Brilliantly done. The gentle slope makes everything so realistic es grüßt pc
  11. Hallo, Very good review. Still debating whether to buy an Azuma or two as these are so far away from my era (though I do have a Pendolino). Shame that they had not offered a 9-car. Did you use the long or the short coupling when connecting the power cars? Wondering if they are prototypically close... es grüßt pc
  12. Did the words 'eating', 'pudding' and 'proof' also come to mind but maybe in a different order? I've taken everything they say with a pinch of salt since the introduction of the MK2a coaches. es grüßt pc
  13. Also no 158 mentioned. That is one I would like, though I wonder how close it will couple with their new system. And as Swallow MK2Fs were announced in 00, we can probably look forward to N-Gauge ones, but hopefully not have to wait 5yrs. Money going to Revolution this year methinks es grüßt pc
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