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  1. Wasn't the Nightrider at one stage 11x FOs? es grüßt pc
  2. saw that on their FB-page. Finally es grüßt pc
  3. Both are showing 'in tooling' on the projects page. That's good evidence that they are being produced. Mike and Ben have explained many times, there are only updates when the status changes, or is about to change, as in early bird dates for example es grüßt pc
  4. Hallo, did you see this one as well? There are details though es grüßt pc
  5. 'electrical connection between the 2 cars' That will mean we're stuck with the coupling mechanism they choose. As there are no internal buffers, I really hope BachFar are able to design it so that the corridor connections are no more than 1mm apart on the straight, similar to the Pendolino from Revolution. Unfortunately I have my doubts es grüßt pc
  6. New site https://www.Heljan.co.uk/ es grüßt pc
  7. A dog leg is a sudden change of direction without a smooth transition. Visualise the hind legs of a dog - also the name used for a non-straight hole on a golf course. es grüßt pc
  8. I know this wonderful thread has run its course, I learned so much more from it, and somehow I overlooked this challange. Starting at 17m01s is a formation with a 3windowed RFB, from the amazing selection filmed by Alan Harrison. es grüßt pc
  9. Bizarre, here in Germany from "real" model shop (as opposed to online only) they are over GBP90 cheaper es grüßt pc
  10. Hallo, looking forward to some N-gauge. From your projects that you have/had in 00, 3 of them would guarantee money from me: TEA, BBA, and 91+MK4s es grüßt pc
  11. Hallo, From 5m03 a 91 blunt end forward coupled to the DVT. I think this channel shows quite a few 91+MK3 workings es grüßt pc
  12. Hallo, Going back to this photo, I find it unusual that there are 2 catering vehicles in a WCML formation. Anyone out in RMWeb-Land who would know more. The info in Flickr (clicking on the pic takes you to the site) doesn't mention the working. I always associated that to ECML Thanks in advance es grüßt pc
  13. German SARS-COV-2 vaccination programme willing, will see you at the Wigan Show 2021 - if it takes place es grüßt pc
  14. Hallo, Hope you do not mind yet another clip, this time Rugby 1984 es grüßt pc
  15. Like the Mainline liveried 90. Always thought they looked better in Mainline than in IC Swallow. es grüßt pc
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