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  1. Rails have the 47s in stock and MK2F BlueGrey FO and SO now 'on order' do their first delivery is already sold out. es grüßt pc
  2. All going well, I will be in the UK, helping out on Shirebrook at Wigan, and with mid 70s to end 80s as my favourite period, I too am looking forward to seeing Charwelton live. es grüßt pc
  3. Hallo, The Night Cap Bar was used on WCML sleeper services, so a rake of MK1 sleepers is required. Example rake mid 70s: BG, 4xSLF, Nightcap Bar, 3x SLF, SLSTP, SLF, STSLP, BG es grüßt pc
  4. Hallo Where was Caroline used in its 70s/80s life and what was the traction? I've 'Flickred' and only found one photo in BlueGrey at Stewarts Lane. Was it more or less a Southern coach? Thanks es grüßt pc
  5. Introducing the MK2Fs makes the RBR even more conspicuous by its absence. Bachmann have allowed Hornby to fill this gap in 00, so the chances of BachFar doing one in N are provably even smaller than they were last year but yes, I agree totally. Far more useful than the RU es grüßt pc
  6. hallo, Via the Dapol news section, this YouTube Clip. Sounds like they will be contacting us via eMail fir monies. Looking forward to this one es grüßt pc
  7. Hallo, Would this fit your Layout? es grüßt pc https://www.shapeways.com/product/W95AXFHSW/n-gauge-d78-underground-kit?optionId=64723780&li=marketplace
  8. Hallo, There is a YouTube channel called Mike Schroll which is a treasure trove of clips of European prototype and UK of the period 1987 to 1991. It is run by a lady as an homage to her late husband. Many recent clips have the 'child' settings, so comments are inactivated. I commented on the most recent UK clip which allowed them and she replied as she hopes it will become a valuable archive. What is very valuable is that for the vast majority of trains filmed you see the complete formation, from the locomotive to the last vehicle. It is not possible to embed the channel, so here is the most recent UK clip. Navigate around the channel from this. Recommended, and make sure you have plenty of time to spare es grüßt pc
  9. Hallo RMWebbers, I seem to be drawing a blank in my searches on various sites, so can anyone help? The Peco N-Gauge grain wagon is available in brown livery article number NR-66. What would have been 'prototype' flows for this wagon in this livery? Thank you very much in advance for information es grüßt pc
  10. Hallo, I have just found this on YouTube, shortly after reading this thread. The algorithms must be working well. It may give you some ideas. es grüßt pc
  11. Hallo, 'Fahrt mit Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung erwarten' refers to what the next signal will show, so expect that the next one will display a speed limit. es grüßt pc
  12. Hallo, Start at 4m02s. Are the staff coaches in this formation? From the descriptions above, I would say yes. es grüßt pc
  13. Hallo, Without any new tooling, 86101, a correctly liveried blue/grey RFM, 1xFO and 3xSO are knocking at the door. es grüßt pc
  14. Hallo, I'm too stupid to embed it here, so go to the Bachmann MK1 Sleeper thread, it does contain some formations, including sadly even a link to the formation of the train involved in the Taunton fire. es grüßt pc
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