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  1. Hi Dave, I've enjoyed this thread immensely, have been a WCML fan since as long as I can remember, used to be able to see it as a small child at Stafford so that was pre spring 1964. Looking forward to your new project. Are you staying in Lohmar? es grüßt pc
  2. Hallo, Too modern and not my region, but with FGW fag packet coming soon, I may have to invoke rule 1. Such a good livery es grüßt pc
  3. Hallo, Mine arrived today, and I'm very impressed with them. Thanks to all concerned es grüßt pc
  4. MK2c definitely and an RB to go with them es grüßt pc
  5. Yup..... A few unfulfilled orders were discovered, and Ben asked us not to worry. They would be dispatched. es grüßt pc
  6. Hallo, It will depend on the province. The company I work for has 3 plants in China, 1 is definitely closed next week, the other 2 are scheduled to open, last I heard, but central government can decree at very short notice. es grüßt pc
  7. ...I'm making a weekend of it at Wigan, thanks to Duncan & Janet. Herrenberg <-> Wigan over 4 days. It will be great meeting up with them again after I don't want to know how many years, NGaugeSociety show at Milton Keynes I think es grüßt pc
  8. Received my Sturgeons yesterday hier in Germany. Excellent models, congratulations to the whole Revolution team. KFAs not arrived yet. I expect they'll be just as good. Thanks to Ben and Mike for their work es grüßt pc
  9. Hallo, Did a quick YouTube search and only found this Swallow DVT with a 'more yellow end' Starts at 13min38 es grüßt pc
  10. Would be nice to see the MK3 sleepers finally reach the shops, they were originally Q2 2019. es grüßt pc
  11. In the David Cross book 'Scottish Diesels' the author notes 1E83 14:15 Edinburgh Newcastle stopper hauled by Deltics, 47s, 46s, 40s, 25s, and 37s es grüßt pc
  12. I really wish the Cavalex 91+MK4s to succeed as it is their only NGauge project still open, and I am looking forward to the smaller version es grüßt pc
  13. Hallo, In the other APT thread it is stated (quoted) that Hornby did not use any of the work done by DJM. Maybe this thread should now be locked. es grüßt pc
  14. A one-off thread hijack Whilst highly unlikely, I would love to see Hornby produce an N-Gauge version. Now back to the thread please es grüßt pc
  15. The coaches in the shot at Glasgow Central are Blue/Grey es grüßt pc
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