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  1. Unfortunately not, for copyright reasons (it's on a DVD from the signalling record society that specifically states not to copy, hence why I redrew it myself). It's a scan of the microfilm copy of the original from the Southern house archives in Croydon. Definitely not a mistake in the numbering either as it's clearly stated in the locking table.
  2. So to revisit this topic - I've just come across a copy of the Cranleigh box diagram from the '60s, and found a feature that I've never seen before: That is - lever 9 works the loop points, lever 10 works the FPL on 9, and the trap points. There's a similar arrangement shown at the other end, but using the yard access points rather than a trap. Was it a common arrangement to have a lever working an FPL and a separate set of points, rather than one lever working both ends of the crossover and another doing the FPL?
  3. A rather more amusing one from France... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54234207
  4. Generally a red/maroon for third class, and dark blue for first. The Bluebell have some example on their web page: http://www.bluebell-railway.co.uk/bluebell/cw/moquette/1950s.html
  5. I've built a modratec interlocked frame to control my layout (though most of it isn't connected up yet), though to simplify things (and so reduce cost!) I've left out the FPLs as they wouldn't do anything on the model anyway. I've also left out the fiddle yard and a couple of points in the goods yard that wouldn't be controlled from the 'box, and will have them seperately on toggle switches. For electronic interlocking, we've got a panel in one of the boxes at the MHR (and soon will have in a second) which uses it - I've not operated said panel yet, but from the simulator it works in a way that could be easily mimicked in a model - there's three indicator lights for each set of points (normal, out-of-correspondance, reverse), so if you flick the switch and nothing happens, you know it's because the interlocking has prevented it - if you switch from normal to reverse and interlocking confirms that the points are free to move, the 'normal' light will go out, the ooc light will flash until the points are detected reverse, then the reverse light will illuminate.
  6. or if you have a Windows PC (as I suspect most here do) - Open a command prompt (press start, type CMD and press enter), then type "echo %RANDOM%" , and it'll spit out a pseudo-random number between 1 and 99999.
  7. I was thinking more of those companies that had (for example): third class coaches from 1 to 999 first class coaches from 1000 to 1999 brake thirds from 2000 to 2999 ...
  8. Some companies had specific number series for different types of vehicles - so picking a suitable number (ideally an unused one) in the right series looks better than just picking one at random.
  9. Hi Andy - did you ever get to the bottom of this? I've still got two ads that have long since expired, and no way to mark them as completed or delete them.
  10. Quite probably! We lived by the Arun valley line at the time, and you'd be checking as the train approached to see if it was a VEP or a CIG, especially in the later years when some of the first class compartments in the CIGs were declassified, the disappointment when it was a VEP was huge! So, Linny, a VEP or 444 in LSWR salmon and brown next?
  11. That's why a lot of bridge strikes are by rail replacement buses - it's not a common route and the driver often isn't familiar with the area...
  12. I must always take the wrong exit at Warsawa Centralna then, as I've never seen such activities - either the photographers or the distractions! It's a fair walk to get anywhere to watch the trains anyway as the station is in the middle of a long tunnel - You'd be better off at Zachodnia (West) or Wschodnia (East).
  13. I've got several colleagues who live in Winchester, some of which have school age children. I'm hoping none of them were amongst the injured.
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