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  1. The first test trains ran over the bridge yesterday - The class 50 and 47.
  2. It's the same here. Utterly stupid. Edit - it's actually worse. Their guide says "Other plastic packaging can be recycled at a plastic bring bank, please see the recycling bank page for details". Said page makes no mention of plastic whatsoever (though it does tell me where I can recycle old shoes and waste electrical items)!
  3. I've just looked at the Gould book of SECR bogie stock (as it was the closest to hand). They had quite a few designed of saloons, but none appear to have end windows. In fact most appear to have the lavatories at the ends...
  4. I didn't realise how long ago it was I last posted in here! I did warn that progress would be slow... The shed is unheated, so I'm hoping the Wickes ply isn't going to warp in the winter. Since the last update I've finished laying the goods yard, done more of the fiddle yard, and got some of the proper wiring in place (in place of the temporary wiring that went in to get something running). The points are still "clipped and padlocked" until the lever frame arrives (and gets built!) though...
  5. You seem to have two rods coming out of the frame but three reaching the points...
  6. I've seen a few comments recently, both online and in the magazines, deploring "those people [at exhibitions] who only spend a few minutes looking at a layout, then move on". Now, when I visit a show, particularly larger ones, I often don't have time to spend half an hour or more at each layout - so over the last few years I've come up with a bit of a strategy, whereby I'll usually start by walking fairly quickly round the whole thing, and, indeed, spending just a few minutes at each layout (and a quick glance at each trade stand to work out who is where). I'll then sit down with a cup of tea to work out what I want to go and see properly - and what I can miss out on (for example, layouts I've seen several times before, or those that, for whatever reason, don't interest me) I was therefore wondering what other people do? Do you plan in advance? Start at one end and hope you'll have time to see everything? Skip past anything that's not your scale/area/era?
  7. That's what forums are for It's not a waste of time to me, it's an opportunity to think about how I would do it if it were me...
  8. Or make the next one to the right into a single slip? P3 also doesn't need to join onto P4/up main either? I also don't see any way for down trains to enter P2, which is stated to be bidirectionally signalled. While it would obviously depend on the prototype, the trackwork could be simplified a lot whilst still allowing the required moves - please excuse the ASCII-art! ------------\ ----------\ \ \ \ -----\ \ \ ------x------\ \ \ \ \ --------`------\--`---------- ----------------`------------ ------------\ ----------\ \ \ \ -----\ /--\--\ ------\-/----\ \ \ \ ---------------\--`---------- ----------------`------------
  9. I've got a few download-and-print kits (mostly scalescenes), for which I need some suitable card - mostly 0.75mm, 1mm & 2mm greyboard according to the various instructions. Our local 'hobbycraft' and the local model shop don't stock anything suitable, so I was wondering where other people get it from? I'd like to avoid Amazon if possible...
  10. Agreed - along with the coal rails on the A1X versions. Given the amount of effort Rails have gone to to get the pre-grouping versions spot on, it'd be a shame to see the later versions ruined for the sake of a couple of simple, glaringly obvious errors.
  11. I expected exactly what we've got, but then I'm a cynic!
  12. Which is what everyone expected as soon as FirstGroup got their mitts on the franchise...
  13. Yep, all the above mentioned SR engines are drawn in Russell, including the Diesel.
  14. The direct Nano doesn't fit in the H, I tried! I also tried a wired Nano and got very jerky running (despite the same chip working fine in other locos - it's now in a T9). Following advice elsewhere, I fitted a DZ126 to the H, and that works perfectly.
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