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  1. Gra models do resin kits for the LSWR 42' stock - brake third, third and tricompo. I've got a bt on my 'round tuit' pile... https://www.gramodels.co.uk
  2. Especially if the inbound call was on a landline - I think the trick doesn't work on mobiles, but it's probably safest to follow this advice there too, just in case...
  3. I know how you feel, I lived in a flat with no room for any kind of layout for years! The shed I've got now is a great size, but not well insulated, so it gets very cold in the winter. Plus now I've got the space, but I don't have the time! Your coaches are incredibly good though, so I'm sure the layout will be too. Most of the research material I've got came from Chris, so I'm not sure if I should pass it on without asking him first.
  4. Hi Pete, It is 00. Aborting it wasn't a decision I have taken lightly, it's something I've been deliberating for several months now.
  5. After much deliberation over the last few months, and having realised that I've not done anything on it for a long time, I have decided to dismantle 'Cowes', and re-start with an easier project - given the large number of buildings that would have needed to be built, I simply don't feel that I have the time or skill to do it justice. The boards will be dismantled and either sold (would a half-built layout with track, boards and wiring have any value?) or stored (if I can find space) I'll start a new thread for the new project once it gets started - the plan is for a freelance ex-LBSCR through station, inspired by the Horsham-Guildford line. Hopefully being freelance means I won't feel the need to get it "exactly right" and can use more kits etc to get started - I've already got most of the stock it would need. I'll still be building IoW stock though, even if most of it sits in a display cabinet or gets run under "rule 1"...
  6. Some did, but usually too grubby to notice! DS377 did - in IEG livery. Looking through the SEMG site, 32650, 32646 and 32670 all appear to have done (the shape of the cap is slightly different to the Marsh ones)
  7. The sequence you've described there is exactly what happened at Merstone on the Isle of Wight - the branch push-pull would come in, unload, then run into a siding. The Newport-Sandown trains would then cross, before the PP would emerge again to pick up passengers for it's next run. Unusually both sides of the island platform were bidirectionally signalled too. I'll echo the isolated island system comments - it gives you the flexibility to do all sorts of things your own way! I'd love to build a 'system' layout like these, but don't have the time or space...
  8. Wasn't Barnstaple double track on the main line (Exeter->Ilfracombe)?
  9. Newport, on the Isle of Wight, was at its heyday a fairly large junction station, with four lines converging - Cowes, Ryde, Sandown and Freshwater, and four platforms. Were there any other large junction stations in the UK at which every route was single track?
  10. The lip seen in the photos is barely visible on the real thing - I'd put it at around half an inch at most. That's 0.16mm in 4mm/ft. I wouldn't be surprised if that's less than Hornby's tooling can cope with - and it certainly wouldn't be visible once painted...
  11. It was quite weird popping into M4M at 2pm today to see the 4MT sitting at the down main starter (#4). Unfortunately I didn't have time to wait to watch it depart as I had to rush off... Even stranger driving into Alton from the A339 and seeing the huge gap where the bridge and embankment used to be though - it's changed a lot in just a couple of weeks...
  12. Can you not have a removable trolley that you roll down (in the orientation of the diagram), then to the left - into the space occupied by the operator by the colliery in the diagram, allowing you to walk through from the right-hand side of the operating well?
  13. I'd second Falcon Figures - I don't think he's got a website, but he attends a lot of exhibitions in the South. Contact details are on this thread
  14. Best wishes Linny - Mental health can be such a difficult thing to cope with, especially as there's a huge amount we still don't know about how the human brain works. Regarding energy levels in winter, have you tried using one of the daylight lamps sold for seasonal affective disorder? I know a couple of people who suffered very badly with that and those lamps helped both of them enormously. It's all down to the frequencies of light given off - we spent far too much time in the winter sitting under cold fluorescent lights and not in natural sunlight. My wife and I have got a sunrise alarm clock (the sort that gradually gets brighter over the course of about 30 minutes), and we've found that makes winter mornings a lot easier too.
  15. Clearly you should therefore carry on looking after you find it... A couple of months ago I wasted about an hour hunting for a pair of pliers I needed for a particular modelling job. Having given up, the next evening I went back to the railway room and found them straight away - sitting on top of the layout... As mentioned above, it's down to the cats messing with the space-time continuum...
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