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  1. It's not just UK heritage railways who are putting out fundraising appeals - Wolsztyn is too: https://polandin.com/48314309/online-fundraising-appeal-for-wolsztyn-engine-house edit: link to the appeal: https://zrzutka.pl/2cgrmk
  2. Getting back to driving standards, I was walking to the local shop this morning when I was passed by a car going the wrong way down a one-way street...
  3. One suggestion I've seen is to use tiny neodymium magnets - you can get them right down to 1mm cube. Drill a small hole in the back of the lamp and glue in one magnet, then have either a second one or a steel staple on the coach as a lamp bracket.
  4. Had to go into Morrison's this evening, as we'd run low on enough stuff that a big shop was needed. Still awful :-( Not too many people, but a large proportion of them didn't seem to care at all about keeping their distance. Most stuff was in stock though, the only thing we needed and couldn't get was baking soda - the whole home baking aisle was rather depleted.
  5. I've not tried the crane, but I've built a few of their conventional wagon kits. They're not as good as Parkside's ones, which virtually fall together, but I don't remember any huge trouble. The Catfish needed a fair bit of fettling if I remember correctly. The newer ones are much better than the older ones, which can have a fair bit of flash (common as the moulds get worn, as I understand it) Something I've found that makes wagon building much easier is a brassmasters axle spacing gauge - it holds the axles parallel while you glue the solebars on, which is something I had trouble with before, and kept getting either the three wheels on the ground that @Stubby47 describes, or bow-legged wagons with the w-irons sticking out at an odd angle. Inspired by your signal box I've started building mine (from the Wills Saxby & Farmer kit) - got as far as gluing two sides together and realised I don't have the right colour paint for the interior walls, so it goes back on hold until the order from precision gets here...
  6. Good luck! I'm surprised they can't do some kind of VC interview (skype/zoom/etc) so that you can get the interaction and feedback.
  7. Nick C

    Panic buying

    We seem to have gone over the top with tomatoes too, around 30 plants - the first lot didn't germinate, so we planted more, at which point both lots grew! Vast quantities of rocket and lettuce too, and we didn't even plant any, it's all self-seeded from last year...
  8. Nick C

    Panic buying

    Substitutions ought to be something for the computer system to handle before reaching the picker on the shop floor anyway - the system knows which products are suitable for which categories (or ought to!), so the customer should be able to tick the appropriate boxes in their account settings and the system would then only allow alternatives that fit the selection criterion. Particularly important given that for some customers, their dietary regime isn't just about choice, but about allergies or intolerances, and for them an inappropriate substition could have serious medical consequences.
  9. My copy (HarperCollins paperback) has the same diagram. The numbering would make more sense if it were the layout shown in the diagram below, with Poirot in the leftmost compartment, 2/3 being the next pair, 4-11 the four second class 2-person compartments, and 12-16 the singles on the right.
  10. We've actually had more low-flying jets than usual - they've been coming in and out of Lasham, where presumably they're being stored...
  11. Nick C

    Island Line

    I would doubt it'd have it's own email address, you're probably better off trying the SWR head office. Google gives the postal address as Esplanade station, PO33 2HE, with a phone number 01983 562492
  12. There really is something fundamentally wrong with a society in which people abuse someone who is trying to help them
  13. I may have mentioned this before, but we've got some roadworks near us with a 30mph TSR, on a normally 70 road. It's quite disconcerting to have someone overtake you at 70+ when you're doing 30.
  14. The Triumph slant 4 is indeed all ally, and was designed by Triumph for SAAB, though interestingly the opposite way round - the SAABs have it with the flywheel at the front. The 1300 and 1500s have the same iron-block engine that dates right back and was used in Herald and Spitfire amongst others. I know of at least 3 V8 Dolomites, two RV8s and one using the Stag engine. The latter has some very nice custom fabrication to fit it all in, wheras one of the Rover conversions cheated by extending the nose by two inches. The dolly engine bay is surprisingly small!
  15. Thanks I think the full-size one is what the Brighton tended to use (at least on the Cranleigh line which I'm using for inspiration)
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