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  1. Not always... Kennet navigation, Reading, Jan 2013 - not only is the canal higher than the towpath (just visibleon the left), it's higher than the lock gates too!
  2. With regards to weights, I don't think the quantity has been mentioned yet - I believe the general principle for 4mm is about 50g per pair of axles (so 50g for a 4-wheel wagon, 100g for a bogie vehicle)
  3. It uses linear induction motors (as Edwin says, coils in the tube), so the things generating heat are principally outside, not in the capsule. Most of the heat generated by a conventional motor/drivetrain comes from friction anyway, which is the main thing the concept is designed to remove.
  4. Netowrk Rail have published the latest "most bashed" chart: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-54871244
  5. Correct - they wanted to blow up one on a currently-disused line in Poland, there was a huge uproar about it a couple of months ago. Said bridge has since been given protected status...
  6. That's an understatement! As far as I can tell from photos, by early BR days, all of the surviving terriers were different - varying combinations of chimneys, bunkers, A1/A1x boilers, sandbox positions, toolboxes, coal rails and lamp brackets. There are very few clear photos of any SR tank locos, IOW or otherwise, clearly showing the cab backsheet. The best I can find is This one on Getty, showing W11 at Ventnor West in early SR livery, clearly unlined and looks to be black.
  7. I believe most sidings in steam days were ballasted with ash (which, after all, was in plentiful supply and basically free), chances are the yard surface would have been the same.
  8. Nick C

    Little Muddle

    That's well known in classic car circles... (image source: http://www3.telus.net/bc_triumph_registry/smoke.htm)
  9. The exception to that was the Diesel units, which couldn't run in multiple with the electrics - from what I remember, they were supposed to, but the jumper cables were wired up the wrong way around... There were 2 MIGs according to Wikipedia, used while the BIGs were undergoing asbestos removal. There was also the 8VAB, made from an assortment of VEP cars with a conventional buffet car in the middle, for Bournemouth line use.
  10. This one: https://www.eileensemporium.com/materials-for-modellers/product/slaters-4mm-wagon-kit-mr-10-ton-brake-van/category_pathway-4269 Though mine cost a lot less than that from a secondhand stall at a show!
  11. I think the weed killing train van was the ex-IWR one, not the IWCR one. I've modelled 56037 from a Slater's kit with a scratchbuilt second verandah.
  12. I'm with Edwardian on this - This photo is a perfect example of why the whole argument about exact shades of green is ridiculous - The cabside, splashers and boiler of the C are, I presume, all exactly the same colour - yet they clearly look different, thanks to the differentces in lining and lighting - and that's without the changes that would affect the real thing over time - pigments in those days were nowhere near as colour-stable as those we have now. Another good example, though too modern for this thread, is BR coach crimson - if you paint a coach in the correct shade, it lo
  13. Ther's plenty of video of the Isle of Wight trains (all air braked compartment stock) coming into the platforms pretty quickly and stopping fairly abruptly. Not UK practice, but the Mumbai Chhatrapati Terminus has a dwell time in the order of a few seconds for suburban trains - platforms on both sides of the train, doors permanently open, and a new crew in position ready to jump in to take the stock back out again.
  14. If you replaced 4 with a trailing crossover, you could then have all shunt movements using the down main (rather than those involving p4 having to use the up), no need for shunt 9, and (if it were real) two fewer FPLs
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