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  1. I believe the Manning Wardle was dual-braked, so could work with either set. The Terrier was vacuum-only, so could only legally work with the vacuum set. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if the opposite happened though...
  2. I think I'd drop the water/coal siding, it makes the back of the layout look very cramped, and would probably be too short to do anything useful with.
  3. Easy solution to that would be to make it based on the relative proportion of sales online vs on-premise. Over x% online, you pay the tax.
  4. You only have to speak to those claiming that "they get much more done in the office". I have heard this a lot from people but when you phone them they don't answer their work phone. Call their mobile & you'll get "I'm just having a coffee" or "I'm on a cigarrette break" or "I'm in a meeting (which doesn't actually have anything to do with me)" & this is not the exception, it is more of the time. I don't know what industry you're in, but I (in software development) get way more done at home - no-one having a loud speakerphone conversation just across the corridor, no "can y
  5. Thanks, that explains it! Just re-checked and Baynards - Christ's Hospital was staff and ticket, not electric staff.
  6. I assumed that, as all the sections in question used the electric staff - what I was wondering was the difference between a "staff station" and a "block post", as I can't see how you could have a block post on a single line that wasn't also able to take and issue the single line authority.
  7. I've just looked in my copy of Pryer's SR Lines in West Sussex - all three of the above are valid, along with Lavant, although Slinfold and Rudgewick are listed as "Not a Staff Station" - anyone know what that means? It's clearly different from Cocking, Fittleworth and Selham which are listed as "Not a Block Post"
  8. I don't think Lavant, on the Midhurst to Chichester line has been mentioned yet? Also Withyham, for another LBSC example.
  9. Here's what I did on a previous layout with SEEPs: - Support the layout on it's back to make it easier to get to both sides. - drill a small hole (track pin size) through the baseboard at each end of the tie-bar - draw a line underneath passing through both holes - this effectively mirrors the alignment of the tie-bar underneath. - wedge the points in the mid-position with a couple of coffee-stirrers - position the motor in the mid-position - align the motor using the line drawn earlier - screw the motor into position - remove the wedges,
  10. That was alsways the thing Volvo were known for, but it seems not so any more - 740 boot space 992/2123 litres, the current V90 just 560/1526. That's a huge drop!
  11. Yes, I should know to be more precise on this thread! Nitrogen N2 78.084 Oxygen O2 20.946 Argon Ar 0.9340 Carbon dioxide CO2 0.041500 Neon Ne 0.001818 Helium He 0.000524 Methane CH4 0.000187 Krypton Kr 0.000114
  12. Which raises the existential question of whether it's really empty...
  13. That wouldn't make any difference - have a look at the 11'8" bridge on several videos in this thread - great big flashing sign saying "Overheight, must turn", and they still plough straight into it... I think the Spa Valley need to invest in a couple of very solid steel girders set a few feet either side of the bridge - won't stop the idiots, but at least will stop the railway bridge getting damaged...
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