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  1. If you're going to use a pot, you don't need to bother with the fixed resistors, it'll do the same job (you just use the middle pin as the output, the two outer pins power and ground) The exact values don't matter, it's the ratio between them that's important.
  2. The simplest method to drop 12v to 3v is with a voltage divider - two resistors, the equation being Vout = (Vin×r2)/(r1+r2) - so for 3v, 1kohm and 330ohm would be suitable. Then connect them as follows: +12v ----- r1 ----- r2 ------ ground | 3v I might have so suitable resistors in my old electronics box, I'll try to find it over the weekend and have a look.
  3. A very grand station, as befits such a terminus! I'd agree that the ladies facilities would be access through the waiting room. More specifically, through the ladies waiting room, which would either be accessed off the general waiting room, or may have it's own door to the platform.
  4. Whereas million-to-one occurrences happen 9 times out of 10... (Terry Pratchett)
  5. I think the ones currently on the Accurascale website are for the modern stock, so presumably they're making a different version for the Manor, which would then be available later as spares in the same way?
  6. How else would all the design consultants make a fortune? Remember the debacle over the London Olympics logo? Or 'Consignia'? Quite a few other examples of rebrandings that failed miserably and ended up going back to the previous, well recognised, versions.
  7. Also a long length of wire with a crocodile clip on each end, for when you can't reach the other end of the wire you're testing...
  8. If you don't have one, get a multimeter with a continuity function. It's far easier if you can test each wire as you go...
  9. Perhaps slide something harder under the tie bar to support it while you cut? A thin screwdriver if you've got side access, or even just a strip of metal?
  10. Thanks Marc! I agree - on both my last two projects, I've reached the stage of having all the track laid, wired etc, then looked at the big expanse of bare boards and just sat there thinking "ok, where do I start?" Hopefully by doing this little one first, it'll give me more confidence to get stuck in on the main layout.
  11. Yes, they do! https://www.neaq.org/blog/do-penguins-have-knees/#:~:text=But yes%2C penguins do have,a very short legged appearance. Which is, of course, why Elephants don't eat them...
  12. Another hour this evening saw the substructure for the back completed
  13. The quote I like is "the only stupid question is the one that was never asked"
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