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  1. Clive I always understood that the red was at the bottom so that snow couldn't accumulate on the hood for the lamp below. That said, I suppose the close proximity to the ground probably makes it more likely that snow would accumulate on said ground more readily that on the lens hood.
  2. Do I get a say in this?
  3. Can anyone advise why (some/all?) salt wagons had the strange shape "top"?
  4. What's this plural lark. There's only one of me!
  5. No, he's going to store the wood for use on his next layout.
  6. Lest anyone should take the pictures too literally and think Jim's lost the plot, here's the single slip that'll replace the piece of corrugated cardboard in some of the above images. Weather permitting it'll be with Jim later today for painting with the (weather permitting) intention of adding it to the layout tomorrow.
  7. Thanks for the nice comments chaps, appreciated. One thought that I've had since I left you this morning Jim was to change the (Sidings) down loop into an up loop instead. It might be possible to get two trains in it!
  8. I have fitted several of those Zimo decoders in my mate's Heljans Andy. I always mark one edge and the corresponding edge of the socket board with a black felt tip pen as it is so easy to put the decoder on the wrong way round. Mind you, I possibly separate the two more than you find you have to. I just thought I'd chuck the tip in for what it is worth to you and others.
  9. I thought similar but decided that in the interest of (my) safety I wouldn't say anything! Jim did drill all the holes for me to put the screws in. My understanding is that as of last evening all the boards are now felted which was probably just as well seeing as the heaven's opened overnight.
  10. That's well planned Andy. I have a bone marrow biopsy scheduled for Monday morning so I shall be otherwise occupied. Good Luck & I hope it all goes to plan.
  11. What happens if you run it without the sound on?
  12. The last I heard Jim was thinking of changing the track plan to a four track main line! He also needs to lay the track before ballasting the whole area - at least the first picture in his latest post looks like the boards have been ballasted (very uniformly).
  13. Ray H

    Little Muddle

    The signal must have failed because the trains been there all night!
  14. Thanks Alan. I'm afraid to admit that the person attempting to climb down off the baseboard is me - Jim was taking the picture. We mounted digital Cobalts under the layout previously and got at least a couple of failures each winter. DCC Concepts indicated that outdoor was outside the spirit of their life time warranty which is partly why we're hoping to use servos. We've also decided that we'll follow the twelve inches to the foot chaps and have some of the points hand worked and we'll be installing frog juicers on each point to facilitate that. It is interesting to note that some of your wiring around the points remains on the surface.
  15. Alan I trust you've managed to get the toothache sorted. You'll know that Jim is rebuilding the outdoor section of his layout and is following some of your ideas. He recovered one of the boards from the original scheme and found that it had rotted through where we had fitted a Cobalt point motor under the board immediately below a point. The large hole required for the point motor's operating rod no doubt played its part in allowing water ingress. We weren't using WBP ply then. Consequently we're planning to minimise the number of holes made in the new boards. I note you appear to have droppers off each rail length with the requisite holes through the baseboard top surface. Have you taken any steps to stop the rain percolating down through your holes or are you hopeful that the WBP classification will keep problems away? Out of interest how are you operating your points on the open section? We're hoping to use servos but haven't come up with a solution for mounting them where they can be easily accessed (but out of direct sunlight) and without having more holes through the felt and baseboard top.
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