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  1. Dare we ask what worked? The PowerCab manual will tell you how to use your Programming Track - if you only have the one dcc loco then you can use your layout as a programming track (or remove any other locos from the layout and then use it). Once you get two or more decoder fitted locos you are best advised to create a dedicated programming track to set up/adjust CVs/decoders.
  2. Welcome to the forum. You've only mentioned speed steps 1 to 3, Have you tried higher steps and, if so, how high did the step count go - 14, 28 or 126? Have you ever altered any CVs (or any loco)? I'm just trying to judge how detailed any attempt to help/guide you needs to be.
  3. We've had the same GP for 35 years. He's the same age as me. He retired at 65, took a month's holiday - something to do with his pension - and then returned to the surgery and has been there ever since albeit on a part time basis. I retired eleven years ago from a job which I enjoyed despite the occasional frustration. I've got my hobby to keep me going and can potter about at will (Covid aside). He's got no hobbies and is really afraid of retiring because of that - and I can't get him to take an interest in modelling. I really do feel sorry for him.
  4. But not for long if he leaves the wires laying on the rails , , , , ,
  5. You can tell that's a model - there's no visible rust on the Anglia! I had a white estate as my second car - i.e. not my first in case anyone runs away with the idea that I was affluent! - in the mid 70s and all I seemed to do was try and hide the rust.
  6. Have you tried disconnecting the SEEP (at the SEEP, not at the PECO) and seeing what happens? The reason I suggest disconnection at the SEEP is to ensure that there isn't a dry joint on the PECO which would show up if only the Peco is supposed to work.
  7. I did have to do the odd minor tweak once on site as I hadn't got room here at home to do much more than push a wagon or two through the made points/slips. I'm sure we all know that unless each is physically checked for similarity beforehand there are going to be the odd pair of rogue wheels (or the bogie swing on Jim's Heljan diesels) is going to tax the check/wing rail gaps. I was working to Peco templates so that the points had the same geography as any adjacent Peco points. I'd certainly recommend using Templot to produce the templates if you're not tied
  8. Just to add to Nigel's comments, you can only adjust one decoder at a time using DecoderPro - its a bit like adjusting CV values on your programming track. One thing I'm fairly certain of is that you can set all the CV values (on one decoder) you want using DecoderPro and save that data. You can then change the loco over and write the (saved) data used on the previous loco to the newer loco, change its loco address and any other data you want and then save the data for the new loco (using a different filename). However, that really only works if you have two
  9. An observation if I may on your last image. The layout extolls a vision of openness and light and yet looking through the bridge hole is a bit like looking into a darkened room - to me at least. Would it be possible to throw some light on the painted scenery beyond the bridge so that the change isn't so noticeable?
  10. I've just read through your whole thread and a better way to spend a morning can't be imagined. I'd be well impressed with my modelling if I could achieve just 5% of what you've managed. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I do tend to wonder why it takes so long these days to get the railway up and running again. It it H&S, privatisation, a mix of both or is the railway generally so safe these days that those of the grades that would have previously attended are not there anymore? Apologies for drifting off topic.
  12. Ben Could you clarify how the gears problem was resolved 12-15 years ago? It seems odd to me that a loco as significantly & heavily built as Heljan diesels are is thought to be beyond repair after such a relatively short period. My colleague is currently spending upwards of £100 to repair each of his several locomotives that may have been built 12+ years ago but have only recently started to show the gear problems.
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