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  1. Jamie, I came across your blog by accident and was knocked out when I read the modeling you were conducting on Green Ayre. You have started to put into practice what I have been planning for several years now. The main difference being I model in HO/OO and want to base my layout at around 1955 to 1960. That was the time I was running around Lancaster and district collecting engine numbers. I lived on Earl Street in Skerton, you can see from your map it is directly across the river from Green Ayre. Although it was at a different time, perhaps I can pinpoint some of your missing details that could still be floating around in my mind from that time. My dad in those days was a joiner at Waring & Gillows and was a local historian who also photographed the city and with a couple of other gents used to lecture with slides on Old Lancaster. As an example, I can remember sitting on the wall at the south-east end of Skerton Bridge watching them unload cattle from trucks into small stock pens, although I never really understood why it was done there, maybe they were to be fed and watered. The wall there is about 3ft 6in high, further along was a large gate after which the wall increased to a height of about 6ft. with Advertising Hoardings above, almost all the way down to the station driveway. The two exceptions to the solid wall, were the gateways into the coal yards, the gates were quite heavily built, probably 4in boards with narrow spaces. I remember that we were never allowed inside the coal yards for any reason. The area immediately to the left, facing the station, was a used car lot belonging to the garage immediately opposite, although I suspect the lot was only leased. Pye Motors was the dealership and they changed products about that time. I can distinctly remember seeing a Triumph Spitfire and a Sunbeam Tiger in the showroom window, but then my memory does get a little fuzzy. I have all these images that I can share if you are interested. I would be grateful for any dimensioned drawings of Greyhould Bridge that you could forward me. I never get back to England, having emigrated to Canada in 1977. Regards Dave
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