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  1. For me batteries save the hassle of cleaning track and wheels and, indeed, dirty track (e.g. matt paint) gives much better traction. Not to mention the avoidance of frog wiring. But each to his own. ...R
  2. There won't be many machine tools that can work to that level of precision. ...R
  3. Thanks for that, but I have no immediate need of them. ...R
  4. Thanks. The fixed 5v version would meet my need and it is significantly smaller than what I have. But it also seems a lot more expensive. I wonder if any UK supplier stocks them? I will keep it in mind. For the moment I need a battery trailer anyway and it has been easy to use the step-up module as the chassis for the trailer with a 3D printed frame and a couple of Peco wagon wheels glued on. I am working on the basis that nobody looks at the technology of the chassis ...R
  5. Yes there is. The official definition of an inch is 25.4 millimetres (from my US physics text book) ...R
  6. Thanks for that. The ones I have are similar to these (on Amazon) although the inductors on mine have 330 printed on them. I suspect the device you have is similar but with fixed resistors. My Kato chassis which was quite sluggish on 3.7v works very well at 4.5v ...R
  7. This seems to have come out of the blue. What "whole caboodle" are you referring to? ...R
  8. I'm curious to know what size they are. The ones I got recently are based on MT3608 chips and as delivered they measure 37x17x6mm. The ends can be sawed off to reduce the length to 30mm but the thickness is mainly determined by the inductor so can't be reduced. They are cheap and seem to work very well with a multi-turn pot to set the voltage, but something considerably smaller would be nice. ...R
  9. Just wondering what are you using for the voltage step-up? ...R
  10. My current fixation is with freelance 009 models built on Kato chassis and I am using a separate wagon to carry the battery and the step-up module. The battery wagon can be a tender on a steam loco. For a small tank loco or small diesel the wagon is an extra. But the whole of a model railway is make-believe so the extra wagon doesn't really matter. And the more realistic performance (and track simplicity) with BPRC is what attracts me to it. I'm making my loco bodies with card using my Silhouette Portrait cutter. ...R
  11. When I converted an N Gauge loco to BPRC I made a very small switch with brass tube - one piece that can fit inside the other. Cut the large piece in two and connect one side to the battery and one side to everything else. The switch is "made" when you insert the inner tube (or rod, if you prefer) through the two parts. As well as the small size it requires no force to switch on or of. ...R
  12. My adult daughter tells me there is a lot of very gory animation under the title of Peppa Pig. However I will leave it to people who are interested in creating animations to pursue their rights on the matter for themselves. ...R
  13. Part of the problem is that YouTube was not fined - they made a voluntary settlement and in the course of that seem to have volunteered to do more than might be legally required. The fine is not levied because of the way content is labelled. The offense (US spelling) is collecting personal data from kids - it won't matter how the video was labelled. And it would be interesting to be able to afford the legal challenge about whether it is YouTube who is collecting the data or the maker of the video. I suspect in most cases the collected data never gets near the video creator - which is why I suspect YouTube of passing the buck and expecting the creators to solve a problem that is really a YouTube problem. Apart from that this seems to be a sensible summary of the situation. ...R
  14. That's just not true. YouTube has no capacity to fine anyone. Fines would only arise if the FTC decided to prosecute. YouTube is just protecting its own ass. That seems very strange to me. AFAIK YouTube is making lots of money and is doing its best to ensure it can continue to do so without falling foul of COPPA. ...R
  15. Of course not. There will be very few railway modelling videos (short or long) that have unsuitable content. But AFAIK marking a video (or a channel) as intended for children means that lots of familar YouTube facilities will no longer be available to it. My understanding is that people won't be able to add comments and I think it will not appear in some (all, many?) searches. If your only purpose is to have a video online so you can give the URL for other people to see that probably won't matter. However many people (including some model railway folk) want people to "subscribe" to their channel and provide feedback. ...R
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